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  • Where did the fun go? in EVE Communication Center

    ISD Eshtir wrote:
    Kaleb Mynwarra wrote:
    ISD Max Trix wrote:

    Followed your post till the last paragraph. Then you lost me. ISD's can not ban or mute someone on the forums. We can how ever submit to CCP (the community team) what the player did/posted. At that point CCP makes the call on a ban or mute. Now if it's bad enough (such as someone spamming porn malware etc) we can request an emergency mute from the GM team. But we better have a damn good reason to go that route because Internal Affairs will be asking. So you accusation that the ISD banned you is false on its face, your issue there is with CCP.

    I'm new and even I know the capabilities of the ISD team is a bit more than that. You guys can lock and remove posts. Effectively shutting down a poster. Let's forgo the Slavos tactic of splitting of hairs and the gas lighting and stay focused on the issues. There's a consensus that the Eve forums aren't as enjoyable as before. This raised two questions : why and what can be done to rectify it.

    After reading the comments here , one of the reasons that cannot be brushed aside is the unhappiness contributors of the Eve forums have with the moderation team. Not all of you, and no one has been specifically identified. However enough posts have been made that one cannot deny that there's a real feeling that the performance of the ISD team has been tainted by behaviors of inconsistency, heavy handed application of the rules, and possible bias. Contributors have asked for objective and reasonable moderation. The key word being 'moderate'.

    Frankly I'm a bit disappointed in both you and ISD Fractal. You both had opportunities to work with the community on ways to improve these forums. Sadly you've gone the way of being defensive and excuse making. Some of the excuses aren't even good too. Honestly Fractal, calling Reddit shinny and new as the reason to why people are posting there and not here is as foolish as it is off putting. There's simply no sense in making that kind of remark when the Eve DEV team gravitates there to communicate with the players. Im new and I can see how much that screams that there's something wrong.

    While we're aren't in agreement on specific ways to improve parts of these forums. We are generally interested in seeing these forums improve. I think it's safe to say we aren't against you. It's safe to say that most of us don't mind having the forums moderated.
    Flacon mentioned that new forums were in the works. I've doubts that those new forums would be any sort of improvement until the issues afflicting the current forums are addressed.

    Good evening everyone,

    i would like to adress some points that were raised within this thread. And i want to start with pointing everyone to the forum rules. You will clearly see, that normaly, your thread would already break several forum rules and would get closed for breaking them. We have decided to let this thread remain open and even informed CCP about your thread. This resulted in getting a response by CCP Falcon. You are welcome, Kaleb!

    I highly doubt you know what ISD and esp. the CCL can do in regards to forum moderation. And i even doubt that you are "that" new around here as you have stated several times. It rather looks you have some sort of agenda with ISD to me. I wont blame you for that though. I wish we could be more open to all of you, but we cant as we signed a NDA. One thing i can promise you, when we post here as ISD it is the plain truth. Now why is that, you may ask? Because we as ISD represent CCP and we for sure want to do a good job. Each team is monitored by different CCP employees and all of ISD is under the watchful eyes of internal affairs. Trust me, we have a lot of respect for IA and are careful to not mess up in our daily routine.

    Of course you will find negative comments. Thats the course of nature. Negative comments get voiced more frequently as positive ones. Please make no mistake in believing forum moderation is here to please anyone. The forum rules are here to make the forums a comfortable place for everyone to participate in meaningful discussions. If you dont break the rules your post will stay. It is very simple. CCP provided the rulebox for this sandbox and we act accordingly.

    Kaleb, you mentioned the word bias in your post. I will ask you now if you have proof about possible bias of an ISD member? If you have proof, did you forward it to internal affairs for it to be reviewed? If you dont have proof about it, why do you make such a bold claim? Im very honest here with you. The members of ISD are investing their spare, free time to give something back to the community. They are building up a reputation for themselves and the company they do this for. You are undermining their credibility and frankly you are just rude doing so.

    You say you want to improve the forums? Hey, thats great. We are all up for that. Feel free to provide us with your bullet points in a meaningful and a respectful manner. We for sure are listening to you.

