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  • [petition] Public disclosure of CONCORD findings on Vigilant Tyrannos in EVE Communication Center



  • Dyson sphere and energy generation ? in EVE Communication Center

    Thanks for the link. And as of this week's chronicle "Inheritance" I think we can pretty firmly say that there was a Dyson Swarm/Cloud. Much of my other speculation gave too much credit to the Sleepers and Jove that rightfully looks like it belonged to the Talocan alone however, and much causation that I attributed to enemy action was merely entropy.

  • Pod & Planet fiction contest - Winners Announced in EVE Gameplay Center

    Big thanks to Telegram Sam - I look forward to this contest every year.

    Also huge thanks to the judges and the sponsors for your hard work and generosity.

    I'm honored that both of my stories placed this year. Congratulations to all the winners, particularly Voodoo and Sugar against some of the stiffest competition I've seen so far.

  • Corebloodbrothers' resignation in Council of Stellar Management

    Congrats on your return Gorski!

  • On Tukoss's remains and the DED in EVE Communication Center

    Samira Kernher wrote:
    Capsuleers are always acting like we have some special right to demand their attention, but we don't. If Amarr demands I take action, then I will. But as long as CONCORD is the law of the land, we have an obligation to follow that law. Just as we have an obligation to follow the laws set down by our empire governments and our local governments.

    I would argue that as long as CONCORD is the law of the land, if you don't like the law, you have an obligation to drive to change it. Do you really believe that Empress Sarum and her court would not pay attention if the entirety of CVA / PIE sent her letters of protest? Could you make the decision in your empire? No. But Sarum is no fool, she knows that her most loyal capsuleers are more important to the success of her Empire than much of her own Navy.

    And in the Federation (and a lesser extent the Republic), public voices hold more sway.

    As for the Caldari ... they accept the discrediting and persecution of a corporation under their banner who have pursued someone the CEP considers a known traitor, and yet they bow to the will of CONCORD. Mind blown. Apparently they are willing to trade Heth for Korachi while Reppola and Oiritsuu sit idly by chatting in the Kaalakiota gardens.

  • On Tukoss's remains and the DED in EVE Communication Center

    Samira Kernher wrote:
    Rhavas wrote:
    When CONCORD demanded Sleeper components with no risk, fools gave, despite a third-party option that would have held them to account. CONCORD benefited and yet kept us in the dark.

    I'm sorry, CONCORD? The empires called for donations, and it was to the empires we donated. The hundreds of components PIE collected were sent to the Imperial Navy, contracted directly to Admiral Karetta, not to CONCORD.

    So charmingly naive. From the Scope story of the first research completion: "a short notice meeting of the CONCORD Assembly's Inner Circle has been called, apparently to discuss the implications of further weaponization of Sleeper derived technologies." How exactly do you think they came to the conclusion simultaneously that it was a good idea to start their "research race"? The answer is quite simple: CONCORD Directive Alpha Gamma 12.

    Samira Kernher wrote:
    I also don't see how CONCORD, or the empires, owes us anything.

    You make my point. They owe you nothing. If you are your own person, make your own choice. If you are loyal to an Empire, see how their sovereignty is eroded through these actions.

    If you are already a one-cluster government sheep, I cannot help you.

  • On Tukoss's remains and the DED in EVE Communication Center

    When CONCORD demanded Sleeper components with no risk, fools gave, despite a third-party option that would have held them to account. CONCORD benefited and yet kept us in the dark.

    We still have not been told why the Sleeper component drive was truly required for the Tech 3 Destroyers, or what connection it had to Thera. We still have not been told of what CONCORD knew of the Sisters involvement and their doings while hiding there. We have not been told in any way why the Society of Conscious Thought was invited to the Inner Circle discussions, yet Eifyr & Co. was not, nor were the facts ever released.

    And what have we gained? Drifters. Maybe that's a good trade.

