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  • Need help! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Faylee Freir wrote:
    So for roughly 2 months I've been "studying" the behavior of mission runners. I've collected a lot of data to support my studies, but I'm looking for a little more community interaction and feedback. A few questions:

    - How mad do you get when I steal your mission loot?
    - How mad do you get when I blow up your MTU(s)?
    - How mad do you get when I aggro the whole room on you?

    - Is there anything else I could be doing to make you even more mad at me?
    - Will you help me test my tank?

    Thank you ahead of time for your assistance in my studies. I will be sure to publish my findings as I move forward. Just a quick tip... The worst thing you could possibly do is let a thief get away with his crimes. When you see someone suspect in your mission pocket, please be sure to show him who's boss by exploding him. That will teach him, especially if he's in a frigate.

    I'll entertain your cry for attention...

    1. You have never stolen my mission loot. But if you happen to locate me, feel free. All my loot is blued anyway. More isk in blitzing for my style instead of looting.

    2. See response above.

    3. Full room aggro? I thought that was the only way to run missions...

    Now, you can continue trolling.

  • How do i Farm a mission? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hakaari Inkuran wrote:
    Spud Lazair wrote:
    Silky Cyno wrote:
    Why would you want to do this ? plenty more rats if you take more missions plus time reward and more LP

    well if i were to farm worlds collide for say 1 week there is nothing stopping me from doing other missions in the meantime is there?

    There's little point in farming worlds collide now that the faction spawn rate was curbstomped.

    I'm not even sure if there is a faction spawn anymore.

    Faction rat still spawns in WC, 2nd room.

  • Gila Vs other Cruiser Sized ships in EVE Communication Center

    Nandhi wrote:
    Shaotuk wrote:
    A properly fit Gila will get quite a bit more dps than 500. For mission running, 1k+ dps is possible; a little less for ratting.

    yea with arabest Rapid light missile launcher I get around 650 dps. Here I am trying consider only the drone damage. The reason why I am asking this is, if gila can outrun all the drone ships, then there is no need for me to train on heavy drones at all. Heavy drones becomes very week when compared to gila traits.

    Also , I tried a similar setup using 2 Gecko, 2 medium drones and a light drones. The damage on paper seems to be good like around 480 dos (only drones). But this setup for me is unfortunately very poor. I dono why. This does less damage than 5 heavies.

    You are being myopic for considering only drone damage. You need to factor in all the capabilities of the various drone boats.

  • Gila Vs other Cruiser Sized ships in EVE Communication Center

    A properly fit Gila will get quite a bit more dps than 500. For mission running, 1k+ dps is possible; a little less for ratting.

  • Gila for Ratting - nullsec complexes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Once you get perfect core skills, etc., you can drop the DCU and add a 4th DDA. With 4 DDA's (faction) and T2 rapid lights, I am getting 1007 DPS from my passive tanked Gila. It will handle sanctums with ease.

  • Fun ship for PvE in EVE Gameplay Center

    I fly a 1007 dps Gila often. It's fun and nothing like seeing a single medium drone volley for 3500 damage. :)

  • Apanake Mission Runners and Gankers in EVE Gameplay Center

    Make it tougher to get sec status back; it's far too easy right now.

    Have concord attack pods of characters with low enough sec status.

  • New Griefing: MTU Thieves in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mallak Azaria wrote:
    I have more than one or two examples of CCP quickly declaring something an exploit or not, you can find these all over the forums & thoroughly documented by players in each case.

    As well as CCP waiting before declaring an exploit... It goes both ways.

    If I am wrong about this, it is something that I will have to accept regardless of not liking it & that doesn't make me stupid no matter how much you stamp your feet about it. It will however be another case of CCP pandering to the people that choose to be victims.


    Edit: Personal attacks fixed
    ISD Dosnix

  • New Griefing: MTU Thieves in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mallak Azaria wrote:
    This thread is amazing. Mission runners freely admiting that adapting to new circumstances is too hard.

    Ahem... Slowcats...

  • thoughts on vexor or arbitrator in EVE Gameplay Center

    I've always liked this video... Arbi power.

  • noob Rattlesnake question in EVE Gameplay Center

    Blood Raider Blockade is super easy in an RS, even with the neuting...

    Just warp to 100, deploy curators, and go make some coffee.

  • Ships faster than Missiles in EVE Gameplay Center

    Verity Sovereign wrote:
    FYI, there are many fighters that can outrun a sidewinder in a straight line

    Umm, no there aren't.

  • Need advise between skilling for Orca or blockade runner in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sebastor Cane wrote:
    Thanks for the help

    My last question is this. If i had a fully fit and rigged Bestower in my orca ship bay. Could i fill it with missiles and they remain unscanned as they are in the bestower hold inside the Orca.

    Also could i fit expensive mods on on that bestower and they remain un scanned.


    You cannot haul a ship with cargo inside its bays.

  • Jamming in "Dread Pirate Scarlet" in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ireland VonVicious wrote:
    Rattlesnake for L4's and never worry about such things again.


  • Light, Medium & Heavy Drones in PVE in EVE Gameplay Center

    I fly a passive tank Rattlesnake (Amarr Space) loaded with sentries, medium, and light drones only. No ECM, webs, or NOS.

    I have only lost one drone in the last 3-4 months and that was due to me not paying attention.

    I grab aggro with missiles before deploying drones and if there is an aggro switch, I pull drones in and wait til aggro is reestablished.

    I don't see what the issue is...

  • [PvE] Legion Incursion Fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    Your fit is way overtanked... This is what I run:

    [Legion, Legion-Incursions]
    Legion Offensive - Liquid Crystal Magnifiers
    Legion Defensive - Augmented Plating
    Legion Electronics - Tactical Targeting Network
    Legion Engineering - Power Core Multiplier
    Legion Propulsion - Fuel Catalyst

    6x Heavy Pulse Laser II (Scorch M)

    2x Tracking Computer II
    2x True Sansha Stasis Webifier

    3x Imperial Navy Heat Sink
    2x Coreli A-Type Adaptive Nano Plating
    1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

    Medium Anti-Thermic Pump II
    2x Medium Energy Locus Coordinator II

    For ammo, I use Scorch & IN Multifrequency.
    Scorch: ~525'ish DPS out to 51km (61 w/range scripts)
    IN Multi: 700+ DPS out to 19km

  • Will freighters be given reimbursment with Odyssey? in EVE Communication Center

    TheTravler wrote:
    Has anyone looked at the link I posted?

    After the patch the ship will require level 5 to FLY.... Not to learn the skill but to FLY the ship. I can't fly it now because I don't have the required skill to fly.

    The slow is strong with this one...

  • Best way to deal with Level 4 Missions' Elite Webbing frigs? in EVE Gameplay Center

    OP, as indicated' you are using the wrong ammo. Switch to precision or (what I do), is use faction ammo only. No need for webs or TP.

  • Who still uses Windows XP? in EVE Communication Center

    As long as the tears from 7/8 users continue to flow, I will continue to use XP...

  • What's considered a good gank for missiles/lvl4? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I fly a HAM Tengu.

    Vs kinetic, It gets ~1k dps, out to 42km; ~650'ish dps, using Javelins, out to 75 ro so km

    Vs everything else, lower dps.

    Eats ammo like a pig though...