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  • NEW ORDER DEATH DEALERS in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bi-Mi Lansatha wrote:
    xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 wrote:
    ... We just had to go hunting for the Filthy New Order miner....
    You are ganking miners who paid to mine! Sweet. Lol

    The newbie in question does not even have a New Order mining permit, so these "anti-order" guys just ganked a random clueless newbie.

    Killing miners without permits is of course good, but consider killing some older characters next time.

  • NEW ORDER DEATH DEALERS in EVE Gameplay Center

    DarthNefarius wrote:
    xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 wrote:
    First i would like to say sorry for not posting in awhile ( training time is a pain ) Now that some of our boys & girls are trained up. We just had to go hunting for the Filthy New Order miner.

    So N.O. Miners are those that payola'd the extortion money to James315; so you're a N.O. dude that has the list & goes ahead & kills them anywayz I take it Roll

    In what way is that man a "N.O dude"?

  • Simo for CSM. in Council of Stellar Management

    Leo Zetkin wrote:
    Sad, but it seems to be true... democracy failed like everytime. At least the CSM has as much power as elected representatives in reality: not much.

    The worst candidate did not get 200 votes - democracy has failed.

  • The Issler slate in Council of Stellar Management

    get out

  • The Tritanium Times in EVE Communication Center

    do you like hodor?

  • Simo for CSM. in Council of Stellar Management

    afk-miner tried to do an afk-interview to become an afk-csm member

  • Trebor Daehdoow for CSM8 - The Proven Performer - in Council of Stellar Management

    Trebor Daehdoow wrote:
    I have always supported changes that I think will improve CSM's ability to influence CCP. If I come to the conclusion that the election and summit changes were a mistake, I will admit it and see what can be done to address the flaws.

    Is that why you tried to get an obviously unfair and broken voting system in place?

    CCP Xhagen wrote:
    I want to achieve a fairer representation on the CSM and the STV has often come up as a possible way. However, the answer has usually been ‘large voting blocks can easily game any advanced voting systems’, thus the idea of moving the votes from those who do not get enough, instead of moving the votes that exceed the necessary number to get on. The discussion on the election reform thread clearly paints that as unfair and I fully understand that criticism. Either you move all votes or none is the mandate (if I’m reading the thread correctly) – when put like that is seems obvious…

    So, putting Trebors idea aside for the moment, what election system would suit the CSM?

  • Fanfest 2013 and Twitch.TV - anyone else having trouble viewing? in EVE Communication Center

    Janssen wrote:
    I've never been able to view videos or video streams from - yes, I've gone through the twitch site looking for solutions. Nothing works.

    I've just now tried it again to see if I could make it work given that the Fanfest 2013 streams will go through twitch. Sad I was really looking forward to the HD video streams again this year. However if I can't get twitch to work, there is no sense in my purchasing the HD stream package.

    CCP, you did a great job last year with the HD streaming. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    If anyone can come up with a solution or point me in a direction, I'd appreciate it. I either get a black screen, a peach/beige screen or sometimes a brief notice that I need to install adobe flash. I have flash installed and up to date. Other sites such as the infamous youtube work just fine.


    Try a different browser.

  • Goons Don't honor Ransoms in EVE Gameplay Center

    ISD Flidais Asagiri wrote:

    Thread was moved as it belongs in Crime and Punishment. Remember that it helps others to be as open and informative about the event so as not to get caught in the same predicament.

    On On

    I beg your pardon? Is ISD taking sides now? The only ones getting caught in a predicament are the honest goons with all this endless forum slandering.

    For shame.

  • RIVERINI for CSM 8 in Council of Stellar Management

    Not voting, it is clear he will be unable to work with the other CSM because his incredible fixation to some of the player organisations.

    Also last time his agenda was more or less "Panties in Stations" WiS crap, I doubt much has changed.

  • corebloodbrothers for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management


  • Goons Don't honor Ransoms in EVE Gameplay Center

    Goons always honor their ransoms, you must be mistaken.

  • Simo for CSM. in Council of Stellar Management


  • corebloodbrothers for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    Jason Xado wrote:
    Xado Industires is 100% behind Corebloodbrothers run for CSM office.