    Oh and last but not least, could we please stop using "Since ISD started moderating here the forums went to ****"? Feel free to check the birth date of this character. I began my ISD duties as a forum moderator at that creation date and even then, there was already a ISD forum moderation in place. Threads got locked, posts got edited, threads got moved, threads got renamed and it all happened way back too.

    If you find spelling errors, im sorry.



    well, see you all at r/eve everybody.

  • CSM 11 Summit 2 Minutes Have Been Released in Council of Stellar Management

    Tipa Riot wrote:
    This new focus on AI, PvE content is frightening me ... do you guys even think before requesting new improved AI NPC which pose a threat to players? What I learned in the last couple of months, only a minority does PvE for fun only.

    Because EVE PvE is not intrinsically fun. If it were, more people might look for it to be.

  • Jump Fatigue? in EVE Communication Center

    Zen Dijun wrote:
    Ptraci wrote:
    Zen Dijun wrote:
    Dark Lord Trump wrote:
    It's there so PL can't jump across the map in 15 minutes and drop on you every time you so much as think about capitals. All industrial ships have a 90% reduction to effective distance traveled anyway.

    I get the force projection stuff....but not logistics. Ships should have a travel mode (disable combat capabilities etc...). Either way, it just becomes another irritant for no good reason. I suppose if you run a ton of jump alts, it probably doesn't matter. As for some of us who enjoy logistics and use a single toon, it's just stupid.

    Throwing logistics a bone of 90% reduction is better than a poke in the eye, but it's just poorly thought out mechanic and it feels made up for no good reason.

    They should work on other methods of countering force projection rather than just a wide brush stroke to everyone using jump ships. I would think CCP was a bit more capable and creative.

    And how do you plan on enforcing this without people just using logistics ships to travel back and forth to avoid the jump fatigue timers? There are alliances and organizations rich enough to keep a stock of capital ships on call in pretty much every region. Especially now with Keepstars everywhere.

    I thought the issue was with force projection? Having logistics resupply is a good thing for keeping the battle going. To your point though, things like cyno disruptors (causes jump ships to end up in random systems)... Just a little brainstorming should produce some much better alternatives to jump fatigue which seems like that took no thought at all.

    If all you're looking for is a way to move your subcaps, the rorquals have a nice fleet hanger and benefit from the 90% fatigue reduction. Your proposal would make carriers fine for moving ships but not very useful for actually fighting with.

  • Jump Fatigue? in EVE Communication Center

    Zen Dijun wrote:
    Dark Lord Trump wrote:
    It's there so PL can't jump across the map in 15 minutes and drop on you every time you so much as think about capitals. All industrial ships have a 90% reduction to effective distance traveled anyway.

    I get the force projection stuff....but not logistics. Ships should have a travel mode (disable combat capabilities etc...). Either way, it just becomes another irritant for no good reason. I suppose if you run a ton of jump alts, it probably doesn't matter. As for some of us who enjoy logistics and use a single toon, it's just stupid.

    Throwing logistics a bone of 90% reduction is better than a poke in the eye, but it's just poorly thought out mechanic and it feels made up for no good reason.

    They should work on other methods of countering force projection rather than just a wide brush stroke to everyone using jump ships. I would think CCP was a bit more capable and creative.

    Force projection IS logistics.

  • Where did the fun go? in EVE Communication Center

    ISD Max Trix wrote:

    But in all honesty half of those who want the ISD gone are the same people who send most of the reports in.

    We don't want you gone, you big goof, we want a different kind of moderation.

    It's like this. If I say "D1ck" you spend time and effort dealing with a trivial (and candidly inoffensive) evasion of the FORBIDDEN WORDS POLICY!!!!111

    But if I derail a potentially interesting (or at least releven discussion) into being "Bears vs Gankers" thread number thirty eight thousand nine hundred and seventy three, or just sea-lion it to death, or acuse people of mental disorders rather than engage with their arguments (or examine my own), then nothing happens. At least, nothing that I care about.

