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  • Little things / Small QoL suggestions in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Suggestion: Radial menu activated for scanned down signatures on the probing screen
    Keywords: Probing, UI
    Note: Would help harmonize with rest of UI/radial menu changes

    I've noticed that as I get used to the radial menu, I've started expecting it in more and more places. One of the places where its absence is particularly noted is in the probe results screen. I keep trying to activate the radial so I can warp there, instead of right clicking on it. What are the chances that we could get a radial menu added to results on the probe screen?

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

  • Is playing as a tourist doable? in EVE Communication Center

    o/ there!

    I'm the guy who writes Eve Travel, which was linked earlier in the thread.

    The lifestyle of a tourist is definitely a feasible one. Heck, I do it essentially for a living. As a few others in the thread point out, its certainly not a lucrative career, but hopefully you won't be losing ships much so you won't need much of an income stream (I generally do exploration sites in low sec myself to keep myself afloat). Most people tend to do at least a little sightseeing in the game, but few people really keep it up as a full time or semi-full time job. It definitely is a different kind of game play than most people are really familiar with when they think of eve. Especially after you leave high sec space, the key is mostly to just keep as low a profile as humanly possible. If you're an alpha clone, that does limit you in a lot of ways, since you won't have access to either cloaks or the ability of interceptors or tech 3 cruisers to get past bubbles if you want to explore out in null sec. Realistically, that mostly becomes a problem to see the null sec space sights... its possible to get into most high sec and even low sec systems without TOO much hassle much of the time if you are patient and willing to wait things out a bit. Even null sec may not be out of reach if you're lucky (check wormhole connections! If you can't avoid bubbles that is probably your best bet for null).

    Anyway, I'm rambling on a bit here. If you have any specific questions, either in terms of strategy for sightseeing or about the lore, I'm happy to chat, so feel free to either shoot me a message or chat with me if you see me online.

    Fly safe, and I hope you get some awesome pics :-D

  • Jovian Protocol in EVE Communication Center

    I'm gratified to see so many people interested in coming to an agreement of some kind, and I sincerely appreciate the various offers of support on the subject. For many reasons, this is clearly somewhat of a delicate subject, and I'm happy that there is at least a broad consensus for an agreement, even if the details need to be worked out.

    I fully understand and appreciate the reticence some have voiced, as well as their concerns. The decision to take part in a Jovian exploration team is not one I make lightly, and I have little doubt that the broader New Eden gaining full access to Jovian tech would roil an already chaotic cluster. However, i would much rather the technology fall into all hands than fall into solely the wrong ones. Sansha Kuvakei has shown us the dangers of allowing a limited few to get their hands on advanced technology. Also, I should be clear that I am not advocating for an overt attempt to breach Jovian space, but if the opportunity presents itself, I think we should be ready to respond.

    I appreciate ARC's offer to lead the discussions on this issue, especially since I may not be the most logical leader for this sort of discussion. I merely wanted to get the ball rolling. Thank you all again for the support, and I look forward to seeing what kind of agreement we can reach.

  • Jovian Protocol in EVE Communication Center

    Makoto Priano wrote:
    I'll admit I'm not sure how the panel pivoted to the discussion of a Jovian Protocol, but it's certainly an interesting basis for discussion on how we would establish norms for colonization of newly-discovered space. So-- let's consider the Jovian Protocol a framework for discussion these sorts of things generally.

    I have to admit, I was rather surprised at the turn the discussion took as well, but given everyone's interest in it, I thought it best to bring it out in the open for a more general discussion.

    My current concern is that once a path is found, major powers are likely to attempt to follow that path in. The ability to rapidly construct necessary infrastructure for habitation and defense is a primary point of interest.

    That may be inevitable. I suspect it would be more in our interests to ensure that our back ranks are protected rather than trying to prevent others from following us through. Any penetration into Jovian space is unlikely to be the last.

    Markus Vulpine wrote:
    In short, I simply want to emphasize the need for a diverse team; a collection of scientists, historians, combat specialists, engineers, etc. who all feel as though their input is needed and appreciated. There is no single "correct" way to approach this operation, not least because we technically have no idea what we will encounter should we be able to access Jove space.

    Well said! In order to make this work, we would need to draw on experts from a wide variety of fields to make sure that we can quickly and efficiently move in.

