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  • Raata Sunset Skin for Jita IV - Moon 4 Caldari Business Tribunal in EVE Technology and Research Center

    RvB 23/7 on a great grid.

  • Battleclinic has Closed. in EVE Communication Center

    Kuronaga wrote:
    I keep hearing about these theoretically superior alternatives but have yet to see them mentioned by name.

    There are none, part of what made BC fitting posts good was the not so uncommon detailed description of what the fit did and what to engage/not to engage, aswell as a lively comment section for honourable spacenerds to discuss alternatives and fixes to the fit in question.

    Complaints were mainly launched by people who didn't know you can show only fits for the current expansion, or that you can sort by ranking. Or that lolfits actually ended up downvoted to oblivion or simply locked.

    It even had a bunch of trendy fits posted before they became normal in space, like hulltanked navy brutixes or active tanked dualweb railphobos all the way from *how do I rifter*-posts.

    Sad to see it go, even in light of the botched UI rework.

  • Mining Command Ship in EVE Gameplay Center

    Got a frighole, take a Magus/Pontifex, fit with 3 gas harvesters, link and expanders.
    Got a med hole, take a Gnosis with 5 gas harvesters, link and 5k cargo.

    Those ships are in game, and there shouldn't be a smaller/cheaper boosting ship than Orca/rorq for a mining OP sitting at the same bonus-level with on-grid links on the horizon.

  • Contest: Sexiest EvE Characters in EVE Communication Center

    I want to give 50 points to Ralph and 10 points to Fabulous Visage. Ain't easy being a Nossy.

  • J110117 entrance in EVE Gameplay Center

    Samwise Everquest wrote:
    I was talking to a guy about how at any given time, he has most of wormhole space mapped out. Is he talking out his ass or wut?

    Very likely.

  • Chatkanal "C1-6": Treffpunkt für deutschsprachige Wurmlochbewohner in Deutsches Forum

    Valder Ripley wrote:
    Wie ist denn bisher der Umgangston und die "Qualität der Gesprächsthemen"?

    Es ist in der Regel sehr ruhig, nachdem auch viele verschiedene Corps aus unterschiedlichen Klassen anwesend sind. Die Meisten kennen sich ohnehin, die Prahlhanse kamen bisher nicht zum Vorschein, und im Allgemeinen freut man sich für den Anderen, der gerade nen spannenden oder lukrativen Abschuß (mit)gemacht hat.

    Von den mir bekannten Chat Kanälen ists wohl der zivilisierteste.

  • [December] Command Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rowells wrote:
    For instance, odd timing has led a hostile CD trying to MJD my ship into hostiles, and the other CD is trying to get me back to safety away from the hostiles, at the same time.

    Till now, the vectors effectively stack. Had it happen once with animations playing slightly out of sync, yet the movement was not what I intended.

  • offgrid boosts in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Morrigan LeSante wrote:
    Markus Reese wrote:
    I really cannot find anything disadvantageous from a gameplay perspective. Most people forget that a battlecruiser can fit a warfare link.

    This disadvantage is the ONLY command ship you'll actually see boosting is the damnnation. Everything else will be alpha'd off grid in a heartbeat.

    Seriously, they're going to be headshot the minute grid loads because the difference links makes is so substantial to do otherwise would be simply stupid.

    I'm pretty happy by now over those announced changes. I'll just keep flying them ongrid, and other people won't use theirs offgrid anymore. Good times ahead :D

  • Moving in a WH solo in EVE Gameplay Center

    Daniela Doran wrote:
    2 Marauders can do C5s. Wouldn't it be better to use 2 Rattlesnakes for C4s?

    Cheaper, yes. Better, not by a long shot. Tinker Rattles got meh dps and the drones got to travel for ages. Two marauders apply (almost) full dps from dt to dt, rattles effectively don't even come close, even tho they look competitive on paper.

  • [December] Command Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'm a bit on the same page as prom-ex way up on the topic of speed creep.

    The Hecate as a prime example, it was a splendid conecept just because the beefy, tanky, ganky hull was accompanied by a very low ship speed. It was a balanced design, with the low speed posing serious issues to overcome on the piloting front. It was extremely rewarding to pull it off, hammering out 450+ dps with neutrons and null or even kiting with 150mms.

