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  • Looking for a spreadsheet for dumyes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Dr Evil Cioran wrote:
    What I'm looking for is a user friendly sheet where I can input for example the number of modules I want to produce and out comes a shopping list.

    Isk per hour does exactly what you want and tons tons more, it's great. It's a program though, not an actual spreadsheet.

    The forum thread for it is even on the front page of these forums...

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    As many have mentioned in this thread, POSes are a cornerstone of EVE life, regardless of where you live. The main reason more players don't engage with POSes is that they simply can't - with extremely clunky POS mechanics, both in functionality and public/corp/alliance based access. The amount of game play options that could be opened up right this second, simply by redoing how POSes work, is staggering.

    We don't even need the stupid mobile-jumpdrive-pirate-deathstar stuff that was suggested at fanfest. Just bring the damn things out of 2004 and into 2013 (corp roles, and S&I installation methods as well). Hearing about the POS overhaul last year was the most exciting news I'd heard from CCP.

    I am a small portion of the community and I'm very disappointed with CCP's attitude towards this.

  • Manipulating POS/Probes in Space in EVE Gameplay Center

    It can sure be hard to move anchoring objects when there's more of them around. When I do in a situation like this is "Look at" one of the modules very close to where I want to anchor the second one, this gives you a much better prospective of what's going on, and makes the arrows and box much bigger. (since you're closer to them..)

  • Does wormhole class affect how good the planets are for planetary interaction? in EVE Gameplay Center

    The security of the space directly effects yields for PI, WH space is 0.0 sec status, so it's the same as nullsec, regardless of WH class.

  • Mission Mining in EVE Gameplay Center

    Chira'Relael wrote:
    does anyone know if there is a listing of missions with roids and what they might contain? with all that's going on in the next few months and the market going nuts.. think it's a good thing to plan for. thanks in advance. (Ore contained in combat missions, don't depend on it 100%, user created)

    Some more stuff you might find useful! (Mining missions) (Combat missions)

  • If is worth it to train the ore processing skills? in EVE Gameplay Center

    LoBlo Fet wrote:
    So most POSs refine at 40% efficiency?

    A POS refines at 75% efficiency, and this is not effected by any skills, or changeable in any way (POS module "Intensive Refining Array"). An outpost refines are various levels, depending on it's upgrades (I believe the refining is able to be upgraded, it's been awhile), the Minmatar outpost has the highest refine, up to 50%, if upgraded(?). You will be refining at player controlled outposts if you live in 0.0, you typically won't ever refine at a POS.

    See for a bit more information about outposts.

  • Deciding on POS modules/setups/configs in EVE Gameplay Center

    I would suggest you do some reading on POSes before attempting to anchor any. A good old thread is this:

    If you try to put a small pos in lowsec it's going to last no more then a week before it's knocked over by some bored people with caps(or even just battleships). At the least you need a large in lowsec - even then it's hardly safe at all. Try a C1 with a pos if you want to learn, avoid lowsec completely.

    1. check the thread I linked for setups

    2. pos will shoot anyone who isn't in corp/alliance/standings if i recall

    3. "people" being corp members or outsiders? This is moreso a corp role thing, no way to allow anyone outside of alliance to use slots, and only then it's just ME/PE in alliance.

    4. check thread

    5. If you aren't in a wormhole, you should be storing your BPO/BPC in a station inside the system, and using the scientific networking skill to start the jobs remotely, so if the POS is lost somehow the BPOs weren't actually in it.

    As I said, I don't recommend lowsec at all if you're looking to play around/learn about POSes. It's going to get shot, and POSes really aren't that durable on their own.

  • Question about PI's and corps in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yes, PI is fully linked to the player, is it NOT like POSes. So..

    1) Yes
    2) No

  • [STORE] CAM Invention BPC Shop **New Items - Officer Gunz** in EVE Marketplace

    Bought some copies off SilentDark today, very quick and professional! Definitely recommend his services for anyone looking to enter the invention business!

  • Manufacturing paper cuts I would like to be automated/changed in EVE Gameplay Center

    I like most of the ideas in this thread but I feel many of them are too complex of a change to current game mechanics or would require a large amount of time to redesign the UI and how the codebase works. Unless CCP plans on doing an ENTIRE S&I revamp, in which case we'd have everything we want, we should think realistic about what CCP can and can't do in the short term.

    Instead of adding a whole new POS structure that works differently, simply allow hangar tabs to be password protected. Director can set this up by right clicking on a hangar tab and setting up a password, much like secure containers. Simple change that doesn't really vastly change game mechanics. To expand on this idea in a more complex way; the right click "Configure Tab" menu could also include allowing access to certain roles/titles as well. Just include a simple checkbox list of roles/titles that can and cannot access the tab, as well as an optional password.

    Allow corp hangars in poses to also be "Configured" by a director, and again be given passwords/role/titles access. We know a check for roles is done when interacting with a pos module - If a character has the starbase fuel/config starbase roles. In fact, this could even be configured on the pos'es manage->access tab. We already have this functionality in the game, why can it not be simply expanded on?

    I think how installing a manufacture job/research job works fine. Unless you want to install 10+. Instead of completely changing how these windows work, when you have more then one blueprint selected, you get "Manufacture (2)". Exactly how the game works now, if you select a bunch of mods in your hangar, and you get the "Refine (51)" or whatever. Just like that! This would let you select for example(in an EAA), 6 blueprints. You'd then get the same little popup window as a normal job, be able to select 6 different installations, type in ONE box for how many runs they all should do(You couldn't have one of the BPs do 3 runs, and the rest 5, it's all at once), then "OK" and accept quote. This would still work fairly simply and wouldn't require massive changes to how it currently works now, but would help to reduce the clicking. Everything would of course have to be in the same structure, just as how.

