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  • EveMon shows PLEXed account "Expired" in EVE Gameplay Center

    Very odd. My toons resubbed in the past month and EVEmon was showing a "how many days left until your sub runs out" warning on the 2 toons I track with EVE Mon. and the day the new sub hit, EVEmon took the warning away and all was well again with the new dates in July 2018 now showing for pilot license expiration.

    Maybe if I wasn't on auto-sub it would have had a similar issue with my two toons.

  • EVE-Monument in Reykjavik in a bad state in EVE Communication Center

    Nice. I like that the spaceship is that living space being from that one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Login issues on June 16 in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    Seraph Essael wrote:
    Rain6637 wrote:
    King Creator wrote:
    Jesus, this is like the 4th time in a fortnight I'm going to the launcher and all my accounts are forgotten and the second time all my settings have gone in-game. X

    what's a fortnight

    Two weeks.

    Actually its fourteen nights.

    Is that the etymology of it? Wow, never put that together. Cool.

  • Station to Citadel in EVE Communication Center

    Agondray wrote:
    Bjorn Tyrson wrote:
    Nana Skalski wrote:
    No matter, I think we can live without NPC stations at all. Will be really hard tho, and they would have to add some shacks you could build in high sec.

    They would also need to add a way to get npc mission agents in citadels, which is unlikely since it would be far too easy to abuse. hence why NPC stations aren't going anywhere.

    not true, they could place the agents in space like a lot of other agents that are out there, would also be nice if you didn't have to dock every time to turn in or accept and cold instead make the range in system for getting the next mission unless it was a pick-up/drop-off mission.

    Yeah... what about those distribution missions and L4 storyline missions where you have to courier like 40,000 m3 somewhere.

    The SOE Epic Arc agents who are in space often give you something directly into your ship or take it from there, but it's only a tiny little sub 1 m3 thing.

    Dumping giant cargos in space is more problematic. Also, a lot of times, people break the shipment up into multiple trips. How's that going to work if there's no NPC station to start from. leave a jetcan in space at the agent with all the rest of your stuff? Yeah...

    Also, if they were going to do that, there should be nothing stopping citadel courier contracts being able to be delivered into a little mail slot in the side of the citadel while in tether range, so people can't deny you access to a citadel you just had access to a minute ago so you can't complete a delivery.

  • What's Powering The Ship's Capacitor in EVE Communication Center

    Shallanna Yassavi wrote:
    The corpses we couldn't put clothes on?

    (Maybe just for Blood Raider ships)

    Ah yes, that epic thread. Even a 2013/2014 character like me has read it though it happened before my time.

    :::getting close to 1000 total corpses collected... where's my biodiesel engine-powered space submarine?:::

  • Skill Queue Issues - 2017/06/09 in EVE Communication Center


    ... everyone see the new news item?

  • June release - Issues in EVE Information Center

    Miiikka wrote:
    Sylvia Kildare wrote:
    I think they're saying the problem they're having is they can't see the right most column now without expanding the window side-to-side significantly. Presumably the rightmost column has the data they care about.

    Maybe just allowing people to reorder the columns (like you can with an overview) would be all that's needed? That way, they can put the stat (distance, units, or volume) they care about the least to the far right so if it gets cut off by their window size, they won't care as much.

    Yes, this is what we are asking for.

    CCP Lebowski:

    I seems from the replies here that there are a number of people who would like this option.

    I haven't mined since Tuesday but when I do I use a survey scanner on my orca to help my two exhumers/barges know what and when to mine, and from what you guys were saying it was clear to me we need some column customisation love. ;)

    Matthias Ancaladron wrote:
    Two things

    1. I'm only getting 1 Plex in the rogue drone sites. I feel you didn't take the new Plex into consideration and forgot to up the Plex drops to something more worthwhile for how rare they are.
    Otherwise no point of Plex being In event, just pull them out and have skins.
    Getting 1 Plex in a site is worse than just getting a random skin.
    1/500 Plex can't do anything.

    ... On the other hand, some of the skins will be worth <1 million ISK by a month from now due to oversaturation/lack of demand... any nuPLEX you get from this event should be worth ~2.5 mil ISK or so for a good time to come now.

    Mikkhi Kisht wrote:
    I'd hoped this release would solve my chat window avatars problem. It didn't. Unless I flip back and forth on chat tabs, the avatars of others in system are the two toned grey outline pics. What do I have to do at this point to get the thumbnail images back without getting click-happy with chat tabs??