    It justified all the benefits it had just due to the significant drawbacks, the lack of those on the likes of svipul/confessor ccatapulted those ships up in both usage and effectiveness - and from testing it on SiSi, those CDs are absolute beasts not only due to their tank, but also due to their mobility. The downside of *low dps* really isn't one, if your damage mitigation, application and sheer ongrid mobility are cranked up like this.

    Or, please turn them into hecates of sorts.

  • [December] Tech Two Logistics Frigates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I tried the pyfa build using singularity stats.

    The scalpel does have quite the CPU issues. You can fit an LSE one with about 15k ehp including links and full reps, but getting pithii A-type RR to work will encounter some harsh issues with your CPU. If you're in a fleet full of pros that can make the 10mn work without messing up their transversal to the next best HFI, they'll be dank.

    Both the Kirin and the Deacon can be fitted in a cheap way, with absurd tanks. Assuming a links and a hull price of some 30mil, a 70mil Deacon with coreli A-type RR will put out reps rivaling a pimped Exeq while having a 21m sig, 1.2km/s and 23k ehp in a fleet scenario. The Kirin is a bit more spendy, but also racks up similar sig, 22k ehp and 1km/s as stats, with rep output in melee range rivaling that of 3 meta4-scimis today.

    As far as T3D gangs go, they finally get their own megatough logistics. Not sure how I feel about logistic frigates with 4.5k armor hp and 80% resists or 5.3k shield hp and 75% avg resists.

  • Moving in a WH solo in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you're up to snuff and know your ****, the c3 static with two toons+scanner is about 300mil+/hr including the time spent rolling and scanning, given you use machs for closing and ideally got a third toon with a max-skilled covops. With two marauders, you can semi-afk through your c4 sites, but that's limited supply. You'll need roughly 10-15minutes each including warps and salvage. With two well-skilled long range ones and limiting yourself to barracks, ISK/hr goes up a fair bit.

    No effort PI with one week cycles is roughly 300mil/toon per month. Mining works the same as in nullsec.

    On the other hand, you can also spend about 6hours a month on pve and literally the rest doing pvp with whatever ship you fancy.

  • Eine kleine Geschichte in Deutsches Forum

    Tradulix wrote:
    Lloyd Roses wrote:
    Tradulix wrote:
    C3s mit T3D aufräumen z.B. - mit Übung kommen da locker 250 bis 400 mio/h bei rum. Je nach Anos/Sites. Und das Schiff kostet im Vergleich nichts.

    Als c3-blitzing experte, der mit 1400+ dps auf sleeper waves draufhält und zT remote sebos verwendet, um die zeit-auf-ziel zu maximieren: *Du teilst heimlich durch null*

    Ja? Wolltest du noch was schreiben, oder ist es üblich oberflächliche Anschuldigungen in den Raum zu werfen?

    Ja gerne doch, mit rund 1400dps mit kleinen verzögerungen auf den jungens, durchgängig sehr guter Trefferqualität (Hit bis Penetrate/Smash laut englischem Client), und etwa 1AU warps, nebenher nen All V salvager an die MTUs, komm ich auf etwa 350-400mil/hr im Schnitt. In nem c3 magnetar mit noch etwas mehr wumms, aber immernoch verzögerung durch warps site zu site, sinds dann etwa 500-550mil/hr im Schnitt.

    Daher, deine Aussage ist entweder erstunken und erlogen oder du kannst nicht rechnen.

  • A noob in new eden in EVE Communication Center

    Mick Jagetus wrote:

    I dont hold grudges with people that are better than me ingame nor do i start unnecessary drama that goes in circles. But at this point i just dont know what i should do. I want to be better at pvp and i really really wish i had an idea how to win. seeing enemies with super expensive ships almost crushed my spirit in pvp many many times but i aint giving up just yet. I have thought about joining a nullsec/lowsec corp and i looked at their advertisements ingame and in forums, only problem again is the skillpoint requirements.

    In Eve, ambition is worth more than any amount of SP. Not to mention you get those over time anyways.

