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  • Wormholers are the best sub-community in game! A wee story. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Things like this is why I miss eve...

    With two kids and in the middle of a move I don't have the time to play... but damn do I miss the good old WH days

  • Subscription expiry in EVE Communication Center

    Also remember...

    If you fly something more fancy than a Cruiser of your racial type then you will be allowed to dock with it, but not leave the station with it...

    My main is trapped in deep null with a T3 that he can not use :p

  • Why people come back to EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Merchant Rova wrote:
    I personally have never left Eve. The longest break I've taken was when I went on a RL vacation for a week. (Although my account turns 1 year old at the end of this month)

    I think having Alpha will bring a ton people back because they'll be able to try it without paying.

    Getting new or old people to try is one thing... keeping them in the game is something else entirely.

    I left EvE about a year ago because I got my second kid and I simply did not have the time to play like I used to. In a good day I had perhaps an hour or two late at night... at best... and weekends were pretty much off limits as well. I could not participate in just about any group activities because I would have to leave in the middle of the activity with 2 seconds notice etc. So I unsubbed and left the game.

    Now we got the Alphas and I am back... but the alphas are so limited that I can not do any of the stuff I loved doing back then.

    Hell, my main is left in the middle of null with a ship he can no longer fly... so logging in with him is kind of off the scale right now. Need to sub in order to get him away from there... but considering that the kids take up even more time now, and the fact that I am in the middle of moving places with everything that come along with that can of worms makes subbing not an option.

    So my stay with EvE was the shortest one I have had like ever :p Perhaps I will sub when the move is over and things have calmed down, but for now I will just do other things.

    The reason I come back time and time agains is that there simply is no other game that comes close to EvE.

    Every other game puts you in swaddling and wraps you in thick layers of fluffy cotton to keep you safe and warm...

    EvE comes at you with as*es and elbows screaming at the top of its lungs... If you are a nice guy, you can be that... if you are an a**hole you can be that too.

    You don't find that in (to my knowledge) in any other game, and that is why I always come back

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Desdicado wrote:
    ... We choosed to live in 0,0, we choosed the lifestyle as it was possible to move around whit some safety using carriers...all CCP is doing right now is focusing on reducing and removing gameplay ideas players come up whit these days. You have already nerfed jump bridges/capitals several times before and now you're doing it again...why does CCP hate the 0,0 lifestyle?

    And here I thought you guys choose null because it was dangerous and because you were badas*es. I guess I was wrong...

    Sbrodor wrote:
    just to take a real life example yesterday we had fight of provi vs PL and nc.
    after some brawling the time needed to reship (in staging) take so much time and i seen watch list (red and blue) dropping after like 20 min waiting reship from both sides.
    the time was so much long and both side don't want to fight anymore after over half hour.

    apply fatigue to JB is a headshot for subcap pvp. Everyone enjoy reship fast and go quick in the hearth of action in the few place where it take place, half our from one round to next is too much long.

    That is EXACTLY why these changes were needed.

    Before the patch killing someone from the either side had somewhere between zero and no effect. They were back in the fight within minutes. I remember when our WH allians went on a fun roam. The locals jumped us of course and we basicly beat them with a stick... only they returned time and time again, and in the end we went down in flames... as was intended.

    Now suddenly you and every pilot out there counts becasue if you do get killed your side will feel the loss a lot more. If that would have been the case in our fight there would have been a decisive victory for us.

    These changes will force a lot of new tactics instead of the regular mindless slugfests that most fleet fights are.

  • Why Aren't More People In W-Space? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nash MacAllister wrote:
    Ilaister wrote:

    I honestly feel like the rest is fixable by us.

    I think eventually the voids where people have left will be replaced by newcomers or reformed groups, but as it stands, only the solid wh entities are going to be able to weather the storm here. You can only scan so many chains before people get tired of it. regardless of the ISK, which is still substantial. I do believe wspace is mostly still driven by PVP, not ISK, and a lack of decent PVP is what is fueling our current issues. So the more we can get folks out scanning and bumping into each other, the better the odds we can connect for some good fights and get w-space as a whole back on track.

    You may be right, yet the amount of active people in EvE HAVE dropped quite significantly. Just a few years ago at this time of day there would be approximatly 35-40k players logged in, and even if the US side of things saw a slight dip it was still quite a bit of people online at any time. Today an hour after DT there were 12k people when I went to log in... and right now when I checked it was 21-22k... and this is only slightly before euro prime time.

    I dont know if it is wormholes who said fu*k it when the mass based changes took effect, or if it is huge amounts of capital alts that have said fu*k it because of the upcoming jump changes... but the fact is that the amount of people is in a fairly rapid decline.

    So while you may be right that other will come in and replace the bittervets it is also possible that people simply say fu*k it, not worth the time and effort.

  • Why Aren't More People In W-Space? in EVE Gameplay Center

    The reason I moved out of WH space is because I got a kid, and with that I have two 2 seconds AFK notice and then be AFK for two minutes or two hours... if that, and that is a bad thing in WH space. I can not be part of PvE nor PvP fleets, and while I could sit and spin my ship in POS or do some scanning, its not that much fun...

