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  • CSM Campaign who are you voting for? in EVE Communication Center

    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    Feyd Rautha Harkonnen wrote:
    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    Feyd Rautha Harkonnen wrote:
    Whomever will be the hisec "buff wardecs" and "stop the nerfs" candidate (who isn't a typical nullsec "there is no pew in hisec" elitist) gets my vote.

    Its time for regional representation on the CSM CCP, with 72% of people living in hisec CSM seats should be reserved for 3-4 hisec candidates.

    Not doing so just re-enforces the sham nature of the CSM IMHO.


    I'm a highsec candidate. I only have one thing to say:

    If you don't like the balance of people who got elected, get more people voting.

    Well all I can see from your killboard is that you live in losec/nullsec, so not sure where you are coming from saying "Im a hisec candidate", which then adds clarity as to why my comment re: reserved hisec seats chafed you, as you wouldn't qualify?

    I too have one thing to say:

    Its important when running for any office to be honest with people, lose your integrity once and you are done. Your claim about being a 'hisec candidate' doesn't add up.


    What you see from my killboard, is that I occasionally roam into lowsec/nullsec, with RVB ganked.

    The vast majority of my time is spent in highsec, making stuff (with the occasional mission and mining spree)

    Even I knew this and I'm only about 7 months old...

    Just check this website and tell me if this guy doesn't understand what high sec players want from EVE.

  • info menus "out of reach" in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hey guys, this has probably been suggested before and I'm not sure how hard it might be, but I think it would be awesome.

    When you open the map and are trying to see info from one of the many dots on screen, the info window that opens completely ignores its position on your screen and, more often than not, is displayed in an area where no human could ever read it, making it impossible to understand. I don't remember now, but I believe that also happens on the "open world". That means you usually need to change your camera around to make it so that you can see it all, but I believe some windows were so full of info with so many planets, belts, stations and everything that my little laptop screen made it impossible to see everything.

    Do you also think making these info windows adjust to your screen would make things better for the players? I do, and I hope this can be implemented soon.

    If I couldn't make myself clear on the explanation due to bad english learning, imagine right clicking your desktop on a windows close to the right edge of the screen. You can still see all the options no matter the position you click right? That's what I'd like to see in EVE too.

  • Asayanami Dei for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    I think it would be great for the game to have you among the CSM members! You'll be one of my votes for sure!

  • [Kronos] Pirate Faction Frigates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Just a little typo, don't know if anyone saw it already, but this:


    Amarr Frigate Bonus:
    20% bonus to Afterburner velocity bonus (was 5% energy turret damage)

    Caldari Frigate Bonus:
    7.5% bonus to Small Energy Turret tracking speed

    I think Caldari and Amarr are in the wrong places...

  • Give the Calendar some little love! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Yes, those would be really great and I agree, number 6 would be amazing! I've lost a few events due to not remembering the time it would take place.

  • Why CSM? in Council of Stellar Management

    I completely disagree that the CSM isn't important to EVE. They are necessary and they do have a say on helping EVE move towards a place the majority of the players would like to see it go. And of course, those elected to the CSM must be the kind of people who have knowledge on some aspects of the game to represent all areas.

    That said, of course not everybody agrees with the way some of the people on the CSM think. That's why there are elections, so you can choose the right people for the job.

    Also, if there was no CSM and CCP had to listen to everybody saying "this is bad and I want it out of my game", EVE would probably die.

  • EVE Painting in EVE Communication Center

    Really amazing! You really should try auctioning paintings like these if you don't mind parting with them.

  • Survey for Science & Industry - Your opinion matters! in EVE Communication Center

    Sable Moran wrote:
    Rodrik Vikary wrote:
    My main problem with S&I is that, it seems there are just too many skills for it.


    For T1 manufacturing there's only one mandatory skill and three optional (although one of the three really is really important and the other two are quite useful too). Four is not that many wouldn't you agree CoolBlink

    Anyway, maybe these help:

    A lot of reading but that really is unavoidable.

    Then what are all those Science skills for?! Kidding, I know for T1 it is a little more basic stuff (I was able to manufacture my own Astero anyway) but it feels like there is so much more to it that I don't know and I need to check wikis to understand. I don't mind reading wikis, but more information should be available ingame I think (and newbie friendly too =] ).

    Anyway, thanks for the links, I'll try to uncover those misteries as soon as I return from my little vacation!

  • Survey for Science & Industry - Your opinion matters! in EVE Communication Center

    I've answered this survey yesterday, even though my knowledge in the area of S&I is very low. I mainly do PI, which was hard in the beggining (lost some isk having to rebuild after noticing mistakes) but now it is really easy.