    Yeah, I've noticed that issue before as well. But it did not start with Tuesday's patch. It's been around for a few weeks. Maybe May patch day.

    You can also minimise a chat window and then bring it back up and it'll (temporarily) un-grey the avatars.

    For the guestlist in a station or citadel, switch to agents or offices tab and then back to guests to temp fix it.

    Very annoying bug, though, for those of us who know some people by their faces in chat as much as by their names!

  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    Aischa Montagne wrote:
    There can be 2 reasons for High Plex Price:
    1) Market is overheated, and current players have enough Money to pay a high Price.
    2) Market is on Plex shortage.

    2. Can mean 2 things.
    a) some(one/ group) is buying plex.
    b) a lot of people want to buy Plex.

    Maybe the request for Plex have been raised by all the Alpha players wo want to have an Omega upgrade.
    And if they are willing to pay the price its okay.

    All those bounties from nullsec ratting and rorqual mining = lots of people with more cash coming in per month than usual = don't care how much they spend on plex, they're suuuuper rich = plex prices spiking.

    Won't keep going forever now that CCP is screwing with carriers/supercarriers/rorquals so much.

    Sell sell sell yer plex now, will be going back down.

  • Dev blog: Increased Skill Injector Flexibility Coming On May 23rd in EVE Information Center

    Sgt Ocker wrote:
    Tessa Sage wrote:
    Sgt Ocker wrote:
    FT Diomedes wrote:
    Good change. Fully supported. It makes it easier to round out a character.

    It actually changes nothing except the cost to use injectors - 100K injectors will cost more per SP therefore making it harder for newer characters to buy them.

    If there are multiple ways to acquire the smaller skill injectors, sale price becomes an incentive to split your stack rather than hoard. I'm hopeful that these will inevitably 'drop' off specific rat loot or become part of NPC LP transactions. This introduces a further balance: A particular faction might offer small skill injectors for just that skill tree.

    Hopefully someone starts such a topic in the Ideas and Features... Cool

    Do you really think CCP is going to "give" revenue away as drops??

    The ONLY reason injectors are being split is the hope they will sell more which means the purchase of more extractors which all means more income for CCP (or potential buyers of Eve).

    We are off to a good start - 200 mil for 100K SP - Lets see if they go down by 50 mil or will 100K SP cost that much more than 500K.
    The only incentive needed to split injectors is making more isk per extractor. So far that is well on track.

    I mean... there's a small chance to get a small bit of PLEX in the new rogue drone event sites that just started earlier today...

    It's not impossible that mini injectors might be obtainable in game at some point. Maybe as rewards from a SCOPE-style future event.

    They won't be super-overfarmable, no doubt. But possible to obtain, even if a rare thing? Sure.

  • June release - General Feedback in EVE Information Center

    FT Diomedes wrote:
    The way the rats warp in to the Rogue Swarm sites is a really nice touch. And you can actually PVP in the sites without the rats interfering too much. Very well done event so far.

    PS - the new fleet layout is awesome too!

    The only thing about the warp-ins is... I wonder if FOF missiles would stop firing since there's technically no enemies on grid now between waves. I haven't tried FOFs for this event yet as I've been using 2 Confessors, but... if I break out my 2 Tengus I'll have to switch from HAM to HML so I can try FOFs.

    I think the reason the rats aren't interfering too much as you say... is that some of the drone rats aren't even aggressing. Some are, no doubt (mostly the random swarm of drone drones and the boss cruiser/BC/BS), but a lot of the regular frigs/DDs/cruisers that warp in in waves just never shoot me. Very weird. Probably getting patched in Wednesday or Thursday morning.

  • June release - Issues in EVE Information Center

    RandomGuyC5 wrote:
    I just consumed a Rogue Swarm Acclerator, but according to the UI it seems like i now need more Time to train instead of less, i'm pretty sure Drones V took me 9 Days now it tells me it going to take 17 Days

    That is indeed weird. Drones V is like a 4-5 day train as an omega. By you saying 9 days, I'm assuming you're alpha right now? But yeah, I would think 8, 9, 10 days tops as alpha, depending on mapping? 17, wtf?

    Alruan Shadowborn wrote:
    Is it a bug or intended that the sites drop a single PLEX?

    ie previous events occassionally had it drop a PLEX being the full value item, I just got a single nuPLEX and it would seem I am being trolled, i was excited then realised that it was not as exciting?

