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  • [MERC] Mercenary Coalition - EVE's Original Mercenary Alliance in EVE Gameplay Center

    Another month, another contract. It's rarely been this good to be a real mercenary in EVE.

  • Skill Points remapping/buyingâ„¢: Ideas, Discussion, and Proposals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Here are my thoughts on the latest SP discussion. In summary, even if this does help new players (which I don't think that it will be), the impression given to the people it's aimed at will lead to disastrous results.

  • Psianh Auvyander for CSM 10 in Council of Stellar Management

    Bellak Hark wrote:

    This is great, thanks a lot for your contribution!

  • Psianh Auvyander for CSM 10 in Council of Stellar Management

    My CSM votematch information can be found here!

  • Psianh Auvyander for CSM 10 in Council of Stellar Management

    I've updated my thread with Scaurus' analysis of my CSM campaign.

  • Noir. [Est. 2008] in EVE Gameplay Center

    Reppyk wrote:
    Alekseyev Karrde wrote:
    Noir. is about to launch an exciting new mercenary project quite shortly. Pirate
    I hope it involves ponies.

    He has been warned by many of his directors that ponies are off the table. Don't try and influence him!

  • Working on a Project? What can we do? - [Evil At Work Network] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Darius, I've sent you an EVEMail. Please let me know if you're available!

  • Psianh Auvyander for CSM 10 in Council of Stellar Management

    I've updated my second post with a link to Marc Scaurus' low sec questionnaire, also found here.

  • CSM...push CCP for quick implementation of the new sov system in Council of Stellar Management

    I have to agree with those that are urging CCP to approach this topic carefully. I fear that if we're given a system that doesn't have interesting and dynamic gameplay as well as a long life span, we're going to see some serious negative fallout that will stay with us for quite a while.

    Instead, I urge CCP to carefully consider each component and gather necessary feedback on the changes to ensure that players are given a system that we'll enjoy playing with far into the future, one that's modular, and most importantly, one that's fun and engaging.

  • Psianh Auvyander for CSM 10 in Council of Stellar Management

    Dersen Lowery wrote:
    You mention being ecstatic that corps and alliances are being worked on. What do you think of the recent push by Jayne Fillon, Mangala Solaris, Sugar Kyle and others to broaden player organizations beyond corps and alliances? NPSI standing fleets, incursions, and casual/new player organizations could all conceivably benefit, and in fact alliances could even be reworked as one of these other-than-corp organizations.

    Also, as Adam Smith said, a corporation is just a union of companies[1]. What would you think of allowing more fine-grained organization below the corporation level? Or even, as someone (sorry, forget who) suggested, an LDAP/Active Directory style model?

    [1] Not so much any more, but that's what they were when he put quill to paper.

    I've been in pretty close contact with Jayne (we were almost alliance mates there for a bit!), Mangala, and Sugar over the last year and I think the world of all three of them and the work they've put into the game.

    I love the idea of NPSI groups, they provide a very interesting gameplay approach to EVE that is unique to EVE, and that's great. The more tools CCP can provide to players to approach the game in their own way, the better. Obviously CCP will always be behind the curve to some degree, but that's understandable.

    I'd definitely be in support of additional tools and organizational structures that NPSI communities are interested in having, though my personal feeling is that it's of the utmost importance to iron out the traditional organizational structures first before turning attention to NPSI organizations. They're niche and unique and require abnormal support from my understanding, and due diligence needs to be done to ensure that they retain that unique, niche aspect.

    To your second point, I'd also be highly interested in more granular "corporations" that aren't as robust as full corporations with their own drawbacks and advantages. I'd approach this topic with my general mentality:

    • What gameplay element does it provide?
    • What are its advantages?
    • What are its natural disadvantages?
    • What disadvantages should be leveraged against it to keep the risk/reward scale balanced?

    It's an interesting time to be having discussions of this nature too, as I imagine that the corporate and alliance rework is - if not close to completion - at least in its late design stages, after which the momentum and leverage gained there may be applied to new ideas such as this. Having CSM members who are aware and open to implementing engaging new mechanics like this is definitely going to be important in the near future.

  • Psianh Auvyander for CSM 10 in Council of Stellar Management

    BeBopAReBop RhubarbPie wrote:
    Could you please expand on your thoughts on upcoming changes? Its hard to support someone on corp history alone.

