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    Couple things.

    1. I'm sorry, Hat.

    2. I will generate the Game of Holes when the next season gets close. I have a "reminder" now.

    3. I didn't get married because :reasons: but she went on to do new things, and now I am aswell #opsuccess

  • Noobman for CSM XI. W-space Candidate in Council of Stellar Management


    Glad to see you running, Noobman.

  • Chitsa Jason - CSM XI - Vote for W-space in Council of Stellar Management

    Hey Chitsa,

    Good to see you are back in Exhale. (I miss that group); and it's good to see you taking another shot at participating with the CSM. I do have a few questions, and I see that I'm late to this party:

    1) During your last term as a member of the CSM, I never had an issue getting in touch with you, chatting with you, and getting my voice heard, but I will say that toward the latter part of your term, you fell off the wagon a bit. You got a little crazy with your representation and gameplay, and even said at one point that you didn't care. Although it seemed rather reckless, do you feel that your last term was fruitful in terms of supporting and representing the wormhole community and the Eve playerbase?

    2) You said earlier that you would strive to make citadels "fun and useful", and knowing how much experience you've had in wormholes, and your understanding of mechanics and gameplay in the wormhole environment, what are some things about citadels that you would like to see that you, personally, would see as fun and useful?

    3) How would you propose making wormholes mysterious again without killing the community or gameplay?

    All the things said in the thread aside, I've known Chitsa for years and although he's on the insane side of crazy sometimes, he is a genuinely great person, approachable, friendly, and has always made time for me and others when we wanted to chat about anything. Flying with Chitsa was always an adventure, and I really do wish you the best during your campaign, and I hope that if you earn a seat, that you use it to the fullest and capitalize on the opportunity.

  • Bradford Clear for CSM XI Wormhole Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    Hey Brad,

    What are your thoughts about any potential impacts (positive or negative) of the upcoming structure changes and how they will affect wormhole gameplay?

    +1 Glad to see you're running. Great player and dude.

  • First time leaving high-sec ever questions. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Erica Dusette wrote:
    Everyone's well thank you!

    Dani's her usual ice queen self. Candi's mouth is as foul as ever. And would you believe Shelby and Kellie are actually of age now. They grow so fast, sir.

    Lovely to see you around again, Mr Diadochu. Just visiting or planning to get back into things?

    Haven't decided if I'm getting back in just yet. With the holiday season, and planning my wedding, work, and such... Just not sure yet. I really do miss the game, but even if I had the time, I just don't have the inclination to get back into the fray.

    Maybe I'll find something fun soon. For now, I'm just lurking about, reading and seeing how the community is going. Glad to see everyone is doing well, Ms. Dusette. Look forward to more chats in the future.

    (Also, to the OP, don't worry too much about knowing what to expect or asking what works in wormholes. As someone who dove into them before anyone knew what to expect or what worked, figuring it out for yourself is what makes this gameplay amazing!)

  • Rate the Avatar above you in EVE Communication Center



  • First time leaving high-sec ever questions. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Erica Dusette wrote:
    Went and got himself banned from Iso5 Slack.

    Candi is distraught. How is she going to liase for Stream-dunkings now?

    Bsck to Iso5 pub I guess.

    Hey giiiiirl.... How's the fam?

  • Creating An Artificial Wormhole in EVE Gameplay Center

    Winthorp wrote:
    My crack pipe was empty, i leave fulfilled.

    puff puff pass, brotha...

  • Creating An Artificial Wormhole in EVE Gameplay Center

    DrysonBennington wrote:
    Rek Seven wrote:

    we can already create wormholes via a cyno.

    A cyno is not a wormhole. A Cyno has a definable limitation. A wormhole does not.

    Unless the game has changed a ton in the months since I took a nap (from Eve), wormholes have limitations too. Either way, I only read this hoping to support a wormhole generation/stabilization thread.


  • Altar of Bob Podcast. EP3 Is out! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Great start, guys.

    Keep 'em coming!

  • [THOR.] [MEN.] THE AESIR (Null/Sov) PVP Corporation in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Awww... Winthorp. It's fun. Shhhhhhhhhhh, just go with it...

    Anyhow, miss u bb, and daily "We are still recruiting post" (And looking for some more wonderful trolls to bolster the ranks)

    (New requirement: Shiptoasting V) Please link examples of big plays in your applications!!! xoxoxo

  • QEX and renting business. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lucuso Andedare wrote:
    Never knew EVE had so many space lawyers....


    I propose the court dismisses the case against MaxDEL and his the ebil Russian horde, and Fremen/Ayeson's gangs of retained mercenaries and allow for summer to come/heat up. Pretty excited to see what direction this all goes, but honestly, trying to get people banned by speculating is pretty sour and beneath our exalted wormhole cultu-

    Nevermind... I couldn't finish that thought. Burn each other's sandcastles and hopefully when RL allows, I can come play in some ashes with some old frenemies :)

    Love what you guys are doing!

  • Another Pilot Lost to Real Life in EVE Gameplay Center


    Condolences to his family. Thanks for letting us know, Gunner. Hope you guys are all doing well.

  • [THOR.] [MEN.] THE AESIR (Null/Sov) PVP Corporation in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    THOR is recruiting!

    (We just recruited one of the members of the wormhole community's former "trollumvirate" - Welcome, Sith1s Spectre)

    That's two of us. Paging... Winthorp...

  • [THOR.] [MEN.] THE AESIR (Null/Sov) PVP Corporation in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Daily "THOR is recruiting and stuff" post.

    Shoutout to ****** ********** and ********!!

  • [THOR.] [MEN.] THE AESIR (Null/Sov) PVP Corporation in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Recruitment is OPEN!

    Please join "THOR. PUBLIC" today!

  • [THOR.] [MEN.] THE AESIR (Null/Sov) PVP Corporation in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Please feel free to join "THOR. PUBLIC" ingame and ask for a recruiter today!

    We are love, we are life!

  • The structure of peace in EVE Gameplay Center

    Borsek wrote:
    I'm sure Adriana Nolen would agree that it's a great idea!

    Adriana Nolen wrote:
    I am REALLY liking the ideas in this thread. Keep them coming.


  • W-Space is Fucked in EVE Gameplay Center

    Alundil wrote:
    Kalel Nimrott wrote:
    So, basically, nothing changed in a year or so.

    Now there's a name I've not heard in a long time.

    Annnd dat smexy coat he's wearing...

  • [THOR.] [MEN.] THE AESIR (Null/Sov) PVP Corporation in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

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