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  • Message displaying that your ore hold is full doesn't pop up anymore. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    As title says, since yesterdays update it does not pop up anymore when your ore hold is full when mining anymore.

    This was after 6 hours of mining yesterday.

    Anyone else noticed this? I hope i'm not goinjg crazy!

    EDIT: Well, whatever it was it seems to be fine today. So ignore this i guess now.

  • Please take a second to answer this short questionnaire for my EPQ in EVE Communication Center

    Also done, good luck!

  • large gambling win. Advice so I dont throw it all away in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'd just plex you and an alt for as long as you think you might be interested in still playing EVE and spend the rest on shiny things..

  • Fighting a cruiser with a battleship in EVE Gameplay Center

    Whilst i have never flown a regular Raven before, i do fly a Golem and Typhoons and i run 2 x RF Target painters and rigor/flare rigs and do not have any particular trouble with cruisers

  • Why is the space-beard not in vogue? in EVE Communication Center

    What i would do for a decent beard...

  • Cloaked "Unidentified Structure" mystery in EVE Communication Center

    Ah magic eye paintings eh?


    Oh a sailboat!

  • Message to James315 in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Skyrim still alive. in EVE Communication Center

    Eurydia Vespasian wrote:
    Oxylan wrote:
    44,816 inside game on steam right now, wired and just a old single player game :) i have no idea why i post about this, maybe because just want that EvE as online become more powerfull and popular.

    The community on this game is awesome, this show how game are fun when people got acces to make it like they want :)

    people still rave about morrowind. i'm not surprised skyrim has so many active players. i play it myself frequently. it's awesome.

    Morrowind and Oblivion are currently in the process of having a complete facelift with modern graphics and it is looking sweet!

  • Icelandic Music in EVE Communication Center

    Serene Repose wrote:
    Icelandic music? Take a couple of icicles and knock them together.

    You're forgetting Bjork. So add wailing like a cat who has just had a bucket of water thrown on it to the percussive icicles.

  • Shield AND Armor? in EVE Communication Center

    The EVE Radio combat league frigate setups often sees dual tanked fits and they often do well.

  • Icelandic Music in EVE Communication Center

    Adrie Atticus wrote:
    Iceland had an excellent Eurovision song in 2012, I expected it to get to top 5.

    It came 20th.

    Out of 26.

    Eurovision stopped being about music sometime in the late 70's. From then on it was just a place for certain groups of countries to pat each other on the back.

    (sorry didnt mean to talk about politics)

    Eurovision just isn't the same without Terry Wogan :(

  • The Nature Of Eve in EVE Communication Center

    I like EVE as it's a game that i can get better at whilst laying in bed or even just not playing it all!

    It ticks all the right boxes for someone like me with a fast paced, non-stop rollercoaster of a lifestyle

  • Icelandic Music in EVE Communication Center

    baltec1 wrote:
    We found that one guy who listens to radio 6.

    Indeed, i wasn't even aware that BBC radio went upto 6!

  • Vargur fittings in EVE Gameplay Center

    i used to use a vargur with approximately this setup.

    The Afterburner and empty slots can be changed to anything you feel like.

  • Modular starbases, a chance to have a proper "home" in EVE. in EVE Communication Center

    I want to live in a hollowed out Fenrir that serves as a mobile home and service bay. Which is kind of what the Thukkar tribe does if i remember.

  • We want your corp little things! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I wish you could change NPC corp, mine is Native Freshfood with sounds like some discount frozen food store.

  • Firefly MMO? in EVE Communication Center

    It's certainly a good universe for an MMORPG as it's very diverse and interesting.

    The Firefly series was something that popped up in conversation the otehr day when i was talking about potential themes for MMOs (Waterworld MMO being my personal fave idea)

    The games look like its very early in its development but i'll certainly be keeping track of its progress.



    Firefly Online is a single player game, supported by social features that give you the opportunity to connect with friends and fellow Firefly Online users in new and unique ways. Got a shiny new Callahan rifle that you don’t need? Send it to your friend as a gift. Ship broken down and drifting? Send out a distress call and one of your fellow Browncoats might just tow you to safety. Have an idea for a Firefly story you’re just itching to share? Create a job using your story as a basis and publish it on the Cortex for others in the Verse to enjoy!

    Hmm.. that doesnt really inspire me

  • Bizarre "warning noises" in EVE Communication Center

    Badel Jramodarr wrote:
    Did your ship blow up? sounds like a shields/armour/structure is low alert.
    The launcher shouldn't make any sounds as it doesn't need to.
    What was the browser windows containing? (lol pron :P)

    I wasn't in EVE, just the launcher was up. The only tab on the browser was the EVE-O forums.

    I just want to know what the strange alert sound was about, i've never heard such a thing before. Afterwards i even checked my PC temperatures as perhaps it was some warning about overheating perhaps. Nope that was fine..


  • Bizarre "warning noises" in EVE Communication Center

    Hullo. At approximately 10:14 GMT this morning i almost jumped out of my seat hearing a strange klaxon emanating from my PC speakers which lasted about 10 seconds and was pretty loud. The only things on my computer that were running at the time were EVEmon, the EVE launcher and Firefox with the only tab open was viewig the EVE forums.

    Upon being startled i looked around the windows i had up and nothing showed anything out of the ordinary.

    After thinking about it for a second or two i thought it must have come from the EVE launcher itself perhaps as some warning about the server coming down shortly.

    Please for my sanity can someone confirm this too?


  • Ship Resigns: Old models made available as relics. in EVE Communication Center

    BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie wrote:
    While the OP asks a very relevant question. I have a more important one. Why does the Exequror now look like a caldari ship?

    Sooner or later there wont be any Asymmetrical ships left in EVE Sad