    The first is virtually irrelevent to the conduct and value of the forums. The latter is completely destructive and has reduced EVE-O General discussion (not to mention The Assembly Hall and Features And Ideas) into an open joke amongst the EVE community.

    It's openly commented on other forums that any thread which might be going somewhere that someone doesn't like (nerfing this, buffing that, re-working the other) can be trivially shut down because you guys will lock a thread as soon as there's a tiny amount of poo-flinging. That's not me making an argument in favour of ignoring poo-flinging, it's an argument in favour of interdicting *bad posting*. I know that's harder to do than stopping people saying "d1ck a$$ t1tt1es" because you can't just look up a list of bad posting and stick to it, but there it is. The fact that there are essentially no meaningful consequences - and considerable rewards - for diverting threads, sealioning, arguments in obviously bad faith and just general badposting mean that the EVE-O forums are ignored by the most active parts of the community.

    That's where r/eve and other forums win so heavily over this one. There are actual consequences, if only loss of sweet, sweet karma, to wrecking threads with the kind of posting which is not only accepted but practically the standard here.

    Not to mention the, shall we say, inexplicably inconsistent moderation here that is perfectly content to see a forum member call me a liar and a sociopath to my face, but gets me a 6 week ban for suggesting that someone learn to read a little better since their reply indicated that they'd thought I'd stated the exact opposite of what I really said. I am, of course, 100% confident that said ban was absolutely nothing to do with any pent-up ISD member's resentment being expressed at the end my CSM tenure and CCP Dolan's aegis being lifted.

  • Where did the fun go? in EVE Communication Center

    Salvos Rhoska wrote:
    Mr Mieyli wrote:

    CCP cant force people to people to post good content.
    Its entirely up to each individual what they post.

    Just like in the game, it completely up to players what content they provide.
    Everything that doesn't break the rules, is allowed.

    The reason moderation has become stricter on this board, is because some posters themselves took it too far, too often.
    CCP has a responsibility to protect its staff and the integrity of its reputation, and of the forum and its participant players.

    Your arguments on what mob "moderation" constitutes, is false.
    Mobs dont moderate anything, they thrive instead on excess.
    Mobs just want to shout louder than the other mob, to drown out their voice.
    Whoever shouts loudest, wins.
    Doesnt matter who has the better argument, just whom has the loudest supporters.

    Definition of mob:
    -a large or disorderly crowd; especially one bent on riotous or destructive action

    I don't want 100 people making content hidden from me, cos they "don't like" it.
    I also dont want 100 people forcing content down my throat, cos they "like" it.
    Is that what you want?

    I don't give a rat's anus what you do or don't like.
    That is your problem, not mine.
    Who are you to restrict someone else's content?

    Go cry to mommy if someone's views are against yours, and you don't like them.
    You want to try and hide in a mob, as one of many, with no personal accountability.

    HTFU and engage the opposition on it. Adapt. Deal with it.
    That is the EVE way.

    A like/dislike button is fine, as a means for players to show support/dissent for a post, but that should not, in anyway shape or form, systemically change post/thread order, or cause hidden/amplified status of any players post.

    If you cant be arsed to take the time to contribute content except by simply clicking like/dislike, then that's all you get.
    If you want to have more more effect than that, you are going to have to put in the time/effort and get your hands dirty by posting content yourself.

    PS: Your aphorism is wrong. Pissing in the wind is when you make a stupid decision and end up pissing all over yourself.
    The correct analogy, is pissing into an ocean of ****, and that is certainly more true on Reddit, than here.

    The players have HTFU, dealt with it and adapted: they have overwhelmingly shifted to a different venue to discuss the game they have in common.

    It's time you a bit of STFU, listening and understanding, because you refuse to accept that this has happened or understand the reasons why.

    I'll give you a hint though. It's far harder to derail a discussion there with sealioning or diversion into yet another bears vs gankers mudfight.

  • Why does CCP not want people in Null Sec? in EVE Communication Center

    Matthias Ancaladron wrote:
    I thought you couldn't get faction spawns in high sec? I've gonna gone through systems with 20 mining belts in .5 and I've only ever seen 2-3 frigates every few belts as i go down the list and once a cruiser when I was just passing through.

