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  • When Will CSM/CCP Realize There is More Than One Type of Player Base? in Council of Stellar Management

    Steve Ronuken wrote:
    Revolution Rising wrote:
    Well simple. Mining specifically, and industry as a whole ... is the "Anti-Plex" as far as CCP is concerned.

    Uh, are we playing the same game here?

    Plex take two people to be useful.

    One to purchase with real money, and to sell in game.

    One to buy with in game money and use.

    Take a wild guess which miners fall into, with their fleets of alts.

    Thanks for illustrating one of my various points to do with a lack of actual comprehension as to what makes up good gameplay.

    15 alts mining out belts every 10 minutes which respawn every day (if you're lucky) does not exactly add to the gameplay of everyone around them. If that's your intended audience when you speak of "miners" then I really wonder what you're even doing on the CSM at all.

    I'm talking about people wanting to play the game rather than people going out of their way to spreadsheet their way to free accounts every month.

    I'm talking about the general philosphy behind the game and the decisions we've seen made for the past 5 years or so regarding gameplay changes where they occur and where the line is drawn on things like the labs I illustrated above.

    Unless you have more than a "I read this in the paper" or "I was told by CCP" opinion on the subject, I fail to see what you're adding.

  • When Will CSM/CCP Realize There is More Than One Type of Player Base? in Council of Stellar Management

    Why would CCP hate on industry someone asked me (and I personally think - more specifically mining) as an in-game profession?

    Well simple. Mining specifically, and industry as a whole ... is the "Anti-Plex" as far as CCP is concerned.

    Why on earth would you allow an in-game activity to have concise and easy mechanics around it to help the player - if it's for things like ship replacement when you can make them buy a $15 plex to replace those ships. Of course this creates a mineral shortage while ship losses rise creating inflation, but hey - who cares?

    Why allow simple payment to miners from their corp for their ore - at a pos ?
    Why allow low-sec to be liveable for these guys and girls ?
    Rather to produce a cloaked ship so people must ninja-mine rather than live there.
    Allow low-sec for PVP, but not for miners to live in!

    Much more preferable to the bottom line.

    I will bet you that the nice screens of the new industry UI that's coming are exactly that. Just more shiney UI, and little to no change to mechanics.

    Just when many people were hoping for publically rentable privately owned labs - they went the opposite way - now the BPO has to be in the POS!

    Disallowing a whole new ingame industry for the added risk of losing BPO's - creating more plex sales.

    Take a good long look at the changes each patch. Little of it is for interesting gameplay or great sandbox maintenance.

    It's all for CCP to go the way of EA.

    Ever since the Hillmar email 2 years ago, nothing has changed. Or rather "The more things change, the more they stay the same".

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Malcanis wrote:
    Revolution Rising wrote:
    Malcanis wrote:
    If you're determined to believe that everything CCP say is a lie then I can't stop you.

    More Lies.

    That's absolutely true.

    I see what you did there.

  • When Will CSM/CCP Realize There is More Than One Type of Player Base? in Council of Stellar Management

    Mikael Menethil wrote:
    Maybe they are not interested in satisfying a wider player base.

    I've played more than a dozen MMOs in the last 10 years and I can safely say that EVE is a niche, suitable only for highly competitive players.

    You need to be a certain type of person in order to appreciate the mechanics of this game.
    A "certain type" is a very limited market.
    Also, the "you don't like it, leave" attitude will limit that market even more. The veterans are shutting newbies up on the forums.

    Maybe it's time you hire a talented UX designer. I suggest an entire team..

    I'm personally just not sure what the niche IS ?

    Supposedly the game is a sandbox ? Or is it just a PVP Game with sandbox ELEMENTS ?

    In a sandbox, all playstyles should be treated equally by CCP imo. That should be a game design philosphy.

    Otherwise you advertise a sandbox where anyone can play as anything, but then ignore 80% of them to cater for your supposed "niche".

    However, we're now seeing year 8 (for me) of ship rebalancing, after many years of 0.0 "fixes", POS Mechanic "Fixes".

    First year I've ever seen any change to industry.

