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  • AT XV Feeder Round Schedule in EVE Communication Center

    Casidian Isu wrote:
    Pen Is Out VS Spaceship Bepop

    CCP Logibro, these two are both in Gallente Militia. Are you all going to make these fights not affect their standing to the Gallente Federation when they aggress each other?

    The feeder rounds are held on Thunderdome... firstly you create a whole new character corp on it. Secondly, any gameplay on the test server has no lasting effect on anything on TQ - sstandings or otherwise.

    I personally think its an awesome matchup to see two Gallente Militia groups going heads up and wait to see who prevails for the bragging rights.!

  • Scylus Black for CSM XII. Faction Warfare, PVP and Low-Sec. in Council of Stellar Management

    I've known Scylus for several years now. Over the years I've witnessed Scylus' unwavering passion for the game and dedication to the pilots within our organization and militia at large.

    While hailing from Caldari Militia, I know that Scylus is a professional and will take an unbiased approach to low security space and its mechanics. His motivation is to simply ensure that future mechanics, features and balance passes by CCP help or do not harm the ecosystem within low sec for PVP and PVE alike.

    I also believe that his high levels of dedication and passion for the game will translate well to participation in the CSM should he be elected. He won't take the commitment lightly.

    It's time that pilots living, missioning, exploring, and fighting within Low Security space get the representation they deserve on the the Council of Stellar Management and I believe Scylus Black would serve as an excellent council member.

  • Flagships in EVE Communication Center

    General Vachot wrote:
    Where will the flagship list be posted at?

    I'm assuming they will make a sticky post in this same forum. Came here, half-expecting to find it already. Guessing it will be up Monday at the latest.

    I'm predicting a list almost entirely composed of Bhaalgorns though.

  • DUST 514 Modifiers in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yeah, at the very least CCP should run a database script to reset all the modifiers to zero until the time comes that they can remove it completely.

    Kind of ridiculous how long the writing was on the wall for DUST and they paid no mind of backing it out of EVE's FW system.

  • [o7 Show] Guess the Citadel survival rate! in EVE Communication Center

    Astrahus 61%
    Fortizar 93%

  • The Great Billboard Propaganda Contest! in EVE Communication Center

    Question for CCP and their application of the "holographic" effect"...

    Do you recommend that black or white backgrounds work best for your transparency / opacity "holographic" tools or do textured backgrounds also work and not generally not look horrible in the end product?

  • Training up for FW and small ship pvp - Turrets or launchers? in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you're just starting out, go with rockets/light missiles. The math of applying DPS is bit easier to grasp while you're getting the hang of things.

    With missiles, all you need to think about is range, your target's velocity and signature radius. Missiles also get the bonus of choosing your damage type.

    Guns complicate the "can I apply DPS?" question a bit further with optimal vs fall off and transversal velocity.

    Eventually you'll want to need to learn both though. Even if you stick with missiles, you'll still want to understand the application of gunnery in order to mitigate your opponent's ability to apply damage to you.

  • What do I do in FW in EVE Gameplay Center

    Maros Ernaga wrote:

    I'm a low sp fairly new player, and I want to join FW.
    However I fail to see what is so great about it.

    Seems to me that people running FW plexes are only farmers with stabs in their lows and 0 intention of fighting.
    And then there is of course the occasional pirate svipul flying about.

    I wish to find a larger group of FW people, who does everything from solo to big capital warfare, and someone with knowledge of fits and tactics to share.

    Does such a group exist in FW?
    If yes, can anyone point me in a direction?

    Thanks in advance


    My alliance does all of the above... solo, small & micro gang, large fleets and capital escalations and conflicts. Search "Templis CALSF" on YouTube for our channel to get a sense of the breadth of stuff we do and find us in-game in our public channel at "CCDM CHAN".

    We're also the longest running Caldari FW alliance living in the war zone as well if that holds any weight with you.

  • Low/null sec solo pvp question in EVE Gameplay Center

    It really depends on the composition and positioning of the fleet you jumped into, so every situation will be different.

    Nonetheless, here are a couple tips on choosing primaries that I use, I'm sure others have their own.

    • Logi, tackle, and/or ewar if feasible and you expect it to significantly hamper your ability to burn though DPS. Otherwise ignore it.

    • DPS pilots in order of getting the most DPS off field for the least amount of effort... eg. clearing the field of T1 destroyers off the field first because of their DPS/Tank ratio is high compared to cruisers/frigates. Similarly, primary T1/Faction over T2 as T2 ships tank better.

    • Of course, you also really only want to try to burn things down that you can apply damage to. Keep applied damage and the facotrs that go into it (like range, sig radius, transversal, etc) in mind when choosing targets.

    • Last but not least, if it looks like victory is hopeless, try to take something expensive down with you if you think its feasible.

  • (FW) Improving LP distribution for capturing outposts in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I mean I've been playing in Faction Warfare for almost 3 years now. There are other, signifcantly more important things that they whould consider improving/changing this.

