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  • [Mini-blog] The Next Steps in Structure Transition in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I tried to skim through to find this answer without luck, but what happens to our outpost control towers, defensive anchorables, etc?

  • EACS - Jump Clones; Corp Update; Alliance Creation!!! in EVE Marketplace

    Thanks for the jump clone service! Donation sent :)

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Oh good grief, it's a matter of perspective and the terms are used for brevity as opposed to long drawn out descriptions. Those who call people carebears because of their style of play would probably call them griefers because of their style of play. Not any official and frankly arbitrary ruling.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    I'd really like to know what the devs think about this. From the perspective of gankers, they want high sec griefing to be easier. From the perspective of carebears, they want the high sec griefing to be reduced. I'd figure the devs would be in a much better position to see the effect of it all and give us an idea of if they think changes may or may not be made.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Zappity wrote:
    MHayes wrote:
    Give new players more SP.

    Give new players a bump in skill training rate after six months of continuous sub.

    I'm not a fan of giving bumps, but at least you're offering a possible option rather than HTFU/STFU/GTFO. I think that has more to do with player rewards rather than doing much about letting some players focus on a different style of play from others.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    If that were true, there would be no High Sec/LowSec/Null Sec. It would all be Null Sec.
    Obviously it's not the case, if these areas are in place. The choice to look for trouble is always there, but not the choice to avoid it, for a time or for ever. Why should you care if a percentage of players never want to PvP? What if you don't want to spend days researching a BPO? Should you be forced to because it is part of a game?

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    No, just saying there are places to go where newbies, vets, anyone can go to play your way. Not everyone should have to play your way. Choice is a good thing.

    And as for anyone who thinks that a video game is where you need to "HTFU", I laugh, having walked in RL where you would never dare to tread. Your virtual world tough guy act makes me smile and shake my head. :)

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    VicturusTeSaluto wrote:
    Are you kidding me OP? Complaining about a single person with a war dec against some noobs?

    It used to be that privateers had a war dec against every corp in high sec(go look it up, OP). And suicide ganking used to be much easier.

    I havent spent enough time in high sec for any of this to affect me, but it is a major problem of direction with the game always getting safer and safer.

    As soon as I had the SP to fit a warp disruptor I was looking for any opportunity for combat, even if it would probably result in my destruction.

    I'm not speaking about a single person with a single war dec, but rather speaking out for others that I know in several different and similar cases. So if it was changed, perhaps there was a good reason for it? Perhaps not every player wanted to play in that manner. And is it getting safer and safer in low sec or null sec? Or are you just not getting enough easy targets there?

    But congratulations. I guess everyone should have to play like you want to play.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Alaekessa wrote:

    The reward for doing good and helping people is making friends, connections and allies.

    How is this any reward at all when a good portion of those "friends, connections and allies" will only be looking to screw you for your weakness kindness?[/quote]

    I know the game seems like that a lot, especially here on the forums, but I tend to be the altruistic type and I've run across many others of the same mind, who you could trust to move a billion isk worth of plex for you without needing collateral (because like in RL, I don't find being an ahole rewarding). I think those are a lot of people who play quietly, help newbies on missions, etc. But the game really is heavily weighted towards being a jackhole. And defending it.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Victoria Thorne wrote:

    The problem that you'll run into here, is that the opposing side believes changes should be made, but changes in the opposite direction.

    I have a high-sec corp on one of my characters. If someone declared war on me, and I actually wanted to, I could dodge the war-dec, leave whoever declared war on me short their war-dec fee, and restart my corp shortly afterward. That is so broken.

    Personally, if CCP changed war-decs, I'd like to see them fix things like that, before changing the mechanics of who can declare war on who.

    That is really not a good tactic. Considering the disruption to the playing and organization and many other corp work that is done. Anyone that uses that as a tactic has more time and money (probably out of game) than people who want to play casually with like minded players who would rather focus on running a couple missions per week or doing industry.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Karon Grandolf wrote:
    I'm not sure about the elephant, if you see it would you be kind to describe it? I think you may be hinting at problems with my proposal, and I would be happy to discuss them if you or anyone else like.