  • Jovian Protocol in EVE Communication Center

    Greetings fellow Empyreans,

    I wanted to follow up on a discussion that arose at the Seyllin Conference yesterday. At a panel concerning exploration in New Eden among myself, many members of Signal Cartel, and a few other nonaligned parties, the discussion quickly sidetracked to to a discussion concerning what exactly would happen should the rest of New Eden ever gain access, accidentally or otherwise, to Jove space. It was quickly decided that it might be in the interests of all concerned to come to an agreement beforehand of how to tackle such an eventuality, so if it ever does occur, it can be implemented quickly. Various concerns included who would coordinate research and salvage efforts, who would be in charge of securing supply lines, and who would provide front-line defenses against any remaining active Jovian defenses. And so, to follow up on that discussion, I bring it to the Summit to see if some basic ideas might be hashed out.

    A few caveats and thoughts are in order, of course:

    1) This protocol would only be in effect among agreed parties, of course. While I'd like to see the Protocol adopted as widely as possible (in order to ensure the orderly exploration of any Jovian technology and minimize the possibility that the technology would fall to only a select few), it seems unlikely that everyone would agree to be under the Protocol's umbrella and even more unlikely that we would be able to prevent poachers or other malcontents if they make a concerted effort.

    2) Depending on how we gain access to Jovian space (should it ever occur), it seems unlikely that CONCORD (or the Jovian heirs apparent, the Society of Conscious Thought) will be pleased at the prospect of the Empyrean community gaining access to Jovian technology, especially considering that CONCORD's primary overwatch capabilities to our community derive from Jovian technology and I doubt they relish the idea of losing that advantage. Steps may need to be taken to ensure that they cannot interfere with our research.

    I welcome the input of anyone who may wish to join this Protocol and look forward to any thoughts and insights the Summit may have. Also, if a prior agreement is already in place, I apologize for intruding on that agreement, but the participants yesterday were all unaware.

  • Coloration changes in violent wormholes in EVE Communication Center

    Che Biko wrote:
    ECAID has confirmed that the disappearance of the red colour is the result of software fixes. So, either it was a bug, or CONCORD is covering things up.

    It wouldn't be the first time that CONCORD has disrupted my research, so I can't put it past them.

  • Coloration changes in violent wormholes in EVE Communication Center

    And as quickly as the odd coloring arrived, it was gone. As a follow up to my investigations last night, I returned to Promised Land just a few minutes ago and discovered that the apparent red coloration had vanished, as you can see here. I quickly rushed back to Thera and, in fact, the coloration had disappeared from those violent wormholes as well. As you can see, Cloud Ring is back in its prominent and visible place through the aperture of the wormhole.

    The return to apparently normality leads me to think that it was some errant software update in the visualization software or the like, similar to Ms. Priano's initial suggestion. A smaller, but still valid, possibility is that whatever adjustments that the violent wormholes were undergoing have been completed within just a few days (which could lend credence to Che Biko's and Sinjin Mokk's various ideas on the subject). I suppose that until we find a way through the wormholes, we will not know either way.

    I sincerely appreciate the various efforts and theories from those involved, and I will continue to monitor the situation and will report on any further abnormalities.

  • Coloration changes in violent wormholes in EVE Communication Center

    My thanks to the quick reactions and investigations conducted on this odd phenomenon from all involved.

    Although your theory makes a certain amount of sense, Ms. Priano, I'm not sure it makes any particular sense for the visualization software to alter the color spectrum while still keeping easily recognizable stellar objects, but the ways of artificial intelligence are strange indeed, I suppose.

    I will continue to check in periodically with the Promised Land wormhole and will update any interested parties of any other changes.

    Incidentally, Ms. Priano, I am still verifying my schedule for the Seyllin Conference, but will let you know soon.

  • Coloration changes in violent wormholes in EVE Communication Center

    Greetings to the Summit.

    Those of you who know me may know that I specialize in the various sights that can be viewed across known (and, to the extent we can access it, unknown) space. I try to keep tabs on certain sites of particular interest to me, including the object that brings me to the Summit today, the Violent Wormhole in Promised Land.

    For those of you who may not be familiar, with Violent Wormhole is a relic of Sansha Kuvakei's initial incursions into CONCORD space, when he was appeared to be directly controlling the fleets. Apparently using some sort of technology able to generate wormholes still unknown to us (though, based on further findings, speculated to be derived from Talocan technology), he was able to flee from the heart of CONCORD space, initially resting in the system of Promised Land, near the Eve Gate, before retreating entirely to his hidden base. Although the Yulai-Promised Land wormhole quickly collapsed, the Promised Land-home base wormhole survives to this day, although its gravitational sheer and exotic radiation means it would be deadly for any ship, probe, or capsuleer to pass through. Given my interest in where Sansha Kuvakei is hidden and where he obtained his wormhole technology, I've made a point of checking in on the Promised Land WH every so often (in fact probably more frequently than necessary).

