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  • [March] Warp Disruptor and Scrambler Tiericide in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I approve of anything that might make stabs a little less relevant in this game.

  • Mr Hyde - CSM XI in Council of Stellar Management

    Just yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr Hyde for the CSM Watch coverage. The interview isn't up yet, but I can honestly say it was one of the better ones I've participated in and I think he's on my ballot now.

  • Red vs Blue: Never ending PvP at your disposal! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Logged in for a quick bit of PVP this evening and was not disappointed. Within minutes I was shooting at a Cyclone, killing a Rifter, losing a Rupture, then killing a Gnosis with a swarm of frigs.

    We're really not kidding with the 'fast, fun pvp' line. Join today (alts heartily welcome!)

  • Joffy Aulx-Gao for CSMXI in Council of Stellar Management

    Joffy is not just a good pirate, a good PVPer, or a good EVE player - though he's all those things. He's also a genuinely good dude that I can't wait to see on the CSM.

    My only concern is that the CSM appears to be a tire fire these days, but if anyone can restore a sense of decorum and make good on the implicit trust we place in our CSM reps, it's Joffy.

  • Signal Cartel: A Haven for Peaceful Explorers--New Players Welcome! in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    You can't do much better than placing yourself under the able leadership of Mynxee. A legend of lowsec, I have no doubt this is the first step to crafting her legend in exploration as well.

  • CSM8 Officer Positions in Council of Stellar Management


  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management

    Vaju Enki wrote:
    So many good CSM candidates this year.

    Thank you for the kind words, sir. Unfortunately, you'll be down one, as I have been forced to withdraw due to family medical issues. More info in the OP to come.

  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management

    Xylorn Hasher wrote:
    Marc Scaurus wrote:
    For those who can’t be bothered with large amounts of words, here’s a recap:

    Marc Scaurus for CSM8

    • Increasing lowsec’s impact across EVE Online
    • Bringing a wider variety of gameplay to lowsec
    • Revitalizing industry in lowsec
    • Continuing improvements to faction warfare

    To learn more about my campaign, please check out this blog post and keep an eye on my blog at If you wish to get ahold of me, here's how:

    Twitter - @marcscaurus
    Skype - marcscaurus
    Email -
    Evemail - Marc Scaurus

    Funny thing that a guy with -1,8 security status wants to represent lowsec residents, even funnier when you check his killboard and see that he lives and be a part of nullsec blob warfare for a year at least.

    Marc Scaurus do me a favour and go be lowsec representative elseware you carebear anf F1 pusher!

    Ah my first troll. I was beginning to worry when one of you didn't show up. For someone so well versed in reading killboards and corp history, you should also be able to determine that I wasn't terribly active in null (half my kills were blue kills, RIP Vile Rat) and that of my 1000+ kills, nearly all of them have taken place in lowsec. But let's not let facts get in the way of things, right?

  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management

    Malcanis wrote:
    Marc, I would like to hear your opinion on a couple of concepts:

    (1) At the moment, hi-sec does not offer the opportunity for hi-sec players to experience large scale fights and extended fights. Do you think FW is the correct platform to extend this class of experience to hi-sec players?

    (2) Would you like to see FW extended to be able to change the sovereignty of systems from one faction to another? How would you envisage this happening if so?

    Additionally, I would like to hear your opinion on something that concerns me: currently, lo-sec is the place where PvPers can go and operate in small groups. If some "Unique Selling Point" is added to lo-sec, isn't there a danger of encroaching on that small group environment? How would you like to see this issue addressed?

    Thirdly, as you may be aware, a core tenet of my campaign is the repatriation of nullsec alts from hi-sec to null, by allowing them to viably operate there. Do you forsee any impact on lo-sec from this? What would be your perspective here?

    1 - This would have to depend entirely on your definition of large scale fights. However, facwar has had some very impressive battles in hotly contested systems. As an entry point into PVP in general, both solo and small to mid sized gang varieties, I think faction warfare is doing an admirable job of things. As for it being the 'correct platform...for hi-sec players', I'm not sure if that statement makes much sense. Those fights obviously occur in lowsec among lowsec based entities (the militias). If the thrust of the question is whether it is the correct way to get players from high sec into lowsec, then my answer would be yes - it is a good avenue.