    I've run ~40 sites and not gotten a single nuPLEX. 1 nuPLEX might not be a ton but hey, they add up now, that's kinda the point of them. Maybe 90%+ of the sites, 0 will drop, 9% or so 1 will drop, and maybe <1% for 10, 50, 100, or whatever to drop. Just keep on searchin'.

    Happy with my skins and boosters, tho, so I can't complain.

    CCP Lebowski wrote:
    Miiikka wrote:
    For some reason you have screwed with the columns of the survey scanner.

    You have either added or moved a 'volume' column, and do not allow any options to move or remove any columns.

    Please give this option, as its a pain in the ass and makes the window larger than it needs to be.
    We added a volume column to this window yes, but we don't have any plans to implement a column filter for window at this time. Out of curiosity and to potentially help the case for future iteration, whats your use case for removing this column?

    I think they're saying the problem they're having is they can't see the right most column now without expanding the window side-to-side significantly. Presumably the rightmost column has the data they care about.

    Maybe just allowing people to reorder the columns (like you can with an overview) would be all that's needed? That way, they can put the stat (distance, units, or volume) they care about the least to the far right so if it gets cut off by their window size, they won't care as much.

  • June release - Issues in EVE Information Center

    CCP Phantom wrote:
    Known issues

    • Areas of the Amarr and Caldari hangars appear darker than is desired
    • Planetary assets are missing their icons
    • Blueprint icons can be incorrect
    • Alliance logo is missing from Territorial Claim Units

    Uh... are we sure it's just the Amarr and Caldari hangars? I docked up in all 4 racial stations earlier today and Gallente and Minmatar were amazingly dark as well with shaders on high. In the Minmatar station, you couldn't even see the ships passing by in the undock area behind your ship, just some faint lights. Not even the outlines.

    I've tried adjusting the brightness slider but it doesn't help much.

    Changing from high shaders to medium shaders helps a bit, changing from either of those to low shaders helps a lot, but then everything looks like crap. I have to change to low shaders in some missions and anoms where the gas clouds kill my framerates and make everything laggy anyway, but I would usually change back to high shaders for normal flying around from system to system and docking in stations.

    Now I'm thinking about just staying on medium shaders 24/7 and changing to low if there's still lag with medium. Ugh.

    But yes, please bring back the brighter stations to Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, AND Minmatar. It's so dark and depressing right now.

  • [June] Fighter Damage Reduction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hetwiyha wrote:

    Carriers and Supers with drones are to easy for Krabbing, lets change to fighters and let them multitask, that will fix income...

    No "big" wars, all are krabbing, more isk is generated, lets change damage for Carriers/Supers....

    All are krabbing then more, because still no big wars and less income then before, CCP, whats next?

    Perhaps its just because nothing big is going on and all have time for do this instead of having fights over SOV because of Foz.... :P

    Krabbing is just storing up a warchest to prepare for the next big war.


  • [June] Fighter Damage Reduction in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sabriz Adoudel wrote:
    All PVE rewards were balanced against player and ship power in the ~2010 era.

    Player ships have been 'rebalanced' multiple times since then. Almost all of these changes have been significant power increases. Level 5 missions and 10/10 sites used to be nontrivial fleet sites, now they are readily soloed.

    The key to addressing this balance issue is to increase the combat capabilities of NPCs in line with the increases player ship power has experienced.

    I'm pretty sure that's where they're headed with the new NPC AI eventually. First, the mining response fleets, then the Sotiyo defense fleet, now, the new Drone event with the new AI.

    Eventually, all belts, all anoms, all combat sigs, all sleepers, drifters, incursion rats, L1+2+3+4+5 rats... all of it. Could be using some variant of the new AI to increase challenge and to reduce the identical nature of a lot of PVE content, to keep it a bit more randomized.

  • This Week in EVE #155 - Week 23/2017 in EVE Information Center

    CCP Phantom wrote:
    Tipa Riot wrote:
    @Phantom, can you check whether the new boosters' validity can be increased by 3-4 weeks? Just let them expire a couple of days after the event is a bit lame.

    ... to give traders something to do. Smile

    I have forwarded your feedback to the dev team, but cannot make any promises if there will be a change in expiry date. There are always a multitude of things to consider when it comes to expiry dates.

    And yet some events the boosters expire a few days after the event... whereas others (last Halloween's Blood Raider event), the boosters expire 4-5 weeks after the event (last year's Blood Raider Crimson Harvest ended a bit after Halloween in early November, the boosters expired on December 1st IIRC).

