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  • Production Duration in EVE Gameplay Center

    Diolch yn fawr.

    This is ever so appreciated and perhaps now I can stop going on these production runs which are going to make me rich, rich, rich -- as long as I wait twenty years.

    This is tomorrow's job and am looking forward to playing with this data and getting back into Eve after a long unscheduled break (no, not courtesy of Her Majesty's Pleasure)

    - Myfanwy

  • Production Duration in EVE Gameplay Center

    I am sure that's there's a spreadhsheet or something out there which has a list of all the blueprints and the production duration times.

    If so, would some kind person be gracious enough to send me a link?

    Best wishes
    - Myfanwy

  • Your first, last, and favorite concerts in EVE Communication Center

    My first one was, um, Steve Hillage in 1977.

    A few weeks later I saw Rainbow and they were amazing and then a year later I was at the first ever Whitesnake gig (front row, slap bang centre) and I have a front of house poster of that night framed above my drum kit in my studio.

    Best gigs? Well, I often seem to get front row dead centre for a Albert Lee and he's brilliant to watch just feet away. I've seen Rory Gallagher in a small Belgian village hall which was intimate and wonderful. I've seen Thunder in a small cafe in Southern Germany tear the place apart.

    But the best? Has to be Reading Festival in 1980. The line-up was out of this world. Whitesnake headlined, Gillan played with his own band, Rory Gallagher was there, Pat Travers too. Not to forget that was the year that Slade made their comeback when they replaced Ozzy Osbourne at the last minute. Who else was there? Well, Nine Below Zero, a brilliant estuary blues band tore the place apart. UFO were there. So were Def Leppard and so were Iron Maiden.

    Bruce Dickinson was there, not with Maiden but with his previous band, Samson. Gary Moore's band was there too as was the band from South Wales, Tygers of Pan Tang.

    Now, nothing ever came close to Reading '80. And it didn't even rain.

    The last band I saw was last year; Rush in Sheffield. Magic as ever.

    But when it comes to the personal touch; this lady often crashes out here on the sofa:

    Top that.

  • Well done Iceland, well done.... in EVE Communication Center

    It was a cracking resuilt and not expected at all.

    Great stuff Iceland.

  • Steps for avoiding the Ebola outbreak in EVE Communication Center

    Jace Sarice wrote:
    9. Live anywhere but Sierra Leone.

    I am in North Wales and my only concern are sheep ticks.

  • A question for Industrialists and traders. in EVE Gameplay Center

    EMT Holding wrote:
    I started with a spreadsheet but it very quickly became a massive PITA to manage so I ended up writing my own application.

    I only just started manufacturing as I find it more interesting than PvP (too old, too slow) or just simply picking my nose (i.e. mining).

    I'm starting to enjoy the spreadsheet development and I wish that I got into this before. But the amount of VBA behind my workbook is becoming obscene so I may end up deciding that this may be a good time to learn a new language and have a go doing all this as a proper app somewhere.

    Since I never expect to be employed again I am going to do this for me. So I am going to choose the language that I want and it may be an old language from long ago rather than a whizz bang shiny one. I haven't made up my mind yet but as long as I can make my own linked lists and trees then it can be anything.

    I just think that I rambled a bit there. Advancing years.

  • Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound in EVE Information Center

    Whilst this change won't effect me in any way I have to say that this really feels like it's a string and sealing wax bodge-fix.

    These proposals present the impression that theve' been created to sort out a larger fundamental problem.

    If CCP wish to make travel a little more difficult in order to make the different areas of space have different markets then why not look at the Security Levels of the systems.

    What makes, for example, a 0.6 system a 0.6 system? What happens if it has a revolution or something? I would rather that CCP looks at the mechanics of a system's security level being able to change for whatever reason.

    Look at other ways to change what you want to acheive but this Fatigue Factor is wrong. We're supposed to be demigods and not some frail creature.

    This new idea feels like a badly designed fix:, please do reconsider.

  • Invention and Components in EVE Gameplay Center

    Steve, diolch.

    The level of work and support you do for the community is certainly appreciated here. Thanks ever so much for the link, it will be used shortly over the next few days.

    - Myfanwy

  • Cool window sticker in EVE Communication Center

    I would love something like that on my LandRover in an Eve vein to go with the ddraig goch (red dragon).

