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  • NPC Bounty info vs on-screen ticks (green indicators) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yet another failed and abandoned "feature" providing interesting "content" for new players.

    Seriously, for the first few years I played this game, I thought it was so rich in detail and player mechanics.

    Very slowly, after being educated by other players, I have come to realise that Eve is broken mechanics built on failed ideas, built on broken mechanics. the pile up of all the failure and simplistic reasoning from CCP staff has created a big jumble of space debris that looks, to the untrained eye, like something vast and complex, and functioning.

    i wonder what the game would be like, what it would look like to the new player, if somebody honest stripped out all the failed and abandoned "features" of the game.

    The worst thing is when CCP send staff out to solicit "player suggestions" with regard to projects that CCP know full well were abandoned long ago because the basic idea they were trying to achieve was terrible, and the execution worse.

    CCP are a culture where integrity is held in contempt. It is why the owners can't sell the firm, despite desperately wanting to rid themselves of their renegade staff.

    Eve only gets better when:

    1. CCP sell the IP to a serious media firm.
    2. They move out of Iceland and to a real place with real professionals.
    3. They install a culture of basic decency and integrity through new leadership across the board.

    Those things would be more painful and costly than simply starting from scratch, and that is why i doubt the game will ever be sold and properly developed.


  • Lag when clicking on Data / Relic Mini Game Nodes in EVE Gameplay Center

    DeMichael Crimson wrote:
    You might wanna try clearing your cache files. It's a good idea to clear your cache files after downloading a game patch, usually gets rid of annoying little bugs.

    Because CCP don't handle this kind of thing.

    Buggy software has nothing to do with their business model.

    There are no people at CCP who get paid salaries to maintain code so that it doesn't suck in manifest ways for years on end.


    Seriously, these losers can't even make tic tac toe work properly.

  • Writing an article about the evolution of eve and need help in EVE Communication Center

    Deimos Starshadow wrote:
    The constant carebearization drop by drop has turn the game into sov online. This may not be a popular opinion but please consider the new player experience:

    When i started in 2010 high sec was rampant with PVP, i got plenty of fights on my first month, and not just from wannabe 1337 pvp veterans, but from people my age ingame, miners, small corps, big corps, mission runners... everyone was inclined to defend their own and try to pvp if the opportunity showed up.

    War decs back then were only 2 million, allowing for newbros to wardec other newbros if they pleased, when they changed it to 50m it became a chore to keep up with 2-3 decs/week for smallgang newbies, and to top it, they introduced this "ally" system allowing the defender to recruit unlimited allies for free. So if you dared to pay 50 of your hard earned million to have a chance of a fight, you had to deal with Marmite, Forsaken asylum, and some other **** you couldnt face with a couple months ingame and 3-10 pilots.

    This along with the introduction of suspect timer, the ban of PVP on Arnon (a pirate nest back then), and the constant bubblewrapping of new players, not only killed most potential for a newbro to pvp right from the start, but kickstarted (imo) a culture were risk adverse players teach other players to be risk adverse on a vicious circle.

    I know, you can still train for a frigate in a week and go FW, but thats a much more standarized form of pvp, old high sec felt like a the true sandbox.

    P.D: Im not saying is not possible anymore, some players still do, but you need to work much much harder, and theres no doubt the player base is way more carebear today than it used to be, they have it easier than ever, while still pushing for nerfs on pvp accesibility.

    TL:DR The decline of EVE is a cultural thing; Players are more risk adverse now, and CCP adapts to the current playerbase. The more EVE steers away from its legendary "harden the **** up" mentality that made it survive as a niche game, the more generic it becomes, with the unavoidable consequences every generic MMO has eventually met.

    Great post. if the OP is serious, this is the best summary of the game I've read for a while.

    BTW, notice how folks respond to the TD:DR section. A simpleton mocks you for providing a summary.

    The whole TL:DR tag needs to be changed to MS: CT.

    Mentally Slow, Can't Think.

