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  • if your car belonged to an eve race, which race would it be? in EVE Communication Center

    2009 Silver VW Jetta. I would hazard Gallente as it is silver with smother round edges as compared to its counterparts.

    Random McNally wrote:
    Mine would be a cross between Minmatar and Caldari.

    (Rusty Toyota Minivan)

    A Minmatar hauler to the nth degree Pirate

  • The Like and Get Likes Thread, Renewed in EVE Communication Center


  • This is it, 118 million skillpoints. in EVE Communication Center

    Gah! I sub back up after almost 3 years out of game and I see Reaver is gone. Well Here is the daily EvE Update: The toaly non inspiring capsuleer Slade Trillgon has renewed his pilots liscence and is gearing his ships back up for a bit of isk generation and 'content creation' (read as me getting blown up).

    Well, if you actually read this, good luck in your real life endeavors and good luck making that RL isk.

    Bills are a ***** for sure.

  • More SC controversy with a mention of EO in EVE Communication Center

    Captain Tardbar wrote:
    For a scam they pay way too many programmers....

    I say the following as I am interpreting your post as if you are saying that SC is not a scam because they are paying so many people legitimately.

    What you said is what people think about money handlers like Bernie Madoff, still today even Ugh

  • Help Me Out! in EVE Communication Center

    After breaking top 50 in all time posts on the old forums they shut down those servers for this forum set up. I was unable to ever really get down with the thumbs up here and you all can see why if you find my first post in LAGL Blink

    EDIT: and congrats on reaching your self appointed milestone Big smile

  • How Old Does Google Think You Are? in EVE Communication Center

    Khergit Deserters wrote:
    "Couldn't detect any faces." How rude.

    I tried a second time and it worked.

    They were pretty spot on for me. They said 37 and I am 38.

  • The Devil's question in EVE Communication Center

    Zimmy Zeta wrote:
    The only logical answer to this riddle would be "faith", even though I am an atheist. Straight

    Explanation: The fact that the devil appears most likely implies that also god exist and and the basic premises of the bible are most likely true.
    The devil offers you only one option to safe your life, since these options are mutually exclusive every other wish will get you killed.
    Should you chose "life", then you would lose everything else, including health, sanity, family and friends- so your life would be a living hell. Should you chose anything else, you would die.
    So if we discount "life" as a viable option, the only thing that carries over into the afterlife (according to Christianity) would be "faith".
    And since the basic teachings of Christianity say that we shall be saved from hell/ purgatory/ devil by faith alone, the devil would most likely be powerless to inflict any further damage onto you or your loved ones once you had chosen "faith".

    Atheism is still a faith based system. In atheism one's faith is just aligned with the thought/belief/knowledge that there is nothing after our existence on earth. Or one's faith is that science has all the answers and if science does not currently have the answer only science will be able to answer said question, in which case science is one's religion. Or one's faith is based in the thoughts that one just does not give a ****.

    You can ignore my text if you chose. No need for me to have brought it up as your answer was spot on.

  • Help Crippled Capsuleer Claim Car for his Wheelchair in EVE Communication Center

    I just want to stick my head in and say that I work daily with severely disabled individuals in the realm of fitness and maintenance. I will assume that you are already working with therapists and what not, but if you ever have any questions about fitness I will do my best to assist you with explanations or concepts via my philosophy within the field.

    What level is your spinal cord injury?

  • Your favorite TV shows in EVE Communication Center

    Oh yes I almost forgot.

    The ScyFy channels adaption of the original Dune series was quite well done. It was plit into two mini series. One for the first book and the second for the second two books.

  • Your favorite TV shows in EVE Communication Center

    I will second The Wire. That show from start to finish was exceptional. Much of what I do watch has already been mentioned.

    So I will finish off with that I really like the competitive cooking series Chopped on the Food Network.

  • Sons of Anarchy or Vikings writers, take note in EVE Communication Center

    Khergit Deserters wrote:
    Oh no! Yet another layer of complexity. Arranging safe shower time for bikers from 5 enemy clubs. How much time and energy do you think the jail staff are going spend on solving that problem? Blink

    Yes IF, it's that Waco. A nice, respectable, conservative, boring city where nothing ever happens, until everything blows up.

