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  • Sitrep on first two months in EVE Communication Center

    Don't stress too much about corp. If you like ship combat pvp you could try joining Azda's corp, as far as I know they are pretty much always fighting :) And I think she still remembers her newbie times and help she got here on those forums so probably you could at least fly with them for a while and get some action going. Nothing wrong in going your own way and just fly solo or have fleets with friends out of corps. Social factor in Eve is not limited to official structures and organizational units.

    As far as fear of losing shinies it is simply counterproductive. Those are just pixels, pixels that should be exploded or used to explode other pixels in order to have fun. You can always get new pixels, you should never consider them being irreplaceable. Instead of avoiding risk you should think how to maximize amount of fun out of them. If pvp is your fun you should boldly warp into a fight and enjoy it. That doesn't mean being stupid about it, just try to win your share of fun. ISK war, actual killboard stats, e-honor, el33tness - it's all bullsh!t. All that matters is you having fun.

  • Recollection in EVE Communication Center

    I remember 2/10 plexes being source of small gang pvp in lowsec.

    I remember Heild being alive and thriving.

    I remember undocking BS and warping into a battle being exciting.

  • Next development focus: Team Missions. in EVE Communication Center

    Instead of forcing teaming up they should get rid of stupid requirement to dock in order to request and finish missions (with exceptions of course when mission requires picking up or dropping an item).

    Second thing: sharing mission location. Make it so I could drag mission icon or whatever to chat and everybody who clicks it can warp to mission. With being able to get/finish missions in space and easy sharing mission location everybody in fleet could pull missions, share them and whole fleet could just binge on them.

    Would it boost farmers and multiboxers? Sure, but it would make life easier for "normal" players. Docking/undocking/warping to person who has a mission to be fleet warped to mission pocket - it all takes time, is mundane and frakking boring.

    Get rid of boring parts and people will team up organically because there will be more fun/minute.

  • Next development focus: Team Missions. in EVE Communication Center

    Angelica Dreamstar wrote:
    Removing battleships from lvl4s would be a great start. Make the PvE progression less easymode and missions sufficiently random so people can not turn them into even easier easymode again. Getting rid of the lazy asses in favour of people who do not want success to be breastfed to them should be top priority. I can't type today.....4

    Sorry to burst your bubble but banning my shiny BSs from L4s wouldn't make me team up with anybody, it would make me drop running L4s. And I believe I am not alone in this way of thinking.

    I run L4s for easy ISK. I won't wh0re myself in FW plexes because I despise implementation of FW, I won't wait in line for fleet invite to run incursions (and they require moving places which I don't want to do), L5s and wormholes... meh, too much hassle for PVE, better use lowsec for pvp and w-space for quick travels and sightseeing.

  • Give this guy some serious Props. Chaos in Amarr. in EVE Communication Center

    Skills from those games may not apply, Eve has very annoying feature that EU and CK don't have: other people.

    His blissful ignorance on "what is proteus" in this video is amusing, I wait for more.

    Omg, one nestor among proteus gang and they wonder "who's the logi?", Cute. :)

  • Give this guy some serious Props. Chaos in Amarr. in EVE Communication Center

    Suneai wrote:
    It was a fun little event and it was great to see so many of Arumba's stream viewers dive into the game and take part.

    Wait, what? Arumba? I watch his CK2 stuff and such, didn't know he also does Eve. Well, now I will click that link and watch video. You win again forums, you win again...

  • Every MMO is first a solo game. in EVE Communication Center

    Mr Epeen wrote:
    I have a corp with four of my own characters in it.

    Sometimes I make them talk to each other in corp chat.

    Even better is to make them talk in local. I created some moments of total WTF among locals when Schmata and her sister got into a public fight over something. Names were called, fingers were pointed, arguments were exchanged, fun had been had (omg, is this even a tense in English language?).

    On topic:

    You can play Eve solo but Eve will throw multiplayer at you anyway. After all there's market and voila, here's your interaction with other people. You can't turn off local chat and again, here are other people. You can fly solo, mine solo, do indy stuff solo but other people will always influence you. Gate camps you jump into, traps you sping, battles at station undock when you are docked inside, market speculations dumping or boosting up prices of your loot/fit, all that and much more are things that you will be confronted with and influenced by no matter if you always have a fleet going or going solo.

    Statistics that CCP presented are just that, statistics. No more no less.