    It really is pointless to talk to most of the respondents here over and over again about whether or not there should be changes. Despite the fact that CCP makes changes regularly, they are first and foremost desperate to maintain their ability to go after easy targets. Anything that would limit their ability to do that and encourage them to focus on people in their own league would be unwelcome, probably because their belief in their abilities would crumble in the face of a real challenge.

    Rather than this endless debate that doesn't offer anything new, perhaps focusing on potential options to improve the system (from the standpoint that changes should be made, for the sake of moving the conversation forward) would be more interesting?

    Suggestions of raising the cost of war decs, limiting number of active wars, basing cost on relative average SP, etc?

    I also like the idea someone mentioned of having a system mechanic that encourages good behavior. For instance, let's say that Concord patrolled space is overworked, so if your character maintains a certain security level, you are able to purchase special modules and ships from Concord, like an LP store. But anyone mounting these modules can't take them through gates to non Concord space and if you do anything that lowers your sec status below a certain level you get Concorded, destroying those modules and whatever was carrying them. Hoohoo, I bet some people aren't going to like that idea!

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Except that you can still jetcan mine if you want, and people can still can flip.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Karon Grandolf wrote:
    CCP Manifest wrote:
    We are getting lots of new players and lots of returning players (especially since B-R5RB) and continue our upward trend in subscribers we've had for 11 years.


    Let's be honest, a war can be extremely boring as it limits what you can do safely, and often times involves doing absolutely nothing. And that includes following the advice in this thread. The war environment is a lot of waiting and nothing, and then action in tiny explosive packets. The high sec industrial environment is completely different, with steady progression, the slow work of mining lasers, or the meticulous planning of manufacture. War is explosive, peace glacial.

    As I said earlier, EVE was great cause it had such great balance between these kinds of game machanics, regardles of mindset there was something fun and rewarding to do.

    Maybe we should have a war dec mechanic that can prohibit the war deccers from using their weapons for a week, and see how they like being denied their favorite game mechanics.

    Could it be that the excellent advisors never really spend time or had interest in the cooporative side of high sec PVE side of the game? It will often be stated that EVE is a brutal and unfriendly place, where everyone is out to get everyone else. The high sec PVE, industrial corp is a very different place though. It is a place of cooporation and oftentimes altruism. I suspect that cooporation is equally present in the communities of griefers corps and pirates as well. In some ways it is the balance between these forces played out in EVE that presents such an attraction to me. Once again, balance is the key though.

    The advice given on how to adapt to war is good. Yes, you can have good fun fighting a war. The problem is not so much the war in itself, but how much of a players game time will be devoted to this, compared to what the player wants to achieve in the game. EVE has one of, if not the best, crafting gameplay in the business. To manufacture in EVE involves handling complexities, and often requires building and using secondary tools like spreadsheets etc. For a tinkerer this is an amazing part of the game. It's even better when this can be done with other players. High Sec Wars limits the access to this part of the game for the very people that enjoy it the most.

    The problem with war against these players is not the war itself, it's the extend of the wars. Every player is different, but there will be a point where there is too much adapting to war, and too little doing the tinkering.

    The unlimited number of concurrent wars is a problem for several reasons. They do cost the agressor iskies to maintain. That just means that the wealthy is able to dictate the gaming environment for more players than the unwealthy. If the number of wars is limited, this influence is limited as well. Hopefully a limit to how many corps, or alternatively players can be war decced in high sec at the same time, would result in less undeserving agressions, and relatively more meaningful wars.

    It is said that your actions in EVE should have consequences, but too often wars come not as a consequence of anything other than simply existing, and rarely do the war deccers recieve any consequences for the agression themselves.

