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  • ? in EVE Communication Center

    It'll be back. Just some hosting trouble.

    The person who runs it will be bringing it back online once that's sorted out. (if not, someone else will, as it's open source. We're just not touching it yet, as they said they're dealing with it.)

  • is there a reprocessing list? in EVE Gameplay Center

    you'll want to convert the typeids to names.

  • Complete BPO List and where to buy them? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Khota Garemoko wrote:
    erg cz wrote:

    Wow thanks thats a big help!

    I assume the ones with prices are available from NPCs?

    Much <3 dude, I wasted a good 2 hours looking for that.

    The only downsides are that it's about 2 and a half years out of date. Also, it has things like T2 BPOs on it, which were never for sale from NPCs.

    The problem with putting together a list like that, is that you have to infer the data, rather than being able to directly query it.

    What _should_ be close is a list of all the types with a market group id, which have blueprint in the name.

    if you're comfortable in SQL: select * from invTypes where typename like '%blueprint' and marketgroupid is not null;
    with a copy of the SDE I've converted into an SQL db of some sort.

    If not, is a csv file of the table, and you can filter it in excel or similar.

  • When Is CCP going to fix the issue with Citadels Littering the game! in EVE Communication Center

    ANTONE1357 wrote:
    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    Can you please define unused with regards to citadels?

    So how is a Citadel that is not being used in regards to activity and fuel being inputted confusing to you and mostly everyone that doesn't understand and see why this is a problem. Still allowing a citadel with the capability's of tethering, corp offices and fitting modules on ships is a problem. If a POS. ran out of fuel then basically your not able to use it there's no reinforcement timer if your trying to hit it. You have three timers to reinforcement a unused Citadel that is not fueled. Come on your the CSM to CCP and the actually players voice. Both you and I know there is an issue with the mechanics of this, and really me addressing this to CCP in my header is a great way to get the needed discussion going. I hoped this would bring attention and honestly it Is a topic that is well needed to be addressed. I see the big problem that is needing in the restructure of structures and the mechanics behind them. But a Citadel that has no fuel should not give you any benefits as to storage, repairing, fitting mods, offices, tethering, docking, ext. Put some Ideas as to what you want to change about structures with no fuel and maybe CSM and CCP will fix it. . I like to see this game take on a new light, and forces players who have valuables anchored structures in space have to log in everyday and maintained their structures and fuel them. Also ratting and keep those local factions at bay or maybe they hit your structures that you don't pay attention too would be a fun part of the game. Tower's and Citadels that's are offline or have no fuel should go poof if their not fueled for over months definitely go poof.

    Citadels don't _require_ fuel.

    If they have no service modules, they don't use any. So put a single fuel block into them, and they're fueled forever.

    Or you can manually offline all the fitted modules, and fuel will stick around.

    Put in a quantity of fuel which isn't evenly divided by the quantity it burns, and you'll have the service modules offlining, and fuel being left.

    You begin to see why more definition is required?

  • Eve Ship types in EVE Technology and Research Center

    unvTypes has group ids.

    invGroups has category ids (and group ids)

    category id 6 (iirc) is ships. (invCategories to know for sure)

  • database/list of typeid and volume in EVE Gameplay Center

    you'll want invTypes for most of the volumes. invVolumes has the packaged volumes.

  • Alpha Engineering Complexes? in EVE Communication Center

    Bunty Trivedi wrote:
    And the fuel will be taken out when I'm offline everyday

    Bear in mind, it takes a chunk of fuel to online service modules. And they go offline if they don't have fuel. (specifically to stop people constantly offlining and onlining)

  • When Is CCP going to fix the issue with Citadels Littering the game! in EVE Communication Center

    Spookyjay wrote:
    GIVE THEM FREAKING FUEL BURN. honest to god. I do wonder if the devs and half of CSM even play this game any more. Im pretty sure they just think they do. But they spend so much time in bureaucratic talking about this game they don't really.

    tbh, this is something I've suggested.

    Please don't assume that we're not talking to CCP about things just because we're not yelling about something in public.

    Though the fuel burn I'd prefer isn't a flat cost. it's a minimum. So if you're running services, it doesn't increase your costs. Just sets a minimum.

  • When Is CCP going to fix the issue with Citadels Littering the game! in EVE Communication Center

    Mara Pahrdi wrote:
    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    Can you please define unused with regards to citadels?

    Run out of fuel for more than a month and no player of the owning corp has docked within the last 30 days.

    So really 'no player of the owning corp has docked'.

    Because citadels have no fuel burn, if they have no online service modules.

    (I've had discussions about this with various people)

  • When Is CCP going to fix the issue with Citadels Littering the game! in EVE Communication Center

    Can you please define unused with regards to citadels?