    It is a curious thing about our current age that many young people believe that broadcasting their lack of comprehension skills is a smart thing to do. Since when did "look at me, I'm stupid!" become cool?

    Only the children of bankers can get away with this celebration of idiocy, and even then they don't really mean it. It is just their way of showing class status. "I am so much higher than you that i can be openly stupid and still be your master."

    Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being too tired to read. Everyone gets tired and goes to bed at some point.

    But to celebrate your stupidity, and to post a comment making an issue out of someone else ability to articulate things?

    That is so weird. It is actively picking a intellectual fight with someone you acknowledge is smarter than you.

    Only folks who know mother will show up to protect them pick fights like this.

  • Reason why this game will fade away: hate against highsec players in EVE Communication Center

    The trouble with justifying Eve as a trip to the human zoo, which is the consistent theme in these types of threads, is that it is a very low bar to hurdle, and not worth the subscription price.

    If the only thing CCP can do is provide a space themed chat room for people who enjoy the suffering of others, they are out of business. Not because there is no demand for spectator suffering, but because providing a can for trash is a low margin, high completion sector.

    If there is nothing good about Eve, if the whole experience is hoping others fail and suffer, we ,ay as well save the subscription and go watch the politics news.

  • welcome to the agency event in EVE Communication Center

    So the grand prize in this event is a skin for a tech 3 ship that very few folks can fly, relative to EVERY OTHER SHIP CLASS.

    Furthermore, it is grey. It is a grey skin, with grey tones to offset the grey.

    Guess what colour the stock standard skin is?

    Yep, grey.

    So, to be clear, the folks who organised this event decided to offer, as the GRAND PRIZE, a skin that looks exactly like the stock standard skin. For a ship not everybody can fly.

    I'm not being unkind here. Look for yourself. I guarantee you, nobody could possibly tell the difference between these skins by looking at any footage of in game combat. We can even test this, if anyone is interested. We can have two tongues flying around with the different skins, and run an A B test to see who can guess which was which, at the end of watching a fight.

    CCP are trolling their customers.

    It is a disgrace.

    So many folks at this company have downed tools and are actively seeking to harm the IP.

    The Agency Event is easily the worst effort at promotion I have ever witnessed. This is a direct FU from the staff to the owners. this is telling the owners what the staff think of them, by insulting and degrading the customers.

    Time for wholesale changes at CCP. in fact, long past time.

    Put me in charge for a day, I will give you all at CCP grey tengu skins.

    Starting with the directors, who have completely lost control of the company.

  • Maybe and the worst event i ever see in online game in EVE Communication Center

    Blade Darth wrote:
    [quote=Sophia Aiderone]My advice would be to get socialized and do those sites with 2-3 people. Not only you can find beacons faster, the chance of ninja'ing loot and killing thieves also increases dramatically.


    Yeah, and after you have convinced those REAL people to assist you, don't forget to share the dank loot you obtain.

    Seriously, this is the most pathetic "event" in the history of gaming. It qualifies as a troll of the player base.

    You think CCP are not trolling us?

    Check out the "grand prize" for finishing the event. It is a grey tengu skin.

    The tengu is a grey ship.

    It is worth thinking about this GRAND PRIZE, and what it tells you about the quality of the people working at CCP.

    You have to look REALLY hard to see any difference at all, that is sitting in hanger and zoomed right in. There is zero chance that any other player could possibly tell the difference on grid, or in any youtube footage of gameplay.

    They are trolling us. The staff at CCP are provoking the player baee to cancel subscriptions.

    They will say they are not, that they are sincere, because that is what trolls do. But come on, let's pull up our pants and be serious.

    We get it. If you play eve, you arte a rich loser who deserves to be laughed at by the workers in Iceland who have turned 100% militant against the owners of the company. Sure, that makes sense.

    I get it.

    I will be cancelling my subscription, just like everyone else in my corp has already done.

    We get that CCP staff have decided to ruin what is left of the game in order to protest against the owners.

