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  • [March] Rorqual and Mining changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    "Foozie makes a bunch of stupid pointless changes (don't ever remove this from the OP, because it is always true)"

  • Scylus Black for CSM XII. Faction Warfare, PVP and Low-Sec. in Council of Stellar Management

    In what has been close to 3 years now that I've been in FW, Scylus has demonstrated himself to be among the prominent and decisive leaders within CalMil. Even from outside of his alliance, his actions as a leader in the CalMil Coalition have proven to me that he is among the best players out there who could adequately represent those of us in Faction Warfare. He has my vote.

    Sua Sponte

  • [March] Warp Disruptor and Scrambler Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    RIP scram kiting.
    Thanks again CCP for the useless changes which further destroy frigs and faction warfare in general.

  • Private Character Transfer. in EVE Marketplace

    I will be accepting the character transfer. All CCP EULA rules apply to this transfer.

  • Caldari Navy MIA? in EVE Gameplay Center

    We haven't broken any rules. Sorry Legatus, Crosi is right on this one.
    We are not exploiting a thing, and if you have a problem with what we do, you are more than welcome to take it up with us.
    Stay out of Caldari Hi-Sec once you're in Faction Warfare, or if you choose to ignore that, at least avoid using Litiura (Or just add the guys who do camp that system to a contact list, which if you look hard enough, they're not hard to find).

    Don't mistake your lack of understanding the game mechanics with thinking that others are abusing them. CCP is more than aware of what is being done.

    We do our part in disrupting the movements of GalMil forces moving through Villore. It's not a secret. What's more, even if it's out there, people will still go through that system, and will die for it. The exact same applies to the Caldari side. No matter how often you tell people to not go through Litiura or Tama, people will still do it.

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