    Saying that my other ride is a Badger just doesn't cut the mustard but certainly a Riffter would. Please someone sell one of these somewhere...

  • Invention and Components in EVE Gameplay Center

    Oh, I would. They are exactly what I was looking for. A simple list of what produces what and uses up whichever in a series of Type IDs which one needs to decipher oneself.

    Over the next few days (Real Life is interfering dammit) I will be expanding this information to work on but Steve resource is simply excellent and I am going to find this useful in determining profit per item and, as you suggest, to have the facility to drill down and see what is going to be required where.

    Next up is the duration time for these jobs as it's no good if something makes a fortune per item but the manufacturing time is given on a geological scale.

    - Myfanwy

  • T2 Invention oddity in EVE Gameplay Center

    Best of luck with that.

  • Where do skill books come from, and how can i get them? in EVE Communication Center

    ShahFluffers wrote:
    virgin neckbeards .

    BEEP! Redundancy in the statement.

  • Invention and Components in EVE Gameplay Center

    Oh, diolch yn fawr, this is excellent stuff.

    I've got a lot of number crunching to do in the days ahead it seems.

    - Myfanwy

  • T2 Invention oddity in EVE Gameplay Center

    I don't work for a booking agency (which sounds a little like a travel agency but I can only assume that wherever you live that's what you call your local bookmaker) but work for myself as a punter. And they're off the top of my head figures anyway. And besides, despite the number of years of punting things can still come out fuzzily after a bathful of gin and tonic.

    But the point is this; the LLR (Longest Losing Run) is important as if one starts during a long losing run then it's not to be unexpected. The same as drawdown; one has to assume that one comes in at the worst possible time. Or rather the point is that people look at the odds and think that things fall neatly into little packets of losing runs with a nice winner at even intervals.

    This is what has happened here.

    If you are of the punting persuasion then the best of luck with that.

    - Myfanwy

  • Invention from Mjolnir Light Missile Blueprint in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanks ever so much. That cleared that up wonderfully.


  • Invention from Mjolnir Light Missile Blueprint in EVE Gameplay Center

    I am going through the data as supplied by the fabulous Fuzzworks (for which I do thank you) and looking at the data into what produces what and I am puzzled here.

    Without me going and training the right skills, finding the right materials, the correct blueprint and such I wondered if someone can sort this out for me.

    Take the Mjolnir Light Missile Blueprint which is Tech I. One can manufacture these fine missiles but one can also invent to make blueprints for Tech II missiles too. The Tech I blueprint can be invented, it seems, to two different Tech II blueprints: the Mjolnor FURY Light Missile Blueprint or the Mjolnir PRECISION Light Missile Blueprint.

    How does one decide which blueprint is being invented or is it just pot luck as to which one comes out of the invention process?

    - Myfanwy

  • Invention and Components in EVE Gameplay Center

    Drago Shouna wrote:
    Try looking at a blueprint/item, then the T2 variation, then info the T2 variation and it will have an industry tag with the components you'll need to manufacture it.

    Thanks, sometimes things aren't so obvious when they don't go from NAME Tech I to NAME Tech II.

    Sorry for the lack of the likes; the uplifting upvotes have vanished here from my screen.


  • Invention and Components in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thank you for this. I shall examine these over a glass or three of G&T and raise one to you.


  • Invention and Components in EVE Gameplay Center

    Apologies for the terminology as I am dog tired.

    Does not the process involve using up the Datacores? If so, they're a componment to be used at least in my book. This may a fault in my use of terminology and, if so, what term should I use?

    The Data Interface is a catalyst and only requires a one time cost.

    But for the moment I am looking for which blueprint copy makes which Tech II blueprint (and which stuff is consumed) and then what the Tech II blueprint needs.


  • Invention and Components in EVE Gameplay Center

    I am going spare here. I know that Google Isn't My Friend; everything that I enter into the wretched search engine turns up nothing for what I want.

    So, believe me when I have said that I have looked. I have looked, and looked and I can't find. Yes, useless. I know.

    Anyway, somewhere there must be a list, a spreadsheet or something of all of the Tech II blueprints with the components they require to be invented (and what from) and the components needed to make the final items.

    Can someone kindly point me to such a list? I have tried looking in the stickie at the top but the link is dead.

    Diolch yn fawr

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