    When they offered bounties of unheard levels on four capsuleers - something that was not done even for Tibus Heth himself, a true menace to the stability of New Eden - you caved, and Korachi gloats while you give away your independence and the sovereignty of the individual empires. And do you think we will truly get the full story of what they were looking for so urgently? I think we all know that answer.

    You had offers of safe harbor, financial support, and the moral high ground. But I guess the threat of title revocation and a bumpy ride to a CONCORD-free clone vat was too unpalatable. A price too high for freedom. Another small step on the path to your "Empress" being simply too weak to do anything but bend the knee herself to the "greater good".

    Too many in this discussion embrace the slow death of 1000 cuts. You are immortal, you are empowered, yet you cower before an organization that has outlived its usefulness, its sponsorship, and its charter. The light of Caroline's Star has heralded a new age, and it is time to embrace it.

    I am a Lord of Anoikis, as are all in Bob's grace. The Mittani could crush one of the old Empires with barely a pause if he chose to do so. The future is not beneath the cloak of blindness CONCORD throws over you.

    Yet you chose to be a beholden Holder. Or whatever CONCORD might title you now that you are properly subservient.

  • [PRESS] Odo Korachi issues demands; IKAME petitions for assistance in EVE Communication Center

    Pieter Tuulinen wrote:
    Concord represents capsuleers in the same way that the Caracal represents small fluffy, flightless, raptor chicks. I am amazed that anybody has failed to see this.

    CONCORD does not, and never has, represented capsuleers in any way. They are the Jove-appointed referees of conflict between the empires. That said they have long shown aspirations of meta empire and belief that capsuleers should obey them. And now they are making their first stumbles toward dictatorial authority. Will you be sheep and give them that power?

    The Jove are gone and it is time to revoke CONCORD's charter.

  • [PRESS] Odo Korachi issues demands; IKAME petitions for assistance in EVE Communication Center

    Akrasjel Lanate wrote:
    Rhavas wrote:
    ...For those of you left in the Empires, hold to what dignity remains, and throw off the shackles of these sad, corrupt, and devoid of purpose self-appointed rulers that think themselves above your own leaders...

    I'm confused are you describing capsuleer entities.

    You are confused because you removed the rest of the paragraph.

    Rhavas wrote:
    Make your voices heard. And if that is not sufficient, join those who have left their confines for wormholes and the empires of the outer regions.

    The Gallente should vote for leaders who believe in their way, which this dictatorial approach is not. The Tribes should decide if, having thrown off the Empire and at last looking to our roots for the right governance, they will bend the knee to those who have shown both incompetence and prejudice in this very matter against Eifyr. The Holders should look at the that the Drifters bring to their holdings and the inaction of CONCORD and petition the Empress to demand and exercise her sovereignty. And the Caldari should be most insulted of all - many of these capsuleers are a subsidiary of Ishukone, and Mens Reppola should be demanding independence to say nothing of the Caldari view that Tukoss was a traitor.

    As for capsuleers, vote with your warp drives as I suggest.

  • [PRESS] Odo Korachi issues demands; IKAME petitions for assistance in EVE Communication Center

    At last, CONCORD puts its true colors out for all to see.

    This "One Cluster Government" in which they believe that they know better than the government you have chosen for yourselves. Where then is the right to salvage, if nothing else?

    CONCORD has outlived its usefulness. The Jove are gone, and with them what authority and need for existence CONCORD ever had. The idea that CONCORD is anything other than wholly corrupt is laughable, as they manage bribes between sides for everything from their oh so threatening "standings" to looking the other way for paid "war" declarations to carefully orchestrated endless wars between the Empires. All grist for the machine, and fed willingly by the denizens of the Empires.

    For those of you left in the Empires, hold to what dignity remains, and throw off the shackles of these sad, corrupt, and devoid of purpose self-appointed rulers that think themselves above your own leaders. Make your voices heard. And if that is not sufficient, join those who have left their confines for wormholes and the empires of the outer regions.