  • When will available SDE update for Strategic Cruisers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'll ask.

    It's entirely possible, however, that the attributes are no longer in use, and it's hardcoded.

  • Android Application in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I believe this is now sorted (in that I can read my mail on it again)

  • Eve OST in EVE Communication Center

  • Biggest ISK sink /eve is dying/ in EVE Communication Center

    Caleb Seremshur wrote:
    Agondray wrote:
    Dinsdale Pirannha wrote:
    Maybe, just maybe, the ISK bounty disaster, which CCP created the conditions for, and the null sec cartels immediately capitalized on (no pun intended), has to be fixed.

    Maybe, just maybe, the OP should look at past MER's to get a grasp of screwed the ISK generation is in the game.

    What am I saying?
    CCP does not even look at that info, why should I think that a mouthpiece for a group that has monetized the game to the n'th degree will look at those stats.

    That's because CCP fired the economist because they know more than he does.

    I thought he just wanted to go back to uni. Maybe he got a lecturer role that paid a lot more? Don't be simple.

    he left to become the Rector of the University of Akureyri

  • ESI get all characters on account in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Princess Morenta wrote:

    Why not consider trying to organise some protests where providers of popular EVE tools cease providing their services - if it get's enough traction then it will should bring enough attention to users who might not know otherwise and have them complaining to CCP too.

    Because it's a nuclear option to use.

    And over something which is, tbh, not a _major_ deal. Any spies caught with API keys were crap ones. It's far from difficult to avoid those checks finding anything.

  • ESI get all characters on account in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tairon Usaro wrote:
    In essence that makes spying easier, right ? At least once the XML API is gone.

    Really strange decision, as if the game had not enough meta crap.

    edit: as I went deeper into that matter, it appears to be a decision endorsed by the CSM. I do undertand the rational of deliberatly having three really independent free slots. I guess recruiters will adopt.

    It's not endorsed by the CSM.

    We're just accepting that CCP have made this decision, and have been unable to change their minds on it.

    (There's things where we'd seriously like the ability to query account data from ESI. such as account expiry)

  • Dev blog: Introducing ESI - A new API for EVE Online in EVE Information Center

    Tairon Usaro wrote:
    Probably entirely stupid questions as I am not a coder.

    As far as I understand the ESI authetication process, the user of a 3rd Party Tool authorizes the scopes of the requests once and the 3 Party Tool refreshes this authorization by refresh tokens. Correct me if I got even this part wrong. But assuming I am right, does the user have a UI to revoke these refresh tokens, like it is with XML-API Keys or modifing their lifetime?

    what makes the ESI authentication process safe from meddling with the landing page? Say I have a bogus web tool that directs the user to a page on eveö ... looking very similar to the normal web login for but just for maliciously grabbing account credentials. wouldn't it be much safer to login seperatly @ccp-page and authorize a request by a 3rd party tool there?

    3.) any rational for not having an endpoint to write calendar entries?

    1) you can revoke tokens at . You can't modify them.

    2) If you log into one of the official sites first, when you try to auth on another service you'll just be asked to pick a character and approve the scope usage. Much the same as with twitter or facebook.

  • What's the deal with daily maintenance? in EVE Communication Center

    Trevor Dalech wrote:
    Short answer: Legacy code

    In the 14 years since the north of Eve there must be a lot of processes coded to expect a database reset every day, removing all of this will take a very comprehensive review of every single line of code.

    In fact, the daily downtime has significantly shortened over the years, it used to be an hour every day but it's usually around 5 minutes nowadays.

    To expand on this a little, it's also used for moving solar systems around on nodes. So you can have systems reinforced and so on.

  • EVE-Monument in Reykjavik in a bad state in EVE Communication Center

    you can argue with Sigurður Guðmundsson then Smile the artist that designed it.

  • T2 manufacturing? in EVE Gameplay Center

    T2 manufacturing is done from invented BPCs (except in a few cases where a BPO exists. these are rare. ignore them)

    to invent a T2 BPC, you need a T1 BPC of an appropriate sort (ME/TE is unimportant. Each invention job will knock a run off the T1 BPC) Like a Rifter BPC if you want to get a Jaguar BPC.

    There is a percentage chance of success, based off the blueprint, and your skills. You require some data cores (dependent on the BPC) and you can use a decryptor to adjust the output if desired. Decryptors also adjust the chance of success.

    This must be done in a location which supports invention. For ships, you'll get a 1 run BPC. modules and ammo are 10 run (normally). Base output ME/TE is 2/4, modified by the decryptor if used.

    Use a blueprint calculator to work out if it's actually worth doing. (Mine, for example)

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