    Karon, you should be a diplomat. Very well worded and reasoned.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    OFFS, why do you people keep responding to him? It's the same stuff over and over. Actually, most of the stuff here is... Meh, later.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    I agree that giving more SP (or money) is not the answer. Part of the time learning skills is that you practice what you've learned during the time you are learning new stuff.

    My thoughts would be something along the lines of to raise the cost of war decs, increasing the cost exponentially for pile on war decs. Someone earlier said something about limiting the number of war decs a corp could have. Not ending war decs, just turning them into less of a griefer tactic.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Manifest wrote:
    Oliver Wendel Jones wrote:
    Ok, so I will get ready for the flames...
    But I've read some news articles about how CCP is not attracting the new players needed to keep the game going and is trying to raise revenues through gimmicks like the noble exchange.

    I'm not sure which news articles you are referring to, but they are grossly misinformed and/or maybe just making guesses?

    We are getting lots of new players and lots of returning players (especially since B-R5RB) and continue our upward trend in subscribers we've had for 11 years.

    Shoot me over some links via EVE Mail and I might be able to set the record straight with them....

    I am recalling articles I've read in the past, the one specifically talking about the noble exchange, and there was something about the riots, and perhaps these were old. But it was the sense I got from talking to some of my friends online and off about the game. I started Eve about 4 years ago, left for a bit, came back, the usual story. But talking with some friends it seemed their frustration is that they don't have the resources for losing a lot of ships, and when they try to combat a small griefer corp with much better fittings available and several war decs concurrently running on similar small corps, losses start a snowball effect of other similar griefer corps war deccing them, resulting in ever growing numbers of hostile ships so that they can no longer muster the ship replacements or people to counter the first war and the additional ones, and they don't have the experienced players to know how to handle things or use different tactics, or whatever. So eventually they just end up having to button up and wait out the time. And some end up figuring it's not worth the monthly charge for something they liked to play a few hours per week.

    But the overwhelming response (aside from many who may agree with me but don't post due to the abuse) seems to have been- Learn how to play our way and only our way, do it quickly, know exactly which corp to join that will teach you our way to play, do it all as if you've been playing this game for several years within a couple months, or GTFO. Any suggestion that limits easy targets for more advanced players is met by much tearing of hair and condemnation, which I find odd because if something as simple as modifying high sec war dec rules is enough to totally change the way these people play, it appears that newbies are their only viable targets.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Geez, why do you people keep responding to him??

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Karon Grandolf wrote:
    EVE needs a steady influx of new players. Extend the question to whether high sec war mechanics aid or counteract the need for new players......

    Well said, a better way of explaining my point.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Anslo wrote:
    Our new pilots are some of the coolest people I've met in Eve. To greatly mitigate the chance that they leave Eve, I say the following thing when I mentor them starting out;
    Avoid the forums like a rabid, anthrax covered weasel.


  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Interesting watching how far off topic things go here. Divine is obviously focused on the isk and sp issue and while I don't agree with him, I understand his frustration, though I think he's focusing on the wrong issue. I don't think accelerating IP or money for low level players is the answer because it takes time to learn the game. But I do think it's cheap to target him in game just because you don't like what he says or how he says it. The truly strong (and wise) don't feel the need for revenge.

    And while I did poke at the flamers, expecting those, I don't think that the majority of the players are rotten people and despite any particular experiment, most people in the world are not. Working the streets as a cop, you learn that it's about 10 percent of the people that make 90 percent of the problems. The trick is to remember that while you keep bumping into those 10 percent in the course of your work (or online), the decent 90 percent are still out there.

    But again, the problem is that there are a significant number of those 10 percent who can't face people of their own level, so they harass lower level people and come on line with weak arguments to defend the practice. The way that a corp that is losing a war attracts more and more war decs is a prime example. Not everyone can play the game the way the lifers play. Some people only have an hour or so a week and just want to run a few pve missions with a few friends. They pay into CCP, they lose ships and buy modules from the long term players and contribute quietly. Until they are forced to dock up over and over because the one area of the game that they should have some safety to play their way, not your way, is denied to them due to a broken war deccing system.