    It is a bit random, some consistency would be nice on that. Either let them last after each and every event so the market traders can have fun like Tipa Riot said... or have them end shortly after the event each and every time so it really is an event-only thing and if people want to make money on the market, they'll have incentive to farm the sites right at the start rather than being able to take their time.

    Instead, we keep jerking back and forth between both styles.

  • This Week in EVE #155 - Week 23/2017 in EVE Information Center

    Vix Sparda wrote:
    how about we not nerf the carriers and in stead nerf the vni and ishtar, and take away covert cyno use from strategic cruisers? you guys already railed mining. stop screwing over the non pvp players. and actually give them something instead. it isnt that hard. its called a nice thing. i hope you guys enjoy your now crashing sub numbers.

    They've nerfed the Ishtar 3 times in the past 2 years, how about we lay off that talk.

    And btw, they nerfed the Ishtar and sentries due to people whining about their overuse in PVP, which affected people who only used the Ishtar for PVE like myself... and so, such fitting irony now, that people are calling for nerfs due to PVE because carriers/supercarriers are being nerfed due to PVE, which will affect people who use them for PVP as well.

    Ah, the vicious double-edged nerfbat.

  • [Summer] Pirate Battleship Cost Intervention in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Mizhir wrote:
    Coelus Kugisa wrote:
    Hisec incursion tears will be extra salty.

    I doubt they will care much. They have already flown pirate BS for years and can easily afford the increase cost in the hull.

    Not to mention that a lot of incursioners are still flying their same hulls from years ago. Incursion pirate BSes don't die every day. Hell, some spent 1.2 to 1.5 bil ISK on their Vindi or Mach hull and are still using it to this day.

    I hope some middleground between the cheap 300-400 mil ISK hulls of the past year and the 1.2 to 1.5 range can be found. Maybe the 600-900 range or so?

    I've gotten into Marauders in the past year or two and as the pirate BS prices dropped and Marauders stayed relatively stable (I know, t2 ship production costs are fairly high, especially above the cruiser size), it's always struck me that that gap is too high. And yes, the Navy BS prices were, in some cases, nearly double their comparable pirate BS prices.

    Sanity is cool. But please don't overcompensate the other way, CCP.

  • Dev blog: Strategic Cruisers and You in EVE Information Center

    Rising Rider wrote:
    Reading all of the posts in this thread, one thing became clear in my mind.Most people hate change and everyone is a sceptic.

    A lot of people hate change... but I wouldn't say most. I'd say most people FEAR change that isn't clear in advance. If we don't know good and bad effects a change will have or even what the change really IS yet...

    Then of course there's going to be some trepidation. But once the change sets in and the unknown is now (mostly) known, the fear goes away and then yes... do we love it, like it, feel neutral about it, dislike it, or hate it. Everyone can line up behind whichever shade on that spectrum they resemble and go to town on each other.

    Till then... we shall fear the change, to whatever light or heavy degree.

    Rising Rider wrote:
    It is clear,to me at least,that we are heading for a big nerf (usually described as "rebalance" ) and my guess is that very few people will be happy with it.
    However this is not something new to most of us.It has happened before and, by the looks of it , it will happen again.
    ... (snip)...
    The only thing that really makes me hate the upcoming nerf is that when those t3 ships were introduced myself and lots of other players spent lots of time cross training for all subsystems and hulls because of what these ships represented at the time.This taken into account we are now called to fly some new ships that we don't know if we like them (that said, in my opinion it is VERY important to like something when ever you are playing a game for fun on your own spare time and, of course money) while in fact we could have devoted that time to train for something different.
    Personally i would like to be given the choice to able to decide if I want to fly this new type or not.
    Of course I know this is not going to happen but I just had to say it.

    But how is that any different from people crosstraining into all 4 (8) varieties of HACs or Command Ships or all 4 varieties of Logi Cruisers or Marauders or Blackops? Most of which takes way more training (at least with the skills to L5) than cross training into all 4 t3cs at present, even with subsystems maxxed at L5 x 5. Those x1s are a blessing.

    Every time we cross train, we are either hedging our bets against future nerfs/changes by CCP or we are saying "hey, I really love this ship class and I want to try ALL varieties of it." Either way, if we find that the crosstraining is worth it to us, what's not to be happy about?

    Also, I doubt there are many crosstrainers out there who haven't had at least one (if not more than one) great experience of "wow, I am so glad I already have this skill I thought would only be good for one ship I wanted to fly but now... wow, it's good for this and that... or this new ship CCP just released into the game... or whatever."