    The issue you already described can be annoying but its nothing that can't be worked out between players in local or if diplomacy fails, then by killing him if it upsets you.

    Sure you'll take some standings hit and a security status hit. But as long as you don't pod him, its nothing that you won't recover while you continue plexing. You'll also be making sure that him "ninja"ing your LP won't become a profitable endeavor after accounting for his ship losses.

    The mechanic as it is also beneficial to fleets as you let everyone slide into the plex for a piece of the LP pie even if they were scouting or something else while the bulk of the timer was being run.

    TLDR: This is something you can take care of on your own. Doesn't need CCP intervention or mechanics changes.

  • Do people still fly Garmurs in FW PVP? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I know OP is trolling but this relates to a recent conversation I was having on comms a week or so ago. We were wondering how much that nerf to Worms really affected them... So we went to zkill for the stats on pirate frigate usage....

    First a few notes on the numbers...

    • I did not include the Astero, even though its technically a pirate frigate. With the amount of PVE Asteros that die... I wasn't even going to bother with them.
    • Below are average monthly stats before and after the December nerf. Before = average from Sept-Dec 2015, After = average Jan & Feb 2016.
    • I know the dates are a bit imperfect with the patch happening in mid-late December and February not even over with but since it applies to all of the numbers / frigates I'm presented I figured the analysis is still valid for seeing ship popularity.
    • I was too lazy to filter by areas of space so it's possible that null/wormhole sec meta could be skewing the presented numbers but I have a hunch based on personal experience that the majority of pirate frigate pvp probably happens in low sec. Chime in if you think this assumption is ****... for all I know Pandemic Horde derps Succubus fleets on the regular.


    • Before: 10,508 kills / month | 867 deaths / month
    • After: 9,545 kills / month | 843 deaths / month
    • Change: -10% kills | - 3% Deaths

    Garmur usage looks pretty steady in usage before and after the December balance. I suspect, if we had a complete February's worth of data it would be near even or +% usage across the patch if people are opting to use it over the Worm. Since the Garmur escaped any changes in the December patch, you might even choose to use it as a control.


    • Before: 6,018 kills / month | 1,133 deaths / month
    • After: 4,249 kills / month | 953 deaths / month
    • Change: -30% kills | -16% Deaths

    Despite, incomplete February data, it's safe to say the Worm is being used far less frequently than it used to be. Market demand and slumping prices also indicate this.

    And for fun, here is how the other pirate frigates fared. Note that they also escaped any changes in the December patch.


    • Before: 6,081 kills / month | 804 deaths / month
    • After: 5,737 kills / month | 742 deaths / month
    • Change: -6% kills | -4% Deaths

    Again steady numbers that will likely level out with a complete February dataset.


    • Before: 6,177 kills / month | 747 deaths / month
    • After: 6,438 kills / month | 832 deaths / month
    • Change: +4% kills | +11% Deaths

    A healthy boost for the Daredevil, despite the incomplete February data.


    • Before: 1,404 kills / month | 217 deaths / month
    • After: 1,134 kills / month | 186 deaths / month
    • Change: -19% kills | -15% Deaths


    • Before: 1,815 kills / month | 256 deaths / month
    • After: 1,573 kills / month | 260 deaths / month
    • Change: -13% kills | +1% Deaths

    And finally it appears that Succubus pilots aren't having a whole lot of luck in the new year.

    Anyways hope you found the information useful or entertaining.

  • [March] Damage Module Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Fourteen Maken wrote:
    We are also bringing Minmatar/Angel BCS out of the wilderness and buffing them up the same level as the Caldari/Guristas equivalents.

    First of all why? You're not bothered about bringing Caldari webs/scrams/disruptors out of the wilderness

    Second of all Caldari Navy BCU's cost more than Republic Fleet BCU's and you're giving them the same stats. wtf?

    Thirdly Gallente and Minmattar lp stores now get the best modules in scrams, webs, disruptors, and damage mods after these changes.

    I second all these points. They can't be overlooked to arbitrarily buff another faction's LP store.

  • Project Discovery is now active on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I've been excited to try this out ever since I saw the presentation at EVE Vegas at played with the demo there for 5 minutes.

    I think the tutorial was pretty informative but not wholly inclusive, but there are some things you just learn as you go with it (like choosing all patterns you see, not just the dominant ones).

    I agree some people will try to game the system for easy LP rewards, I know CCP will have to set up the rewards to discourage that.

    Some suggestions:
    Make it clearer in the tutorial to select all applicable patterns, not just the dominant one.

    It would be cool if your Scientist Rank was publicly available in your profile (like faction warfare rank).

    A game wide rankings/scoreboard would be cool too.

    How many ranks are there? It took quite a while to earn Rank 3. If there are 5-10 ranks then maybe that amount of grind is okay, if there are 100 ranks, then please speed up the first few.

    All in all a great pass at this really novel idea. I can't wait to see it on TQ with a larger sample size for statistics.

