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  • Alpha Clones serious mining restrictions... in EVE Communication Center

    Akane Togenada wrote:
    It's almost as if CCP want to steer then Alphas into PvP ... I wonder if that might be because all studies that have ever been done on player retention shows that players who participate in PvP early on are most likely to stay in the game.

    The phrase you're looking for is "survivor bias." :D

    It's not that the people who join player corporations or engage in PVP stay around longer, it's that the people who are likely to stay around longer are the ones who seek out player corporations or PVP.

    Why do people who join player corporations stay in the game longer? Is it because they're more socially oriented people who stay in the game because they like socialising? Is it because people who make friends in game don't want to leave them?

    Why do people who participate in PVP stay around longer? What about the people who stick around for a long time then try PVP and quit?

    Is there something we (CCP & the player community combined or separately) can do to help new players understand the game and seek out the social, competitive and political aspects that might interest them? The Alpha Clone state is one option: simply removing the cost of exploring the game world.

    How do we help people discover the social opportunities, in a game whose main form of social interaction is trolling?

  • Dev blog: PLEX Changes On The Way! in EVE Information Center

    Back in the day to prevent players making bad decisions, there was a warning along the lines of, "you are undocking without your mission cargo, do you really want to do this?" There was no option added to allow access to mission cargo from any station.

    Back in the day, mission cargoes used to be thousands of individual items. Then to prevent fraud the cargo of 1000 dolls became 1 large crate of dolls. Why does PLEX need tombe treated differently?

    This action looks like an attempt to sieze stale balances. At the very least I would convert Aurum to PLEX rounding up, rather than rounding the first thousand down to zero. Perhaps CCP is hoping to incite a mad rush on the Aurum store for all those sub-1000 Aurum offers?

  • Windows 7: launcher won't launch, repair tool won't repair in EVE Technology and Research Center

    My long suffering other half is using Windows 7 (being the source of said suffering) and has encountered an error with the launcher:

    Your EVE client installation may have modified, damaged or corrupt files.
    Verification failed:
    'C:\ProgramData\CCP\EVE\SharedCache\tq\bin\_trinity_dx11_deploy.dll', crc:6e3b3aea, expected:e78fa1ec

    When we try running the repair tool we get this:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "", line 372, in module
      File "updateSelf.pyc", line 85, in UpdateSelf_nt
      File "updateSelf.pyc", line 15, in ReadUpdateInfo
      File "repairTool\repairTools.pyc", line 234, in GetRepairInfo
      File "repairTool\repairTools.pyc", line 146, in SafeUrlOpen
    TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 6 arguments (2 given)

    I've seen other attempts at fixing this issue start with a statement of the problem, but then no followup in the last year or so.

    We tried turning it off and back on again (literally: shut down Windows, start computer back up). And now the launcher appears to be actually working, the blue bar progresses across the bottom of the window indicating that stuff is supposedly being downloaded, then we get the "damaged or corrupt files" warning again.

    We have:

    • Turned it off and back on again
    • Tried running the repair tool (but that's ancient and doesn't work)
    • Turned off anti-virus, rebooted, opened the launcher again

    Amazing stuff these modern operating systems :D

    Any suggestions on where to go from here?

  • Dev blog: The future of probe and directional scanning UI in EVE Information Center

    I'm wondering why it's considered necessary to rotate the cube+arrows at all.

    Just fix it's rotation so it's always going to move the scanning probes in the plane of the viewport. It doesn't make sense to try moving things in 3D when you have no 3D perspective. When we get VR interfaces to EVE, we'll have the appropriate means to move things in 3D without visual crutches such as cube-cursors.

  • Mission Random Pool in EVE Gameplay Center

    The pool is variable in size between agents. The agents I routinely visit have around 15–20 security missions to choose from, and around 10 distribution missions. The pool appears to be determined by the agent's empire/corp, the sovereignty they operate in (a Carthm agent in Domain has a slightly different set of missions to the same level Carthum agent elsewhere).

  • Unscheduled Downtime - 2017/01/10 in EVE Communication Center

    Did someone integrate the payload for the static fire again?

  • Quick question about pve (mwd vs afterburner) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ouch :(

    Post your fit, I wonder if there's room for tweaking it a little?

  • Quick question about pve (mwd vs afterburner) in EVE Gameplay Center

    I prefer to keep my distance from Blood Raiders due to cap warfare.

