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  • Alpha pvp? in EVE Gameplay Center

    if you want to solo your best bet is with a beam executioner, you'll be able to dish out 100+ DPS at the edge of scram range without heat sink so that will give you room to fill the lows with SAAR and resist mods and tank pretty decently while still being fast enough to stand a chance of disengaging if the fight isn't going your way.

  • Oversized AB Armor Bellicose in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanks, needed a good laugh Big smile Seriously though that whole fit is beyond useless. It's far too slow to get up to speed and piling on more mass by adding a plate is just insult to injury. Leave the burst jammer at home, there's 0% chance you'll get the opportunity to use that responsibly.

    For fleet EWAR I'd bring something like this instead:


    Damage Control II
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
    1600mm Steel Plates II
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II

    50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
    Warp Disruptor II
    Phased Scoped Target Painter
    Phased Scoped Target Painter
    Phased Scoped Target Painter

    Festival Launcher, Copper Firework
    Festival Launcher, Copper Firework
    Festival Launcher, Copper Firework
    Festival Launcher, Copper Firework

    Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
    Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
    Medium Trimark Armor Pump I

    Warrior II x5

    Festival launchers because they fit and it will hurt you less than gimping your entire fit and getting turned into rust dust before you can catch a rep. Seriously, you will probably get primaried first so tank is the most important and surviving long enough to provide good TP coverage for your fleet will more than compensate for not bringing DPS yourself.

  • Solo PvP tips in EVE Gameplay Center

    You're off to a good start, probably already know more bout solo than the average Worm pilot P

  • Solo PvP tips in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's true there's a lot of roshambo but there's also pocket sand Shocked

    In low-sec, assume everyone has implants and boosters and Thermodynamics V

  • FW systems?( in EVE Gameplay Center

    In your NeoCom menu (top of quickbar on the left) you can find Faction Warfare under Business, drag that into the quickbar and when you open it you get a list of warzone systems for your faction. There are two warzones, one for Cal/Gal and the other for Amarr/Min but the factions are allied, respectively, so if you go to the other warzone you can also run sites for your allies and collect LP.

    LP is tied to tier (also shown in the Faction Warfare window), which basically means the more systems your militia captures the more LP you get paid to sit around shooting at the pirate scum that's trying to steal the Quafe and Fedos out of your cargohold.

    There's also the dotlan maps for easy navigation, there's a PDF icon to download and print them

  • How consistent are warp-in locations inside a plex? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I don't think I've been dumped out of warp more than 4k from the beacon but pretty close to it. To catch people you can spam approach with prop mod on as they're coming out of warp, if you're in a fleet and want to land together as a group just have everyone align to the beacon when everyone's at the accel gate and then doing a group warp will have everyone land at once

  • Camp Killing in EVE Gameplay Center

    Deckel wrote:
    Well, what's an average roaming party? 20-30 ships made up of mostly frigates and cruisers and a couple others? 5-30billion in fleet value sounds about right? And if the defenders are relatively even strength but immobile they will likely have a couple battle-cruisers or battleships at the ready. As for fleet makeup, you guys are better that I am in knowing what is flying around out there. What different strategies would you want to go with to counter various makeups? What would be some indicators of your opposition's weaknesses?

    Ok this is why you need to be more clear about what you're talking about. When you say "gate campers" we assumed you were talking about gankers, and those are usually small gangs in kitey faction/pirate cruisers that aren't interested in a real fight.

    When you're talking about 20-30 cruisers loitering on a gate, that's a cruiser fleet not a gate camp.

    Here's what an evenly-matched cruiser brawl looks like:

    And that's sped up, the real fight probably went on for 30+ minutes. For a fight like this you need armor cruisers for DPS, logi cruisers for reps and EWAR cruisers to break the other side's logi. If your logi pilots are inexperienced, you're screwed. If your EWAR pilots are inexperienced, you are less screwed but if you can't break the other side's logi chain because of this then you're still screwed. Anyone inexperienced can fly DPS, that's less important, but the bottom line is a cruiser brawl is about more than just fleet comp it's also about FC experience, whether you can trust your logi team, and whether your fleet has enough discipline in general not to do dumb things like accidentally pop your own tacklers (I wish I were kidding) or talk over the FC when he is calling primaries.

  • Camp Killing in EVE Gameplay Center

    Deckel wrote:
    So, Two groups have relatively even numbers and strength...

    Are you sure you're talking about EvE? Lol

  • How to find solo PvPers in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zkill is better for finding out if pilots are in an active gang (any recent KMs) since fits change. pyfa/EFT are also useful since they let you experiment with fits out of game (so no cost), and give you an idea of theoretical max speed or damage range of any hull.

