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  • Flipping CCP Rattati's FanFest Question Around (EVE-side) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    MidnightWyvern wrote:
    Lugh Crow-Slave wrote:
    better plan

    remove dust from eve so it can stop screwing with my FW

    You are an excellent example of the worst kind of people who play this game.

    If you aren't going to be constructive stop *****ing up threads.

    That's the problem he will think his comment was constructive.

  • So I had an extremely strange dream in EVE Communication Center

    Jenshae Chiroptera wrote:
    Sounds like a nightmare and a good reason to take a few days away from EVE if your subconscious is bubbling over with it in your sleep.

    That's the other strange thing I haven't actively played eve in months. I check in every so often but my duties as CPM keeps me away.

  • So I had an extremely strange dream in EVE Communication Center

    So I goto Iceland for fanfest I think it was (there was no evidence of this in my dream so its my assumption); what year I don't know.

    Weather was optimistic in middle of winter scene with the warm sun out but snow on the ground still.

    I had come into the possession and responsibility for a van during my stay; how I got it is still beyond me.

    Anyways to the weird part.

    Parked the Van; Went into the restaurant I think it was a fish n chips place; ordered food; connected to wifi and wanted to watch the day's before stream and got to the new items for the avatars such as the little tubes for dreadlocks ends and new tats focusing more on minmatar styles that year. Also booted up eve to fly a domi from my usual homeport to jita loaded with not so many expensive things; killing it would have been a waste of ships. it was fitted with one new hull module that I don't exactly remember the name or function but the icon was unlike anything we had in the game current reminded me heavily of a SD memory card.

    That's when some random crashed into the van in the parking lot pushing it out of the lot and into the water.

    I was dismayed and devastated a bit; I had insurance but didn't know if it would cover abroad so I had to go talk to the rental car's (once again assumption) folks and they contacted my insurers back home via email and phone.

    Then things get really out beyond normal sense of logic.

    The company's initial investigation brought back statements from eve online characters which was rather odd. (apparently I left the game running in the as I assessed the wreck) Only one character I remember out of the 10 statements shown to me was one Tayra Banks(Sp?) (a character I never meet but going to blame coincidence and the likely-hood the name is after some actress/famous singer and the character's between dream and ingame are nothing alike so that's way far off) she was in a grifer pirate corp that did apparently did suicide ganked my domi.

    Majority of the statements where lauding how terribly fitted the domi or the total cost of the fitting was/cargo was that a near by shuttle getting blown up killed it (a mechanic I know that isn't in eve atm) apparently domi prices dip below 100m.

    The insurer looks up to me and asks me to explain that....

    Then I woke up and immediately regret having dreams in the first place.

  • Removing DUST514 items from Market Search results in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Crasniya wrote:
    Nova Fox, your signature needs an update. Your CPM1 term started a while ago. :)

    I havent been logged into eve for a long while now that infinite queueing is out (well not infinite 50 skills max but none the less)

  • Removing DUST514 items from Market Search results in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Cat Troll wrote:
    Dennie Fleetfoot wrote:
    Crasniya wrote:
    Abyss Azizora wrote:
    Pointless currently given that DUST514 is being closed down for it's extremely low player base. (What a surprise that was only predicted 6 months before it even launched by 90+% of the Eve community.) May as well remove these from the market entirely. Even if they get used some day in "Legion" they would likely have to be rebalanced/redone anyway.

    This is nonsense. DUST 514 is not being closed down. A new release is currently being developed with a tentative release date of February.

    You don't have a customisable Captains Quarters yet either? Odd, we've had one a while now.Blink

    Eh, it's only a Gallentean space hooker P

    She's caldari you scumbag; specifically Detis working for the Mordu Legion

    As for the OP's request a check box would work for eve pilots; I am sorry we do clutter up your markets with alot of gear.

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center


    1. Jump Ship
    2. Clone Exits Ship
    3. Fresh Clone Enters Ship
    4. Jump Ship
    5. Exited Clone Body Jumps Home
    6. Rinse Repeat Until destination.

  • Interdiction Nullfied Interceptors are not acceptable!!! in EVE Communication Center

    Warfare is changing overall to with ships able to beat other ships to warppoints.

    Battleship warps to planet 1 being chased by a wolfpack is going to land in middle of the wolfpack when he gets out of warp is going to take time adjusting too.

  • OMG SOE SHIPS in EVE Communication Center

    They day has finally arrived. Nice colors btw.

  • Every time we make a clone, damage COULD be done to our DNA. in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    Nomistrav wrote:
    CCP Falcon wrote:
    LordSwift wrote:
    CCP Falcon wrote:
    Cloning in EVE is not representative of cloning that's been trialed in the real world.

    A capsuleer is not a true "clone" by the definition.

    A capsuleer's body is effectively a lump of re-constituted biomass and giblets assembled around a skeleton (either medically grown bone, or synthetic polymer) in the form of a blank. All the blanks grown are identical.

    It's only when a sample of the capsuleer's DNA is introduced to the mix does the clone take on the appearance of the capsuleer in question through genetic sculpting.

    In the most brutal of descriptions, pulling no punches, a capsuleer is effectively a can of spam with human DNA injected into it to make physically recognizable and to make its brain match that of the mind to be hosted.