  • When the grass seems greener... in EVE Communication Center

    I find that when it looks like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, a liberal application of napalm solves the problem.

    If you want to fly Amarr ships because they're pretty, go ahead and do so. There is no "best" until you have something you want to do, and are looking for the ship that is best suited to the thing you want to do. The best ships for shooting lasers are Amarr. The best ships for looking shiny and golden are Amarr.

    The best ship for blitzing L4 missions in Apanake is the Machariel, while the best for full clears (to collect salvage) are the Golem/Rattlesnake/CNR/Barghest.

    You could argue for days about what is the best ship for any role, and then for days more about what the best modules are to put in each slot. Sometimes you just have to take what you have and learn to fly it better.

  • Any Alpha Clone managed to do level 4 missions yet? in EVE Communication Center

    Casandra Laur wrote:
    First L4 mission up - Enemies Abound Part 1 . . . it wasn't very pretty to start for them. Destroyed two cruisers, and was in armor in one minute, and warped back to base, repaired armor. (should have stayed docked up) Ok, back out she goes. Everything's running, and everyone's firing. Take down one cruiser and one frigate, and back into armor again, but this time there are 3 frigates scramming . . . into hull, with one frigate to go, should have had a mwd, as the ab only gave some hope . . . the shield booster was barely holding, last frigate pops, as she started to warp to base . . . pop!

    Enemies Abound is one of the harder L4 missions.

    A Gnosis can handle L4s just fine. An Alpha will need assistance (e.g.: follow along with a sentry drone vexor providing cap/shield/armour transfers). Just aim to get combined DPS and reps up to around 1000.

  • Fleets doing missions questions in EVE Gameplay Center

    Damage is taken by whomever is being shot. This sometimes changes.

    Standings increases and other rewards are somewhat influenced by system security status. I am not sure of the numbers but it is in the order of 10% difference between 0.5 and 0.7.

    Agent and NPC corp standings are shared, faction standings boosts from storyline missions are not. Each character will take standings losses for the ships they shoot at or destroy.

  • whats the name of that corp in EVE Gameplay Center

    Pro Synergy, perhaps?

  • Possibility for Research & Developing in EVE Communication Center

    Keep your eye on the Science & Industry forum if you want more tips. People discussing things there all the time.

  • Possibility for Research & Developing in EVE Communication Center

    Vexess Khushrenada wrote:

    Is it possable to make your own or develop new elements by researching spacial anomaly and combining them in this vast universe and applying it to create new ships , weapons, ammunition and other R&D project to apply it in a industry capacity , And if so is it also possible to build a space station that would be solely focused towards achieving these goals ?

    Yes, but there's nothing especially new and unique in the game.

    You can build your own space station, these days it will either be a Citadel or an Engineering Complex. There's a bit of documentation out there about them but I'll let you discover the nightmare on your own :D

    These articles may be of use to you in finding out about invention and research:

    In general once you know the term you're looking for you can use it along with "eve online" to find the articles you need. Those three were top hits on Google for "eve online invention" and "eve online research" and "eve online reverse engineering".

  • Mining in EVE Communication Center

    A hauler only really helps when you are a n a fleet where the hauling character is kept busy warping back and forth with more ore than one of the mining ships can hold.

    So when you are solo, you either jet can (but do not do that) or fill your ore hold and warp to the nearest station to drop it off.

    When you are in a small fleet — say, 2–6 miners — you are better off all flying mining ships unless one can fly an orca. If you have a "perfect" orca pilot you get more yield per pilot once you have one orca and two mining ships. Another advantage of the orca is as a buffer between mining and hauling. You can have one miner switch ships with the Miasmos in the Ship Maintenance Bay, haul the ore from the Orca to the station, then resume mining. The Orca + Miasmos is better than hauling with the Orca or your mining ships because the Orca or mining ship is slow and cumbersome while the Miasmos can be fit for agility and warp speed.

    As you get into bigger fleets you will quickly approach the point where either you mine more ore than one Miasmos can haul, or you vacuum up the entire belt into the ore holds of the mining ships, at which point using the Orca or a freighter to haul starts making more sense.

    All of this hauling by pilots who are not mining increases everyone's efficiency because warping takes time, and the specialist hauling ships will transport more cubic metres of ore to station per minute than the mining ships can.