    This is a pretty broad question, so if I leave something out that you're interested in talking about in more depth, just let me know!

    I've always been an optimist, even when it concerns EVE, so I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming changes. I think we're getting some solid improvements and some interesting tweaks.

    • Recons - I'm interested to see how this is going to play out. With the shorter release cycles, if the Dscan change doesn't provide fun and engaging gameplay, I'd sincerely hope that it's removed similarly to Teams. I am happy to see the Pilgrim get a little love.
    • Tech Three Destroyers - Again, this is going to be an interesting area to keep an eye on, but I'm happy that CCP is taking a step into totally new directions - and how often have you seen threads about creating new destroyers?
    • Sovereignty - Mostly, I'm ecstatic that corporations and alliances are being worked on. I doubt we'll have a perfect system in the first pass, but it's imperative that CCP sprinkle in quality of life changes that make the game easier to play without making the game necessarily easier.

    In all, EVE is in a very pivotal period in its history. The game has perhaps never been better, from a potential standpoint, and it's important that we continue to push CCP towards the vision that supports exciting, dynamic, and fun gameplay. A small part of me does fear that CCP may try to cut a few corners, especially when it comes to the major gameplay elements of Sovereignty and POSes, but the effort they're putting into gathering player feedback on these subjects does seem to herald a bright future.

    If we make sure progress continues.

  • [Proteus - January] Recon ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I am concerned with the Pilgrim after these changes. Its unique nature is gone now, and I'd really like to see this revisited.

    Instead of essentially copying the Curse, I sincerely urge you to consider finding new, interesting ways to implement the Pilgrim. Its heavy bonus to neutralizing strength is still part of its core, I believe, and while it certainly was struggling, this doesn't provide us with a great choice. Instead, choosing between the Pilgrim and Curse is going to boil down to: do I need a cyno?

    Perhaps let it focus more on the tracking disrupters, utilizing them for their survival more than they do now. Regardless, I do hope you'll revisit this hull and help it find a unique place.

  • [Proteus - January] Recon ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I fear that the Dscan bit will be changed, but I truly hope not!

  • Psianh Auvyander for CSM 10 in Council of Stellar Management

    Q: What are your opinion on the recent changes to Eve?

    Despite making moving for contracts a bit harder, I'm definitely a fan of the teleportation changes. I've personally seen an increase in capital and supercapital usage, and the same goes for almost all areas of space - which on the surface, may sound like a bad thing, but actually is quite good! Because while there is more usage, it's much more localized than it used to be, those smaller organizations that were always too afraid to use their large assets before now can use them, although there still remains risk of course!

    I think the WASD control changes were excellent, despite being somewhat shallow due to the way our server tick works. It's something that so many new players expect and don't understand why it's not included, so I think we'll see a great return on that investment from new players being more comfortable in the early stages of their game life.

    PBR. So pretty!

    I'm honestly a big fan of the removal of Teams from the game, not necessarily because they were bad, but because it shows that CCP is willing to admit to mistakes and work towards fixing them, improving them - and I think that's vital for the game's longevity.

    It's still early to make final judgements, but I like how the T3 destroyers were introduced and implemented, one at a time based on player-actions. That's a really interesting connection to the players that most games can't and don't provide. The destroyers themselves are a really interesting idea, and as I say, time will tell more about their place in the game, but I think we'll look back and think of them warmly.

    If there's anything else you'd like to know about, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to go into more detail!

    Low Sec Questionnaire

    Cap Stable Interview

    Just For Crits CSM Analysis on My Campaign

    CSM Vote Match Page

  • Psianh Auvyander for CSM 10 in Council of Stellar Management

    My name may have a funny spelling, but I'm here to do some serious work! I am Psianh Auvyander and I'm a member of Noir. mercenary corporation, CEO of Noir. Academy training corporation, and I am here to represent small/medium sized organizations, new players, and mercenaries across the game universe. I strongly believe EVE is a game based around risk, reward, conflict, collusion, coercing, and relationships and - perhaps most importantly - fun, and I will work to maintain and improve upon those tenants.

    I'm running for CSM X because I can continue the great work that has been done and build upon it further. I'm running because I will to be a representative for players across New Eden, available, willing, and determined to get your opinions and feelings across to CCP. I will have an open dialogue with players from all playstyles, welcoming conversations about what you want, what you like, what you don't like, and what you dream of. I will communicate with you and for you to make New Eden better next year than it is this year.