  • February Features now live on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    No more Jump Field Generators in low sec????? I think that's a horrible step backwards

    The only people I've seen complaining about it right now are:

    • Off grid boost characters
    • People you love station games
    • People who refuse to adapt or die & HTFU

    The vast majority of people that live in low sec, live there for the PVP, and the MJDF are a tool that has been fun to use against others and has been fun to try and have others use against us. It adds an entirely new dynamic to engagements that are a lot of fun to be cognizant of and take advantage of others who are not.

    CCPlease don't ban it from Low Sec. If you want to nerf double jumps or something, fine, but please don't ban it altogether.

  • How Long Does It Take To Calculate Cynos Locations for Jump Bridges? in EVE Gameplay Center

    What exactly is your question?

    Yes Black Ops battleships can both bridge to and jump to regular cynos.

    Regular cynos cycle longer and are visible on overview to everyone in system, not localized to grid.

    Black Ops can indeed jump further and have a reduced jump fatigue issue compared to other jump capable ships (minus jump freighters for now).

    You could theoretically create some sort of jump bridge network of alts but I'm not really sure why you would want to do that.

    Black Ops is for dropping with the element of surprise, and they often they don't stand up against equal forces (most noticeable because your logi options are limited to T3s).

    As far as the transportation of goods, bridging cloaky haulers requires at least three characters (cyno, bridging ship, hauling ship) and the capacity is quite limited compared to using a jump freighter with one cyno character.

    Groups that run jump freighter logistics typically already have cyno alts parked at the stations on their routes so this is nothing revolutionary.

  • Any warfare training corp??? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Super Enrique wrote:

    Operation Meatshield or Brave Newbies (BARVE) Caldari Faction Warfare are good for players new to the game or new to PVP. You'll learn a lot about navigating low sec, get on some kills in fleet, and get very comfortable with the inevitability of losing your ship.

  • Capital pilot and cyno alt on same account in EVE Gameplay Center

    Anaille Cro'thek wrote:
    I really want to get myself into a capital ship, but since I don't want to pay for 2 accounts I need a solution for the cyno. Friends are not my option as I want to be able to move myself aswell.

    I'm currently thinking about getting a cyno alt set up on my same account. I know you can only log in 1 character at a time, but when you put a cyno up, you're stuck in place for a couple minutes. Can't I just exit the game (so just close it) and then reopen in, logging in my capital pilot? My cyno alt should still be stuck out there, allowing me to lock on and jump to it with my capital.

    Anyone ever tried this and know if this works?

    Would not work. While the cyno and cyno ship may still be on field, your JF character would need to be in a fleet with the Cyno character in order to jump to it, an impossible feat if both characters are not simultaneously logged in.

    You either have to have a friend light one or bite the bullet on a second account if you only trust yourself to do it.

    P.S. Any time you need a cyno lit in Citadel low sec, let me know! Twisted

  • [Focus Group] Tactical Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I don’t think T3Ds are in an altogether broken place but there are certainly a few things that could be done to make them more vulnerable and to restore the Assault Frigate to a viable ship class instead of always preferring a T3D.
    The two biggest ideas I hope you can bring up and discuss at the focus meetings are the following:

    New Mode Bonuses Take Effect at the End of Cool-Down Timer instead of Immediately
    Please discuss changing when a mode’s bonuses take effect to the end of a mode-transition cycle instead of immediately after hitting the button. Doing so would eliminate the insta-warp trick on gates (essentially the nullified interdiction of low-sec). It also really forces players to make a better pre-meditated choice on transitioning modes which I think was the original goal behind the design (e.g. I can’t just use propulsion mode to dive bomb in for tackle and then instantly turtle up in defensive mode once I land a scram). In that situation they almost get the best of both worlds instead of having to make a conscious trade-off between the two sets of bonuses. I personally think having the new mode bonus take effect at the end of the timer instead of immediately at the beginning would help quite bit but perhaps longer “cool down timers” could aide this as well.

    Exile T3Ds from Small Faction Warfare Complexes
    This is commonly supported amongst pilots in the Faction Warfare community and also would help the Assault Frigate reclaim some of its niche.


  • [SOV] Does ICE count for leveling Industry index ? in EVE Gameplay Center

    JFKen Imperia wrote:
    Damn, no answers.... am i in the wrong section ? Big smile

    This subforum is almost exclusively low-sec pirates and faction warfare pilots trolling one another, not exactly the best place to ask if mining ice increases your null sec sov indices.

    You might have better luck asking your question in the science & industry subforum or wherever else nullbears post.

  • Response to DHB Wildcat - and you indeed are in EVE Communication Center

    Cpt Blastahoe wrote:

    Camels of the Deep may or may not have cheated. Still waiting on proof to support either their innocence or guilt but in the meantime, the majority of people on Reddit and EVE-O forums are siding with DHB Wildcat (long-time AT pilot and Warlords pilot this AT) on his whistle-blowing.

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