    I'm just saying that perhaps this perception of ccp not caring about empire is actually the fact that they don't care about industry in general unless the market is obliterating itself because NPC stations still stock shuttles.

    There's a plethora of things to be done just for basic professions like mining that a new ******* ship will not fix. And yet ... nothing.

    As someone who's mined in this game for 8 years, just the idea of the cloaking mining frigate is a testament to complete and utter stupidity and ignorance of the mining profession as a whole, the needs and wants of people who mine and the general idiocy of voters who THINK they know what they need or want on the forums and CCP's inability to parse that data. <- A long sentence for a long tirade.

  • CSM member using his know-how to make profit in market? in Council of Stellar Management

    Mike Azariah wrote:
    It has been done before and the offender was removed from the CSM and the isk removed from his acct.

    *Looks suspicious* Was he wearing a wizard hat by chance ?

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Malcanis wrote:
    If you're determined to believe that everything CCP say is a lie then I can't stop you.

    More Lies.

  • CSM Stakeholder Status in Council of Stellar Management

    Mike Azariah wrote:
    Stakeholder (in CSM terms) is a marker of where we get involved and how often. We have biweekly meetings with 5-0 and are updated on what they are working on, where they are on various projects. Our input is more continuous through the entire process.

    Other teams may bounce ideas off of us or not, as they wish, and sometimes it is just when they are at a near finished project . . . giving us less chance to advise or give input.

    Stakeholder is a seat at the table as opposed to being a sworn to secrecy playtester/idea editor

    It means we are PART of the process itself.

    IF we keep up the performance of the past few CSM's we can hope/push for us being signed up as stakeholders on other teams and have a deeper effect on the game development.


    Thanks for this, it actually clarifies it pretty well.

    I gotta say however, that I am kind of shocked that 9 CSM's later you guys are only getting the end of the project process and not a seat at the table on a lot more than just 1 group - for all the TALK we've had year after year of "This CSM has had so much more influence than the last year."

    Can you really not see why we are perhaps just that little bit jaded at this point ?

  • Eve Online : Crius July 22nd, 2014 Industry Features in EVE Gameplay Center

    Wow are they seriously going BACKWARDS in terms of research corps ?

    I mean it would be ok if they made research labs available to ANYONE, but that's impossible with the BPO's being required to be in the lab itself. Odd considering we've been asking them to make labs available to non-corp members for YEARS.

    Does anyone have a good reason why this happened this way ?

  • ( )*( ) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Been in empire my whole life, never had a clone. WTF ? 500,000 ?

    Is this some kinda joke ?

  • Core skills negatively impact the new player experience in Council of Stellar Management

    Jawls Rohn wrote:
    I'd be in favour of a little tinkering. Stick AWU behind WU4 instead of 5, for instance.

    Not entirely related, but the destroyer/BC skill split was pretty bad from a new player perspective, I think. If it had to be done, it should have been accompanied by making the racial BC skills lower ranked.

    However, I'm broadly happy with the skill system as is. What's most important is that new players are educated by other, more experienced players about how you don't have to have many 5s to be useful.

    I wouldn't object if CCP gave new players an additional leg up though.

    TBH I'd be behind a lot of tinkering.

    These people are not "some guy just up from the surface". They are podpilots.

    If CCP has deemed for instance that the core skills to fly a rifter are "such and such" why not start new pilots WITH THOSE SKILLS who are minmatar ? Level 3 mastery of the rifter or some other frigate would not be out of line imo.

    I will still hurt them so severely that they will quit the game in shame with a PILGRIM (in caps!) anyway.

    Start them along their racial path and stop trying to gimp everyone else ?

    Their lack of experience will still get them owned - no matter how much you change the game itself - you cannot give them experience.

  • CSM Stakeholder Status in Council of Stellar Management

    To be perfectly honest, I've never truly understood the ideas behind the stakeholder status, it's always seemed a fairly abstract concept with regards to a game and the way the CSM interacts with CCP.

    From above "So, CSM8 was the stakeholder to Team Five-O as you correctly noted. The majority of the industry work, though, was actually done by Game of Drones and Superfriends." that just seems "odd" to me - I know what a stakeholder is considered in a corporate structure here in Australia, but I'm just not entirely sure how this is meant.