    In general though, you can try a sponge of a corp like "Pandemic Horde Inc." (talent or ambition will be noticed), or plainly explain your goals to any recruiter of a corp that seems attractive to you.

  • Eine kleine Geschichte in Deutsches Forum

    Tradulix wrote:
    C3s mit T3D aufräumen z.B. - mit Übung kommen da locker 250 bis 400 mio/h bei rum. Je nach Anos/Sites. Und das Schiff kostet im Vergleich nichts.

    Als c3-blitzing experte, der mit 1400+ dps auf sleeper waves draufhält und zT remote sebos verwendet, um die zeit-auf-ziel zu maximieren: *Du teilst heimlich durch null*

  • [December] Tech Two Logistics Frigates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Trinkets friend wrote:
    I don't grok the design philosophy of no optimal, huge falloff bonuses.

    The remote shield booster II is going to be 4.8 + 23.2km for the Kirin and Scalpel.
    The remote armour repper II is going to be 8.4 + 18km for the Deacon and Thalia.

    For comparison, investing in a little pimp for your Scalpel and going with pithi A-type RR, it should end up being 5.8km+37km, 195hp/cycle every 3secs, or 200hp/s roughly at 6km and 100hp/s at ~42km. In melee range, that would rep as hard as a 3 meta large scimi right now and half that much at 42km. The RR-mods were like 6mil recently.

  • Why do off grid links exist? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Demerius Xenocratus wrote:
    You will just see more of it as developers realize they can get away with it. You already see examples here.

    "MUH P2W superboosting pet is fair because everyone can buy one!"

    In those years I've used my links, I've been probed maybe half a dozen times and had to move my OGB. Compared to the number of times I've been called names for using them, that's not a lot.

    Else I got two toons with CS skills, so I'm nerfproof anyways. It's just not that feasible cause cap consumption on warfare links is stupid and makes it extremely hard to justify putting them on field as opposed to leaving them on a safespot. They make links passive, or with token ativation cost - I'll reconsider. Also, a CS boosting itself without the need to have a random guy somewhere in system is needed.

  • Would you keep playing EvE if CCP some how lost all your player data? in EVE Communication Center

    I would, 100%. There's no other hobby like eve anyways.

  • Caps in a C2 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tim Nering wrote:
    wont get a killmail for a SD.

    If you SD and took damage within the last 15 minutes, it would. If you eject at less than 25% hull, the ship just disappears from the system without a trace even.

  • [December] Command Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Rek Seven wrote:
    The Magus slot layout doesn't seem right. If it has t2 resists to armour, it's low slots and armour HP should reflect that. However, It only has 4 low slots and 800 armour HP, whereas the Pontifex gets 5 low slots and 850 armour HP. Unlike the T1 version, making the magus a hull tanker would be inefficient as you would be wasting the T2 resists.

    All other command destroyers can dedicate at least 5 slots to tank (in the case of shield ships they can use mids and lows) so the magus is clearly the odd one out.

    Give the Magus an extra low or more hitpoints.

    From what testing shows, the Magus is really well suited to use in very small gangs, especially thanks to that 4/4 layout mid and lows. You get a flexible fit with anything from dualscram+MJDG and mwd for kidnappings to a more general 10mn+web/CB+scram+MJDG to survive in something like a c4/c5 gank. The caplife on each of them is splendid, you can run a SAR II on both pontifex and magus almost stable next to a 10mn, or supplement with a CB thanks to that generous cargohold - and remain operational for ages.

    The Magus with 10mn+web+scram with a SAR II has for me legitimately brawled down hecates and confessors, I'd be careful dismissing any ship with a 4mid+4low layout. The Pontifex in comparison is a lot weaker in small gang setups, and imo needs RR or other stuff on grid to really shine.

    In short: 800 or 850 armor hp is unimportant, you won't notice a difference. 4/4 layout is great for small gang stuff, 3/5 should be better with large gangs, when going from local tanked to 400mm with eanm, dcu and EM/Therm specifics.

    Edit: Certain it does bloom your sig, and the bifrost/stork will have ridiculous tank coupled with good mobility when neglecting damage, relying on their solid baseline.