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  • The Frigates of EVE Online Book in EVE Communication Center

    Kristin Sabrioski wrote:
    I'm thinking about buying the book by itself, would you recommend it without all the limited edition extras?
    Also how thick is the book?

    Well all you get is a book...but with lots of pretty pictures.

  • The Frigates of EVE Online Book in EVE Communication Center

    Just got mine today via Amazon. I was surprised by the Inquisitor's Carthium Conglomerate "Paladin VII" Nanite Projection Maintenance Subsystem. Really thought it would be at least a "Paladin VIII" or maybe a X. Lol

  • A Thank you to my Eve Family in EVE Communication Center

    Seripis Chiktor wrote:
    Operation is Thursday and Friday at 8 am. Ill put updates as soon as I can. Good news because of going over the goal and an oral surgeon being very nice and cutting his rates by about $2500 I'm only short 600 to use the oral surgeon. Amazing

    This whole thing just goes to show you that people do care. And the people of eve "while some might be evil in game" all are good Amazing people. Thank you all!

    Get fixed, get well and let's spin ships !

  • Landing on Planet in EVE Communication Center

    I support this only if we can spin planets

  • Roleplay corps is it a thing in EVE? in EVE Communication Center

    I have a one-man RP corp, and I think my Treasurer is an embezzler

  • A Thank you to my Eve Family in EVE Communication Center

    I sent you some shekels. I hope you get some relief

  • So long. It's been fun. in EVE Communication Center

    Cristl wrote:
    Bye Bye posts go in the "Out of Pod Experience" forum.

    And commas should never separate the subject from the verb unless you *really* know what you're doing:

    "The first few years, were the most fun.". Ugh!

    Could we create an 'End of Game' forum?

  • 11 Years come to an end. in EVE Communication Center

    Ah crap. I have to say something. I'll regret it.

    Your words are not lost on many of us. Eve is a bear. It is a true bear. And it can be a second job, with all the jerks, rewards, grief, and occasional fun. Why people put themselves through this is personal. I'm not right between the ears, but that never stopped me in anything else I got involved with.

    So on that note, I sent an alt into nul sec and got gate camped and podded. I sent a congratulatory in-game message to my killer. Now we keep in touch. My goal someday is to hunt him down and pod him. He's far, far more skilled than I am, so fat chance. It's a silly game.

    Far too often I have to be nice at work and while walking down the street. It's usually so I can keep my income stream and not get punched in the face.

    In Eve, if I want to be an a&&hole (or ar&ehole which sound so much more formal) I can be. I usually ain't, but it's my $15 a month. (C'mon CCP, we can use the word a&&hole w/o getting *******'d?)

    Bottom line is this. I think I like Eve so much because it is a true, honest, authentic sandbox where, unlike in real life, you can get your ya ya's off and still physically live to eat breakfast the next day.

    You sound like a very nice person. And I know from experience that you can putz around in high-sec in a Retriever all live-long day without a single solitary bad hombre causing you angst. Or you can send your bad self into the frey and let 'er rip or get your ass handed to you occasionally - w/o sympathy. Maybe by me...doubtful cause I suck at this. And I'll still be your fiend, even if I want to take your stuff.

    Don't quit the game. Don't expect warmth and caring in the help channel. I made that mistake a few times. If you want to belong to a corp, join mine. I don't want to talk on Teamspeak any more than I want to go to my in-laws house for dinner. You don't have to communicate at all for that matter...probably better.

    Just re-adjust your read on this thing. Eve sucks eggs so much I can't stop playing it. And God knows I've tried.

  • What are you listening to today? in EVE Communication Center

    Ah Leah - Donnie Iris

  • What are you listening to today? in EVE Communication Center

    The Temples

  • A woman's complaint about character creation... in EVE Communication Center

    So I'm in Sears yesterday looking for new jeans. The Levis section has jeans that sit below the waist and at the waist. Where is my style that sits at the belly button?

