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  • When will EVE Online get a 64 bit client? in EVE Communication Center

    So basically this thread is about how the OP have no idea what he is talking about? gotcha.

  • Eve F2P? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yim Sei wrote:
    Thank you for your well thought out and considered replies.

    After carefully reading over your post and some thoughtful deliberations, I've arrived at the conclusion that there was not a single idea in your post that was not utter crap.

    Thank you, now go away.

  • Dual Training Is A Rip Off in EVE Communication Center

    confirming the OP is terrible, troll or not.

  • 30 days dual character training - now on Singularity in EVE Communication Center

    Danni stark wrote:
    *shrug* if you don't see the benefit in having a character designed for a specific purpose available 24/7 that you don't have to pay a subscription for then i don't know what to say to you.

    i'll admit, (check the first page) i didn't really see the use for this either. however the more i sat and thought about it the more and more uses i could find for it, and the huge benefit this offers and how much sense it makes on every level is overwhelming.

    there's absolutely no bad sides to this idea and it's far from a "pointless" change.

    personally i'm tempted to train a PI/trader to sit in jita, log in to it once a day at most to adjust some orders and fiddle with PI as a nice passive income source.

    Pretty much, everyone who's marking this as "pointless" simply aren't thinking things through enough, or are only looking at it from their own use case.

    This will be of rather limited utility to me, but only because I've already gone past the time when this would've been very useful - when I'm skilling up specific-use alts on some of my accounts. Could I have created a new account for the alt? sure, but then I'd have to keep the account active if I want to use it, so instead of paying 1 plex per month for 1 account with a main and 2 alts, I'd have to pay 3 plex a month for 1 main and 2 alts, not what I'd consider ideal.

    and no, I don't need my market or cyno or PI alts to "grow" into mains, I've got enough of those already.

  • A 3D printed bust of my avatar's mesh. in EVE Communication Center

    that's... pretty awesome.

    Though naturally the Gallente side will win as the Caldari have no choice but to advance into blaster range!

  • I remember when sex was safe and flying was dangerous. in EVE Communication Center

    I think you're a bit late to the gank-a-gnosis bandwagon, the novelty has probably already worn off.

  • EVE Online: Retribution 1.2 Issues in EVE Information Center

    Sentry drones are backwards atm:

    Confirmed for Garde II, Warden II, and Bouncer II, also, Bouncer II is missing the weapon effects.

    PC client.

  • EVE Online: Retribution 1.2 Feedback in EVE Information Center

    Panhead4411 wrote:
    Personally, i don't like these changes.

    personally, I like these changes.

    Panhead4411 wrote:
    But alas, CCP feels that they know best, and i have yet to notice even a single occurrence of them taking player feedback on the 'art' side and actually making a change...moreso when the typical response to feedback to anything under the art departments realm is "Art is not seeking feedback on this..."

    Good, the last thing CCP should do is take design cues on an extremely subjective subject from a bunch of people who doesn't agree with each other, many who can't even tell the difference between maroon and brown, and the large majority of which has zero artistic talent to begin with.

  • How abot changing Amarr T2 ship design back? in EVE Communication Center

    First, stop confusing your subjective view as objective fact.
    Second, if the current color scheme looks brown to you, then either your monitor, your calibration, or your eyes (or all the above) sucks.
    Third, no.

  • Where's the Variety in EVE Communication Center

    Cipher Jones wrote:
    We dont have very advanced spaceship technology IRL atm, or very advanced stations, but we can walk in them. And what do you know, when you introduce a light source you can see inside them. Seems in fact the problem lies within your own words, "little bit of realism".

    "a little bit of realism" =/= everything must be realistic.

    If that's what you want, then just shut off your PC and go outside.

    Cipher Jones wrote:
    Eves current incarnation IS lacking compared to other games.

    then why are you playing it? every game is lacking compared to other games in some respects, thus making your statement pointless.

  • DX 11 in Odyssey? in EVE Communication Center

    James Amril-Kesh wrote:
    Zeko Rena wrote:
    I would suggest slowly trying to upgrade now so that you don't have to be so sour in threads talking about and speculating about Direct X 11.

    I would, if my graphics card weren't soldered directly to the motherboard.

    Well, you're going to have to upgrade or get a new computer sometime.

    or are you saying CCP should never improve the eve client so you can use the same pc for eve forever?

  • Where's the Variety in EVE Communication Center

    Obviously EVE lacks the space rainbows and the space pandas that the OP is looking for.

  • EVR Fighters in EVE Communication Center

    James Amril-Kesh wrote:
    Yigal Tzadok wrote:
    I like to add, ccp devs are lying sacks of ****
    Obviously beyter in marketing then development

    Oh dear, looks like you hit your head pretty hard getting out of bed this morning. You should probably get that looked at.

    Naw, don't think he need to, doesn't sound like there's anything contained in that head of his.

  • Collectors Edition on Amazon in EVE Communication Center

    the sad thing is that this should not be a hard thing to find out.

  • Hi Resolution Texture Pack - Show Your Support!!! in EVE Communication Center

    James Amril-Kesh wrote:
    Nyla Skin wrote:
    Screw graphics, concentrate on adding some new game mechanics to the game.

    How do you propose having art developers work on game mechanics?

    That's like saying the plumber you've hired is wasting his time with a clogged sink when he could be fixing your computer.

    Maybe he had a brain surgery done by a plumber, hence why it makes sense to him :p

  • Archon V3 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lazarus Valkarov wrote:
    CCP BunnyVirus wrote:

    we didnĀ“t like it

    WE do however like the larger engines, that's what matters. : )

    YOU like the old engine. Fortunately, you do not constitute the playerbase.

    I hate the old engine, much prefer the new one.

    Dogfishful wrote:
    I think CCP will do much better if they listen to us customers more. I really don't think that a few artists should make changes based on their opinions and assume that the majority of customers will share their opinions.

    Yes, nothing like a bunch of people, all with varying tastes (though most with zero artistic talent) dictating to the art team what should or shouldn't be done, sounds like an awesome recipe for disaster.

  • Odyssey - so where's the promised solo/casual content? in EVE Communication Center

    0wl wrote:
    Seriously? Didn't you pay attention to the exploration changes? * Facepalm *

    Things that the OP doesn't like to do naturally doesn't count.

    Also, I find it amusing that when CCP keeps pushing new features, people whine about lack of iteration, now that CCP is iterating on stuff, people complain that iterating is not "new" Lol

  • EVR Fighters in EVE Communication Center

    CCP WhiteNoiseTrash wrote:
    nothing is official, this was a small project made by a handful of devs on our own time. after hours, late nights and weekends. But it for sure is an interesting approach to gaming.

    so what you're saying is that we just need to keep bribing you guys with beer, and we'll have a full EVR game by next fanfest?

  • My bowels are still quivering from the new stargate animation in EVE Communication Center

    Hra Neuvosto wrote:
    Jame Jarl Retief wrote:
    All they did was hide the loading bar, and show you an animation while the game still does same old stuff in the background. It's just eye candy, it's not even quality of life improvement.

    According to them (CCP) they shortened the time it takes to go between systems. Maybe don't jump to conclusions without information next time.

    but how can people like James continue to whine and pretend to know what they're whining about if they can't jump to conclusions?

  • Collector's Edition Pre-Order in EVE Communication Center

    Drunken Bum wrote:
    People have paid for this without knowing what they're getting? .... I have a bridge I'd love to sell right now, very low price.

    Not really, Amazon doesn't charge for preorders 'til the item ships, and it can be canceled at any time.