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  • Module Tiericide. Aren't we losing something here? in EVE Communication Center

    Glathull wrote:

    Ample? Ample isn't for rocket launchers. Ample is for bosoms.

    You just made me laugh, really really hard. Thanks for that! hehe

    I love some of the ideas posted in this thread, and I agree that we're losing something by CCP making everything named with the same prefix, or etc.

    It's kind of that feeling when you go home to a quaint little town that had lots of interesting ma and pa type shops and nook and cranny's to find it's been paved over with cookie cutter suburbs and chain stores.

    I don't mind consistency, but I think they're going WAY overboard by making every module in the game have the same naming convention. The lack of creativity is very disappointing.

  • Faction warfare station campers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Warp Core Stabs -- a FW pilot's best friend! Big smile

  • Dev blog: Rebalancing EVE, One Module At A Time in EVE Information Center

    How will this impact the drop rate of different modules? Now that everything is 'the same' with specializations, and all the named will be meta 1, are you also balancing out the drop rate of these modules so that some specializations aren't for some reason more 'rare' then others?

    Prior to these changes, one aspect of 'choice' in choosing modules was cost. This was a pretty big determining factor for many people in what items to fit on their ship --meta 4 was better, but meta 3 was cheaper enough to be worth it, and etc.

    It sounds like while choices for 'functionality' is being introduced, the aspect of choice based on rarity and cost is almost being eliminated completely, as far as meta modules are concerned.

  • Faction warfare POS upgrades in EVE Technology and Research Center

    A nice thought.

    However, how many militia actually do industry on that level? I would guess very few. Which isn't a reason not to have an upgrade along these lines. However, I'm not sure it would be sought after enough for people to upgrade a system just for the bonus.

    I think it would end up being a "nice bonus from a system we're upgrading anyway because we want a higher tier" like most of the other system upgrade bonuses.

  • Battleships and Battlecruisers: 'Wildcard' Slots in EVE Technology and Research Center

    With the way things currently are, this probably wouldn't work very well. It would be terribly hard to keep balanced and not make something too overpowered.

    However, I like the idea of adding variety to fitting things and having ships that are more 'kitchen sink' for fittings --and less 'this is it's role and so it has a fairly predictable and standard fitting.'

  • Little Things - A 'Completed Orders' tab on market window in EVE Technology and Research Center

    voetius wrote:

    This would be a useful addition.

    Depending on how it might impact the server maybe have a toggle to turn it off or have it off by default as it would mostly be useful for traders.

    I could see even non market traders being interested in having a sort of record of past orders they may have had at one time. Perhaps pvpers selling extra loot, and etc.

  • Little Things - A 'Completed Orders' tab on market window in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As a market trader, one of the hardest things to keep track of is which orders ran out. Mainly, because once the order is complete, it disappears entirely.

    It would be awesome to have a 'Completed Orders' tab, that showed orders from the last 30 or so day that have been completed. It would look virtually identical to the other Orders tabs except it would show you as having 0/x quantity of each item, or etc.

  • Stable Wormholes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    During some militia stuff, one of our neutral pirates that was flying with us at the time mentioned that the new spawn rates of Known-to-Known wormholes is one of the best things CCP has done in low-sec. It has opened up the ability to keep pvp fresh by allowing pilots to roam in places it wouldn’t normally be practical to go.

    What if CCP took this one step further by introducing a type of stable wormhole. These wormholes would be relatively rare, and would lead between all ‘known’ areas of space. (highsec, lowsec, and null) Instead of being destabilized by mass passing through them, these wormholes would last for a random period of time—from days to weeks.

    • Pilots who would rarely interact with each other due to distance, could suddenly become temporary neighbors. This could lead to some interesting interactions –new wars, and new friendships.

    • Traders could use these ‘temporary gates’ as secret trade routes. And a new breed of piracy could emerge where pilots hunt down these secret routes for the purpose of disrupting this trade.

    • Areas of space considered to be ‘dead ends’ could suddenly become main routes of travel temporarily. And systems thought of as being relatively safe due to their location and/or remoteness, could see some new action if they are connected to more dangerous places.

    What if tomorrow, your home system suddenly led to a high-sec system three jumps from Jita? Or a low-sec system where an active, bloody war is currently going on? Or right into the middle of someone’s null-sec ratting space?

  • Neutrals in FW Plexes and Security Status Hits in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Faction War plexes have become very popular places to hunt and pvp, both for neutrals and those enlisted in militia. However, for a militia to defend a plex against a neutral, they often have to take a security status hit unless they wait for the neutral to shoot first --which in a fight is not always the tactical thing to do.

    I propose that inside FW plexes, CCP implements a 'pvp-free' zone where any combat that happens does not produce any sort of security status hit.

