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  • Evemon and the API in EVE Communication Center

    I have been trying to install the EveMon auto update. It downloads the update and fails to install it.
    The program just closes and if I launch EveMon it just wants to install it again.

  • Manticore Tactics in EVE Communication Center

    Metal Icarus wrote:
    Manticore tactics? Let me open my book of 100% certified nullsec tactics. All of this is from personal experience.

    Even if you attack a hulk it is still possible to be killed by the drones if the guy has good drone skills. (Very possible in null) If you are going to solo in null, camp a bubble with a bomber and make sure that u make a bombing run that is on grid.

    YOU CAN WARP THROUGH BUBBLES. (When in close proximity)

    even if you put a target damp on your target and he can't target you, HIS DRONES STILL CAN

    Your bomb will STILL DO DAMAGE IF YOU WARP OFF AFTER LAUNCHING (even off grid, and you wont recieve notice in your logs)

    Regional gates are f-in HUGE (this sucks to camp without bookmarks with a sb)

    hint: Make a drag bubble and bomb UNATTENTIVE targets that are MWD'ing back to gate, make the bombing run to intercept their path.

    Try to fit agility rigs to help the bombing runs. If you are torping, your target should be HELPLESS (if you bomb a hulk and destroy his drones with the bomb) or you WILL DIE.

    never engage a frigate/destroyer with torps (you will die for sure if they have guns equpped)

    Last final rule that should NEVER BE BROKEN lest ye want to die: NEVER LAUNCH A BOMB and TURN AROUND to warp off.

    There need to be qualifiers on this.

    It is perfectly ok to launch a bomb and turn around to warp depending on your target and your EWAR. If you have sensor damps on and you are bombing a miner/hauler, there is probably no reason to even warp away.

    Fitting a medium shield extender and pulsing a faction/officer mwd can help outrun some drones, both pilots' skills depending.

  • Flying for serpents/angels in EVE Gameplay Center

    March rabbit wrote:
    Do standings towards pirate faction give you any benefits in pirate 0.0 space? not sure what can it be....

    Faction ships, etc.

  • If you want more people to mine... in EVE Technology and Research Center


    Exploding 'roids...

  • Why is Jita the most active trading station? in EVE Communication Center

    Press F10

  • AFK L4s - best option? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kesshisan wrote:

    Short range on assault missiles can make it difficult to get aggro on entire rooms.

    Range shouldn't matter as long as you can lock something. You can use a civilian gun to aggro entire rooms just by shooting at them.

  • Thermodynamics and Damage Distribution when overloading modules in EVE Gameplay Center

    I am confused what it means by a "rack".
    Is this simply the UI levels 1-3 where you organize your mods?
    Does this mean then with all the empty slots with grouped guns in the highs you can place a mod far opposite side to reduce damage?

  • NAACP Believes “U Mad Bro?” Is Racial Intimidation! Still fly in EVE!? in EVE Communication Center

    Abdiel Kavash wrote:

    (sorry forum won't let me do colored large text)

    That would be racist.

  • The big forum fail has landed. Again. in EVE Communication Center

    Yalezorn wrote:
    Nothing like 3 inches of useless space

    Don't be so hard on yourself...

  • Maelstrom Wh fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zangorus wrote:
    I can salvage if u want so we make good isk

    While you are doing that I can send you a present.

    (where is the image link button on these new forums?)

  • EVE Fit project: - pyfa 1.1.7 (Inferno 1.0) in EVE Gameplay Center

    As they would say on Conan O'Brien:

    Oh it looks good!

  • Flycatcher solo in EVE Gameplay Center

    You will be primaried outside of null sec just because you are in an easy insta pop expensive destroyer.

  • Gallente Militia Quickstart Guide 2.0 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Any smart person using TS or Vent will be using TINT overly for TS/Vent for on screen IDs of person talking or using Vent's built-in overlay (which sucks since it covers over anything where it is placed on screen).

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