    Ms. Priano and Mr. Raholan, while we may disagree on our perceptions of Mr. Tukoss himself, I will personally fund your security status tags to underscore my remarks and display the corruption for all of New Eden to see should it become necessary.

  • [By Jove!] Holes, Hives, and Hikanta in EVE Communication Center

    Woot thanks for the shout out Uriel. Been a fun month on Sisi.

  • TerminalDogma's declassified Project Looking Glass report in EVE Communication Center

    Very very interesting. This matches a hypothesis I've had for years but didn't gather enough data to prove. The primary reason I discarded the theory was that none of the k space systems I was evaluating seemed to have a sufficient match although others did. Do you have matches for any of the previously known shattered systems (e.g. Seyllin)?

    I'm also not sure I agree with your time travel conclusion - I would lean more toward a parallel or out of phase model.

  • Dev Blog: Shake my Citadel in EVE Information Center

    Axloth Okiah wrote:
    Some items and ships need to drop from citadels or why would we bother attacking them? Or why would anyone bother defending them if all they stand to lose is the value of only the citadel itself.

    Wormholers currently have 100s of bilions worth of ships in their POSes and its one of the things that drive the massive fights we can witness every now and then - attackers want to destroy/loot them, defendes want to keep them. Compared to that, cost of the citadel itself will be peanuts and noone will bother fighting over it.

    Please consider some drop mechanic, or maybe salvaging of the loot over time. IE the citadel wrecks slowly decay over time and shed loot (ships, modules, whatever) as salvage for anyone who shows up to get it. This could even spark some activity around old wrecks of mighty and rich citadels, as scavengers would come in search of riches.


    These things should drop all the ships and loot, otherwise why bother to knock them over outside of sov space? For w-space they should dump everything, as dictated by the Loot Fairy chances. Make it different between w-space and k-space if need be to reduce complaints from k-space.

    EVE is dark and dangerous, and its first design principle is (or was?) that losses should matter. Leaving stuff where you can come back and get it once taken down is counter to that principle.

    First Law of EVE: Don't fly what you can't afford to lose.

    First Wormhole Codicil of the First Law: Once you fly it into the hole, consider it lost.

  • structure blog out in EVE Gameplay Center

    Winthorp wrote:
    We need to be able to see who is docked/moored on dscan with ship type and then when on grid have the same pilot info we have now.

    In reverse the same intel needs to be available to those that are docked/moored, they should still have the same dscan functionality they have now.

    The why of this is for several reasons but mostly if you lack this information in both sides docked or a visitor then you will think empty system and no interations between both of those parties will occur.

    This is definitely the primary problem with the proposed approach. With no Local (and none wanted, thank you) the mechanisms that we currently have are great. They reward effort but do not require probing or reveal.

    Occam's razor solution: No docking in W-space, only mooring (occupied ships) and storage (unoccupied ships) and all moored ships show up on d-scan.

    Yes, other solutions like structure scans would work but it needs to be doable cloaked, which currently nothing else is.

    I also agree with those who want structures moon-locked, not for defensive purposes but for offensive ones. Defense of you having to actually find it is sufficient - having it on permascan like an Anom is too easy IMO. At least on moons you have to hunt the right moon but can still do so easily and stealthily. It provides both attacker and defender with benefits.

    The proposed model is all for the defender, hiding away in some deadspace pocket.

    With this model, the attacker has to spend a crazy long time hunting and pecking until they find something. After about the third system of that the scout is going to say "F* this" and go back to their home system and do something else. People need to be able to be found, and without giving away your presence every time.

    But hey, as long as it works for the sov null guys, right?

  • [Petition] Release of The Scope employees in EVE Communication Center

    You can hide and dissemble all you like, Arve Vesren. Like Vieve Creston before you, hiding what you could in the interests of your shadow government rather than the people it pretends to serve.