    Harvey James wrote:
    removable rigs ... at 60 mil a pop for a set of T2 rigs.. does that really encourage versatility?

    T3's need simplifying and cheapening ... 600mil plus isn't acceptable price for a cruiser especially when you add on spares (rigs/subs/mods)... and thats before you nerf them...

    Needed Changes

    No rigs

    Korvin wrote:
    Why don't you want to remove rigs from t3 completely?

    But why do you guys (and a few others) want to remove rigs in the first place?

    On the one hand we have people complaining about the reduction in complexity since we're going from 5 subsystem types and 4 choices within each type to just 4 subsystem types and 3 choices within each type (though some of the choices now do some or all of what 2 choices used to do, mind you)...

    And on the other hand we have multiple people asking for rigs to just be removed from t3cs instead of allowed to be unfit and refit at will.

    Don't rigs add complexity to a fitting choice just as much as subsystems can? Aren't rigs and subsystems together wayyy more complex for t3c fitting than just subsystems (especially since we're going to have less subsystems)?

    Just doesn't make much sense.

    CCP is gonna have a hard time pleasing even SOME of the people with this rebalance... let alone all of the people.

    Arcin Hamir wrote:
    Rather than some special rule for rigs on T3s that lets them be removed why not attach rigs (non-removeable ) to sub-systems?

    Now that is an interesting idea... hard to imagine how it would work visually on the fitting screen, tho... unless you rip out the normal t1/t2/t3dd rig section, expand the subsystems section to incorporate rig slots into it... hmmm... I like it!

  • Dev blog: Strategic Cruisers and You in EVE Information Center

    WhiteOrm wrote:
    I just was going to buy my first T3C.. But now I will probably wait and see. They will either nerf it and it will become tanky good for nothing or they will "accidently" imbalance it into something like Svipul not long ago.. and nerf it later. Either way if it will not fill roles of HAC and Recon what can it be good for anyway? Command ship? Logistic cruiser? Relic hacking explosion tanking covops? Somehow I don't think anything good will come out of it.
    If number of subsystems on T3C will go down, how by the way it will affect overall price of the ship?

    ModusOperandi wrote:
    What will happen to the Strategic Cruiser skills? I have them injected, but not trained. I guess training them now would be a bad idea?

    I mean, if you can't comfortably afford to buy a t3c / train into t3cs right now, guys... wait and see never hurts. But you have about 6 weeks to try out the "old" t3c system right now... which could be fun, or could just be frustrating once the patch day in July hits.

    As for the skills themselves, the ACTUAL ship skill (Gal/Cal/Min/Amarr Strategic Cruiser skillbooks) are probably fine to train. I doublt they'll be removing or changing those, though the bonuses they give to each ship could change. Right now they're only useful to train up to 4 or 5 to reduce overheat damage. As most of the bonuses to t3cs come straight from the subsystem choice + your subsystem skill levels.

    And on that note, the subsystem skills might be the place to not worry about getting them all to 5 since one of them is presumably going to be refunded or changed into something else we can't predict like they did with an indy skill back at Krius and like they did with the leadership/wing command/fleet command skills last November with the on-grid-boosters-only Ascension update. We're mostly assuming they'll be refunding either Engineering or Electronics but they might end up turning whichever of them into a new "overall subsystem effectiveness" support skill or something. I wouldn't put it past 'em, they love to recycle suddenly useless skills into something else rather than refund them all (some exceptions, such as the learning skills, ofc do exist).

    CPuiu wrote:
    Arkoth 24 wrote:
    Reducing the number of subsystems is a bad idea. When you try to make game "more simple" Star Wars Galaxies happens.

    The very idea that "less subsystems = more simple game" is stupid.

    Indeed. After all, every single ship in the game besides t3 cruisers has less subsystems... but I don't think we all constantly cry about how no ships in the game are worth flying besides t3cs because they're so damned simple and lack any complexity. Subsystems are cool, but they're not the be-all end-all of ship fitting, period.

    Hannah McPewPew wrote:
    No one is going to fly a T3 that sucks in comparison to a T2. There has to be some benefit to using a T3 in place of T2, if we still have to dock to change ship parameters. Point proteus, neut legion, web loki and jamgu have more tank in place of less ewar effectiveness.

    These ship configurations provide meaningful ewar bonuses without stepping on the toes of their recon counterparts. They were balanced and meant you could have beefy ewar for huge brawls without having to rely on a BS.

