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  • CCP can we just bring GTCs back in EVE Communication Center

    Won't work. Every item that can be legally bought for real-world currency and be sold for in-game currency will gravitate towards the same isk/$ ratio, regardless of what it is or can be used for.


    • a Plex costs 20$ / 500 units, and sells ingame for 1.6B isk / 500 units, used ingame for 30 days of Omega time, or all kinds of other things.
    • You propose that an alternate item Plox exists, that also costs 20$ / unit, but sells ingame (e.g. on forums) for only 800M isk / unit, and that can be used only to buy 30 days of Omega time.

    A person looking to $ into isk — the only reason to buy plex from CCP AND then sell it on the in-game market (as opposed to buying Plex from CCP and then using it to buy services or nexus store items) — can now choose to either
    1. get 80M isk/$ by buying Plex and selling it on the market, or
    2. get 40M isk/$ by buying Plox and selling it on the market (or on the forums as you so fondly remember, with increased hassle).

    No-one is going to go for option B until it offers the same (or better) isk/$ ratio as option A. This phenomenon is what prompted CCP to merge PLEX and AURUM in the first place.

    You seem to think there will be this item Plax, that sells ingame for 800M isk / unit, and can be used to buy 30 days of Omega time. The phenomenon described above indicates this is only possible if CCP sells Plax for only 10$. This item would have conversion parity with Plex, and therefore be viable.

    In summary: every request for an alternate currency that is
    • bought from CCP for real-world currency,
    • can be traded to other players for isk, and
    • can only be used to buy Omega game time
    basically boils down to asking CCP to reduce the number of $ player A has to pay to allow player B to play as Omega for a month.

    Just campaign for CCP to reduce the number of Plex needed to buy a month of Omega time then, instead of these convoluted schemes that won't work anyway.

  • Dev blog: The Advancing World of Upwell Structures in EVE Information Center

    Echo Mande wrote:
    What I would really really like to have on all Upwell structures is a biography page editable by the structure administrator.

    The hideous titles a lot of structures have ought to be on a bio page and could be done a lot better there. Likewise a lot of things currently on a structure owner's corp description page don't really belong there.

    Congratz on finally getting this feature request noticed, and on camera @ Fanfest no less!

  • Luminaire VII Unscarred in EVE Communication Center

    E pur si muove.

  • EC/Citadel "Bios" in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sadly, it's been asked (and ignored) 5 months ago...

    But good on you for bringing it up again. Let's keep fighting for this anyway! Not merely for informative purposes (some of which is currently taken care of in e.g. the industry window), but also for advertisement and immersion (i.e. roleplaying) purposes.

  • [Luminaire] University of Caille Agora opened at Gallente Prime in EVE Communication Center

    Luminaire, December 12th YC118.

    After entering a partnership with the University of Caille [UC], Mei-Ha's Light [MEIHA] are honored to announce the opening of the first station in orbit of Gallente Prime.

    The Raitaru-class Engineering Complex "University of Caille Agora" is in a circular orbit around Luminaire VI at an altitude of 10,000km. Active station-keeping ensures that the orbit remains sun-synchronous and overhead the terminator of the planet. The complex offers a large variety of lecture halls, public forums, teaching rooms, museums, laboratories, and research facilities both to the University itself, and to the Empyrean community — in accordance with the findings of the 8th Commission of the Pakhshi Peace Conference, the facility is open to the public, regardless of standings with the Gallente Federation.

    "The University Board of Directors – as well as CEO Carbircelle Hatiniestan – were swayed into partnering with us both by our proven humanitarian track record, and our earlier construction accomplishments in Luminaire", a spokeswoman for [MEIHA] stated. "Mei-Ha's Light is privileged to be able to offer these services to New Eden's largest educational institution, and to the inhabitants of Gallente Prime, the Luminaire system, and beyond. We hope the facility will stand as a shining beacon of diversity and tolerance, promote the dissemination of knowledge across cultural and national divides, and foster amicable relations between the empires of New Eden", she continued.