    2 - That could be one way to accomplish giving faction warfare some impact on the map as a whole, however I would have to see specifics of such a proposal to see if it actually amounts to changing anything. The goal of providing faction warfare (and lowsec as a whole) a way to make an impact on the game isn't just about changing a system's ownership tag - its about making an impact on the players of the game as well.

    As for ways to make this happen, holding a system for XX amount of days would be a simple way to make sovereignty change to the holding faction.

    2.5 - The addition of a unique selling point to lowsec should only be done while preserving the existing playstyle of its residents. Outlaws have called lowsec home since its inception, with groups like the Guristas Associates, Tuskers, Blood Money Cartel, Bastards and countless others personifying the sov-less, semi-nomadic, pirating lifestyle. If elected and informed that CCP was changing things in such a way as to kill off that playstyle, there would be no end to the fight I would put up against such a change. I think there are ways to ensure that this doesn't happen, however.

    3 - There would probably be some impact, as I'm sure there are at least a few nullsec residents that run L5s or other ISK-generating things in lowsec. However, the impact would in all likelihood be slight - and if a change to the way nullsec income is generated on an individual level is paired with a net boost to the ISK generating potential of lowsec, I'd be happy to make that trade.

  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management

    subtle turtle wrote:
    Marc Scaurus wrote:

    For PVP: I also intend to push forward for improvements to the war dec system, bounty hunting, as well as to help improve the sad state of affairs with such time honored (but swiftly diminishing) gameplay options as the ninjas of high sec.

    I am glad to see a FW candidate, and VERY glad to see someone say this.

    When I first started in Eve, I ran missions, like most newbies. My first experiences with PVP were when Suddenly Ninjas came to town and started wrecking the place up. I don't recall ever losing a ship to them, but I was in awe at the ease in which they tore apart "experienced" missioners in expensive (to me) ships. It was this experience that led me to the PVP dark-side, and it's really sad that I don't see similar things happening anymore.


    Your story is one of many that I've heard where, by being exposed to the darker side of EVE Online, a player learns the joys of PVP and all that that entails. The curtailing of the ability for players to be exposed to that side of the game is tragic and something that no one is really addressing in a satisfactory manner, which is something I plan on changing (with the usual caveat of 'if elected' of course).

  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management

    Dyvim Slorm wrote:
    Just listened to your interview on Crossing Zebras and you mention a subject close to my heart, improving the wardec system. It has received some attention recently but still needs a lot more work to make it fit for purpose, what do you have in mind for this?

    Coming back to your lowsec side here are a couple of ideas (perhaps concepts) I would like to see which may tempt more corps into lowsec.

    1/ There should be a real benefit for an industrial corp to set up a lowsec operation, perhaps by having a significant boost to production and research, particularly in a POS

    2/ I do have a bit of an rp background and to me lowsec should be the place where respectable highsec corps do their dirty business (slave labour, illegal scientific experiments, corporate assassination etc). Lowsec should be the place where the Board can deny wrongdoing because they didn't know about it (as what happens in rl) so some mechanism to allow corps to deal in unethical but very profitable areas would seem a way forward.

    In the early stages of the game 2003/4/5 I have fond memories of lowsec along the Aridia pipe (and elsewhere) with small communities that sprang up, both pirate and non pirate which made areas have a distinct feeling of place. It would be great to get that back, which could come about if lowsec was developed and became the vibrant place it once was. Unfortunately at present lowsec's just the place in the way between highsec and nullsec.

    The main thing with wardecs right now is ensuring that they stay a viable option for pursuing 'non mutual' affairs. There was a disconcerting conversation in the last minutes where the possibility of 'mutual only' war decs was brought up that shouldn't have even been a topic for discussion. A lot of work has been done on wars, especially with regards to crimewatch changes, to get them up to speed for modern EVE Online. However, they do not appear to be on the table for more improvements in the near future, so right now I just want to make sure that we don't lost any more non mutual PVP options.

