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  • Carebears with bounties, welcome back to EVE in EVE Communication Center

    When I read this thread I can't help but think how much Galaxy Pig looks like Sid from Toy Story. Watch out for Disney lawyers! I hear they place a mean bounty.

  • [ISK6] ♥ ♦ Eve Online Hold'Em ♣ ♠ -- EVE's Oldest Gaming Establishment in EVE Gameplay Center

    Torncuff Lookout wrote:
    Lisa would be happy if she got love notes from Charlie Manson....mirrors run from her

  • [ISK6] ♥ ♦ Eve Online Hold'Em ♣ ♠ -- EVE's Oldest Gaming Establishment in EVE Gameplay Center

    Played here for years and decided it was time to give my fav Eve service a bump.

    What can I say that hasn't been said already?

    When you win lots, you get a mail from the banker confirming your win, which is very nice, though tbh I would feel more loved if they put some hearts in it.

    Like this:

    Dear Lisa,

    You have won a truckload of money. . . . (srs stuff here).

    Lots of love,
    (The Banker)

    ♥ ♥ ♥ <---- like so.

    That would be nice.

  • C5 wormhole dweller, ask me anything in EVE Communication Center

    I have a little spare RL cash and can afford
    a) new kitchen gadgets (cool gadgets are cool)
    b) bathroom refit (cosmetic changes make wifey happy).

    Which should I go for?

  • Idea for new launcher in EVE Technology and Research Center

    For those of us who routinely use multiple accounts what would be cool would be for it to be possible to configure the launcher to
    launch x instances of eve with remembered accounts and also (optionally) remembered passwords and even remembered characters so with one button I can bring several characters to the game easily.

    Please! :Big smile

  • PI alt for sale in EVE Marketplace

    Cooch Planethouse wrote:
    still open

    800m is to low for a pi alt

    I know this might sound like a troll (I don't mean to), but I can't figure out how you think that.

    2.3m sp is achievable by taking a trial account, and applying a plex.

    So that costs 490m. I was adding on 310m for the convenience of saving a month.

    Thinking about it I will do this myself lol, so I retract my bid.

    Anyhoo consider this a free bump and gl with your sale.

  • PI alt for sale in EVE Marketplace


  • Veldspar in EVE Communication Center

    There is no Dana, only Zuul!

  • Great Job CCP in EVE Communication Center

    Great job CCP.

    Love it !

    Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

  • SOLD in EVE Marketplace

    Adm Bullok wrote:
    Originally bought this char for some fun, but haven't had the time to use it well...and don't expect to anytime soon either (RL FTL) id rather seem him go 2 a good home.

    He is capable of flying all sub capital ships, with the exception of the T3's, here are the highlights:

    ArrowAll racial frig, cruiser and Battleships at V (exception being Gallente BS, 3d 16hrs remaining)
    ArrowBattlecruisers V
    ArrowRecon V
    ArrowLogistics V
    ArrowHAC, Covert Ops, Black ops, Interdictors, Heavy Interdictors & Interceptors available

    Also has all T2 weapons, including:

    ArrowRockets, Std, Heavy, Heavy Assault, Cruise & Torps
    ArrowSml, Med and Large Hybrids
    ArrowSml, Med and Large Projectiles
    ArrowSml, Med and Large Lasers
    ArrowPerfect Gunnery Support skills
    ArrowPerfect Missile support skills

    Char also has Caldari Carrier & Dreadnaught available immediately, and all other dread or carriers only a skillbook away. Char already has Jump Cal V, Jump Fuel IV.

    2 x +4 clones available, including another High Grade Crystal clone (Alpha - Omega) in hisec. Faction standings are all under -5, so no being shot by faction police etc.

    Postive wallet & sec
    No kill rights
    Located in Jita
    1 Remap Available

    Bidding starts at 20bil.

    I will let this run for a week or so, or until i receive a reasonable buyout. I reserve the right to stop the auction at any time, all CCP rules apply, and of course i will pay the transfer fee.

    Quoting because thought there was a problem but its not.

    Ty for the char

  • SOLD in EVE Marketplace

    Cool, sending now

  • SOLD in EVE Marketplace

    Time for a last minute bid? :)

    I'd offer 25b, cash rdy and online now.

  • Cancell in EVE Marketplace

    Nice toon.

    24.5b BO , offer on the table till either you accept or I find s/thing else.

  • WTS Providence BPO ME2 in EVE Marketplace

    1.8b Bid
    2.0b Buyout

    Contract up in Amarr now

  • closed in EVE Marketplace

    me pls

  • Closed in EVE Marketplace

    Me pls if there's one left
    *edit will buy up to 2

  • CLOSED in EVE Marketplace


  • [ISK6] ♥ ♦ Eve Online Hold'Em ♣ ♠ -- EVE's Oldest Gaming Establishment in EVE Gameplay Center

    Imagine Eve PVP . . but

    - No waiting for ages for a fleet to form

    - A good fight every time

    - Nearly 100% drop rate of your opponent's shinies.

    . . . This is EOH Poker - PVP at its best


  • [ISK6] ♥ ♦ Eve Online Hold'Em ♣ ♠ -- EVE's Oldest Gaming Establishment in EVE Gameplay Center

    Played EOH Poker for years, great people, excellent service.

    Can't recommend them enough.



  • Is the new "bullet time" / time diliation feature going to completely KILL EvE? in EVE Communication Center

    Karak Terrel wrote:
    Lisa Valenheim wrote:

    Maybe it's just me, but a 48 hour battle with everything running at 1/4 speed doesnt sound like fun, just a competition to see who doesnt quit from boredom 1st.

    Sooner or later people will quit the battle because they are bored or out of ships or have to mow the lawn or get wife agro, numbers will decrease and the delay factor will go to normal. So i think it's really just you.

    You're prob right, I'm just the type who likes proper fixes rather than workarounds. *Edit* though to be fair props to the devs for implementing this, it may not be perfect, but like has been said b4, is prob the best solution at the moment to an ugly problem with no simple answer.