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  • Bane Nucleus for CSM! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Some people said I should post in this thread, so I am

  • HK vs Darkness in EVE Gameplay Center

    gr33nCO wrote:
    Hard to take a 5m sp skillpoint farm pilot seriously.

    Especially if it's true from what i heard that he extracted all of his SP out

  • HK vs Darkness in EVE Gameplay Center

    Chesterfield Fancypantz wrote:
    So if HK doesnt evict Darkness Consumed, how much public reputation does HK lose?

    Are they going to no longer going to be the bad boys of wormhole space?

    Is HK even able to field a big enough fleet to fight the massive numbers of Darkness Consumeds farming nestors?

    I wonder what HK's rent will be.

    Post with your main. Not a NPC corp

  • Have Citadels effected WH positively ? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Navie wrote:
    I feel like generally good, but C1/2/3 wormholes are often occupied by small 5-15 man corps and the astra is too hard to defend compared to a POS. This means Wspace when pos's go away may become extremely difficult for a micro corp to manage and right now Wspace offers a lot for microgroups that other types of space does not.

    I would disagree with you here. The astra is better because it can litterally only be shot at for 2 hours when YOU dictate every 5 days or so. Rather than a POS which can be shot at whenever the aggressor chooses often with them planning around the next timer of 1 days 18 hours (assuming full stront)

    Simply by having say 2 astras set up and with their timers spaced out within several days apart you can turn a simple weekend op (assuming you set it to be vulnerable during a weekend) into a whole week long event.

  • WH Gas in EVE Gameplay Center

    Win Thorp wrote:
    How much gas could a Venture huff if a Venture could huff gas?

    Also, are ISDs still locking everything?

    Post with your main, not your NPC corp alt

  • [MERC] DnG is now offering citedal defense for c1-c4 wormholes! in EVE Gameplay Center

    the general quality of "mercs" these days within WH space is disturbing these days.

    There are many things you could be at a glance. Mercs is not one of them

  • [MERC] DnG is now offering citedal defense for c1-c4 wormholes! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Will you be bringing more unrigged max stabbed archons?

  • [MERC] Ember Sands - WH Services for you! in EVE Gameplay Center

    I hired these guys for a system siege and they were so incompetent I had to dismiss them early as I could no longer tolerate them.

    They changed the operation date on me twice after we initially agreed to the start date.

    Failed to bring in battleships or hole rolling ships to minimize mass and control connections.

    When I provided them a battleship to help with hole control one of their members logged off in it (which was the only battleship in the system) This resulted in us having no hole control for several hours and unable to mass connections.

    Could not maintain full timezone coverage leaving it to us to no life it.

    Did not bring in any ceptors or fast locking ships resulting in the targets being able to move people back in and out of the system with relative ease.

    I could keep going but calling yourselves WH mercs was embarrassing having run a successful WH merc group.

    The only thing you guys could manage would be shooting pocos and dead sticks as if our targets put up any sort of attemp at resisting I feel the operation would have been a complete failure.

    Hire these guys at your own risk

  • Have Citadels effected WH positively ? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tatsuj Khan wrote:
    Hatshepsut IV wrote:
    I'm just speaking from my experience, myself and some old space friends all came back to try out the new citadels. Think we'll be staying awhile.

    Good experience LOL! Same here. Citadel personal asset security is much better than the current dysfunctional POS system.

    When I left Un.Bound, I lost a good chunk of my ships and assets I had stored in your POS to you and your "old space friends".

    Then Un.Bound directors forsot, Beta Page, and Red Saito and Glue Allas-Rui stole tens of billions from your POSs. No wonder you took a year off after that horrible betrayal and theft. Blink


    Citadels are much better. Let's keep them that way with strong personal asset security.

    Talk about beating a dead horse.