    As for your lowsec points, I do agree that more could be done in lowsec with regards to production and research. The exact nature of the opportunities available obviously won't be known until CCP announces what they have planned for production/research and POSes in general, but I think that giving lowsec an edge in the industry arena is something that is way overdue.

    I'm a bit of a closet RP nerd, so when it comes to lowsec I definitely would love to see something done to make the reality of the area match more closely with the concept for the area - a place where police do not go, faction navies operate in a limited capacity, etc. Pirates, drug dealers, all sorts of nefarious character should be able to call lowsec home. Contraband should be available to be made and smuggled throughout lowsec for some tangible benefit that makes an impact on the rest of the game.

  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management

    badposting wrote:
    Malcanis wrote:
    Should 0.4 systems be opened up for moon mining?

    It's not just that, you can't deploy fighters there, you can't anchor reactors and last time I checked the description of POSes still say they need starbase charters in 0.4 when they don't. 0.4 is just in this weird nonsense limbo right now.

    "Weird nonsense limbo" is putting it lightly. Getting 0.4 systems in line with the rest of lowsec is something that I'm frankly surprised hasn't been done yet, and something that I will push to have addressed should I be elected. CCP have shown a willingness to recognize the unique 'lowsec situation' with the recent Crimewatch changes, now it is simply a matter of getting the rest of these inconsistencies dealt with.

  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management

    Malcanis wrote:
    Should 0.4 systems be opened up for moon mining?

    Absolutely. Getting rid of the need for starbase charters awhile back for POSes in .4 systems was a step in the right direction, but in what can kindly be called 'typical CCP fashion', the job was left half done. Increasing the availability of moons by opening 0.4 systems to moon mining is an easy, albeit small, way to help address the revenue issue in lowsec.

    I also imagine the 'land grab' aspect of doing away with the restriction could result in a fair number of explosions, which is always good.

  • CSM December minutes: The CSM in Council of Stellar Management

    A reformation of the voting system itself is not, in the grand scheme of things, something that really needs to be addressed. The current voting system is actually the most kind to smaller interests - one can simply look at CSM 7 for evidence of the fact that a wide and varied amount of knowledge can end up on the Council.

    As many others have said, the real problem with the current status of things is not necessarily how the votes are counted, or even cast - it's the quantity of the votes. Getting more players involved in the process will result in future Councils that have a higher likelihood of being an accurate representation of the entire player base. On that note, mandatory voting would help this issue - but not nearly as much as we might like, as most people want to just hurry up and start playing when booting up EVE, not sit there and make a democratic choice.

    Improving the visibility and accessibility of the CSM and the voting process will surely help, however. In short - let's get more people involved with the process first before tinkering with it to address issues that may not even be issues in the near future.

    Of far more importance out of this session at the Summit was the revamp to the White Paper, which needs to happen and needs to happen soon, but something that we have not heard a lick about.

  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management

    Reserved for future use

  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management

    Reserved for future use

  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management


  • Welp in Council of Stellar Management

    Unfortunately, due to family medical issues, I am forced to withdraw from the running for CSM8. I wish all the candidates the best of luck, and sincerely hope that someone will step up to the plate for lowsec's interests and needs.

    My apologies to those of you who expressed support for me in this thread and in other areas such as Twitter, blogs, etc - in particular those who took the time to give me a platform from which to speak (Xander and Drackarn) and those who used their platforms to raise awareness (Rixx, Jaxley, Chella, etc).

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Perhaps it could be that current active POS managers are only a small portion of the community because POSes are so bad right now. I once lived in a wormhole and it was a great way to make ISK. The reason I left? Managing the POS that was our supposed home, but felt more like a lean to or something Bear Grylls would make whilst swilling his own ****.

    In short, if the POS management community is small, it's only through the continuing failure by CCP to grow it through (at the least) an accessible management system.

  • Learning to Fly: A look at why we do what we do. in EVE Communication Center

    I hardly even play this game anymore, much less post on forums - but KittJT is a dude worth reading. Thought you should know. All my likes, etc..

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