    It is time for you to wake up, and see the threat before you. The empires war under your supervision. Sansha invades while you stand by. Only luck saved you from the Elders. The Drifters are coming, and you will not withstand them.

    Unless you start playing straight with the people of New Eden and empowering the Empires to fight them as one, like you once did with Kuvakei. This is no less an existential threat.

    Release the journalists, and start telling us what you've known for at least six months. And I would surmise, you've known much since Seyllin.


  • We cannot trust the empires. in EVE Communication Center

    Aldrith Shutaq wrote:
    And what would you have us do? Fight CONCORD, fight the Minmatar, fight the Gallente, fight the Sansha, fight the Blood Raiders, and now fight the Drifters? At least let us take one at a time! I swear the longer I spend in this madhouse the less everyone makes sense.

    The Drifters come to fight you, whether you wish it or not.

  • We cannot trust the empires. in EVE Communication Center

    Ashterothi wrote:
    Samira Kernher wrote:
    It is clear from this thread that it is CONCORD that you have no trust in, not the empires. The empires are not to blame for CONCORD's activities. CONCORD does not represent the empires, and it hasn't for a long time.

    The Empires grant CONCORD their authority. And also house several other organizations that seem to be involved in this. If they wish to be upfront, they should side with us and assist in the exposing of the darkness they are hiding.

    Although I fight for the Federation, there are questions throughout. It is time for the Empires to prove not only their trustworthiness to Empyreans, but their loyalty to the safety of their citizens.

    Let us also not forget that it is not just SOE wreckage we found in Thera. There is also Thukker wreckage, which Sanmatar Shakor claimed was destroyed at SL-YBS when in fact it was not, and he now refuses to comment upon because it is in effect a state secret. And today we know why. The Empires are not innocent in this.

  • Entosis Links: Antikythera Elements harnessed, potential uses unknown in EVE Communication Center

    I have begun cross-referencing the historical items in the gleaned information gathered by Makoto Priano. That compilation of data is here.

    Comments from researchers are enabled, leave a comment as you see fit.

    (( OOC NOTE/WARNING: Some items may have OOC knowledge, please attempt to use good judgment. If it's a News link, it's IC info. If it's a devblog, Chronicle, book, etc. then probably not (and from your character's perspective, should be considered "low confidence" at best, maybe blank). If it's speculative with no link, treat as OOC ))

  • Sanmatar Shakor, Please Explain Your Statements on Lakat-Hro in EVE Communication Center

    Ayallah wrote:
    Releasing sensitive information that could get people killed just to save some face is what they would do if they did not care about the Thukker Leopold.

    Have you also considered that maybe Einnar Aeboul has not told Shakor? Because in no way is he obliged to in the Tribal Assembly.

    This has nothing to do with the Thukker Chieftain, and everything to do with the Sanmatar's statement. The fact of the matter is that the caravan was NOT destroyed in the Seyllin Incident. It survived.

    So why did Sanmatar Shakor say it had been destroyed? Either he misled with insufficient information and poor investigation, or he lied, whatever his purpose may have been.

    I would, of course, accept Chieftain Aeboul's statement in lieu of Sanmatar Shakor's.

  • Dev blog: X Marks The Spot - The New Star Map Is Out Of Beta in EVE Information Center

    As a wormholer, I scan constantly. Here's my first-day feedback on the map and scanning


    • Aesthetics - it's pretty.
    • "Box drag" seems more functional (where you drag from the center box) probably due to planets, moons not interfering
    • Love that you can see the actual probes on the map
    • Love that the planets, etc. are no longer "word interference objects"


    • The fact that the signatures (3-point "dots") "float" is very bad. Makes them much harder to center.
    • The 1-point "spheres" are much harder to position on
    • Everything about the probe scanner control is too small. It's the same size as the dots and needs to be larger for easier control
    • The 3D skew is really bad. When you line up something from one dimension and then rotate if it's not perfectly centered you end up way off, much more so than necessary.

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