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  • Worries about the skill injectors, and the future of the game. in EVE Communication Center

    Amarrchecko wrote:
    Reiisha wrote:
    The skill system in EVE forces the player to learn some core lessons about the game, how it works and how it wants you to think. It teaches you the values of patience, planning and the consequences of your choices at a very personal level, to your character.

    With skill extractors and injectors, these lessons are completely thrown out of the window. Choice, patience and planning do not matter anymore. Throw some PLEX at the problem and BAM! You're done! No slow build-up, no attachment to your character, and absolutely no concept of what the game is all about.

    Maybe if you're a RL millionaire.

    For the rest of us, throwing hundreds (or thousands) of dollars at AUR/plex just to get a small fraction of Eve's skills trained via injector? That's not exactly something that we do without planning or consequences... if at all.

    Right, so you're a newbie.. joined EVE. See you can catch up for the price of hundreds(or thousands) of dollars, or.... months(or years) of training them yourself. What do you think a large amount of players will do when they realise this? Quit or develop the patience for it while other paying means are much, much quicker (instant)?

    I would of never developed the patience if I knew there were other players around me buying their way there. It was satisfying to know everybody got to this point by time.

    Completely agree with you OP, bazaar is completely different and like you I fear many haven't thought of the long term consequences of making SP available on your own character with $$$$.

  • Will I find fun pvp in Eve? in EVE Communication Center

    To follow up, there definitely are corps out there that enjoy fighting out numbered and go out their way to find fights in which they are the disadvantage, and turn it around with some clever thinking. This kind of goes with the countering mindset of EVE PVP as well.

    In regards to big fleets, I'm not too sure I've only gone on a couple of larger fleets and I personally do not enjoy those. I think what I said above happens both in small and large gang though.

  • First Maxed Eve account. in EVE Communication Center

    Tippia when will you update your skill plan? Something a little bit more ISK orientated for efficiency

  • First Maxed Eve account. in EVE Communication Center

    Mr Epeen wrote:
    So a few mentally unstable/attention whores max out the SP on a few characters? How exactly does this affect the majority of players?

    I'll tell you. Not in the least.

    You people kill me, sometimes.

    Mr Epeen Cool

    Thats one extremely narrow minded point of view. Surely it's possible for a feature to affect the game in different ways i.e. the perception towards SP in regards to new players? Or is that completely nullified because one character maxing out his character doesn't affect you personally?

    Aren't you guys meant to be the more mature community, seriously where is the logic in some of you people.

  • First Maxed Eve account. in EVE Communication Center

    Yarosara Ruil wrote:
    Remember when people where moaning about how removing Clone Grades, and having to spend ISK to keep veteran players from losing their large SP pools when podded, was terrible for EVE because it removed a risk mechanic from the game?

    Well, guess that this last year and a half without Skill Point loss has been addressed rather fantastically if you ask me.

    My advice? HTFU you guys!

    "Hey guys remember there was once a feature implemented which people claimed was terrible but actually it wasn't? That's my argument for why this feature isn't terrible"

    PLS CCP implement logic injectors

  • First Maxed Eve account. in EVE Communication Center

    Dibz wrote:
    Not being able to afford to boost your character kind of feels like riding your bicycle uphill in the rain while you watch all the cars drive past you Lol

    Yup I think people never realised or even considered that buying SP will become the standard for new players because of this, they already feel behind because of how long this game has been running. They will never develop the patience to wait on a month long skill, instead feel the need to grind or buy ISK.

    People like to say having SP doesn't make you win EVE, but that's like saying a level 60 in WoW doesn't make you win, of course it doesn't but being able to buy a level 60 character does devalue the journey and experience to fellow players.

    If only people could buy some damn logic..

  • First Maxed Eve account. in EVE Communication Center

    Not only was this a sh i tty idea that somehow the community at large fell for from the start (u can already buy characters!!!!!!), but secondly I can't believe there is no limit put in in any shape or form. I saw another post suggesting the face of your avatar turns blue if you inject too much, SOME kind of consequence for doing this was necessary to the very least.

    IMO it's already messed up, new players needed some kind of 'scapegoat' which was skills to understand EVE before losing all their ****. The new standard on buying SP will ruin new player experiences as they won't have the patience.

  • Will I find fun pvp in Eve? in EVE Communication Center

    While fair fights do happen, to be real the majority of PVP in EVE is definitely like you described. Not so much the 'veterans', but in general eve PVP is pretty much about countering.

  • CCP rises $ 30 million of new investment for VR projects in EVE Communication Center

    I have to say definitely points for Jenn here, lucas just sounds sad.

    Also VR is awesome, if anyones taken a look at oculus last talk you know how serious they are with the amount of research they're putting in.

  • Dev Blog: Exploring The Character Bazaar & Skill Trading in EVE Information Center

    Just here to say, terrible idea CCP.

  • Joffy Aulx-Gao for CSMXI in Council of Stellar Management

    Joffy our hero! I will have a tiny ballot and this guy obviously gets my #1. Genuine and considerate, can trust your vote there.

  • Nashh Kadavr for CSM XI -evesports, live events, Lowsec, NPSI in Council of Stellar Management

    I once had the pleasure to listen to nashh after a sweet kill in our home area ramble on about some other eve story and I didn't want to sign off until I heard it all. I don't really know this person much or about the event related things but he sounds really level headed and gets eve. I support this.

  • wh diplo channel in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have to say I thought anyone can create channels, and invite whoever they want and talk crap in it. CSM asks to be part of it, people don't want it and then goes ahead to post chat logs of some silly argument about it thinking it means something? That's is the actual pathetic part of this whole thing.

  • Flying logistics in PvP.... I've got questions! in EVE Communication Center

    Seems like a burst can help out massively! Blink

    Let me know I'm sure we'd like more burst pilotes

  • Genolution's are back in EVE Gameplay Center

    What do you think the price will go up to over time? Considering everyone got two, I assume a lot of people will plug them in and lose them.

  • Question or two in EVE Communication Center

    What interests you about EVE? That might be a better way to look at it.

  • Genolution's are back in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ruvin wrote:
    SKINE DMZ wrote:
    I have been trading a little in genolutions, what happened to them? Suddenly prices indeed went up significantly.

    which ones 1,2 or 3,4 ?

    Only a little with 1's, they seem to be double price as to what they were 1-2 days ago.

    edit: Ah didn't see the news.

  • Genolution's are back in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have been trading a little in genolutions, what happened to them? Suddenly prices indeed went up significantly.

  • Sisters probes disappeared.. in EVE Communication Center

    I once lost my sister probes in a wormhole because of a bug with no way out. Petitioned and they gave me free set in space to scan myself back out.

  • 10B LOAN: 2% interest monthly, 100 % collaterized in EVE Gameplay Center

    Happy to put in 5B depending on the conditions mail me info

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