    I never got belt ratting in high sec. The res like... no money in it at all from what I can tell.
    If you have expensive spawns in low/null it makes sense sure. But 21k from 3 frigates as the only spawn in 10 belts is just a waste of time unless there's something im missing

    Yep once in a great while, you'll see a faction frigate spawn. They're not at all common. IIRC the nullsec rules are 1 faction rat per constellation at any one time, and 1 officer per region. Officers don't spawn in hisec, and faction spawns will be at least that rare. The majority of them likely die to players who don't even know what they are.

  • Why does CCP not want people in Null Sec? in EVE Communication Center

    Xateric wrote:
    Hey guys,

    I have played this game on and off for a short while and recently came back to the game. Went out to Null Sec (syndicate) and spent 7 days ratting anomalies and belts, not one commander spawn, nothing at all, just low paying bounties.

    Went back to my old area in High Sec and had 5 dread guristas in one evening with a total of 68 million ISK in loot...

    Should it not be better in Null Sec for loot and higher spawn rate, the whole risk vs reward thing....just my opinion.

    Sample size.

    I've made.far more isk in npc 0.0 that anywhere else.

  • ++ Stop The Rorqual ++ in EVE Communication Center

    Gregorius Goldstein wrote:
    If you have a big enough Alliance living in a small enough area and fast responding fleets you can risk high amounts of ISK and still be relatively safe. Like the Goons mining with a lot of Roquals that are together worth over a hundred Billions. Spread you Alliance over to much space and you will lose stuff, be to slow when your ships get tackled and you will lose stuff, don’t bring the numbers and you will lose stuff. Simple as that. Roquals are just a nice tool to make a good use of territory superiority. If you didn’t secure your space like that you are better of mining in anything less expensive.

    And in fact quite a lot of rorquals have died in delve. I know that facts are generally considered pretty optional in this type of discussion, but zkill is right there: anyone can query it.

  • ++ Stop The Rorqual ++ in EVE Communication Center

    Lugh Crow-Slave wrote:
    Aiwha wrote:
    Its exactly like carrier ratting vs. battleship ratting. Rorqs are fine.(for mining, jump hics are pretty bullshit)

    yeah the ~750 mill/hr is totally balancedRoll


    Show your working.

  • Next development cycle? in EVE Communication Center

    Ima Wreckyou wrote:
    Salvos Rhoska wrote:
    If this was intended to me, it is a gross misrepresentation.

    it was obviously not intended to you

    Nonsense. All posts are to or about him.

  • PSA Null is safer than High Sec in EVE Communication Center

    Salvos Rhoska wrote:
    Malcanis wrote:
    Fixed gates and cynos work just fine in 0.0 therefore they'd be fine in w-space too.

    By your logic.

    1) J-space doesnt have fixed gates. It also doesnt have Local ID. See what I mean?
    2) Cynos dont work in j-space, because you cant create a wormhole, through a wormhole.
    Also, Cynos create an artificial wormhole within limited AU range.
    The distance between j-space systems (and back to k-space) is enormous.

    Are you talking about lack of Local ID, in reference to d-scan and combat probe functionality?

    As I said, j-space has done just fine without Local ID, relying on scouting, d-scan and probing.

    This is not an obstruction to removing Local ID from Player Sov.
    Player Sov owners can, and should, take effort to accrue their own intel, in their owned space.
    There is no rational reason why they should benefit from Local ID, especially compared to NPC Sov.

    I know cynos don't work in jspace, you moop. The point is that accumulating a fleet in a wormhole is a major undertaking, while doing in k space us as simple as moving a cyno alt.

  • We celebrate the anniversary of a new "Incarna" camera in the game. in EVE Communication Center

    Sir BloodArgon Aulmais wrote:
    People are still crying about this?

    Of course not. No one has played EVE since ccp killed it off by changing the font.

  • NDA and in game advantages to csm members. in Council of Stellar Management

    Jin'taan wrote:
    Cearain wrote:
    Jin'taan I'm not sure I follow your point from CSM 5. No there were not many null sec entities on that csm. But there really wasn't much that impacted null sec either.