    Perhaps the entire idea of "stakeholder" is completely different in Iceland ? :)

    Going by the above comment here's PART of the wikipedia entry for stakeholder that seems to apply:
    "Project stakeholder, a person, group or organization with an interest in a project"

    Seems a bunch of hoo-ha over nothing ?

    In Australia a stakeholder is often someone who owns a share of the company, (not shares or at least not voting shares - and most often referring to not-for-profit companies).

    Perhaps my understanding of this was wrong at the outset, idk. ;)

    Seems the CSM would be a stakeholder regardless of whether they were even CSM candidates - as we all have interest in the project ?

    I'd just like to ask at the outset, if we can not have the CSM spend a whole lot of "time" wringing their hands about this as it seems like a bunch of marketing bullshit ? Thanks.

    There's 2 types of marketing.

    1) Marketing to people who don't own your product.
    2) Marketing to people who already own your product.

    The CSM in general fits into category number 2.

    GIGANTIC SPACE BATTLE HAPPENED TODAY appearing on the front of "The Financial Times" is Category #1.

    Just sayin... CCP should be proud to be in front of the curve for MMO marketing in both categories ;)

    Now... if only we could get corporate mining taxes instituted into the game... who do I talk to about that ? (this should shut them up - however, never underestimate CSM delegates need to talk on matters unimportant to actually getting stuff done!).

  • Manufacturing meta 1-4 items in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yeah I'm wondering how that's going to work as you know... ppl getting them for free currently...

  • Remove NPC corps from employment history in Council of Stellar Management

    I rarely leave corp and don't go into an NPC corp. Most of the time I am leaving a corp because of burnout and just want a rest from ... all the people ;)

    I don't think you'd find too much "valuable information" in the NPC corps in my corp history.
    (I don't think I've EVER been kicked from a corp - altho it's been many years perhaps..)

  • Marketing Eve Online and the CSM in Council of Stellar Management

    Wow I was under the impression the CSM WAS Eve Online Marketing.

  • Mining tax in Council of Stellar Management

    Zuburan Dezelryder wrote:
    While this is by no means a perfect solution -- It is something that has been successful for our Corporation.

    As part of the acceptance to join MBALM and partake in the shenanigans of LAWN and the CFC, we ask our new pilots to define themselves as a PVP or Industrial character.

    If they decide to claim to be an industrial character, we have a set amount of 'materials' that they must donate to the corporation on a weekly basis in lieu of being held accountable to the CFC PAP Link metrics. (Ofcourse, this comes with the additional task of ensuring we have more PVP pilots than industrialists so our Corporation doesn't suffer in standings but that's a task for my recruiters and I).

    We equate their donation to be approximately 2 hours of play time a week. Now, while this post is specifically regarding mining, we allow the donation to be in the form of minerals, rocks, ice products, PI or even time sitting in a booster ship running mining ops for other industrial characters.

    This program worked quite well with us while we were in Branch and further away from the active PVP that we now enjoy being in Delve. It was also alot less 'management' involved as it was just a matter of making sure all the industrial characters provided their contribution for the week.

    We didn't even care if they purchased what they needed to donate with the proceeds of whatever other PVE activity they were doing.

    Anyways, just an option if you're still soliciting them.

    I actually quite like this approach once the organisation is large enough, but the issue would be that you cannot really grow it this way.

    By that I mean corporations just starting out with their first few members. It's far easier and less ... "offensive"(?)... to just tax someone 5% or something than to say "Hey you where's your mins?" :)

    I really think it has been a long long time - if ever - that anyone on the CSM or CCP has really thought about the progression of corporations from infancy to superpower and made changes to the mechanics to give them some in-game tools for the various needs they meet along the way.

    This one is just a basic one that should've been implemented long ago. However, when Eve was young, PVP corps WERE mining corps, so it didn't really matter that the mineral tax was just a part of the station.

    Things have changed, but the mechanics have not.

  • Mining tax in Council of Stellar Management

    Zol Interbottom wrote:
    Remove tax, make it a voluntary effort of the guys in charge and if they don't want any tax from individual activities of corp members than they shouldn't have it, the current mechanics encourage AFK leadership and lazy management.