    The wormhole in Promised Land has remained relatively unchanged for years. An increase in camera drone resolution allowed a better view through the wormhole's aperture, as you can see here and here, which surprisingly seemed to indicate that the wormhole's other aperture was somewhere in the region of Pure Blind, but after the discovery of epicenters with violent wormholes of their own that also appeared to terminate in Pure Blind (and a thorough search through Pure Blind with the help of interested capsuleers), however, I dismissed it as an odd visual artifact.

    Yesterday, however, I visited the Promised Land wormhole and noted a significant change. Although the view through the wormhole remained unchanged, the entire view from the other side has been shifted to the red end of the visible spectrum. A few images taken from my camera drones can be viewed here. Note that you can still make out the familiar contours of Cloud Ring, even if it's color has been red-shifted.

    On a hunch, I decided to investigate the other known example of violent wormholes found at Talocan epicenters in certain Anoikis systems. The most easily found example can be found in Thera. As can be seen in my image gallery, the violent wormholes in the Thera epicenter display a similar shift in coloration to the red end of the spectrum while maintaining the same view. I have little reason to doubt that other epicenters display similar changes.

    I'm at a loss to explain the change in coloration, or precisely what it means, but perhaps greater minds than mine may be able to determine the reason for the change. I look forward to any insights anyone may have.

  • Eve Lore Survival Guide v. 2.5 released! in EVE Communication Center

    It's time for my bi-annual update to the Eve Lore Survival Guide, heh. I've finally had a chance to delve into the lore repercussions of Inheritance, as well as update the Guide to reflect other things that have happened in the Game's storyline since September! This marks the 11th release of the Survival Guide and it just passed its 4th birthday last month. Comments, questions, and concerns are welcome, as always. Enjoy!

  • Dev Blog: Scanning and Probing Changes in Parallax in EVE Information Center

    Apologies if I'm repeating a comment said already (I unfortunately do not have the time to wade through 17 pages of feedback). First off, this iteration of the probing changes seems to have raised the usability quite a bit, so well done! I'm pleased to see a lot of the older feedback taken into account.

    There is one thing I miss from the old map, however, and on the off chance that this hasn't been mentioned yet, there something that I'd like to see brought into the new system, if possible. In the old interface, a signal would only turn green once the signal strength hit 100%. It was a quick, visual way to know if the scan succeeded without me needing to check the scan results. In the new interface, however, I've noticed that the signal will often (though not always, it's a tad inconsistent) turn green when the signature gets about 75% strength (You can see that here). I'd love a return back to the old system, where a marker didn't turn green until it was at 100% strength, unless there's some point in turning it green prior to 100% that I'm not aware of. Thanks again for all your work!

  • [Consortium] Consortium operations formally announced. in EVE Communication Center

    Project Compass Holdings has worked with the Consortium on a few occasions and I am delighted to publicly support the Consortium on behalf of the corporation.

  • Stellar Classification Anomaly in EVE Communication Center

    Thank you for your insights, Mr. Kalkoken. I had found the various stellar peculiarities you described, but not this particular one, and I think your theory best matches the data we have available right now. I'm still seeking out entrances to the Barbican and Sentinel systems, and I look forward to seeing if the classification anomalies hold true.

    On another somewhat odd note, I revisited Thera last night, and noticed that the stellar classification there is listed merely as A0, without any attendant I, II, III, IV, or V. I'm still pondering the meaning of this myself, but I thought it was worth noting. I'd be interested if anyone can gain access to a normal shattered system and verify the stellar classifications there.

    EDIT: I have since confirmed, as expected, that the Barbican sun is also classified as A0IV2.

  • Stellar Classification Anomaly in EVE Communication Center

    While the capsuleer community is undoubtedly distracted by the events of today in Safizon (and rightfully so), I wanted to bring attention to certain information I've discovered over the past few days. As those who know me may know, I've embarked on a long-term project to visit and catalog all of the so-called "shattered" systems that have become available to capsuleers over the past few months. This involves scanning down all signatures in a system, and visiting all celestial objects to see if anything appears out of place or previously unreported, as well as recording basic astrometric data on the local star. It is, as you might imagine, slow going and admittedly dependent on my level of motivation on any particular day. However, I have paid special attention to the so-called "Drifter" wormholes that have appeared recently, and have made an attempt to visit and catalog all of these systems. So far, I've had the chance to visit 4 of 5 (I am thus far only missing J110145, or the Barbican system).