    On the most fundamental level, a capsuleer's clone is nothing more than a tool they use, just as they would a spacecraft or weapon. It either gets shot from under them, or they toss it away and get a new one when it wears out.

    Question i have then, we may be a body of spam :) but would it function like a human body like normal. i.e live like normal out the pod if we retire, grow old, have kids? if we wanted to that is.

    When you unplug from the capsule, you're just as vulnerable as any other meat-sack out there Smile

    Also, just for reference, everything I posted there is freely available in EVE's published prime fiction, you just have to read and digest it, something I enthsiastically encourage you all to keep doing as much as possible. Big smile



    Giblets are the best Big smile

    CCP Falcon is secretly a Rogue Drone

  • [Odyssey 1.1] Skill group name changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Please Use the Electronic Warfare Systems as a skill group or Electronic Warfare,

    Its how the US Navy separates things that things that involve sensory deprivation have little to do with the rest of the craft's electronics outside of feeding it power.

    Electronics themselves are more into the control of the craft via electrical signals. Ie Push Joystick go forward is electronics at work. Where as Radio dish counter matches beamed frequency is a electronic warfare art.

  • Are Capsuleers definitively "Immortal" outside of their ships? in EVE Communication Center

    Scuzzy Logic wrote:
    Eija-Riitta Veitonen wrote:
    Nova Fox wrote:
    I know a bunch of clones that don't need a pod to transfer consciousness, it is only matter of time for that implant starts finding its way into capsuleers.

    You're obviously referring to the Dusters, well, bad news for you, capsule interface implants are not compatible with dust implants, end of story. This has been stated multiple times in by CCP devs.

    It was my understanding you could grow a clone with whatever implants in it you wanted, so maybe you can just be dumped into a duster when your pod gets breached. Just because the Duster implants arent compatible with the capsules doesn't necessarily mean the neural transfer net is incompatible.

    On the other hand, this just reinforces my idea that you never actually leave your pod, and that the station environment is nothing but a computer simulation. I mean it's been YEARS since I've had an agent come into my quarters, since CCP forgot to fix my damn door. In every station, no less. So ronery...Sad

    Actually we have very similar implants for the dusters that help them jack into the LAVs, HAVs, and Dropships we operate. The largest thing we should be able to operate with the duster implants is the MCC (Mobile Command Center) the size of a small destroyer. Of course we also have additional means of jacking like though our hands for programming gunshots on the fly similar to how an eve pilot subconsciously programs their shells on their guns. Also Sleeper implants are required to operate Tech 3 ships, which is why concord has issued a software ban that allowed un jacking during combat to prevent permanent consciousness damage.

    Clone soldiers however do have reasons to be locked in their rooms we're like 7-8ft tall freaks and stick out like sore thumbs.

  • Are Capsuleers definitively "Immortal" outside of their ships? in EVE Communication Center

    I know a bunch of clones that don't need a pod to transfer consciousness, it is only matter of time for that implant starts finding its way into capsuleers.

  • One Universe // One War // One...Forum? in Council of Stellar Management

    I have a quick quip to say about the idea is that there should be certain restrictions to which forms a duster can and cannot post on, segregation is needed in just about almost all areas as the two game's subjects are entirely different and I am quite sure you guys will be rather tired of people posting about nerf Lasers buff HAVs and nerf Duvolle all day long.

    Also we have free accounts so alt bad posting is quite possible to get entirely out of hand. I mean features and ideas a section as a CPM have to comb though quite often would easily get drowned out when something eve side gets screwy or something starts complaining why there is no day cycles in dust and someone mistakes it for eve and bad replies there is no such thing as day cycles in space.

    I would like to see the forums merged I would not like to see the issues that may arise from it.

  • Racial or Ore versions of the Gnosis in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kat Bandeis wrote:
    Abrazzar wrote:
    Don't get so hung up on the Gnosis. It's a unique ship and should stay that way.

    But I may propose you read this thread by Nova Fox if you like exploration ships and I once had some ideas about T2 ones around the same time.

    Bookmarked... thanks for the link; hadn't seen it before!

    No no no no.


  • About the Eos' model in EVE Technology and Research Center

    If its an all or nothing deal... well slephnir you had a fair run but I think a hurricane dressed in your role and colors would be suitable.

    I am all for this, variety is good.

  • LOST : Mini-Professions Expansion Oddessy Update, possible Cancel in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Well well well... it seems an... oddessy edition may not be required...

    I may have to retire this thread. :(

  • [UPDATE - SUCCESS NEW PCU RECORD (65,303)] - PCU Record Attempt and EVE Birthday Celebration in EVE Communication Center

    Woot. Where's dust 514's? This is uprising's last day and we're all saying farewell to this build.

  • You learn your lesson well high security peasants? in EVE Communication Center

    Sorry been playing dust 514.

  • Moving All Level 4 Agents to Low-Sec in EVE Communication Center

    Is it just me or did everyone forget ...


  • Roden Ships in EVE Gameplay Center

    Well the alternative solution is to play more into missile types, unfortunately there only seems to be 3 of them. FOFs which nobody wants to use, the Smart Missiles and Dumb Missiles.

    If I could develop it i would make fire and forget missiles that have similar function to the bomb in that they have to be forward launched and only acquire hostile targets in a cone in front of the ship. Make them decent long burn chase missiles or short burn high damage bombarding missiles and would fit better with the high speed nature of the ships.

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