  • EVE IPH Industry Calculator Version 3.3 - Now with Live Market data! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Eon Ending wrote:
    For the noobish inclined (aka me.):
    Can somebody give a quick tutorial on how to work this magnificent piece of coding? Explain it as if you were talking to a dog, won't be offended.

    From my understanding:

    1st Step: Open the Update Prices Tab and press Import Prices
    2: go to Manufacturing List Tab and press Preview Item List
    3: Press Calculate
    4: At a loss what to do now...

    Can somebody give me an example 'How to?'

    Thank you VERY much!

    1 is correct. For quick and dirty testing make sure "Jita" trade hub system is checked and you can just price import on Minium Sell. The program has a lot of different settings as you can see but keep it simple while you learn!
    2: Go to the Blueprints tab, on the top left area of this tab check the "Selected Blueprint" list. Type in the name of any blueprint in the game and click on it. This will populate the rest of the tab with information regarding this blueprint, such as how much it costs to make, how long it takes to build, etc.
    3: Find profitable blueprint and build it!
    You need to know which blueprints are profitable to actually make, and due to the massive amount of things you can build in EVE, it'd be very ineffective to check them each one by one on the blueprints tab. This is where the Manufacturing list comes in. You can set filters for what you want the list to show. For example, the "Tech" checkboxes on the manufacturing list tab, will only show tech1-3 items if selected. If you only want to build tech1 stuff, and want to see what's profitable for T1, make sure only T1 is checked. Want to see if there's profitable T1 ships to build? Check the "Tech 1" filter, and ensure the "Ships" blueprint type is checked. Once you have your filters set, you can click "Calculate" and the program will generate a very large list of every item that meets the filters, and it will calculate how much it costs to make/sale price. Once it's done it'll even give you a sorted list of products(You can change the sort order with the "Sort By:" radio button).

    Hope that gives you a brief overview!

  • EVE IPH Industry Calculator Version 3.3 - Now with Live Market data! in EVE Gameplay Center


    Another feature request/suggestion. Double clicking on a raw material/component on the blueprints tab opens up the set price interface with the item filled in and ready to type in the new price. Or just a quick popup to set price. Price setting really feels "off" and a lot work, and because we're using data from market exports it's not always correct, it can take a good portion of time to set prices for an item you want to build.

  • Eve website front page - here to stay? in EVE Communication Center

    Looks very good to me. Brings the eve website from something that looked like it was made in 2002(and probably was) into 2012 and the next generation of websites, and really shows off the game much better to new players. I was very impressed by the star map and ship viewer. Could information be ordered slightly better? Maybe, yes, but really, I couldn't find a thing on the old site anyways.

  • EVE IPH Industry Calculator Version 3.3 - Now with Live Market data! in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Blueprint Combo on the Blueprints Tab will now suggest blueprints by typing in the blueprint name and allow arrow selection from that suggested list

    \o/ ty! this is great!

  • EVE IPH Industry Calculator Version 3.3 - Now with Live Market data! in EVE Gameplay Center


    Update seemed to fix all of my issues I was having last night. Manufacture list now works 100% (filters don't seem to be messed up anymore but restarting my PC may of fixed the issue - I should of tested that, sorry!).

    Nice work!

  • EVE IPH Industry Calculator Version 3.3 - Now with Live Market data! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Big thanks for this! Lots of new features and "quality of life" changes to make using the program even easier. When checking for updates on my old version, I was provided a link to the website to download the new version, but clicking on it took me to the former required access DB page from microsoft.

    Just thought I'd provide a bit of bug and feature related feedback:

    -The Manufacturing list filters are very buggy. Couldn't get it to work until I added my own blueprints in the manager. "All BPO" filter doesn't work until you do a calculation of your own blueprints, then change the filter back to "All blueprints". Simply doesn't do anything until then.

    As the above poster said the "Owned blueprints" filter is also odd. I have it showing my owned blueprints, plus every single T3 blueprint as well, which I do not own.


    * The window size is by design and does not allow Maximization at this time. I am working to allow this feature soon.

    Window does indeed allow maximization, but the actual contents of the program in the window do not resize with it.

    I tried to "reset stored blueprint data" in the manage blueprints menu option, in an attempt to resolve my blueprint issues, and got this error:

    An Unhandled Exception has occured and EVE Isk per Hour will now close.
    Please copy the data below for sending to developer.

    Source: System.Data.SQLite
    Message: SQLite error
    near "#01": syntax error

    Also, please fill out the following information as appropriate:

    Operating System:
    Screen or Tab where Error Occurred:
    Steps to reproduce the Error:

    Really love the changes to the price window - much less clicking required and much easier!

    Something I personally would love to see: on the blueprints tab, when typing in the name of something, it fills in as you go, much like EVE MEEP does. Also so you can type in a full(or partial name if it finds the item you want), maybe just hit down arrow to select it, then hit enter to bring up the info on the blueprint you selected. So: click on blueprint box, type in "medium cargo" , at this point I'd get a dropdown that contained the only 2 items with "medium cargohold" in the name - the T1 and T2 rigs. I could now press down arrow once to get the t1 BP, and twice for the T2 one. Pressing enter would confirm my selection and the blueprint page would update. I think that'd be great.

    Thanks again for this awesome program!

  • [SERVICE] CAPLF WH Sales *UPDATED 8-27-15* in EVE Marketplace

    Got in contact with Lucius the other day and sold my WH through him and his corp. Extremely effective service - 20 minutes after posting to their mailing list, Lucius negotiated a buyer for my WH, got us in contact and ensured everything went smoothly, even when unexpected circumstances occurred. Great service that I'd definitely use in the future!

  • sold in EVE Marketplace