    In the case of HACs, they could be given more dps to match their T3 counterparts. No more no less. They are already faster and more agile.

    If CCP tweaks the t3cs and still feels like there's too much overlap with HACs, then that would be cool... I would love more DPS on my HACs, I trained into all 8 of 'em on my main, probably my fave ship class (though I do love Marauders, Pirate BSes, Pirate cruisers, and t3cs + t3dds as well).

    But I doubt it will happen. I think a (hopefully gentle) nerf for t3cs will have them feeling like any overlap with HACs has been reduced enough.

    Another option that they sometimes use with different ships (highlighted by how they added range to the battlecruisers during their recent-ish balancing) is that maybe one class of ship will have more deeps but the other class will have more range. Half of the HACs are already sniper ships with one or TWO range bonuses sometimes, so... not sure they'd want to remove that. Give the HACs even more range (for the long-range ones) or application (for the brawlers) and let the t3cs keep the deeps advantage at the cost of range/application.

  • Dev blog: Strategic Cruisers and You in EVE Information Center

    Ben Ishikela wrote:
    i hope the refit feature gets some love. its THE uniqueness in design they have.
    --> more cargo
    --> less time for mobile depot or not needed
    --> rigs refittable
    --> less powerful than T2 but highly adaptable.

    Maybe this can be achieved by modes like on T3D but with a higher transittime. and also not instantly (30seconds enough?)
    Refit/depot mode: dont need mobile Depot.

    Interesting idea... or go the Nestor route and give them tiny little ship bays that can hold no more than a shuttle so they can refit off each other instantly.

    Won't help a single t3c, but all you need is 2 and boom, refitting + rerigging in space.

    I'm very excited about carrying alternate rigs + a mobile depot around to be able to change rigs on the go. I hope it will be possible, and not just while docked in station/citadel.

    Ol' Smithy wrote:
    - I LOVE the idea of switching out rigs freely. Now you won't need to buy multiple T3s for different roles like PvP and can easily switch out your exploration fit for PvP deep in null without gimping your fit. This helps solo players a lot too who are far away from home. This is probably my favorite change.

    - I imagine this is a given, but keep the covert ops + nullification function. I usually use the emergent locus analyzer too for the scanning bonus when using that setup in wormholes to get around.

    - How slots change when switching out subsystems could be made easier visually at a glance that it is currently. Switching out preset fits is clunky and time consuming, especially in space at a mobile depo. The whole fitting system for T3s needs redesigned so you can actually use preset fits without a bunch of errors due to slots being added and removed during the fit. It pretty much makes it mandatory to do it manually.

    - Remove the skill-point loss upon death. T3s are already expensive enough to lose without having that additional hit incurred and makes players more risk averse in them.

    - Looking forward to getting updated art for them, and hopefully new skins at some point.

    - Make a dedicated subsystem for extra cargo-hold space (or roll the bonus into an existing subsystem used commonly during travel like covert ops). Solo T3 players have to carry everything around all the time and it would alleviate the headache of juggling cargo expanders. Or just add a separate "charges" cargohold to hold ammunition since that is what takes of most of the space the majority of the time.

    Good post. If they added an ammo bay (like the Hoarder's) to t3cs, I have a feeling they'd massively shrink down the regular cargo bay, tho. Double-edged swords and all that.

    Updating the visuals, making sure turrets/launchers still work okay, and being able to design and implement skins for t3cs is indeed one of the main reasons they're doing these changes to number of subsystem types and number of individual subsystems per type.

    I hope CCP will give us some way of getting Purity of the Throne + Cold Iron skins for our Legions and Guardian's Gala skins for our Proteii since t3c skins weren't a thing during those last three events.

    Either have them drop during a future event, issue them to everyone for free (yay!) as a gift or put them up for sale as NPC sell orders or something!

    Lastly, I'm very excited about the rig thing, too. However, I've seen at least 3-4 people call for the removal of rigs entirely from t3c fitting... I guess they want to just have rig benefits rolled in with the existing (or changing) subsystem effects, but... I dunno, (almost) every ship in EVE... and certainly every combat ship in EVE... has access to similar sets of rigs right now, it would be really weird to make t3cs the one class of ship that can't use rigs.

    I'm most excited by being able to change my Hamgu to a HMLgu and re-fit missile rigs to match, as I use two range rigs on my HAMgus and obviously don't need them for a HMLgu.