    So using a booster means you mine more ore per minute, using a hauler means you waste fewer minutes hauling ore to station, and both strategies lead to more efficient mining fleets, both in terms of ore extracted and ISK value produced per hour per capsuleer.

  • Mining in EVE Communication Center

    Find friends who run mining fleets. You can improve your efficiency by sharing haulers, and ig you find fleets with boosters you will improve your efficiency further.

  • AUTZ - Failure against US and EU? in EVE Communication Center

    EVE is not an FPS, so high ping times will not prevent you getting 360 noscope headshots or whatever. The server operates on a 1s clock, so while a high ping time may pish your reactions onto the second second, it is not a major disadvantage.

    Long load times will be due to low memory, slow hard drives, and too much other stuff happening on your computer and internet connection.

    I have 32Gb RAM and SSD, so all my clients end up loading the destination system before the jump animation is finished. I live in Canberra, in a suburb with the worst Internet in Australia (out of all the places with wired Internet), usually 2Mbps ADSL with around a 250–350ms ping to the servers. I do not PvP much because I suck at organising a garage full of ships ;)

    So if I was you I would check your machine's performance: maximum disk I/O, how much RAM you have available (a minimum of 8 GB is where I would start) and graphics detail (turning this down will reduce overall load, regardless of FPS). If you have an anaemic graphics card you will be punishing your system even more: the system requirements are for the bare minimum system to run EVE with potato graphics quality.

  • ISK Limit in EVE Communication Center

    Lena Crews wrote:
    A bit of off-topic curiosity... I assume that when the game began they seeded the markets with stuff rather than waiting for players to mine/mission enough in their rookie ships to build stuff.

    Any older players remember when that stopped?

    The one I remember most fondly was the removal of shuttles, which basically set a ceiling price for titanium. If Tritanium exceeded a certain price, people would buy shuttles and reprocess them instead. So CCP introduced BPOs for shuttles and NPCs stopped selling them. From memory the old ceiling price was in the order of 3ISK/unit.

    Unrelated to NPC markets, recent changes to drone loot and reprocessing also affected the mineral market. Back in the day drones used to drop "compounds" which were basically superdense ores, that reprocessed into various minerals. People in the Drone Regions were especially fond of "gun mining" where they just shoot drones all day and carry the compounds back to their assembly lines, or to hisec for sale.

    If CCP was to "reset" EVE today, it would still be possible to bootstrap an economy quite quickly.

  • Things to do in 2 player Coop in EVE Communication Center

    Alasdan Helminthauge wrote:
    Sorry, no POS anymore, but we have enigeer complex now.

    If you ca fly a battleship and he wants industry, you can do lv4 missions and let him loot/salvage behind to gather the materials.
    Apanake maybe a good system. It's 0.5 system, has a lv4 SOE sec agent, and an EC in 3 jumps.
    Lanngisi may be a better option, but I've never been there and dont know whether there's any EC nearby.

    Apanake is the better missioning system.

    Lanngisi's agent always sends you to Barkrik, where every mission is 120AU+ from the gate. You'll spend most of your life in warp, which is good for people who need toilet breaks, but sucks for everyone else.

    If OP is looking at mission-running at an SOE agent, consider joining Pro Synergy too. If your friend is salvaging for one mission-runner in a destroyer, they should be able to keep themselves busy salvaging for more :D

  • Are we just a meat for the grinder? in EVE Communication Center

    Kenny Frighand wrote:
    A newbie like me is completely outweighted, outqualified, outgunned, and outnumbered, o matter what activity i do

    You're a warm body, an extra ship in any fleet. The things an alpha clone is suited for include:

    1. Fast tackle (T1 variants of interceptors are still useful)
    2. Scouts (your clone and ship are cheap to replace, it's more about player skill)
    3. Mining/hauling in a mining fleet
    4. Extra DPS and webs in PVP or PVE
    5. Cannon fodder

    The key is to find corps who will help you, rather than demanding you work for them. Shop around, look for recruiters, try out various corps and leave if they're not exactly right for you. Just avoid the corps that say "we will be doing PVE, PVP, exploration, trading, industry, mining, etc" (they want to be everything, and will end up doing nothing) and look for corps who have a history of doing stuff.

    Just as an extra warm body, you are useful.

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