    Generally speaking, most of the data I've found in the Drifter systems has been fairly ordinary. In terms of both temperature and estimated age, the stars in Drifter systems appear similar to those of other shattered systems, averaging right around 9900 kelvin and 475,000,000 years, respectively. However, while the stars in J164710 (Vidette), J174618 (Redoubt), and J200727 (Conflux) all appear as turbulent blue subgiant stars, similar to other shattered systems, the spectral class is not quite right. Other shattered systems have a stellar classification of A0IV, indicating that they are slightly hotter, subgiant stars. However, in these 3 systems, the stellar classification is A0IV2 (as an aside, given that these three systems have all appeared as A0IV2, I suspect I simply misrecorded the stellar classification in J055520 (Sentinel), but as my records have that system down as class A0IV and I have not yet had a chance to verify it otherwise, I am keeping J055520 off of this list). I have since confirmed that this is not an error in my ship's spectroscope, but rather some quantifiable difference in the stars themselves. Unfortunately, despite collaboration with some of my colleagues, we've been unable to determine what the '2' in the stellar classification signifies. I have since reached out to CONCORD, the Sisters of Eve, and the Society of Conscious Thought to determine if their scientists have any thoughts on the matter, but I have as of yet heard no reply from any of the organizations.

    And so I bring the question to any potential experts in astrophysics amongst the capsuleer community: what does a stellar classification of A0IV2 mean? My own research has yielded no records of a '2' being appended to the end of a stellar classification, but I may well be missing something given my relative unfamiliarity with the topic. Any insights into the matter would be very much appreciated. Of course, if I manage to find my way into J055520 or J110145 (Barbican), or if I hear back from any of my requests, I will update this topic with the relevant information.

    Finally, I must thank the members of Signal Cartel for their help in getting me access both into Conflux and Vidette last night, as it would have been quite cumbersome to find my way in without their assistance.

  • Unscheduled Downtime Extension – July 15, 2015 in EVE Communication Center

    CCP is just kindly waiting for me to get home from work to get the server started :-D

  • [Survey] Drifter Engagement Details in EVE Communication Center

    I thank Mr. Sakura for doing the not-always-exciting but necessary work of collecting and analyzing the data he requests in his survey. I have happily submitted my data and I only wish I was able to give more comprehensive information, and I hope that others do the same.

    As for the rest of this discussion, it is a shame that some of us let petty factionalism get in the way of threats to us all, and I am thankful that we have at least some adults in the room like Mr. Sakura. Let us hope that that will be enough.

  • On Tukoss's remains and the DED in EVE Communication Center

    I was disappointed to turn my attention back from solely planetary manners to see this development, though I can hardly fault Mr. Raholan for his decision to put his family first and foremost.

    I am glad this situation has resolved peacefully, but I cannot help but wonder what CONCORD will demand next in the interest of fulfilling their mandates, and what the price exacted will be. Day by day, I become less and less clear on exactly what, if anything, is at all worthy of my trust and support, but those are thoughts for another time.

  • [PRESS] Odo Korachi issues demands; IKAME petitions for assistance in EVE Communication Center

    I am disappointed that CONCORD has only escalated an already delicate situation with unreasonable demands unbecoming of a supposedly civilized institution. I once had respect for the institution, but I fear it waning every day while it seeks only to amass power without regard to any checks or balances.

    I once again offer Project Compass Holdings' full support, both materiel and moral, to any of the afflicted pilots.

  • [PRESS] Odo Korachi issues demands; IKAME petitions for assistance in EVE Communication Center

    I am disturbed by these communiques. CONCORD and its various arms are not exactly known for the free release of information, and I sadly suspect that if the samples were turned over, we would never hear of them again. This is precisely the opposite of everything Dr. Tukoss stood for with Arek'Jaalan. Although meager, Project Compass Holdings and its various resources are available for any assistance we can provide.

  • [A'J] Project Salus in EVE Communication Center

    Haria Haritimado wrote:
    Mark726 wrote:
    2) Do the probes in the anomalies also try to ping nearby ships? Unfortunately, I neglected to examine this myself the last time I was in a Drifter wormhole, but I hope to the next time I manage to find the entrance wormholes.

    The Mysterious Probes in Conflux (J200727) did not respond to my approach (tried both cloaked and uncloaked below 2000m) in any way.

    Best wishes,

    Haria Haritimado

    I appreciate the quick turnaround with testing of the Drifter space probes, though I'm somewhat disappointed with the results, of course.

    For those who may be interested in the Charmerout probe, the ping occurs when a ship approaches to within 6 kilometers of the probe, and it pinged my ship both while cloaked and then again when I uncloaked within the 6 kilometer distance. Sadly, with an Antikythera, Conflux, and Vidette element within my ship, no change in the response was noted with the Probe. Entosis links, as well as data and relic analyzers, remain useless on the Charmerout probe.

    Regardless of these differences, I remain convinced that a connection remains between the Drifter WH probes and the one in Charmerout.

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