    I've spent years working professionally and as a volunteer as a community manager. I have the skills and experience required to efficiently collect, present, defend, and fight for concepts and ideas. I'll leverage those skills to ensure that the CSM retains the voice of the players and that CCP hears it.

    Since January 2013 - with a short break - I've maintained the CEO position of Noir. Academy, a PvP training organization. I've been a member of Noir. since 2011, playing as a mercenary, fighting in nullsec, lowsec, highsec, and wormhole space. It's vital that EVE continue to be an environment where independent organizations can make a path for themselves; this is the true EVE dream.

    I'll work for you as a CSM member, and I'll work for your vote now. Feel free to ask me anything you like on this thread, on Twitter (@wsethbrown), or by email ( My responses to your questions will be aggregated onto the post below.

  • Stay Frosty ABA Frigate FREE FOR ALL in EVE Gameplay Center

    We very much look forward to this! Everyone should take the time and enter. It's going to be a blast! No pun originally intended, I promise.

  • EVE Probe Installer 0.82.6614.0 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    My scene initializations load -extremely- slowly. One or two percent per minute, maybe. Checked to make sure it was running from my GPU instead of CPU and no change.

    Anyone else running into this and/or have an idea of what may be happening?

  • battlecruiser role addition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Stitch Kaneland wrote:
    Psianh Auvyander wrote:
    I apologize for the long delay, but I've finished this series with The Current State of Battlecruisers: Part Three.

    I had a lot of fun with this topic overall. It was really interesting to see the stats in part two especially, and while I am not a fan of math, it was somewhat invigorating to see the results (albeit results achieved with a lot of help!)

    Thanks for doing all the maths. though, i agree that a triple rep myrm with OH bonus would be borderline OP. So what about for tank bonus, while OH, cap consumption is reduced for boosters/reppers. Just a thought anyway.

    I kept it pretty simple as I feel that when you try to make things too complicated it leads to bad consequences. There are certainly more things you could add on, but I don't think I'd be a supporter of anything additional.

  • battlecruiser role addition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I apologize for the long delay, but I've finished this series with The Current State of Battlecruisers: Part Three.

    I had a lot of fun with this topic overall. It was really interesting to see the stats in part two especially, and while I am not a fan of math, it was somewhat invigorating to see the results (albeit results achieved with a lot of help!)

  • Suddenly Spaceships: Bigger, Blacker in EVE Gameplay Center

    Seraph IX Basarab wrote:
    Psianh Auvyander wrote:
    Seraph IX Basarab wrote:
    I actually had a good laugh there. I'm not sure I know who you are and I don't think you know anything about anything you've just said.

    I too believe things about others that other people have told me to believe. Blink

    I'm one of the guys who didn't flunk out of Noir. Academy. I graduated a few months before you joined, so you wouldn't have interacted with me much at all, but I was there for the whole thing. I don't have to rely on any secondhand knowledge to know that ,of all people, you are one of the least qualified to tell anyone anything about what it's like to be a mercenary in EVE.

    It doesn't surprise me that you believe things that other people have told you to believe though.

    That must have meant a lot to you, I honestly don't remember anything much about it being a little occupied that summer with a few other things and didn't have as much free time as you apparently did. I'm not sure what "the whole thing" was. In any case sarcasm seems to be a bit out of your reach so I'll try again at a later date. Now...what were you upset about again?

    Edit: Also...

    "Ministry of War [MW] from 2012.07.05 11:55 to 2012.07.07 18:39.
    Vigrior [VIGRI] from 2011.04.22 04:11 to 2012.07.05 11:55.
    Blood Phage Syndicate [BDPS] from 2011.04.03 07:25 to 2011.04.22 04:11."

    That's your employment history. I was in NA 2011 month 5 - 6. You were with VIRGI. Unless you were using an alt, you were never with me so either delusional or a liar. Not that any of that matters. Just thought it was interesting.

    The 'whole thing' was the instructors and Noir. members commenting about your lack of ability.

    And you're very astute! This character was not in Noir. Academy. In fact, I joined Noir. Academy and Noir. with my first major character, Barlat, who now runs the Academy. So you see, only one of us is a liar and delusional. (Hint: It's not me).

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