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  • 30 Day SKIN License in EVE Communication Center

    I don't like it

    I feel its a kick in the nards to the players who bought, won, were gifted, paid LP for ships.

    ships not SKINS

    Perhaps they don't collect things in Iceland, other than money and Bjork albums, but I'm not sure they or many players on the forum realize what you do when you screw with someones collection.

    I hear both sides of the argument and have to agree that players had a reasonable expectation that something they owned was theirs until they lost or disposed of it.
    as folks have already pointed out some ships never got flown, they were bling, status, meta.

    so in the cases where what was a special edition ship or LP skin it should retain the same characteristics of the original, good till lost, no timer BS just to sell or recover more AUR

    future skins?
    sure whatever, ships we skinned and bought previously? no,
    same characteristics even if its a worse deal (not permanent) that makes them feel like they are more precious

    hell if CCP did that in the first place I could overlook having to reskin the few ships I have

    I think sometimes CCP forgets the amount of time we've invested in this terrible game

  • Smuggling plums in EVE Technology and Research Center

    T2 body cavity expanders?

  • Hey CCP.... about these subscription renewal emails in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Unsuccessful At Everything wrote:
    Apparently you've never seen a successful failure before...

    sure I have, I've been on these forums for years

  • Hey CCP.... about these subscription renewal emails in EVE Technology and Research Center

    HTML content says "subscription renewal success"
    plain text content says "subscription renewal failed"

    so if I look at the email on a phone for instance, it says failure, but in a regular client it says success

    -=3D Subscription Renewal Failed =3D-
    Dear ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Thank you. Your CreditCard account was billed on: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 01:21:12=
    GMT, in the amount of 14.95 USD.

    Account: ,,,,,,,,
    Payment ID:xxxxxxxx-xxxx
    Description:   1 x 1 Month EVE subscription     @ 14.95 USD   =3D 14.95 USD
    TOTAL  =3D 14.95 USD

    Please include the above with any correspondence.

    - The EVE Online Dev Team


    Solutions to most issues can be found in our Knowledge Base or you can cont=
    act us by email at

    =C2=BB Knowledge Base

        Subscription Renewal Success

    please fix, its confusing and diminishes your street cred...

  • Breaking News: No more SP loss and clone grades in EVE Communication Center

    Mharius Skjem wrote:
    baltec1 wrote:
    Mharius Skjem wrote:
    King Fu Hostile wrote:
    hey cool, it doesn't matter if you die anymore

    That's my concern too. Dieing should matter. Otherwise we may as well re spawn in our station with our ship and equipment intact too like they do in other games too.

    If it's meaningless to die, if loss isn't painful, then how the **** do you hurt the enemy?

    Their ship exploded and their implants are gone?
    my worry is that eve is moving in a direction where one day that will stop too.

    I'm not against the removal of clone grades per se but death has to be painful.

    so your saying it isnt enough to lose the isk for a ship and implants but its all ok if you another XX million to the loss?

  • Breaking News: No more SP loss and clone grades in EVE Communication Center

    I think this change is great, clone costs are so high on high skill characters it does make random gang PVP less feasible

    I also think most of the people against this are in one of 2 camps

    those who have yet to realize how burdensome high level clone costs are because they don't have SP themselves

    and some higher level players who are trembling in fear that their no-risk system of watching for titan pilots to log on will be destroyed as high SP characters jump into frigs and not giant space willies
    (you can bet theres more pilots than titans in game so many of them will not be shackled to a ship)

  • so CCP lost 44 mil in the last 18 months on R&D? in EVE Communication Center

    Chainsaw Plankton wrote:
    300,000 users x $15 per month x 12 months = $54million per year.

    there are a few simplifications and assumptions in there, but should be a decent ballpark figure.

    also that seems like a high figure for a WoD and/or Dust 514 write off, but hey, probably helps them on the taxes in a nice way, and I have no idea what it really takes to finance a game on that level.

    because every penny a business makes is profit

  • so CCP lost 44 mil in the last 18 months on R&D? in EVE Communication Center

    ok that makes sense, and this other article seems to back it up, so its just fallout from WOD

    and to the person who was unable to find info about this
    heres one mention with somewhat different numbers, im sure you can find more

  • so CCP lost 44 mil in the last 18 months on R&D? in EVE Communication Center

    Ursula Thrace wrote:
    rumor much?

    not really, no
    but this caught my attention and while I doubt its entirely accurate, these things usually have some basis in reality, So I'm askin

  • so CCP lost 44 mil in the last 18 months on R&D? in EVE Communication Center

    there appear to be reports circulating stating a new game has been scraped and in the last 18 months eve lost 44 million bucks on R&D yet only makes about 6 million or less a year???

    is there an existing discussion about this? is there official news?
    what got scrapped?
    should I just "not worry, it will be all right?"

    is this just propaganda from the RSI people?