    Don't forget about the Latino gangs, black gangs, the neo nassis....

    TwistedThere is no safe shower time in prison Twisted


    Cell is high sec.

    The yard is null sec.

    Shower time is low sec.

  • Nothing to see here: CCP spends $20 million and hides its financials in EVE Communication Center

    Bagrat Skalski wrote:

    Oh yes, and this is about this cheaper debt? I see only information about buying out the bonds. But I suppose only fool would take debt that would make it harder to repay in future.

    Nonetheless, it doesnt look good for EVE players because we know less about state of the company. Investing money in the game we play, by subscribing to it. What if they are doing it, because they don't want us to know the truth. Can't now exclude that, can you? Because you don't know. Roll

    But is not the current game play, 'open' discussion about future plans, seeing things getting bettter than worse, the only signs you really need. Even if CCP was failing financially but the game was still fun would you not still keep playing? Or would you stop playing the game, even if it is your most fun point in the games history, knowing that it may sink within the year?

    EDIT: fail quote fix, it has been awhile since posting on EvE-O

  • On loyalty and its rewards in EVE Communication Center

    Hengle Teron wrote:
    Slade Trillgon wrote:
    I am all for keeping one's word, but bonus of less than $.75 per day almost seems like a slap in the face.

    Congratulations for graciously accepting the bonus.

    I know he could have just given you praise and that should be enough and that I do not know what your hourly pay rate was, but.......

    Depends how old that story is...

    Or where in the world the did their labor.

  • Pre 21st-Century Movie Night in EVE Communication Center

    Black Panpher wrote:
    Pulp Fiction



  • On loyalty and its rewards in EVE Communication Center

    I am all for keeping one's word, but bonus of less than $.75 per day almost seems like a slap in the face.

    Congratulations for graciously accepting the bonus.

    I know he could have just given you praise and that should be enough and that I do not know what your hourly pay rate was, but.......

  • So long and thanks for all the fish.... in EVE Communication Center

    This would have read better if you had said you were 42.

  • Pre 21st-Century Movie Night in EVE Communication Center

    Hey Ya Sibyyl Bear

    Lost Boys is an excellent vampire movie, one of my favorites if I am to be honest.

    I had to take time off from gaming in general. I have a super crazy work schedule, I split up with my ex so I had to go through house hunting and buying all by myself, all the while maintianing half custody of my daughter. The budget is now allowing for me to get back into the game as I was never serious enough to be able to plex myself with my sporadic gameplay.

  • Pre 21st-Century Movie Night in EVE Communication Center

    *sneaks into thread*

    Shawshank Redemption


    Seven Samurai

    or, if I am looking at a long night

    The Samurai Trilogy by Hiroshi Inagaki (Musashi Miyamoto/Duel at Ichijoji Temple/Duel at Ganryu Island)

    *sneaks back out*

  • How Long Until Drones are Finally Nerfed in EVE Communication Center

    111kartel111 wrote:
    Medalyn Isis wrote:
    So we have all been saying drones are OP except for the few that just trained to fly an Ishtar. The alliance tournament seems to confirm this. So, how long until the new dawn for the turret. The drone meta is getting boring now, and I am looking forward to it being shaken up. So how long do we have to wait?

    Please expand on the we part ? do you have a mouse in your pocket?.

    Nah! He just happy to see you Oops

    FAKE EDIT: My sincerest apologies for my juvenile attempt at humour. I am at work at 7pm on a Friday night and I still have an hour to go Ugh

  • Probably one of the best pranks ever in EVE Communication Center

    Derrick Miles wrote:
    I would love nothing more than to drop kick a spider that big.

    And then I would feel horribly, horribly guilty.

    That was my exact thought as well. I think that is most any prank. I have a natural affinity for kicking things. But still friggan epic to watch others get the beejeezees scared out of them.