    My main problem with S&I is that, it seems there are just too many skills for it. I can't begin to understand what all those Science skills are used for and I think the information should be more ingame than now. Right now there is too much info that I need to search elsewhere to understand how things work since I'm a new player here (6 months).

    I understand the need for specialization with EVE but it seems like getting into S&I is practically impossible for people like me and I believe in a sandbox, all aspects of the game should be a little bit easier to understand and to begin. The most manufacturing I've done so far was getting a BPC and using it, like in the tutorials, because the rest is kind of a mystery to me.

  • Logic dictates EVE is a pay to win game. This makes it unappealing. Solutions. in EVE Communication Center

    Fabulous Rod wrote:
    Try finding problems to my suggestions instead of trying to redefine p2w in your terms while ignoring the obvious.

    What is wrong with adding some mechanics which require skillful interaction from the user? This would both decrease the power of multiboxing but make the game a lot more attractive for people who believe EVE PVP has low skill demand and requires too much investment to be competitive in.

    Wait, you really think EVE has low skill demand for PVP? Well, if you think the right way to pvp is to click orbit and activate all modules and wait until one ship dies, then yes, I understand why you feel like EVE is easy and P2W.

    I have been having a lot of fun on my 1 account 3 characters. And I will not add any more accounts because I really feel like multiboxing isn't necessary if you have the skills to play and friends to help you.

  • Logic dictates EVE is a pay to win game. This makes it unappealing. Solutions. in EVE Communication Center

    I know an easy way of fixing that "problem". Get in a corp, and when you find someone multiboxing trying to get you, call in your corpmates and destroy all the other guy's ships. Yes, if you are rich, you can do that. But you can also do that if you learn a thing or two, play the game and earn your isk to plex for other accounts. Many players are in EVE without having to pay in RL money for a long time. In my opinion, there is nothing similar to pay to win in EVE.

  • Is it worth while to begin playing EVE so far into the games lifecycle? in EVE Communication Center

    Did you read the mission description? There are some missions designed to make you lose your ship, but it is written on them that they will do that. Also, Rule number one, always fly something you can afford to lose. That means don't carry all you've got around.

    And huge set-back? You played for what, a week? About the app, well, you don't seem much able to find information around. There is EVEMon that has all the info on EVE anyone needs and there is an app for cellphones called Aura. Read more, the ISIS system basically shows you all you might need for your ship and the description on your ship usually shows what kind of module you should be using.

    If you block out the idea of joining a Corp, good luck out there.

  • So, the PLEX for GOOD shirts have been released. in EVE Communication Center

    Duran Veldspur wrote:
    after seeing the design of the shirts i am convinced too many in CCP just drink beer and dont pay attention to what the hell they are doing, heads up their ass kinda way with too many things.

    black shirts!!!??? really? especially when sisters of EVE colors are WHITE! and the shirts represent charity and giving for life not DEATH! wtf is wrong with these designers.

    also could they have made the letters any smaller? and you can barely tell its for a charity since EVE is the most noticeable.

    the sleeves are stupid because now those who want to wear them have to cover up the cool arms CCP designed such as those with tattoos or cyber arms.

    I am just getting so sick and tired with the lack of wisdom CCP is putting into many of its items for players, get your heads out of your ass and think about what your making this for. we are paying you to do this well not half ass.

    Ahm, did you see the stream? They were all using the RL shirt if I recall correctly so, no surprise on the design for me. Also, it's not the reward that matters, it's helping.

  • So, the PLEX for GOOD shirts have been released. in EVE Communication Center

    Well, I donated and got my set for it. I don't really care if they are sellable and anybody who'd like to get isk for their shirts may do as they wish. I'm just happy that so many decided to help this cause and provide help for people in need.

  • Is it worth while to begin playing EVE so far into the games lifecycle? in EVE Communication Center

    About the skills, really, you'll never have them all in the start of the's that simple. You can however change the settings of your skills tab to show skills not trained yet and you will find them. The way I like to do it though is through the market. I browse through it looking for what skills I'd like to have. Skills that are not on your list need to be bought and injected into your brain (right click inject) and then you can start learning.

    It seems to me you didn't even finish all the tutorial missions if you were trying to run missions on a bantam. That is a logistics ship. It's disigned for logistics! That means it's used to help other ships, it's like a healer on other games, you only support. Not that the role isn't important, but if you are trying to do missions, it will do nothing to you. Finish all the tutorials and then, find in the wiki where is the next station for tutorial missions ( and re-do all of them. That will give you quite a few ships to use and lose and you can start having some isk for the future. Also, try joining a Corp as I said before. Please! All your doubts would be so much easily answered if you tried that.