  • Using AT to scam isk is lame Clockwork Pineapple in EVE Gameplay Center

    Longdrinks wrote:


    half of eve is a scam, why should AT be any different?

  • Fw Mechanics Actively Discourage Elite PVP in EVE Communication Center

    Alavaria Fera wrote:
    masternerdguy wrote:
    Title says it all. For our purposes, I will define elite pvp for the uninitiated.

    Elite PVP - The use of huge blobs, capital ships, and metagaming to defeat a target you already significantly outnumbered.

    What is the definition of blobbing?

    sexual relations with fat people

  • Hotdropping is a big problem: CFC regularly interfering with FW? in EVE Communication Center

    laughing at your use of the term nullbears as you demand the ability to be lowbears

    hey Razor, wanna do some co-op ganks?

  • Has suicide ganking become a problem? Empty freighters being ganked. in EVE Communication Center

    what people like the OP fail to get is that it doesn't matter what you are flying or how its armed

    my personal favorite is when someone is mining ice and has a buddy hanging out semi AFK in a faction fit BS for defense.

    know what we do?

    we alpha gank the BS and if we have enough time we pop the mack too.

    sitting afk on a gate with some pricy navy boat? we'll determine what we need to pop you and then do it, so be mindful of those flashy pods flying past you, if you continue to sit there your turn will come.

  • Has suicide ganking become a problem? Empty freighters being ganked. in EVE Communication Center

    flying stupidly is a disease
    ganking is the cure

    profit is nice, but if some moron is sitting afk in something undefended and shiny they will get deprived of that item as punishment

  • So how often do you visit CQ? in EVE Communication Center

    whenever I accidentally hit the button

  • A small boost to the Syndicate LP store in EVE Technology and Research Center

    this really needs to be done.

    the bottom line is we need localized income in Syndicate
    income leads to population growth
    population growth leads to gud fytes
    income leads to the ability to field better ships for those gud fytes as well as increasing high/null trade and the local economy in general

    CCP, we've literally done all we can with what you have given us, and now with the changes everywhere else we've actually hit the point where only outside intervention can make syndicate stop the backslide into the ghetto and turn the corner.

  • Suicide Gankers List in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kyperion wrote:
    Morganta wrote:
    oh what a load of rubbish, you did nothing ingame that would even apply to drone interfacing 5 anyhow.
    sub2skill has nothing to do with logging in and watching TV while you grind away at rocks for spacebux

    Except for the fact that I can sub2skill, log off, go watch TV WHILE NOT EVEN HAVING THE GAME OPEN ON MY SYSTEM .... and come back and depending on skills trained be 100% more combat effective.... so tell me again how EVE is a game where 'AFK' is not a PRIMARY TOOL to advancement!?!?!?!?!?!??

    logged out != afk

    when you are logged out you enter a state of supreme safeness that's applied 100% evenly to everyone in that state, everyone trains skills in queue and is not subject to the events in the sandbox

    when you are logged in you are subject to the rules of the game as dictated by the sandbox and its participants. going afk is a personal decision with obvious repercussions, the same thing can't be said of being logged out, where you can only effect a single personal skill and not the universe in general.

    sure you can argue that a trained skill gives you better stats, but you have to be logged in and ATK to use them and effect the universe and even then, if you never play you can have all the skills in the world and still be ****, i see noobs with character bazaar toons do it every day

  • Eternal Gratitude Towards CCP Fozzie, Team Five 0 and Team Superfriend in EVE Gameplay Center

    IbanezLaney wrote:
    Nonnak Severin wrote:
    The humble Mobile Depot.

    Rarely have I encountered something so beautiful.

    A kill for discussion.

    Without the humble Depot, I would be reduced to blasting someone like a crude animal.

    Instead, now there is elegance.

    I can destroy someone's ship which has a salvager.

    I can deploy a Mobile Depot.

    Assuming the salvager drops and I manage to hold the pod (spoiler alert: that happened)...

    I can now salvage someone's wreck in front of them with their own salvager.

    CCP Fozzie, Team Five 0, Team Superfriend - you all have made me among the happiest of capsuleers. May your future structures bring as much joy to the cosmos and the spread of dickery be unending.

    You Sir have just won Eve.

    Funny stuff.

    not empty quoting

  • Corp Thief Warning: Phistingu Alidai in EVE Gameplay Center

    why would you hire someone named "fisting you all day"?

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