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  • Wolf-Rayet and Pulsar system effects to change? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Wander Prian wrote:
    From what I understood, the problem is that the wh-effects combined with links would make capitals pretty OP. Same reason they aren't buffing local capital reps yet. CCP needs time to investigate the issue. They aren't saying they are changing them.

    I dont see how it matters when both sides can bring them. So what if an archon can tank 15k DPS in a c6 wolf-reyat (sp can archons on both sides of the engagement)

    Thats the whole point of these different system effects. We dont want homogenized system effects.

  • Black Hole Systems in EVE Gameplay Center

    Well hopefully amongst the shitposting and lists of terrible ideas (mine probably included) a GM can pull something semi-worthwhile from this thread.

  • Wolf-Rayet and Pulsar system effects to change? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Paikis wrote:
    Chitsa Jason wrote:
    Me and James are following any possible changes closely.

    Care to fill us in on any potential ideas that have been tabled?

    Any ideas of your own?

    you heard of an NDA before mate?

  • Black Hole Systems in EVE Gameplay Center

    How about something completely different such as a manufacturing bonus?

    Should be easy enough to work into the lore. The huge gravity from a BH makes combining alloty easier (high pressure reduces all this kind of crap)

    I dont do manufacturing personally but it will bring some industrialists into wh's.

    Some kind of mining / reprocessing bonus
    Ship building bonus
    Less POS fuel needed in towers
    Bonus to research

    It's not mu job to come up with specifics but I think manufacturing wh will make them worth fighting for in the high end and beneficial to have in the C1-C3 range with easy access to k-space.

  • POS up or Safe Up? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I usually just hit the "x" on my client so I log wherever I am in space at that time as long as its in my current home wh

  • Cap escalation - one cap in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nix Anteris wrote:
    calaretu wrote:
    Need two carriers on grid at same time for second wave


    You can warp the first carrier out, switch to a different carrier, and warp it back in for a second wave. Same carrier out and in will not work, and no requirement to have 2 carriers on grid.

    +1 this

  • Hi Resolution Texture Pack - Show Your Support!!! in EVE Communication Center

    posting on 100th page,

    this thread needs more viability.....

    What is the disadvantage of releasing this texture pack aslong as its optional?

  • I give up with this game in EVE Communication Center

    Why should you in a single ship be able to kill an organised fleet of smaller / faster ships that move faster than your weapons can track?

  • I feel so threatened :p in EVE Gameplay Center

    inb4 cries for help and 1000 man wh coalition white knight fleet

  • W- space home WH invaded.. in EVE Gameplay Center

    first with the news...

  • Is there a point? (wh mining is now just throwing away isk) in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you are dieing in a venture you are a ******* idiot or afk

    It has +2 warp core strength
    It aligns and warps in <5 seconds
    Its cap stable with AB on
    Goes over 2k with MWD
    Costs about 20million

  • Sold in EVE Marketplace

    this sold over a month ago, let the thread die please

  • Thoughts on wh inhabitances. in EVE Communication Center

    wrong forum, their is a wormhole sub-forum

  • Wormhole Mapping programs in EVE Gameplay Center

    also feel free to search this sub-forum and find all the other identical threads with this same question

  • W-bros invade veto Corp meetup, 28th September, London in EVE Gameplay Center

    VegasMirage wrote:
    TurboX3 wrote:
    Rek Seven wrote:
    Turbo, if i come can i stay in your penthouse?

    Its possible depends if my misses is away! Possible for the wh bro's to head over for BBQ int he garden & drinks... plus I got a decent internet connection!

    assuming you have toiletries like toothpaste, I'll be bringing my sleeping bag and extra pair of undies

    Just turn them inside out mate

  • AFK Cloakers are stopping me from running sleeper sites... in EVE Gameplay Center


  • How do you deal with Cloakers camping your turf? in EVE Communication Center

    this should be in PvP forums?

  • Saved corp bookmarks take a while to show up for everyone in EVE Communication Center

    Jack Miton wrote:
    Derath Ellecon wrote:
    Tul Breetai wrote:
    Derath Ellecon wrote:
    Working as intended.

    It's intended that some can and some can't?

    If I cared enough I would go back to the dev log when they announced them. They were supposed to be delayed.

    it's not that theyre 'supposed' to be delayed.
    from what I remember, the eve client polls the server every 5min to check for new BMs and loads them if theyre there.
    the timing isnt going to be synced for all clients, hence some people get them earlier.
    it's purely a load concern on the server. ie: you just can't have every client constantly polling for BMs.

    This is correct

    When you save a Bm to corp it is instantly saved on the server however. It would be nice to have a button to force check for corp BM's though. It would need a time limit obviously, 30 minutes or something.

  • Wormhole Space ATXI Teams! in EVE Gameplay Center

    daaam lots of WH'ers

    GL guys, and bring your shiny winning ships into wh's after to pew with

  • Ways to play this game AFK in EVE Communication Center

    Fear Near wrote:
    I think playing AFK goes well with the persistent skill training system and it's what I like most about this game.

    They recently nerfed ice harvesting into the ground because of a few crybabies. I'm aware of AFK cloaking which is ok, but getting all the way out to good 0.0 locations without jump bridges is really painful.

    What are some other (good) ways to play AFK?

    If you are AFK cloaking then you are not really playing silly because you are AFK in a safespot and cant threaten anyone while away from your computer