  • Restarting Help... in EVE Communication Center

    Of course Sten, there are a number of ways to get back into the game. You can always join Eve University. Tons of information, classes on TS or Mumble (I forget which). You can join Brave Newbies. You should watch CCP vids in game or on Youtube. Hang on the Help channel. Or find someone's Twitch channel you like and subscribe to that.

    Do the Aura tutorial, the agent missions, whatever.

    I'm in the Gallante Everyshore region being a carebear mostly Big smile. While my alt Fes Parker commits R-V-B suicide on a regular basis in OteloTwisted

    If you're nearby and I'm online, look me up.

  • Wife wants to play but... in EVE Communication Center

    Shiloh Templeton wrote:
    Herzog Wolfhammer wrote:
    Or ginger root.

    Ginger fixes motion sickness in my family.

    ie: Ginger ale, ginger capsules, ginger lozengers.

    My wife is a Ginger. She's immune

  • Wife wants to play but... in EVE Communication Center

    l1j wrote:
    Alright so just now she got a good 40 minutes in and with full screen (she refused to maintain window mode)
    Hopefully with the travel band and a lil more time just getting used to the game she will be able to play independently with no symptoms popping up.

    Be careful what you wish for Cool

  • £3.99 Beta clone state in EVE Communication Center

    I spend $14.95 a month. Have for years. Next month I'm finally going to do the annual sub and lower it to $10.95. And it represents a great enjoyment to cost value just like a Netflix or Hulu sub.

    You just have to understand that you need to PLAY the game and get your head into it. You'll have some times where you get a bit bored or lost or frustrated or angry or....

    Just work through it.

    Money well spent.

  • Alpha/Solo flying in EVE Communication Center

    Sofia Ziyara wrote:

    As for why solo, like I said, I just want to sit back and enjoy the universe for a while before I get into the other stuff. I understand that might be a bit weird, but Eve is gorgeous, the gameplay is fun, the information is vast, and I want to take it at my own pace for now. I'd rather not tie myself down as soon as I get into the game (been there, done that, hated it).

    Go get a cheap Frigate and plant yourself around 20KM from Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant station and just watch the ships come and go. Poke around the area and see what's there. You'll be amazed. You might get shot at if you're lucky. What's the worst that can happen? You lose a cheap ship, some equipment? At worst you get podded, but you're so new it won't set you back.

    The gameplay IS fun, but don't spend too much time staring at the sights and not getting involved. I made that mistake early on, so I'm here to help you have the most fun you can.

    Take your time in awe, but not too much time.

  • Reply with a famous quote in EVE Communication Center

    'My Wings are like a Shield of Steel' - Batfink

  • Wife wants to play but... in EVE Communication Center

    Can confirm this. My wife has looked over my shoulders a few times while I was in-warp and walked away feeling dizzy.

    Frankly, I need her watching me play Eve like I need her following me around Home Depot.

  • Extended downtime on April 27 in EVE Communication Center

    What the heck am I supposed to do in RL?

  • Looking For Corporation! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Gonzo Games wrote:
    Hey, I just started and think that if i learn the game on my own, that I'll just end up getting frustrated and quit. I have wanted to play this game for a while and would really like to get started with a group of people in stead of lone wandering. I have a really good computer, ts3, I'm 23 and a quick learner. I am former US military and have started a youtube channel.

    You're starting out right if you find some people to play the game with. I started on my own, and quit several times. And always came back.

    I still go mostly solo, but I'm not wrapped right much of the time. I'd normally say that you might want to do the Brave Newbies or even the Eve University thing first, but to Ronon Hawk's point, he might be right to go directly into something like a Wormhole corp and bypass the expected lead-in. You won't be bored...hopefully. But you'll need help to keep you head on straight. Not like sitting in a station in 1.0 system wondering what to do now.

    Good luck. Have fun. Get frustrated, it's normal.

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