    I moved to null, but I could not be part of the roaming gangs nor the gate camps in anything but a cloaky for the same reasons. And with null being what it is that was not very popular. I left the corp in null and started ninja scanning instead. I guess I could sustain my accounts doing that, but its still not fun to have to go AFK every now and then so I recently decided to take (yet) another break from eve.

    Oh, well, if EvE is still alive when (if?!?) I get more time I am most likely coming back like always.

  • [PROPOSAL] Support Avatar Gameplay As a Means of Increasing Immersion in Council of Stellar Management

    ArmyOfMe wrote:
    Im gonna support you on this one. Lets face it, for a lot of us the time spent online is spent docked up and just chatting. So in those regards WIS would actually be a nice change.

    I still say what I said before Incarna...

    Walking in stations for the sake of walking is completely boring. People may do it once or twice to watch the scenery, but other than that they will sit in their ships and just put it on /ignore as they do about the captains prison... One of the first things I do after a fresh install is to move to hangar view and then never ever back to the prison cell.

    Add fighting in stations, boarding stations and stuff like that and you have something interresting however.

  • Dev Blog: Anomalous Materials: The Research Race of YC 116 in EVE Information Center

    So the timeline is as folows

    1. CCP implement changes on Sisi making the WH crowd have a fit

    2. CCP goes out with a blog explaining the changes... WH crowd still has a fit and tries to dissuade CCP from going through with the changes because they are not the droids they are looking for.

    3. CCP turns the changes loose on production server. Large numbers of wormhole dwellers, especially the people in the lower classes start thinking about moving out.

    4. Low end WH dwellers start moving out en masse.

    5. CCP brainstorms... how do we get people back into WHs? Especially the lower ends which now are pretty much nothing but PI growing grounds?

    6. Someone comes up with a brilliant idea. Lets give people a hint of something cool coming Soon (Tm) and in order to get it they need to collect as many sleeper yada yada yada as possible and turn them in... This will make people venture into wormholes, creating pew opportunities for recreational WH divers and then everything will be good again.

    7. WH dwellers that moved out and does not want to live in nullsece BS politics cancel their accounts.

    8. So lower end wormholes is depopulating. Server population is decreasing as canceled subs run out...

    To me this feels more like a kneejerk, a last ditch desperate attempt at getting people back into wormholes before they end up completely empty.

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Dramaticus wrote:
    Dramaticus wrote:
    Niko Lorenzio wrote:
    Sooo.. Cyno jammers are useless now since they can simply cyno in next door and jump through gates? I don't think allowing capitals to use gates is a good idea.

    This somewhat increases their force projection after nerfing it.

    I wanna ******* see a cap fleet jump into a camped gate. Please Sweet Space Jesus let someone try this.

    Its going to be us. We're going to do this and we're going to lose an entire cap fleet doing so.

    Acutally you may be able to pull it off since after jumping you are suddenly protected by the same cyno jammer that kept you out from the system in question.

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Commander Who wrote:

    ... long explanatory text...

    So my Vote on this Changes as it sits is...... -1: I hope CCP is listening to the community because this one is a real balls up.

    Concerned EVE Citizen

    Don't hold your breath...

    This change will come no matter what you or anyone else say... that is a sad fact. They may change it or tweak it a bit later on, but the change WILL come.

  • CCP continue to KILL EVE in EVE Communication Center

    "If it aint broke dont fix it"

    But cyno mechanics ARE broken and they are in great need for change...

    I DO have issues with the way CCP is planning on fixing it thought. My take on it is the same here as it was in the official blog thread.

    Travel should take time. Jump capable ships should have a Jump speed. So if they do a 5 LY jump and they have a 0.01LY / s it would take them roughly 8 minutes to travel that distance. When they get there they should pretty much be good to go as soon as their cap recharges.

    There should NOT be a exponential timer if you ask me... but moving 5-15 LY in 10 seconds is WAAAAYYYYY overpowered.

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Traveling 100 AU with a freighter takes a lot of time...
    Traveling 5 LY with a carrier is instantanious...

    I really dont understand why CCP does not make cyno travel the same as local travel only you have a LY speed meaning it is the jump that takes time, not the time in between jumps.

    Hell, I have never flown a cap in my life and have not used them for logistics, but even I feel that this change is bad.

    Other than that... Why do I get the feeling I have seen this thread before? Oh, yea, its the wormhole mass based jump distance thread all over again.

    No matter what kind of arguments you come up with, no matter how good or bad your ideas are, this change will go through. There are no ifs or buts about it. It WILL go through.

    Oh well, its 40 days and a wakeup for me. Tata

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Ok, I have pis*ed on Cyno mechanics many many times... but even I can say that these changes feels completely... wierd...

    What I find most wierd is that you can instantly travel from one spot to the other many lightyears away instantly. THAT is the problem if you ask me. Sure jump chains are also an issue, but to me artificial timers just feels wrong on so many levels.

    To me it would be much more logical if it was the jump itself that took the time. Lets just say that a carrier can fly 1 LY / minute. So if you do a 5 LY jump you have to sit and wait 5 minutes before the jump is complete. If the cyno ship is killed during this time you spread out more and more because you dont have the lock any more.