    They only people who don't understand are the new players, and the owners. Which is why the staff still have jobs.

    None of you have careers if CCP is sold. The way the company has performed in the last 6 months is a travesty. there is zero chance that anybody will keep the game company in Iceland after this show of work ethic and decency towards paying customers.

  • welcome to the agency event in EVE Communication Center

    The thing about this event is that multiple folks were in the room when they decided to make the "prizes".

    Think about that. It was not one person, maybe waking up after a bad night out. No, this was a group of folks. One of them must have suggested the number of four plex as a major prize, second from top prize, which is a skin that only fits one race. And then, after somebody suggested that number, somebody else agreed. Somebody heard that and said "Yes, I think that is also a great way to please players. Let's give them 4 flex as the second best prize. it is four times a great as the first prize they received. they will be amazed and full of wow for our amazing talents at CCP. We will probably get bonuses and awards for game design."

    A whole group of folks told each other that they thought this was a way to incentivise customers and build the reputation of the game amongst the public.

    Blows my mind. i feel like that guy who got stabbed by the toaster he designed to cheat on the nerd he employed. In that movie.

    Even better, this group has a future in Eve. They are planning even greater things for the coming months.

    I can't wait.Big smile

  • PvE little things in EVE Gameplay Center

    This whole thread is a bit dishonest. It implies that PVE needs small changes, that small changes will be useful to make it great.

    The truth is, as everyone who has been around for a while knows, that Eve is like London. It is shabby things built on top off shabby things built on top of shabby things. Sometimes you get good things built on top of good things, built on top of shabby things.

    Somewhere, deep underneath all the PVE in Eve, are some very shabby things. They have been around for so long that they have been forgotten, except for the lingering remains that nobody really understands.

    The LP store is a typical example. It is old, it never worked well. Tags are largely ignored because faction equipment was made too expensive. That was done deliberately, to make faction gear only valuable to FW players, who get astoundingly high payments.

    So ,nFW became a way to mine ISK from faction items from the few NPC corps that operate in FW. The remnants of the tag system and the LP store stayed around. Nobody fixed them, or closed down the absurd tag drops and LP drops in other parts of the game. This is because the whole point was to break the tags and LP system for everyone except FW folks. To "encourage" folks to do FW.

    There are numerous other examples, but the point is that CCP are taking the **** a little bit by asking for advice on how to make the game better.

    Here's a tip.

    Stop with the nonsense. Clean up the mess that your own folks have left behind because they wanted the players to do this or that, long ago.

    Stop leaving half working and utterly broken mechanics lying around the game, and stop pretending that this broken content is valuable and adds something to your reputation.

    A lot of older players get sick and tired of explaining the evolution of the game to new players, because we are always explaining why half finished ideas and openly abandoned mechanics still exist.

    CCP throw nothing away. Every second rate husk of an idea is "valuable content".

    Clean up the mistakes already. It would make the game smaller, but vastly more digestible for everyone.

  • Escalations ? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Stay away from escalations. they are a mechanic that is specifically designed to increase pvp by taking folks outside their local area. They are NOT a mechanic designed to benefit the folks being used as bait for the intended beneficiaries of the mechanic.

    there are loads of mechanics like this in eve. The risk vs reward is all broken, so if doing pve is your thing, stay local and don't waste the time and effort moving 9 jumps through hostile null.

    What happens when you travel all that way, and then you get chased off the site by a roaming blob? How much time do you lose, even if you get away despite having nowhere to dock within many systems?

    That only has to happen once and then you understand that the special rewards of escalations (there aren't any) do not make any sense at all.

    You can make vastly better isk doing simple combat sites for the bounty ticks, or hunting clone soldiers in low sec.

    Escalations = broken, badly conceived, clumsy and abandoned mechanic.

  • Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging in EVE Gameplay Center

    This site is the reason i stopped doing anything that is not DED.

    It takes ages, and the last time it dropped a 3 million isk armour hardener and 1000 rounds of large faction ammo that is utterly useless. And a 6000 isk tag.