    If we continue down this path of lazy AFK gameplay then we will encourage the...

    Something something Atlas Shrugged something something Stalin vs Ayn Rand professional wrestling match.

    You are asking people to just live eve, the amount of work involved in collecting taxes would equate to 18th century tax men having to come around with a big box and put your 4 coppers in every month.

    While I'm not a fan of AFK leadership either (and understand your point), I'd prefer that than leadership who isn't AFK being completely shut down in their efforts to progress through the game with their corp.

    Most corps that aren't in empire and don't wish to be beholden to 0.0 entities will live out of a POS.

    This kind of tax has to be done at that point - the POS - there are even some newish modules to help this along if they'd only change the refinery process to something more sane, throw in the taxation put it into a silo and voila.

  • Mining tax in Council of Stellar Management

    Jur Tissant wrote:
    Mining is already a low-profit profession as it is. If a corp wants mining revenue, they should organize mining ops, take a percentage of the haul, and distribute the rest of the profits amongst the miners. You're getting revenue, providing Orca boosts, and encouraging teamwork.

    How is this remotely balanced against PVP corps who just "own a moon" or get "instant tax" when their members go out to make THEIR money.

    I don't see PVP corps having to jump through all of these hoops.

    A proper corporate mining tax could create a stream of revenue that allowed mining corps to create ship replacement programs of their own. Why should only people who own 60 tech moons have decent ship replacement programs ?

    These things ALSO create teamwork and revenue while fixing the disparity between moon owners and non-moon owners.

    It also creates a stepping stone to 0.0 for low-sec corporations who don't wish to become a part of the high-sec fruit picker hippy associations that have nothing better to do than organise mining ops all day where people can talk about how their dog has cancer.

    All this thread is full of is "why don't your oganise an op?" or "Perhaps you just have the wrong people in your corp." or "Organise an ore buying program".

    Ore Buyback is great until you have 50+ people in the corp actively mining. Doing a daily chore of checking each contract MANUALLY (which cannot be done at a pos btw) for errors or ripoffs and paying the person is so incredibly time consuming you will never fly a ship again. Congrats, you are now a glorified accountant.

    People are people - I would truly love to see ratting taxes no longer being automatic and see how much screaming there'd be.
    Because PVP Corp CEO's have nothing better to do all day than organise a nice spot of group ratting right ?

  • Does Null-Sec Mining Still Happen? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sharah Ongrard wrote:
    No. Unless your part of a mega corperation holding SOV or an alliance, then no one is doing mining in low or null, it is far too impossible now that they ruined grav sites for the rest of us.

    The only people able to do it are ones that have armed guards and are deep inside their own blue space protected by their friends with gate camps and roamining parties, pirates, and cloaked ships. Everyone else got screwed. Take a look around.

    Anyone that tells you otherwise is protected by their buddies and will tell you its the greatest thing ever, completely neglecting to tell you that (since you aren't like them) you will die if you try.

    Everyone gets ran out of low and null who isen't part of the power 5 megacorperations that are raping and destroying EvE.

    Industry and freelances have been robbed of any aspirations they have to travel to those parts and unless your part of the problem, you will not do any mining anywhere but high sec.

    Totally agree with this sentiment, CCP has created a "tall poppy" in the 0.0 sectors of space and refuse to allow any other kinds of gameplay into it. The same people who are voted into CSM each and every year, why be so amazed that no real changes occur ?

    I have played for 8 years and have watched over and over the almost same patch notes year after year.

    Their idea of nerfing jump bridges to stop the oppressive powerbases was to allow only 1 per system, what a joke.

    And yet dig their heels in at small changes like fixing refinery arrays so they can be used in low-sec to some advantage, or taxation on minerals at corporation levels.

  • Too much ... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Rengerel en Distel wrote:
    Perhaps you can try and make yourself the 2nd coming of Mittani, and charge people for deep-space mining permits.


  • Mining and refining viable together? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Your miner should also be your refiner ;)

    In fact for things like tech 2 mining crystals, you need refining skills..

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