    After this travel you end up in the system and then you can instantly jump again.

    It should be the jump that takes time, not the time in between jumps.

  • Oceanus Feedback Thread in EVE Information Center

    Old topic:

    Afterburners use more cap


    Appears as if it may have just been a EFT bug.

  • Dev blog: Rebalancing EVE, One Module At A Time in EVE Information Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Hey guys. Thanks for the feedback so far.

    We're doing some discussion internally about the concerns some people have expressed about the naming.
    I will say that we absolutely reject any argument that attempts to claim that obscure name memorization should somehow be a requirement to play EVE. It's not "dumbing down the game" to make systems more easily understandable.
    However some of the concerns about the lore and flavour have merit and we're talking about what we might change to better address those concerns. Nothing related to this will be changing for Oceanus, but everything can be iterated upon.

    Also, if you've read the patch notes or dev blog today you'll have seen that we made an adjustment to the Restrained Cap Flux Coil stats. We had some wires crossed internally and thanks to your feedback we've cleared up the erroneous stats. The Restrained Cap Flux Coil will indeed have reduced drawback instead of increased drawback. It will have a capacitor pool penalty of -10% and a recharge speed bonus of 28%.


    But it does FEEL as if you are dumbing down EvE with all these tieracides, easier to use interfaces and so on. Be it weapons, mods or ships or you name it.

    In the beginning every ships was like a swizz pocket knife. You never knew what you faced and the number of fits were probably as wide as the number of players. With steamlining you remove a lot of that vibrancy simply because fitting a ship outside of the streamline will make it suck so bad that its not even funny.

    Look at other things as well. Scanning used to be HARD... I mean seriously hard and it was only very few that could actually do it at all. Not only did it take a lot of time, but it required a lot of skill and know how to do... today anyone and their ******** dog can scan while being semi comatose without breaking a sweat.

    So sorry, but to me who have been around for a long time it really does feel as if you are dumbing down EvE one step at a time... and all those names actually give things a lot more flavour than having generic "easy to recognize" names... removing things does not add to the game... it removes them, it removes something that made eve special.

  • [Oceanus] Cyno Displacement Zone around starbases in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This may be a tad bit better than the previous version... but it is still like applying a bandaid to the head when trying to fix a broken leg...

    Why not just make it so that anything outside the POS shield that lacks either roles or password can only interact with the POS force field and not with anything inside the POS?

  • Dev blog: Some NPCs Just Want to Watch the World Burn in EVE Information Center

    So... the total loss is 850-900ish billions and the total loot drop is 2-2.5ish billion...

    Seems like the risk/reward aspect of burner missions is a tad bit... off...

  • Loot and site logging programmes in EVE Gameplay Center

    I made one myself... not perfect in any shape or form, but it was functional and we used it extensivly while running our corp fleets.

    It was a webpage where people registrered and then the FC could add and remove people from the fleet while we were active. Each site had a fixed number of points that was split up over the people that did the site.

    It then calculated payout based on the points so that the one in charge basicly sent the money to each individual pilot. It did not track loot so that you could split it afterwards thought.

    Unfortunatly the web page is no longer active since my web server is no longer up and running

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Mass-Based Spawn Distance After WH Jumps in EVE Gameplay Center

    CCP Falcon wrote:
    It seems like things have gotten a bit out of hand in this thread.

    I can fully appreciated that some of you are unhappy with the changes that have gone out.

    If you feel strongly about these changes, then give civil and concise feedback in the Hyperion feedback thread, and I'll point the development team in that direction.

    Please don't make personal attacks on eachother, or employees of CCP, otherwise you'll lose the ability to post on the forums, and neither us nor you want it to come to that.

    While you may see our development staff as avatars on a forum, please be aware that there are in fact people behind these faces, and abuse of CCP and our volunteers will not be tolerated.

    Whats the point?

    You guys did not listen when you had the feedback handed to you time and time again... why would you listen now?

    Posting in this thread was a complete waste of time... I really can't be arsed wasting my time a second time.

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Mass-Based Spawn Distance After WH Jumps in EVE Gameplay Center

    epicurus ataraxia wrote:
    Faren Shalni wrote:
    So thats the Second dev blog stating that this change is happening......THEN WHATS THE POINT OF THIS THREAD IF UR JUST GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY

    also wtf with the nestor?

    I just listened to fozzie talking on down the pipe, He is clear that all options of keeping it, changing it, or removing it are on the table and they are closely watching these forums before they make a final decision.
    That seems fair and reasonable, no matter how much we dislike this new feature.

    As for the Nestor, it is too expensive and still insufficiently defined, hopefully that will change.
    I still cannot find a role for it other than bait.

    Sounds like stalling to me...

    At least if you start looking att CCPs track record about unpopular changes

    The ONLY time I am aware of CCP backpaddeling is with the P2W debacle, and that was not even a change but an internal news letter... after 5-10k canceled their accounds within a week or so... other than that... I have no recollection of CCP backing up on a new feature ever... they may "tweak" it, but it WILL come no matter what people say in this thread.