    Xado Industries moved to the Providence region and into Volition Cult space several months ago to set up industrial operations. We were an outsider with no relationships in the area or knowledge of null sec or Providence. Corebloodbrothers has been very helpful, honest, fair, and friendly in all of my interactions and was a great boon to getting our operations off the ground and running.

    I believe Corebloodbrothers will do a great job representing the EvE community in the CSM.

    What? He has failed to answer any reasonable questions about the game and issues facing the future CSM, some are even on this page. Why would anyone vote for a candidate whose opinions you know nothing about?

  • The Problem with Terrible Trebor in Council of Stellar Management

    Borlag Crendraven wrote:
    It's not that far fetched to think that Trebor is using alts to actually play on, so that he can go about his business without the additional burden of being CSM distracting from that. Additionally even the things that you or me consider horrible, do still need a representative. I think mining is absolutely horrible, incursions and PvE in general is laughably easy and industry in general is mindnumbingly boring, yet it is best for the overal good of the game to have someone advocating the improvements as well as the present state of those things so that things don't get even worse and that other things regarding them can be improved.

    Simply put, as long as the main goal is the overal good of the game in whole, every single playstyle should be represented in the CSM one way or another. And no, I'm in no way supporting Trebor, just countering your somewhat silly arguments.

    How are we supposed to vote representatives for our playstyle if the CSM members say one thing and do another, for example a supposed "pvp" representative supporting pvp-free Hellokitty playstyle?

  • Suggesting James 315 as the Highsec representative for CSM 8 in Council of Stellar Management

    Bantara wrote:

    In order to declare "hi-sec is broken" as fact, you're going to have to have an objective standard to be making this comparison of off. But as far as I can tell, y'all don't have one. Tell me if I'm wrong. What you have is your opinion as to what hi-sec should look like; that is the standard you are using to declare it broken.

    Can you link us one credible CSM candidate who wishes highsec to remain the way it is? No? Get out.

  • corebloodbrothers for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    Millerz Magnum wrote:

    And in actual important terms, Core is someone who actually gives a damm about EvE. He cares about the progression of the game in what people want to see happen. His english typing isn't on the professor level, but he certainly clearly expresses his view.

    I know that for a damm chance, someone isnt running for their alliance, and what their alliance wants, but he is running for the people in eve.

    He wants EvE to be the best game for all of its players, doesnt matter if your a powerbloc or a 5 man corp; he cares.

    That is why he has my random +1. That is why he has his alliance's unexplained +1's. They know he puts ppl over politics and over alliance bull****.

    What views? Saying something in order "I want best for all eve players" in broken English is not exactly a helpful or something CCP does not know already. Just look at some of the other candidates who have real opinions and offer ways to fix broken things.

  • Simo for CSM. in Council of Stellar Management

    Grand Admiral Simo-Hayha wrote:
    Suicide ganking in high sec.

    Suicide ganking is, and always has been, a predominent issue with industrialist. Ganking for profit is still a method of money making that encourages a subgroup of players to wage open war on mining ops in high sec, while damaging the economy and driving miners away from systems and away from mining.

    Ganking an exumer and having an alternate account that loots and salvages the wreck creates an oppertunity to make high sec ganking a profitable and dominant form of exploitation. Eliminating the profit margin, by making illegal combat non profitable would remove the insentive for suicide ganking in high sec. By making it impossible to loot or salvage wrecks in high security space that have been illegally destroyed would limit ganking further into an even smaller subgroup that will perform ganking for no other reason but entertainment.

    Performing illegal attacks in high sec space should not have a dollar sign attacted to it.

    By fixing this, it would encourage more players to use mining to accrue the isk they need for other profitable ventures, such as exploring and delving into lower security space, and would provide a more secure enviroment for miners to operate under, while enriching the economy further.

    You can still get ganked, but they would be doing it, while losing their isk, and gaining nothing in return with the exception of bounties being collected, which is an acceptable form of law enforcement. This, of course, would not apply to low or null sec operations.

    Please leave and stop trying to ruin our game. Just get out.

  • corebloodbrothers for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    corebloodbrothers wrote:

    Lol thats epic comming from goon, thnx for making me laugh

    Are you seriously trying to get into CSM with this kind of arrogant attitude? Shame on you.

  • Mynnna for CSM8 in Council of Stellar Management

    Indahmawar Fazmarai wrote:

    Didn't you root for Issler in the last election?