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  • Please Turn Off Tooltips. Rollback Please in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Thankyou CCP for sorting this out :)


  • [Kronos] Deep Space Transport Rebalance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I would suggest to go back to the roots of what a Deep Space Hauler really should be about..........

    This is fundamentally a ship that can haul a lot of stuff around in dangerous places........ that's why it has some tank...........

    But, you would not do this solo.......... so give it bonus's for fleet work.

    Let it be able to travel thru bubbles if escorted by a ship that's bubble proof....... Let it align and warp off as if it were webbed by a fleet member if it truely is escorted......... Let the DST get thru that gate camp and let it's support team deal with the camp........

    Give it a role bonus that's based on the fact that it need's to be supported........ Don't limit it's capacity FFS, we have Blockade Runners that can do that job.

    My 2p

  • Please Turn Off Tooltips. Rollback Please in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP, Please give us the option to turn off this annoying ****. When playing on a laptop it clutters the screen so badly that queing invention and manufacturing jobs becomes a nightmare.

    Even if I was a noobie, I would be annoyed as once you know what something is or does, there's no further need to "Tip" people about it.

    C'mon guys, see sense and give us an Off button please :)


  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.3 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    Not sure if this is a Bug but thought I'd mention it in here.

    Twice this week , our WH has had double the number of statics that it should have............

    We are supposed to get a C3 static, designated 0477 and a HS static designated B274 - Earlier this week we had two B274's and today we have two 0477's ! (worth noting also that when the "Original static" collapses due to time, then the correct 0477 or B274 will respawn as normal, meaning we still have Two of one type until the second one dissapears or we collapse it).

    Bug or just Bob being generous ! ?



  • [SERVICE ] First class Teamspeak 3 server hosting 50% OFF EU and US in EVE Marketplace

    Fantastic service provided here.........

    Server was up and I was logged in with full admin rights within minutes.

    Ping time is 25ms and quality is awesome Big smile

    Op provides clear and rapid replies by email/private chat and the service is second to none.

    Fully recommended.


  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.2 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    My assets window shows that I am 12 jumps to Jita but the route-planner at the top of the screen shows I am in fact 21 !

    I "Think" that the assets window is actually showing "Shortest Route" and not taking into account the setting which is set in the route planner window which is "Safest - stay in 0.5 or above" etc.


    ** Edit ** Looks like this is tied into what Post #10 covers.

  • Unscheduled Downtime - 31/12/2013 in EVE Communication Center

    +1 to all the staff at CCP and their Data Centre in London.

    It's no fun at all being on 24 hour call over the festive season, let alone having to work and compete with hackers.

    Well done for getting the servers back up and running Guys, Thankyou.

    Happy New Year.

  • EVE Offline !?!?! in EVE Communication Center

    Things went slow - email button in neocom wasnt responding dscan got stuck and now black screen on login. Ugh

    Tell those hampsters to run faster else we'll be forced to replace them with Amarrian Slaves !

  • Unscheduled Extended Server Downtime 2013-11-27 in EVE Communication Center

    Greetings Capsuleers

    Due to issues during downtime updates

    I simply hope that one of the updates was to lessen the volume of the MWD sound and get the rest of the in-game sounds back to their "Normal" level.

    The MWD noise plays havoc when your in a fleet and on TeamSpeak at the same time :(

  • Launcher error now? in EVE Communication Center

    you can download a new launcher from

  • EVE Online: Odyssey 1.1 Issues in EVE Information Center

    There's no right click option to Jettison PI from the new PI Hauler.

    The only way to dump it if you dont have station/POS access is drag and drop into a can :(