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  • [Release!]: Various Artists - New Eden Logs (Eng) in EVE Communication Center

    cool...I knew there was a reason I cleaned my synth. I'm in.

  • [Proposal] Wardec 'balancing' in Council of Stellar Management

    You guys are missing the fundamental point - I understand and appreciate what you are saying and in part I agree with your views, however, the mechanics DO favour the pvp'er and it would be very easy to make it less brutal on the indy corps.

    : Your opinion is one sided, and thus you don't actually know what balance is.

    ^ that's pretty pathetic and childish - don't waste my time. I expect all the anti indy sheep to start making a noise, I expect anyone who's income to be affected to make a noise - so be it.

    I've put the idea out there for people to chew over - have a great day folks.

  • [Proposal] Wardec 'balancing' in Council of Stellar Management

    You miss the point 100%. I am wondering if you expect me to fight back with my awesome indy skills that I've trained? Or just mine anyway and loose an orca every day? Or abandon mining and go do something else (see point about being forced out of my game play). It seems an indy pilot can't raise any point without someone like you accusing us of being wimps? How about, I'm not interested in Pvp? How about my toon is not skilled for pvp? How about 3 or 4 people cant defend against a fleet of pro pvp'ers no matter what they do?

    The issue here is an unbalanced system that favours the pvp pilots and you don't need to be a genius to see that's exactly what it is. Stick to that facts and leave the shallow 'coward' comments to the preschool kids.

  • [Proposal] Wardec 'balancing' in Council of Stellar Management

    As an indy pilot with little interest in pvp I find the whole wardec system very unbalanced. It gives pvp'ers the tools to play their style of game while completely stopping indy ppilots from playing at all. How is this in any way fair? Does CCP only care about pvp'ers enjoying Eve? To hell with the rest of us?

    So I don't join a corp and play solo and miss out on the community experience of eve so I can actually lpay the game. Not a great solution in my view.

    I'm sure the smart folks at CCP could come up with a way so pvp'ers can enjoy the wardec system and still allow breathing space for indy pilots - for example a corp can only be at war with one corp at a time - not 25 like one of the corps currenty wardec'ing us. If a corp has been wardeced then there could be a 3 week cooling off period before anyone can wardec them again. This would 'spread the love' more evenly across the landscape and allow everyone to enjoy the game the way they like to play it. Right now I feel I am forced to play the game the way CCP want me to play it and that contradicts all the noise they make about it being an open sandbox. With a wardec in place - my game is over until the war dec is over.


  • Featured Fansite: EVE-Radio in EVE Information Center

    Personally I am sick of seeing spammy eve radio cans everywhere. Because of this spammy behaviour I will never go anywhere near eve radio. Enough with the spam cans.

  • CSM Guest Blog: "Reasonable Things" Crowdsourcing in EVE Information Center

    Suggestion: Multi monitor support!!!
    Keywords: UI
    Note: Allow windows to be un-docked and placed on a second monitor.