    In February YC117, [MEIHA] assisted with the relocation of 250,000 refugees gathered in New Caldari to facilities in Irjunen under management by Jandice Ymladris of Aurora Arcology [X101]. In May YC118, [MEIHA] assisted the Chandeille relief effort coordinated by Sanxing [SANXI], under mandate of First Villore Assembly resolution VA/1/1.

    In July YC118, [MEIHA] deployed the "Battle of Caldari Prime Memorial" citadel overhead the Kaalakiota Peaks region on Caldari Prime, on behalf of a multicultural consortium. Control of that facility has since been ceded to our sister corporation, the Fleet Coordination Commission [FCORD].

    May Mei-Ha's light shine upon us all.

  • Dev blog: Mining Foreman Revolution in EVE Information Center

    If it were additive (and it isn't), it'd be commutative too. HandelsPharmi intends to say it's multiplicative (which it is).

    -x% = *(1-x/100)
    -25% = *0.75
    -50% = *0.5
    -10% = *0.9

    so -25% -50% -25% -10% = *0.75 *0.5 *0.75 *0.9 = *0.253125 = -74.6825%

  • [November] Orca Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Penance Toralen wrote:
    On Sisi I fitted four Navigation Computers to a Skiff and pushed the speed of Mining Drone II's over 1700 m/s. It is not really practical to sacrifice the shield tanking slots.
    Yup, I wouldn't fit more than one, and even that one has to compete with a scan resolution scripted Sensor Booster II because Orcas take forever locking asteroids (or anything else smaller than a freighter)
    Penance Toralen wrote:
    I am not specced for Mining Drone skilling, but the Specialization skills are x5 trains.
    I suppose it helps starting out as Gallente ;-)
    Penance Toralen wrote:
    If you do not have Drone Rigging 5 yet, it should be on your queue now - if you intend to be using the Mining Drone Augument Rigs. They are CPU penalising. Particularly since MLUs also have CPU trade-off.
    So far I've found Orcas to remain mostly powergrid-limited (if you want that 500MN microwarpdrive without using fitting mods or rigs, and you do if you want to enter warp in 12 seconds from stand-still), and not so much CPU-limited. But it never hurts, I suppose. For Mining Barges/Exhumers, despite the impending improved access to better ('Augmented', Harvester) mining drones, and despite the new specialization skill, I'd still not put Drone Mining Augmentor rigs on them. The total yield increase (viewed over the sum of drones + stripminers) is not worth it compared to using all-MLU-lowslot loadouts that boost stripminers (imho). Especially considering that all those friendly Orcas in the belts only improve your stripminer cycle time, and do nothing for your drones.

  • NPC Mining Operations have now begun on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    4 Astral Mining skiffs sighted in the sole belt in Aufay. Really added additional atmosphere to the site.

    No, I did not shoot them to see what would happen. I was drone-mining alongside them in my Orca.

  • [November] Orca Changes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Lasisha Mishi wrote:
    so how would you get max mining yield in orca....

    harvester mining drone has 40m^3.
    with orca bonus thats 80.
    with fully trained mining drone skills thats +25% so 100m^3

    if you have 5 of them out thats 500m^3

    how do you get 1400 o.0

    even with the +50% from industrial thats...what 750?
    Yield (inherent):
    * (1 + 10% * Drone Interfacing level)
    * (1 + 5% * Mining Drone Operation level)
    * (1 + 10% * Industrial Command Ships level)
    * (1 + 100%) (Orca role bonus)
    * (1 + 2% * Mining Drone Specialization level) ('Augmented' only)
    Yield (configurable):
    * (1 + 15%) (Large Drone Mining Augmentor II, not stacking penalised)
    * (1 + 10%) (Large Drone Mining Augmentor I, not stacking penalised)

    Here I'll presume max skills, and 2 T2 rigs and 1 T1 rig (there isn't enough calibration to fit 3 T2 rigs), which shouldn't seem out of order for a drone-mining-focussed Orca. This results in a (maximum) total yield modifier of * 8.19296875 for T1, T2 and Harvester drones, or * 9.001265625 for 'Augmented' drones.

