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  • Folders for Contacts and Contact Watchlist in EVE Technology and Research Center

    How many of you have had multiple Wardecs declared against you or have had multiple wars you have declared?

    Wouldn't it be a nice feature to be able to organize your war contacts in folders? I think it would be. Even if it was as simple as the pilots of a corp being listed under the corporation and the corporations being listed under their alliances.

    I am no software designer, but this is a small QoL change that I think many people would benefit from. We can have folders just about anywhere else, why not here?

  • EvE iphone apps in EVE Communication Center

    I am quite fond of Neocom. It has everything one could need packed into one app.

  • No EvE Today 2-14-13 in EVE Communication Center

    Onyx Soulbane wrote:
    Whats this whole married thing? Dont gotta buy the cow when yah can get the milk for free?

    Why buy the cow when you can just run to the market and get just the milk you need at a fraction of the cost?

  • Hide your ISK, Team Security is out of control. (Allegedly) in EVE Communication Center


    If I may offer a bit of advice. The phrase you should be using goes something like this.

    "I could tell you but then I would have to kill you." As we have learned from every spy movie. You could also use the less apt cop movie line, "Move along, nothing to see here."

    Personally, I think you have done an excellent job of explaining the situation from CCP's perspective. If Kelduum really thought that they should have kept the ISk, then why even segregate it and ask if it was illegal. There would be no reason to do this if it was assumed to legal, they had foreknowledge of the events and choose to cover their gluteus. No one asks if the goods they are receiving are stolen if they have no reason to believe they haven't been.

    Keep up the good fight!

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    I also use POS's. I would love to see a new modular POS. I don't expect them to be delivered any time soon. Just please, CCP, do some work to make POS's better than they are. A little improvement until you can implement them as you really want them to be will go along way with the community.

  • Remote Decoy Cyno Field in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You can call those tactics if you like, I'm not here to argue semantics. I had an idea, apparently no one likes it, so be it.

  • Remote Decoy Cyno Field in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I disagree. Warp in at range and shoot is not strategy. Light cyno, blob, counter cyno, counter blob is not tactics. Sitting on a gate waiting for someone to jump through is neither also. I do not see certain ship fits and camping falling under the umbrella of tactics either.

    As it stands there is currently no effective way to launch surprise attacks. There is no way to launch multi-pronged attacks with out your enemy being aware. As a former student of war fighting, I think finding ways to add new elements to fleet fights is paramount to advancing New Eden.

    Putting 4 or so cyno alts in a system is kind of a tip off that something is going to happen. The element of surprise is such a factor in combat that it can not be overlooked.

    Combat used to be dictated on who had more men standing in a line, it then started to factor in the quality of weapons yet numbers were still the overriding factor. Ergo, combat in EvE is that of the middle ages. Let us modernize our combat effectiveness in New Eden.

  • Remote Decoy Cyno Field in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Upon considering capital ship operations, I had an idea. Currently, warfare in EvE is very predictable and linear. There is no strategy, there are no tactics. The idea that I had would add some layer of strategy, albeit a small layer.

    Remote Decoy Cyno Fields. To accomplish that, a new probe would be introduced. A remote decoy cyno probe. It would be skill dependent on how many probes could be launched. What I envision is that a cyno ship could enter a system, warp around making safes and deploying the stationary probes. Once the cyno pilot found the area that he wants to deploy the real cyno and lights it, all the probes would also light a false cyno field. Capitals would not be able to jump to the false fields, but anyone in system could warp to them. They would last the asme length as the actual cyno. Perhaps the probes could be restricted to COV op ships.

  • Somer Blink: Legit or Scam? in EVE Communication Center

    Since everyone else is going on about the finer points of gambling, I will simply say I have always been awarded my winnings in a prompt manner. It can be very addicting, frustrating and rewarding! Be smart with your ISk and you will be fine.

  • Opinons- Best iPhone Character Manager? in EVE Communication Center

    I like using EveUniverse and iClone Lite. There are a few others out there such as Dusk that I also have on my phone, but rarely use. EveUniverse's skill planner does not take implants into account which puts Dusk better at that, but being able to import your EveMon skill plan is handy.

  • [RP] new alliance for small corps in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    I am interested in learning more about your proposed alliance. Please send me a message with the pertinent details.

  • EVE Tribune #51 - Too stubborn to stay down in EVE Communication Center

    Read my words.



  • Jump Freighter Alt in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zions Child wrote:
    If you are going to train any skills to five, Jump Calibration V is the most important, afterwards Freighters V for the lols and Jump Fuel conservation. Jump Freighters V is one of those "I have nothing else to do with my life but train this" sort of skill. Kind of like Philosophy in real life.

    I take umbrage at that crack about philosophy! I am currently working towards a BS in philosophy. There is actually quite a lot you can do with that degree, like law school.

  • Extremely long docking and warp gate times in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Update: I have been talking to gm's about this and they are just as perplexed as I am. They have tried some server side stuff and no luck yet.

    They even had me try my other character on that acct, and I'm not having any trouble with him. Just this one, which of course is my main.

  • Extremely long docking and warp gate times in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Is anyone else having a problem when jumping thru a gate and it taking upwards of 2 min to load the next system. Same with docking, it is taking me upwards of 2 min to dock when warping to zero. ON gate jumps, my ship will show the jump graphic and disappear but I can still move the camera.

    Interesting thing is, on my second acct, this does not happen. I'm not dual boxing, I run one acct or the other but not both at the same time.

    I have tried clearing the cache multiple times and the best I get from that is one jump as normal and the next is back to a 2 min wait.

    Any ideas.

    P.s I did bug report it and petition but no response as of yet.

    Thanks forum warriors for any ideas you may have.