    CSM 5 was where they literally tried to remove Jump Bridges from the game IIRC. Perhaps I am thinking of CSM 4, but I am almost certain that was why CSM 6 was so incredibly Nullsec dominated.

    Cearain wrote:
    Do I think CSM gets a very unfair inside scoop that they use to their advantage? Yes CCP has kicked people for this, and CSM members have even admitted they took advantage. A current csm openly said he ran specifically so he could see ccps long range plans and plan accordingly for his coalition.


    "What happens when you put the long term planner on the CSM and seeing the long term plans. Good things for us that's what."

    So I think the days of naively believing no one takes advantage should be long gone.

    That is a fair concern, and I wish there was some way to police that.

    You do not recall correctly. Csm 5 agreed with and promoted the jump bridge nerf which reduced them to their current limit of 1 per system. This was in response the the massive, dense jump bridge map of NC space being made public. Google it and see if you can see what's wrong with the situation it implies.

  • PSA Null is safer than High Sec in EVE Communication Center

    Salvos Rhoska wrote:
    Malcanis wrote:

    Fine, but why only from null? Why not lo and hi sec too? Don't those zones deserve all that increasing dynamics good stuff too?

    1) Player Sov, specifically, because it is player owned. Where players own the space and can develop it, they should also be responsible for gathering their own intel.

    2) Removal of Local ID from all sectors, would increase dynamics there as well. I actually would be ok with that.
    If no one has Local ID, it ceases to be an issue for anyone.

    In the sector mechanics cascade, it is only Player Sov where the existence of Local ID is an outstanding "perk" that doesn't make sense.

    This is made apparent by comparison to NPC Sov:
    -Player Sov can be owned, developed, and has the same combat mechanics as NPC Sov, which cannot be owned or developed. Yet, irrationally, Player Sov additionally also has Local ID for free intel as well.

    Thus it is specifically in the unique mechanics of Player Sov, where players can own/develop space, where Local ID is out of place.

    It is also uniquely the sector where Local ID has the most pronounced dampening effect on dynamics.
    Instead of players, in their owned space, generating their own intel, they dont need to cos Local ID does it largely for them.

    3) As to d-scan issues, I agree the repeated clicking is just poor design and not doing any of our carpal tunnels any good. However, j-space is currently existing just fine without Local ID, so a precedent exists. This does not invalidate or block the proposal to remove Local ID from Player Sov.

    4) As to cloaking, there is a lot to discuss there. But is secondary to the Local ID issue. Without Local ID in Player Sov, everyone would benefit/suffer equally from the potential of cloaked ships. The extent they can leverage that due to assets ofc will have an impact, but the fact remains that removing Local ID from Player Sov in principle is just as harmful/beneficial to everyone there. Equity is retained.

    -It is exactly uniquely in Player Sov, where systems can be owned and developed, that free Local ID intel is the greatest systemic dampener on dynamics, and is most irrational.
    -Player Sov, as player owned, should be responsible for its own intel. How they do that, is up to them.
    -A game-wide removal of Local ID is a valid option, to promote dynamics everywhere, and removes the issue from the table.
    -D-scan and Cloaking issues are secondary, and do not obstruct the above. They apply to everyone, equally.

    Fixed gates and cynos work just fine in 0.0 therefore they'd be fine in w-space too.

    By your logic.

  • *Newbie question* Possible to produce everything from scratch? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mal-Ak Lah wrote:
    So I was simple wondering one simple thing, Ive been going into industry these days and I though to myself, why not dig everything up from the planets and get all the resources myself for manufacturing a certain BP I have.
    That would give me just profits minus taxes and time.
    Im here now because I think its not that easy to do this. What are the bumps or hindrances that would make this hard to achive?

    For stuff like ratting ammo, cap boosters, ore/pi haulers and other consumables, it's certainly a sensible idea to pick up some bpos, research them up a bit and make your own stuff. Past that point, you need to make a decision: are you going to be a full on specialized iindustrial player or are you going to maximise self sufficiency for role-playing reasons?