  • How to find solo PvPers in EVE Gameplay Center

    Use the map, dude! Both in-game maps and dotlan maps show you which systems ships are being popped in so that's where you should roam. It looks like you base out of Geminate? There's routes to Amarr/Min FW space through Forge and Metro low-sec, looks like there's also an out to Great Wildlands which is NPC null so probably home to a few soloers...

  • MInmatar militia where are you? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ok maybe that was the wrong word to use, what I meant was that for an organized corp it's more efficient to just move to null or wspace and chain sites. plus in null or wspace you can have some sense of holding your own systems. in FW space the mechanics treat every system as equal in terms of warzone control so even if you take the warzone it doesn't offer a strategic advantage it just lets corps grind ISK to move elsewhere faster.

    Well, I guess that's just the way it is. PvP mechanics are in a good place now, at most I wouldn't mind seeing the Amarr/Min layout get revamped again. It would be nice if Cal/Gal space were closer, so far I think the shortest route is 15 jumps, too far for casual roams.

  • MInmatar militia where are you? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Flyinghotpocket wrote:
    yeah had to make some alts to see were the pilots were.

    last night. minmatar militia had 20 pilots online, a total of 60 pilots in militia chat with 42 of them being in tlib.

    amarr militia sitting at close to 300 pilots at all times of the day. we had a new major 400 man corp of alpha clones join in.

    minmatar militia is dead. except the 20 ushrakhan pilots.

    sad to see. would love to see some ccp intervention in the amarr minni warzone to get people incentive to join.

    legit spend 99% of my time in amarr militia now fighting pirates

    I only see CalMil chat now but haven't seen many Amarr dudes in local so far either, have seen some former Amarr go pirate in Black Rise though.

    It feels like a lot of people/corps/alliances left FW just for the profit of null or wspace. Really everyone wants to fly cruisers so if flying cruisers in FW is unaffordable then why stay? It's not like PvP in Cal/Gal space is being sustained by FW profits alone...

  • Is it possible to win a fight in a Rifter? in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's kind of a gimpy ship normally but the naturally-high tracking of ACs paired with a tendency to overheat nicely and the hull's falloff bonus makes it possible to engage either a scramkiter or close-up brawler if you play it right. Still though, as cheap as the hull is those T2 speed rigs and mandatory Exile drive up the cost of fighting in a Rifter...

  • How to find solo PvPers in EVE Gameplay Center

    Roaming FW space in T1/pirate frigs is still the easiest way to pick solo fights. Set up a hangar to base out of, maybe a JC too if you want to stay with your 0.0 crew and just weekend warrior the FW scene. Spend a bit of time getting familiar with the terrain and setting up bookmarks, at the very least you'll want an instaundock and warp-to-zero at your base station and bounce points to scan from in systems with objects outside dscan range. Well-connected systems are usually hot (e.g. Amamake, Siseide) so baiting a good 1v1 in those means bouncing around waiting for gangs to thin. I just got back to EvE myself so no idea WTF happened to the in-game browser but is still a great resource for maps showing the layouts of the FW warzones.

    As for dscan, nothing important has changed, just bind a hotkey to "track" then spam 360 spam whenever there's something within max range and if you hit on a potential target use the track key to focus in on objects in overview then move the dscan angle slider down to 5 deg to do a pinpoint scan of the object in focus. I keep a pretty vanilla solo overview but radial velocity is the column I'm watching the most often, negative values means the target is closing on you and positive means you might wanna overheat the scram ;)

  • MInmatar militia where are you? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Good to see AVNG still keeping it real! I just resubbed a few days ago, surprised that after a year and a half away the Amarr/Min warzone is pretty much in the same exact state it was when I last played.

  • My Breakup with Eve Online (A solo PvP failure) in EVE Gameplay Center

    it's all about the meta game these days. don't even need a game client, just a skill queue and forum access. booyah

  • A thought about Boosters: in EVE Gameplay Center

    Legatus1982 wrote:
    Your ego is inflated a little bit too high buddy. You're not a special snowflake who knows better than everyone else.

    mind the traffic, that's a two-way street.

  • A thought about Boosters: in EVE Gameplay Center

    without corp/alliance logistics it costs more to move stuff around lowsec with Black Frog as it does to keep up an alt. the pvp game revolves around using alts, it's like a swiss army knife and links is just one of the tools. so attacking links has gotten passé and now the scourge of eve is second accounts? maybe EvE should just be scrapped altogether, too much of a bother clearly.

  • A thought about Boosters: in EVE Gameplay Center

    well said. links really aren't a problem, just for the few butthurt FW warriors in here who are upset by linked soloers. the funniest thing is comparing links to logi. are you KIDDING ME? links don't guarantee winning, stop blaming your suckness on them.

  • A thought about Boosters: in EVE Gameplay Center

    Am I the only one thinking that timers for links will affect everyone in the squad leader role regardless of whether or not they're a warfare-links-fitted puppet or an actual FC?