    1. Not all militia want to be pirates. Nor does it seem to make sense that someone in militia should get penalized as a criminal for defending their own plexes. This change will allow people to enjoy Faction War, and fight besides their friends inside plexes without having to worry about losing access to high-sec due to low sec status.

    2. This will create some interesting 'pvp-zones' in low-sec that could be fun for people to generally roam and hunt in. Especially people who don't necessarily want to permanently become pirates in low-sec, but would like to do some pvp now and again.

    3. This would encourage new players to try Faction War without having to worry about the consequences of sec hits and getting shot by police in high-sec --which can seem daunting to new guys.

  • [Kronos] FW rat spawn improvements. in EVE Technology and Research Center


    Having to chase after the rats because they spawn somewhere else then the players is one of those annoying things that everyone lives with, but nobody usually thinks to mention. (Until now)

  • Introducing Space Oil! A way to produce faction modules. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sugar Kyle wrote:
    Then we have nice regions of blues where everyone has capped their rifts and they all back each other up if someone tries to shoot one. So now we have CAPs (capped aggression pacts) where we don't shoot each others rifts and we work together to shoot others who may shoot our rifts.

    It sounds uncomfortable familiar.

    That could happen, but that could happen for just about anything that is worthwhile to take and/or protect.

  • Dev blog: Industry UI in EVE Information Center


    There are a large number of blueprints that are always copies, and always 1 run, such as SFI BPCs you purchase from LP stores, among other BPCs.

    Is there ANY way to make it so we can sell these on the market instead of on contracts?


  • Dev blog: Industry UI in EVE Information Center

    This is a really nit picky thing, but in the 'Industry' tab of blueprints, could you display commas or breakup large numbers in group of three digits so it's easier to read?

    For example 2850000 would become 2 850 000 making it a little more obvious at a quick glance.

  • Dev blog: Building better Worlds in EVE Information Center

    Does the removal of slots also mean that FW system upgrades invoolving industrial slots will also be removed?

    Will there be replacement upgrades of some kind?


  • Feedback request on Contract system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    mynnna wrote:

  • Longer expiration dates on contracts. The short durations have value but there's little reason I can see why extending available times to match the market shouldn't happen.

Also the ability to simply renew a contract once it's expired, instead of having to delete it and create it again from scratch.

  • Feedback request on Contract system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sentient Blade wrote:

    11. Allow me to view the fitting of a ship in an item exchange, in the same dialog as if you drag a fitting to chat.

    Yes, this. A link to the fit instead of a long list as if the items were simply in a container.

  • Feedback request on Contract system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The ability to setup contracts available only to my militia. Big smile

  • Feedback request on Contract system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    On the 'My Contracts' tab

    I want to see a column for price, and for description. In fact, a lot more options for columns for querying my own contracts would be nice with options for configuring which ones I want to show at any given time.

    There's a lot of redundant information on this page. For example, I specify in a drop down that I want to view "Finished" contracts, and then there is a status column where "Finished" shows up next to each contract in the results.

    The ability to filter or search the results. For example, if I want to see every contract that involved a "Thrasher"

    Sorting by 'From' or 'to' doesn't seem to work on the grid.

    An 'all' option for Status filtering. Say I setup 20 courier contracts. I want to view all 20 and see which ones are complete, which are outstanding, which are in progress...etc.

  • Feedback request on Contract system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    • Definitely the ability to setup multiple contracts at once.

    • Also, the ability to setup more alliance contracts. Right now, we can setup 500 to our corp with no skills, but only 21 to alliance with max skills.

    • Alliance contracts, either as an individual or corp shouldn't be considered 'public' contracts and shouldn't be taken out of the contracts I can setup publicly.

    • If I'm contracting in the station I'm currently sitting in, I definately should be able to drag and drop items into the contract, instead of picking from a list.

    • And, some sort of 'quick contract' that's between a trade and a contract would be super. I'm always trying to contract friends and corpies loot when they're not docked or online, and it's such a pain. I just want to right click their name, start a contract, drag items from my hanger OR cargo hold, specify a price (if desired) and click a button to be done.

  • Reprocessing Changes Dev Blog in EVE Gameplay Center

    Simply put, imagine if every time you bought a carton of eggs, you had to throw one out due to it being rotten.

    Then, some of the chickens get sick, decreasing the quality of eggs even more.

    The BAD news is, every carton of eggs you buy you have to throw out TWO eggs now. The good news is, the egg companies started selling eggs in cartons of 13 instead of cartons of 12 to compensate.

    Either way, you're bringing home 11 good eggs, even if you're throwing more away every time you buy a carton.

    It's the same with this change. You get more waste, but you have more to waste so it works out the same as before.

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