    I think CCP has been focused on the overall loot numbers, and have issued directives to lower drops across all sectors. Data sites are turning up that are utterly worthless, and our corp has stopped doing combat sites in nul sec except for DED and when we want cash bounties.

    Sadly, the DED sites have been showing up less frequently.

    In the end, CCP have succeeded in lowering loot drops. the PVE side of the game is basically not worth playing unless you are in a favoured alliance with fresh new super capital content.

    With the changes to moon mining, which are a straight up nerf thats demands player time in unreasonable quantities, just to make t2 stuff, I would say the future looks like pvp and alphas. And free chat, his the thing with Alphas.

    CCP are probably keen to build the game into a chat room with growing numbers, even if those folks don't pay to be there. If the game were sufficiently large, they could earn revenues from ancillary sources that exploit the player base.

    No doubt they already do make significant revenues from selling player data.

    Still, keep an eye out for the DED sites. They are still worth the time.

  • finding the fight in EVE Communication Center

    You have to be aware that solo and small gang pvp is very artificial and unrealistic, and that it only occurs when folks agree to the rules of engagement beforehand.

    So, you have duelling mechanics for 1v1 solo pvp. And you have the alliance tournament for small gang battles that won't turn into blobs.

    You ought not get frustrated (as I did for a while in FW) with the game mechanics as they exist. The game evolved under pressure from folks who badly wanted to win, and who were diligent in making sure they brought their firepower to bear on engagements.

    So this means folks learned to use off grid links, they learned to use multiple computers to bring extra ECM support and logi, and of course they learned to network and join with others to assist with overwhelming numbers at short notice.

    The players didn't develop all these "unfair" techniques because CCP can't design a space shooter game. On the contrary, CCP designed a space shooter that envisaged such romantic notions as "Heavy Assault Frigates", "EWAR cruisers" and tech 1 logistics ships. What happened was that CCP put forward a bunch of tools, and the player base decided to ambush each other and utterly smash and destroy their enemies with the tools, using the most unfair methods they could devise.

    Not because they wanted to make Eve an unfair experience, but simply because they didn't want to lose. They wanted desperately to win.

    If you want to fight a fair fight, duelling and alliance tournament are the way to go. Personally, I am interested in small gang fights that don't turn into blobs. I wish the game was 80% alliance tournament events and 20% Facebook for space nerds.

    But I want a pony, too.

    We take the world as we find it, and the Eve universe would not be what it is if folks were not allowed to be desperate in their will to win combat.

  • Reason why this game will fade away: hate against highsec players in EVE Communication Center

    Zorh wrote:
    The high sec space should be the center of the whole game. Filled with life. .

    Trust me, it is. Every time I wander into high sec, I am amazed by the huge numbers of living folks doing..... whatever they do in high sec. Buy moon goo to take to nul sec?

    High sec is incredibly peaceful and safe. It is simply not viable to go hunt folks there and make a decent living as a hard working pirate. Concorde are fascists.

    I say that as a total citizen. I have dank sec status and fought in the militia. Etc.

    Zorh wrote:
    This game is clearly for those who hate.

    It is clearly for those with a capacity to focus their hatred from time to time. There is no such thing as a person who can't hate from time to time. Even the most feeble snowflake hates what he hates.

    The question for men of purpose and focus, is whether they can apply their hate through artillery and onto their sworn enemy.

    When hate destroys a caldari ECM boat, hate is good.

  • CCP has given up on EVE online, Stop giving them your money in EVE Communication Center

    Jonah Gravenstein wrote:
    Keno Skir wrote:
    Didn't CCP actually post record profits last year?
    Indeed they did, to the tune of around a 30% increase in revenue.

    That is an interesting article. It has numbers from published accounts, so they are real.

    However, nowhere does it mention "profits". If you read carefully, "revenues" have increased by 30%, and "EBIDTA" "sits at" 45% of revenues.