    I play since September 2011 for most of the time as member of R1FTA and I got bored with Eve around March this year. We had fleets, we had roams, we did ganks, we went solo, we did piratey stuff, most of us also did indy/pve/market to have funds. I was always welcomed to join in, I felt great among space friends. And I got bored. Not with people, not with my solo, with game itself. I don't think any change released in last 2 years got me really excited. On the other hand I'm not sure what change could get me excited so there's that.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is that this is just another thread about same thing that was discussed gazzillions times before. You can try to do stuff solo but MMO will get you no matter what. That's beauty of Eve and single shard universe. If you don't like this idea go play something else or wait for such game to be made and released.

  • No one ever talks about lowsec. in EVE Communication Center

    Most important part of that freedom is easy GTFin and GTFout :)

  • A year ago today... in EVE Communication Center

    A year already? My gawd, time runs fast.

    Glad to see you still have fun and thank you for writing this post, it's good to read stuff like this.

    Now I wonder how long ago did I log in for anything else than just throwing another PLEX at MCT? Ages...

  • Why can't I open wrecks after issuing warp command anymore? in EVE Communication Center

    Because they changed it some time ago, like a year or 2 maybe. Look at patch notes if you care for exact moment.

  • For Eve Newbie in EVE Communication Center

    Tiddle Jr wrote:
    What's wrong with pvp at UNI ?

    50 griffins at undock faggotry.

  • How to manage a high-sec mining alt fleet in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's like with house/car alarm: you have it not because it can protect your property from all perps but as a deterrent against those less determined :)

  • How to manage a high-sec mining alt fleet in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you want to have hisec belts all to yourself or share them with really really small competition just look for systems without stations. You wouldn't believe how many people sacrifice clean d-scan, overview and local just because they are too lazy to make 1 gate jump.

  • How to manage a high-sec mining alt fleet in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have orca + 2 exhumers, 2 screens. 1 screen is for orca + 1 miner, 2nd screen is for 2nd miner. I keep mining clients windows visible most of the time, switching to orca client when I see MTU is getting crowded with cans.

    Orca drops MTU and scoops tractored ore that miners jettinson when their ore hold gets full.
    Each miner has scanner so they can monitor their rocks depletion and target new rocks when needed.
    When orca gets full it warps to station to drop ore and gets back to MTU.
    Yes, there's a drop in yield when orca is away from belt but I don't care. What I care about is that I can manage this setup without going crazy.

    Each ship has full flight of small drones out, orca guards miner1, miner 1 guards miner2, miner2 guards orca => whatever rats decide to target drones will deal with it. I live in hisec so belt rats are no threat to any of my ships anyway but I like to keep overview clean.

  • Question about how we can force ccp to do something. in EVE Communication Center

    Vote with your wallet, cancel your sub(s) noaw! Show'em who's da boss!

  • Need suggestions for L4 mission ship - missiles/projectiles/lasers/dro in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yolli Sly wrote:

    My average time per mission (travel/full bounty/loot/salvage):
    Scarlet – 1h 15-20 min with 1 re-warp on Badger to grab loot.
    World Collide – 2h 20-30 min with 5 re-warps - 3 to drop somewhat loot in nearest hangar, 2 – because my structure starts smoke. Only mission I have to re-warp to save Gila or drones. There are too many elite frigates and elite cruisers in both second pokets, and full agro…. Only once I managed to do this without re-warp.
    Assault – 1h, shield before last cruiser be killed usually drops to 24%, no re-warps.
    Gone Berserk - ~1h (shield 90%) with 1 re-warp on Badger to grab loot.
    Blockade – I have not received yet.

    Fly in save!

    Omg... those times are horrible! If I would have to spent 1hr on 1 mission and don't get hefty payout I would just stop running L4s. I never had gila so I can't really say anything about your fit but geez, 15 mil/hr from bounties LP and loot? Seems horribly low. Although you say 5mil SP so I guess not everything gila related at V.

    But I have same thing with leaving loot behind as you do. I don't salvage though just hoover everything with MTU and leave wrecks. Switching to and flying in my noctis takes too long considering how cheap salvage is.

  • Need suggestions for L4 mission ship - missiles/projectiles/lasers/dro in EVE Gameplay Center

    Pvp is not only a small part of Eve. It is core mechanics that dictates how everything else works. The fact that you are not shooting other players doesn't mean you are not participating in pvp. You explore, collect loot, sell it and voila: market pvp because somebody tanked whole market down while you were in deep ends of universe hacking those damn cans. You mine, reprocess into minerals and get hefty payout because some null egos just exploded gazzillions of titans and they buying hubs out. You delivered that dude's stuff safely into hisec getting away with it, could be somebody else profiting from it either by exploding you or by taking that dude's offer before you did.