    If you're going the rp route that's fine as long as you're honest with yourself that this really is hardmode EVE and you'll be locking yourself out of a lot of options for a very long time. It's worth noting that you can partially circumvent the extreme complexities of the T2 supply chain by substituting faction ships and modules. Eg rather than building yourself a Cheetah, you could instead do some sisters of EVE missions and get yourself an Astero to do much the same job. However, there's no faction substitute for a Sabre..

  • PSA Null is safer than High Sec in EVE Communication Center

    Salvos Rhoska wrote:
    Remove Local from Player Sov.

    Players will adapt.

    Removing Local creates far more dynamics than its current existence restricts.

    Local is a systemic, artificial mechanic that impairs spontaneous order and emergence.

    Without Local, intel becomes a factor of player action, thus increasing dynamics, and "spontaneous order and emergence", to use your words.

    Fine, but why only from null? Why not lo and hi sec too? Don't those zones deserve all that increasing dynamics good stuff too?

    Seriously though, local is a horrible wrong Intel tool, but dscan is even worse. Ccp should certainly look to remove local as an Intel tool, but not until dscan has been reworked into something that isn't fuelled by the agonised screams of RSI affliction.
    Dscan will need to have a real-time (or at least auto refresh) mode, be tuneable, configurable and it will also need to be at least partially effective vs cloaked ships, otherwise covops cloaked Ships will be ridiculously OP.

  • How long are you willing to train at non-optimum rate? in EVE Communication Center

    Train the skills, not the sp total tbh. I got caught in the sp/hr initially, and in hindsight, it cost me a lot more than the extra few hundred thousand sp were ever worth. Training a skill you don't really want just because it matches your stats is a training rate of 0 sp/hr. Once you realize that, going "off spec" is a lot more relaxed.

    Also CCP should just get with the program and decouple stats from skill training altogether. It serves no good purpose, and it penalizes low sp players because they're the ones who most need diverse training plans.

    Stat increasing implants can be replaced with sp/hr increasing implants ranging from +0.5% to +2.5% and the day to day job of increasing training speed can be done with lower powered cerebral enhancer boosters. (Ie not quite as good as the +10/+12 event drop boosters... Say in the +5-8 sp per minute range).

    Ccp can then think up some other roles for stats like modifying module efficiency by a few per cent, or whatever, people can pick a stats combo that reflects what they actually want to do in game and get on with playing it.

  • Where did the fun go? in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    Circumstantial Evidence wrote:
    Jeremiah Saken wrote:
    I strongly disagree with statement that devs posting on other social medias is helping gather new players. Game balancing / new features introducing will be incomprehensible for non-eve players.
    While the second statement about game balance discussions is true, the first part is a good reason they've been posting on other platforms - outreach. Here, any simple "just being social" chatter is read mostly by players with accounts. You certainly need an account to respond, which would show some level of commitment and interest in the game. If a CCP post on other media helps catch the eye of a non-player, I think it was a good post.
    Mr Mieyli wrote:
    it's possible that we can take the up/down vote system and improve on it. Perhaps even a blended forum where users can choose to auto hide posts with a certain number of dislikes, adjustable by tolerance of different opinions (no of dislikes).
    If the new system is going to include "dislike" (which was clearly opposed in the development of the current forum) this idea could help. But just adopting Reddit's post sorting options would be fine: "best" by post rating may be the default, but chronological sorting is just a click away. It just takes a little extra work. Another point Reddit has going for it is its focus on words alone: high information density; posts are separated more by indents than avatar graphics and lines. I hope EVE's new forums will make better use of screen real estate and keep graphic fluff to a minimum.

    There will be no dislikes because people will make alphas to downvote every dev out here. You cant place bounties on CCP devs also.

    That doesn't happen on reddit, so why here?

  • Steve Ronuken for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Kosomot wrote:
    I don't know Steve, not sure i want to..however that said.

    fuzzworks saves me years of indy work life, and helps pass endless hours at work.

    and those market charts are amazing.

    You sir have my vote.

    that is all

    carry on.

    Can confirm he is super nice IRL too.

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