    EBIDTA is what you have left before you pay interest, amortisation, insurance and tax. It doesn't tell you much about profit unless you know the debt burden.

    I think the Valkyrie launch has provided extra cash earnings, thus the jump in revenues, but that the launch project also cost a bunch in loans which need to be paid back.

    Now, these numbers could be fantastic. CCP might only have a wee bit of debt, and it could be paying dank dividends.

    The other thing they could be doing is leveraging their core IP assets in other ways. The article mentions a collaboration with Ridley Scott, and it also mentions the appeal of a social media platform for broken nerds. Obviously folks who will put down 100 US pesos for a marauder license are an appealing demographic.

    So I would want to see dividends before talking about profits. Still, they are not dead yet. They will lurch forward for at least a few years yet.

    The directors ought to get back to work.X

  • DATA sites, u wot? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm confused about how the staff at CCP see their jobs, and the customer.

    Why would the game spawn sites that have no loot, enticing players to engage in PVE that must be extremely frustrating, and turn them away from the game?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not suddenly bitter because of one bad site. i haven't lost a ship, or even too much time. I've learned long ago not to do data sites in null, or at least to scan every can and only take the 1 in 100 that is worth the time. Today I scanned down a Limited Sleeper Site, a level 4 data site in nulsec. OK, I thought. TAKE A SCANNER.

    for those who don't know, this is a "highly valuable site". Very rare, very exciting, apparently.

    So I went in and scanned all the cans. There was nothing of value. There was literally not one can worth hacking. I scanned them all twice, because I could not believe it was true. It was true. So, I left. thank god I had a scanner, I thought. I would have been enraged, had I wasted all that time on a broken game mechanic.


    Why bother spawning the site in the first place? It doesn't make sense. Why not spawn nothing at all, and let the player seek some other avenue that will not waste their time for zero result?

    Did some person think about this issue? Did a person actually decide "Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's spawn site with nothing in them, out in null, and let's call them Level 4." Surely not? it's perverse. I think the only answer is that nobody has even looked at the issue, despite thousands of complaints.

    I wonder if the staff are still being paid their salaries. This is a quality issue. The game is not being maintained. It isn't fit for purpose. The staff are not doing their jobs.

  • CCP has given up on EVE online, Stop giving them your money in EVE Communication Center

    Keno Skir wrote:

    Didn't CCP actually post record profits last year?

    I'm not sure. I can't find any good data, anywhere. I saw that the majority owners want to sell, and that usually means revenues and profits are down. Not always, but nearly always.

    Then there was the Valkyrie launch. that whole thing was so weird. CCP were partnering with Zuckerberg, but they went directly to capital markets for cash to launch the lead title for the Rift. Presumably he offered them a terrible deal, or no deal at all. But either way, the owners took a risk, betting more than the value of the firm, and it looks like that might have been a success.

    I have heard that Valkyrie has done great business, which might explain why the owners of Eve want to cut and run. They may be simply sick and tired of it, and the drain on their best folks, who now want to do other things in the VR space. But that doesn't explain why they would not firewall Eve, and leave it to turn a steady profit under its own, distinct leadership.

    I have this hobby, trying to work out what CCP are worth. Games companies are notoriously hard to value. They have IP assets that might be worth billions, or they might be worth nothing at all. Worse, fashion and short lived trends dominate the games industry and what is hot today could be a waste of money tomorrow.

    I know CCP have large overheads for staff costs, compared to most gaming companies with only a few existing titles. They probably get significant government support for salaries, being a European "private company", so it is hard to know what percentage of their staff overheads are real costs, and what percentage is state participation. That is always kept secret, because obviously those funds don't travel with the IP to new jurisdictions (or even to new families within the same jurisdiction).

    The fact that CCP have significant cash revenues and yet can't sell themselves hints to me that their books are closed. This is usually due to political support for the owners.

    I have also heard that CCP have a messy and complex ownership structure, and that may be why potential buyers have stayed away.