    Also post with your main not a NPC corp toon

  • Looking to hire a mercenary force in EVE Gameplay Center

    HardCorey wrote:
    I've got a neighbor in my wormhole who I swear has Asbergers. He needs to go. I've got lots of isk so I'm looking to hire a wormhole corp to help me at 01:00 eve time. This is a quick formation so send me a message in game once you read this. My char name is HardCorey. I'm going to bed now but will be online all day/night when I wake up.

    He's got a proteus, hound, manticore, flycatcher and deathstar. I need a 20-30 man gang to come into the class 3 wormhole and rough him up. I'm serious, I hate this guy and there's good money in it for this job.

    I have my navy harbinger and phantasm ready.

    Convo in game for more info

  • Wormhole Space Killboard Comparison in EVE Gameplay Center

    Montgomery Black wrote:
    As much as Id like AU TZ to be this active...

    AU timezone is more 0600 ET to 1400ET. At 1400-1600 your likely capturing EU kills not AU.

    Basically 3 hrs either side of DT

  • WH clones now with citadels. in EVE Gameplay Center

    no. you can only swap clones

  • An Idea for Wormhole Space in EVE Gameplay Center

    Erica Dusette wrote:
    Jack Miton wrote:
    ExookiZ wrote:
    At fanfest i bed the guy next to me


    Winter is coming, Jack.

    Welcome back Erica

  • In W-Space only 24 hours to shell? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mork Borlog wrote:
    jo 2x 24h. But in HS 1x 24 and then 6 Days.

    This is unfair!

    It's more time than you get with a current POS of 1 day 16 hours

  • Allow supers in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Rek Seven wrote:
    Sith1s Spectre wrote:
    You know what. Once they finish up with the citadels and the industry for them why not?

    It has to be stuck there obviously but honestly it's no worse than people have 30 dreads/carriers/faxes in the hole imo.

    Then some groups would have 30 supers to fight off a 10 man dread invasion... May as well just let them build titans at that point

    can't they already put doomsdays on their fortizars? What's the difference?

  • Allow supers in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    You know what. Once they finish up with the citadels and the industry for them why not?

    It has to be stuck there obviously but honestly it's no worse than people have 30 dreads/carriers/faxes in the hole imo.

  • [WH] Citadel's Corporate Hangars in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tatsuj Khan wrote:
    NoobMan wrote:

    I would be for something like an "Opt in" (kinda like high sec awox corp settings) for corps to allow directors to pull from personal item hangars/ SMAs. This idea would be completely foreign for the rest of Eve but wormholers would likely really appreciate it.

    No. High asset security is a strong citadel feature that goes a long way to prevent theft by directors in j-space.

    As a victim of theft by directors in my previous WH corp ( Cascading Failure / Un.Bound ) and soon after a witness to a massive double corporate theft (30+ billion) by a current Hard Knocks member named forsot ( director, Resurrection Ventures / Un.Bound ) and his friends, it's a bad idea to change asset security currently implemented.

    Yes, high asset security prevents directors from scooping billions in free assets but I believe the rank and file applaud it. :D

    Rather than depending on mechanics to get at assets, build a strong reputation for fair dealings, trust, and high two-way communications with members. Many people should then be happy to make mutually-satisfying arrangements if they do leave Eve. Blink

    Thank you for the stratios.

    I have refit it to a better purpose.

  • [SELLING] C1 Static to Low - No POS - 300 mill in EVE Gameplay Center

    I don't have any isk, however I can offer you the corpse of Braxus Deninard or Winthorp.

  • Harvestable Gas Clouds in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sheeth Athonille wrote:
    Mephiztopheleze wrote:
    Shiloh Templeton wrote:
    Orbit them at 500.

    better yet, drop a jetcan (or abandon a drone) in the middle of the cloud and orbit THAT at 500m.

    keeps you safer (not 'safe', just 'er') from pesky torp bombers.

    Why would orbiting inside of the could be safer than orbiting the cloud itself?

    Because the cloud will unloak things

  • Probing with the old map in EVE Gameplay Center

    In your general settings in game options you can turn it off

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