    Also, there are scammers, so don't simply trust anyone and decide to give them what little you've got or you'll lose it. Just be smart, if people aren't always helping one another in real like, don't expect that happening in EVE. I'd suggest joining EVE University which has tons of players who can help and teach classes to help you understand the game. Do search the Uni Wiki to learn how to apply. If you don't like it, find another. Brave Newbies is another Corp that seems to be awesome for new players, but their way of acting is more yolo. They don't mind losing stuff as long as they are having fun, and that is a good way of thinking. Always have fun!

    I hope this helps you. But if you think EVE will be any different or any easier in a year or so, you are wrong. EVE is just the way it is and that's what is so great about it.

  • Is it worth while to begin playing EVE so far into the games lifecycle? in EVE Communication Center

    urthu g'en-yia wrote:
    thanks for all of the replies.

    I just hit a wall like I did on the last attempt at this game. I did my exploration tut, then went to business. first mission in business, and I run out of ammo. not really a problem, aside from the fact that I can't get small size ammo for whatever gun is in my bantam. And that probably isn't a huge problem either. The biggest issue I have, is that the mission will give me isk if I complete it quickly. Now that I've jrked around and have to fly back or whatever, and I need to get to bed sometime, I lose out on the isk part of the training mission. And frankly, that pisses me off and is driving me away from the game already.

    I'm sorry, but if that's enough to drive you away from this game, how do you expect to have fun and enjoy it? It's just a mission and the payout loss for not completing it in time will make no big difference on a trial. Also, have you tried to join a corp? The best thing in EVE is the interaction, if you are not willing to find people who can help guide you or simply fly around with you having fun, you're losing the most important aspect of the game, in my opinion.

    There are quite a few Corporations that help teach the new players, such as EVE University, Brave Newbies, RvB...Just find the one that you feel will teach you the most and if you don't enjoy it, apply to another.

  • "Your computer only supports DX9" in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hey, I'll post here since my post wasn't seen it seems.

    I had a similar problem with my dirctx11. I didn't know what was happening but my computer started crashing a lot this last few days. I would play for 10 to 20 minutes and the video would freeze and neither my mouse nor my keyboard would work. My only option was to restart the pc. And that only started happening these days which got me thinking about what changed and I remembered about directx. I changed the settings back to 9 about 2 days ago and haven't experienced any crashes and my laptop hasn't been heating up as it was these few days.

    So, from what I saw the only explanation is the directx11 change which makes me wonder if there is anything that I can do to fix that. I checked that dxdiag and my pc has the 11 version too.

    Any ideas?

  • Game crashing (DirectX 11?) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hey everyone!

    So, here is the thing...I use a laptop to play EVE and it's my only option. I have an AMD Radeon HD 6630M which I think should me enough for running the game well on low to medium settings. But the thing is, I had never had any problems playing the game and it worked fine, although it used to heat up my laptop quite a bit, until I got a little cooler that helped a bit.

    Lately though, I have been having a few problems and my game has been crashing while in warp or in the middle of a mission...I can still hear the sound of warping and things like that and once I was watching youtube while playing and I continued hearing what was being said, but the video would freeze and I couldn't use my mouse or my keyboard. I'd try alt+tab and ctrl+alt+del and nothing would happen. So my solution was to turn off my pc and restart.

    Since I didn't do anything different for this to happen, I started thinking what could be the problem, and I remembered there was a directX change from 9 to 11...could this be the problem? I have changed my settings to directx 9 yesterday and had no more crashing problems, but haven't played much since and I'm not sure if this could actually be the problem.

    I'd like to know if anybody else had this issue and if anyone knows a way of fixing it or if I simply keep my settings to 9 if that could be the problem.

    Thanks for your time and sorry for any grammar errors, english isn't my first language.

    Edit: title.

  • Mad Ani live EVE stream petition in EVE Gameplay Center

    *Snip* Please refrain from discussing RMT. ISD Ezwal

    About his stream being on Sub-Mode only, I was there when he did it. People were posting hate comments because of the anonymity of the internet and making the chat very unpleasant even for those who were watching like me, not only the streamer. So I agree that he should use Sub-Mode in this kind of situation.

  • Mad Ani live EVE stream petition in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mad Ani wrote:
    Before I contact anybody, I was told to create this so-called petition.

    Who would like me to continue this full time as CCP Mad Ani?

    I don't know if I can quote like this, but here it goes. I erased the rest of the text so this could be more easily seen.

    Where exactly is written something like: CCP I BEG you, give me a job!"?

    There are so many hate comments here, on twitter and even on his stream, with players creating names pretending to be CCP...why exactly? If you don't like it, just say you don't think he deserves a job for it. This post wasn't created as a job proposal or something like that as some people seem to believe.

    I just wanted to make sure some people would actually read Ani's post and check some of these "facts" that so many people have been posting.