    In any case, it is a fascinating company, with lots of good things to recommend it, especially the artists, and we would all be pleased to see it under new, focused management, rather than being kept on life support while a buyer is found.

    If i were advising the owners, I would be focused on Sony and the other cash rich, innovation poor mega corps in the gaming industry. Whatever it takes to get the books and policies ISO enough for that set, just bite the rope and get it done.

    There is so much equity looking for a home just now, it is shameful CCP can't sell Eve. All they need to do is tell a few folks to shut up, a few others to pull up there pants and stop dribbling, and it would be a done deal already.

  • Factional Warfare Kill Rights in EVE Communication Center

    Faction warfare is the essence of an abandoned project.

    If you start picking it apart, there is no end to the weird questions that arise.

    Nevertheless, FW is the best place to learn how to fit ships for pvp, and it is the only option for those who want pvp without life consuming politics.

  • The massive stagnation in null in EVE Communication Center

    Evocationz Adhera wrote:

    1. I get 1v1 fights non stop

    No, you don't.

    Evocationz Adhera wrote:

    2. I also get 2v2 and 5v5 fights non stop with my fleets

    As I say to my daughter, you are speaking fiddlesticks.

    Lookit, lots of folks have done FW, low and null. We know how it rolls. Stop with your nonsense.

    The way the game actually works is that, if you go out solo, you meet 2v1. If you go out with 2, you meet 5v2. If you go out with 5, you meet 10v5.

    This is not a complaint, it is how the game works because..... folks are not stupid, and you win by bringing more gank than the other guy.

    You are trying to talk up the game as something it is not.

    Evocationz Adhera wrote:
    3. Can't attack a big alliance? Then get off your fat bottom and recruit more

    Recruit more? Who was the last sack of tired beef you recruited? Name and shame that alpha. Bet he doesn't log on anymore.

    Evocationz Adhera wrote:
    4. These alliances put work into holding what is theres, er u geddit? Work?

    So, if you aren't prepared to WORK at the , um "game"..... it isn't fun.

    That's very rapey, when you think about it. So, you know, don't.

    Evocationz Adhera wrote:

    Bottom line

    Stop whining

    Jesus, stop speaking down to everyone from such great height.

    Not everybody who stops to inspect the roadkill feel sorry for it.

    Some of us wish to eat the eyeballs for juju, and make love potions from the matted fur.

    A bit of respect, please.

  • CCP - Best Game Ever in EVE Communication Center

    I am thrilled that the OP is so happy with the game, and not even a little bit freaked out that he celebrates his enthusiasm with a dedicated thread to his love of the firm behind the game.

    That's not weird at all.

    I sort of agree that it is awesome to have an exclusive club, and to pay for that. The chairs aren't that comfortable, they are not better than the ones I have at home, and the catering is not great. But the exclusive club has other charms, for sure.

    Part of the attraction of being in an exclusive club is simply knowing you belong there, and that others don't. Often, I don't even go to my exclusive club. It is enough to know that I could, and that others cannot. Because, haha, they haven't paid this firm 10 bucks a month to belong. Fools. Low types.

    Don't be deceived, Eve is not a game. Oh no. It is a CLUB. An exclusive, members only club.

    You see, for a game it is ridiculously overpriced and flakey. But, for an exclusive club... goodness me there has never been a club so affordable, or easy to join, and yet all at once so select and exclusive.

    Even if you don't want to log on, you can tell yourself that Alphas can't train those skills you can train. You have that superiority to fall back on, even when you don't really remember why you are paying 10 bucks a month for the access, because it is tedium on a stick.

    God bless CCP, and the European class structure that gave us double chins, childless politicians and, indirectly, the USA.

    See you at the club!

  • CCP has given up on EVE online, Stop giving them your money in EVE Communication Center

    It isn't really fair to say that CCP have given up on Eve.

    No, that wrong. It is totally fair. What has happened is that the majority owners want to cash out their shares, resulting in the firm being on the market. This has had the effect of creating huge job insecurity at the firm. All anyone wants to talk about is what will happen "when" some new firm comes in for a clean acquisition.