    Pvp is everywhere and you are part of it whether you want it or not. Small part of it is ship to ship combat although some would probably disagree :)

  • Need suggestions for L4 mission ship - missiles/projectiles/lasers/dro in EVE Gameplay Center

    To be honest I never witnessed or was a target of ganking when I was mining with my own little fleet. When I was in lowsec last year with my bros from RIFTA I knew when local flashy reds were going to have gank nights so I spent that times hunting lowsec and exploding stuff. When I went solo again I simply didn't mine near trade hubs and that's all. One or few systems off beaten path and you are done with fear of seeing cats on d-scan or grid. Not to mention less competition grinding your rocks :) On the other hand my skiffs have 100k ehp, not very attractive targets when on d-scan you see all those hulks which are most likely max yield fit.

    And pvp is like everything else in Eve. If you don't like it simply don't do it but if you like it keep doing it and you will get better. When I say I suck at it it's not because I didn't have enough opportunities I simply suck and that's all. Doesn't mean I don't or didn't enjoy it, I just can't get any better but that never stopped me. I lost interest and wanted to try out other stuff like mining, production, exploration, whatever. No point in closing yourself to one thing especially when it doesn't gives you enough fun.

  • Need suggestions for L4 mission ship - missiles/projectiles/lasers/dro in EVE Gameplay Center

    Heh, renters are crazy :)

    Good that you found him and managed to help both of you. Beauty of Eve, crazy things happen and sometimes they don't end with ALOD on TMC :)

    Regarding your 10-12bil of wallet, it all depends on how much you can handle should sh!t happen. I moved into expensive pve ships when I had my first 1bil from L4s. I made it with mael and bought mach for it. Mach bought me tengu, tengu funded my null episodes. And it snowballed little by little. But that's pve or indy stuff (I have 3 orcas, freighter, tug, fleet of exhumers, haulers, etc.). For pvp I still undock in cheap thrashers because I suck terribly in shooting people :)

    I won't deny using PLEX on more than few occasions but that was when I wanted hangar full of pvp ships ASAP. Hell, at some point I had 87 PLEXes in redeeming system from seasonal sales, still have 30 sth to use, nowadays mostly for MCT.

    If you find it fun to run missions or whatever else pve related and you will do it efficiently or often enough to pad your wallet shock of throwing 3bil on one ship is not so big. And to be honest if you cannot profit from L4s I have no idea how else you could make ISK in Eve because everything else is just harder (either by pure hardcore of activity or by logistics inolved or by social requirements).

  • Need suggestions for L4 mission ship - missiles/projectiles/lasers/dro in EVE Gameplay Center

    Here's tengu I used for quite a while:

    [Tengu, L4]
    Tengu Defensive - Amplification Node
    Tengu Electronics - Dissolution Sequencer
    Tengu Engineering - Augmented Capacitor Reservoir
    Tengu Offensive - Accelerated Ejection Bay
    Tengu Propulsion - Fuel Catalyst

    Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
    Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
    Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
    Ballistic Control System II

    Pithi A-Type Small Shield Booster
    Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
    EM Ward Field II
    Kinetic Deflection Field II
    10MN Afterburner II
    Phased Weapon Navigation Array Generation Extron

    Heavy Missile Launcher II
    Heavy Missile Launcher II
    Heavy Missile Launcher II
    Heavy Missile Launcher II
    Heavy Missile Launcher II
    Heavy Missile Launcher II

    Medium Warhead Flare Catalyst I
    Medium Warhead Flare Catalyst I
    Medium Warhead Rigor Catalyst I

    Again, little bling but was quite fun to sig/speed tank swarms of rats. I have no idea how it works now after recent changes.

    Also, congratz on taking advantage of corpie's troubles and scoring such a good deal out of it :)

    And you really shouldn't rush into marauders until you know what you are doing or you really can shrug off few bil loss. Sh!t sometimes happens and even bastioned overtanked beasts die due to RL stuff like disconnects or wife aggro. You can tank rats but try explain to your significant other that you cannot do what she wants because you just popped a trigger and 20 battleships is blasting you into pieces. Yeah, I challenge you to try :)

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