    There are some things we know about such firms. Firstly, nobody ever gets sacked. No boss ever sacks a person for poor performance when the firm is for sale. There is no point. It is seen by everyone as an appeal to nobody. The current shareholders are jumping ship, why would any manager do something unpleasant to a worker for those guys? So, they don't.

    So that means everyone can down tools, and it's cool. Management stop leading and retreat into their elite huddles, swapping important (not) gossip and guessing at the possible aspirations of the "new owners". Low level workers get "promotions" that involve doing their bosses work, but for no extra pay. All across middle management, folks invent special projects that take them out of the daily grind, and into gossip circles. The firm goes into autopilot.

    This has absolutely happened in Eve. Nothing new has been done for a very long time, and none of the half baked efforts that were being hailed as the next big thing have come to pass.

    But there is the thing: not all companies that are put up for sale get sold. In fact, a lot of companies put on the market by their owners never get sold. They just wither and die. This is because folks generally don't want to sell them if they are healthy and growing, and most everybody with enough money to buy a company of any size can afford a half way decent commercial attorney to tell them this well established truism. It is easy to shark children and young adults from sheltered backgrounds. It is very, very difficult to sell a turd to somebody with a spare 200 million in cash.

    Eve is a special case because the owners are clearly a bit "special". They do things a special way (the Iceland Nobleman's Shark Pump?). So, instead of arranging the sale BEFORE talking about it, the owners decided that the thing to do was tell everyone and then search for buyers.

    How is that working out for ya, fellas?


    As I have said before, Eve subscription is cheap entertainment for anyone curious about how companies die.

    I previously held out hope that some serious games company would buy the firm for the art assets and some of the lore, but now I think the smarter money would simply poach the better staff, and pay artists to recreate a similar aesthetic in another franchise. One with no baggage.

    I give CCP six to twelve months to find a buyer, or they are done. After that, I fear it it will be time to switch out the lights, set fire to the tax receipts, and shoot the warehouse cat.

  • Rogue Drone Accelerators in EVE Communication Center

    CCP have a conviction that balanced rewards and stability of game play over time are effective ways to make sure nothing gets badly broken with each new update.

    It is hard to argue with the logic, especially since they changed from a six month update cycle to six weeks, or whatever it is now. There just isn't time to develop and risk big things between updates.

    The problem, unfortunately, is that while things won't get changed enough to break them, nor do they get changed enough to fix them. Everyone who has played Eve for a few years can list a whole bunch of weird, half finished mechanics that were simply abandoned and left in a semi functional state.

    Then there is the need to limit rewards so that folks can't play for free. Unfortunately, this means that rewards are shockingly poor value for time invested. If you could earn 1 billion isk (say Plex fees) in two hours, most folks would not be paying to play as omegas. But when you can't earn 1 billion inside 5 hours..... you are working for 2 dollars an hour. Unless you LOVE the style of game play, it is simply far easier to work an extra hour at work and buy plex.

    What this means is that, axiomatically by intended design, every part of Eve is initially a long slog for small rewards, which quickly becomes a tedious grind for low rewards, as the "new" mechanic become familiar and boring.

    As well as mechanics that become tedious, there are other mechanics you will never even see.

    I have been playing Eve for nearly 4 years and I have been living in nul sec for about a year, and travelling around null for around two years. I have NEVER seen an officer rat. Never once.

    So, what is the point of this game feature? If folks can play for literally years, and yet never once see this feature, does it even exist? Or, is it a totem ornament, designed to make the game special for staff and the elite few who they favour?

    See, I can handle getting shops blown up. It is even exciting, so long as it is not everyday. What i can't abide is logging on, scouting systems for 45 minutes, and finding one data site worth 360k risk in total, and some nul sec belt rats that are so weak you can be AFK for ten minutes and not die.

    If that happens too often, folks are going to stop logging on. the investment of player time is far too great, given the NPC rewards and the risk.