    Note that the typical Mining Barge/Exhumer won't have those rigs (because those slots are needed for tank or cpu rigs, and because the mining drone rigs actually reduce cpu even more, which is tight on exhumers and plentiful on Orcas), and are thus typically limited to total yield modifiers of * 1.875 for T1, T2 and Harvester drones, or * 2.0625 for 'Augmented' drones.

    Velocity (inherent):
    * (1 + 5% * Drone Navigation level)
    * (1 + 2% * Mining Drone Specialization level) ('Augmented' only)
    Velocity (configurable):
    * (1 + 30%) (Drone Navigation Computer II, stacking penalised with self and rig)
    * (1 + 15%) (Large Drone Speed Augmentor II, stacking penalised with self and module)

    Here I'll presume max skills, no rigs (since those slots will be used for yield rigs) and 1 T2 Drone Navigation Computer (more damages tank too much and is subject to stacking penalties, and while better modules exist, those modules are much (faction) to vastly (officer) more expensive). This results in an (optimal?) total velocity modifier of * 1.625 for T1, T2 and Harvester drones, or * 1.7875 for 'Augmented' drones.

    Note: applicability (of the Drone Navigation Computer modules) and stacking penalty data (or lack thereof for the Drone Mining Augmentor rigs) are as observed on SiSi @ 2016-10-30 10:00 UTC.

    Summary: (with the above presumptions)

    Mining Drone:
    * Yield: base 25 m³/min each, final 204.57 m³/min each, or 1022.87 m³/min for 5
    * Velocity: base 400 m/s, final 650 m/s

    Mining Drone II:
    * Yield: base 33 m³/min each, final 270.37 m³/min each, or 1351.84 m³/min for 5
    * Velocity: 500 m/s, final 812.5 m/s

    'Augmented' Mining Drone
    * Yield: base 37 m³/min each, final 333.05 m³/min each, or 1665.23 m³/min for 5
    * Velocity: base 550 m/s, final 983.13 m/s

    Harvester Mining Drone:
    * Yield: base 42 m³/min each, final 342.68 m³/min each, or 1718.42 m³/min for 5
    * Velocity: base 350 m/s, final 568.75 m/s

    Updated: removed Mining Drone specialization bonus from T2 Mining Drone stats; They might get that requirement in the future, but currently T2 Mining Drones do not require and thus don't benefit from Mining Drone Specialization.

  • [September] Mining Barge and Exhumer tweaks in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Eric Lemmonte wrote:
    HarlyQ wrote:

    Didnt you know the orca is being completely ignored. I mean why care about a crappy ore hold crappy cargo crappy agility i mean its just a crappy ship and no one should ever bother flying it. Unless they give it an ore hold of 2million m3.

    I really feel like they need to drop the maintenance bay on the Orca to something negligible and boost the ore bay substantially. Maybe a 2-3000 maintenance bay just to have one and an ore bay in the hundreds of thousands. Somewhere around 2-300km3 range would be perfect.

    I hope they don't lower it's tank when they make on-grid boosts a thing. I get a fair 400kehp with 2kehp/s rep on mine.

    Done (well, not entirely, but still very commendable)

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Hey folks! This will be the specific feedback thread for the Orca revamp coming this November.
    You can check out the dev blog here for the whole context.
    Other feedback threads are available for the Porpoise, Rorqual, and the mining foreman gameplay as a whole.

    Industrial Command Ships bonuses (per skill level):
    5% bonus to ship cargo capacity and ore hold
    3% bonus to Mining Foreman Burst Strength and Duration
    1% bonus to Shield Command Burst Strength and Duration
    10% bonus to drone hitpoints, damage and mining yield
    -10% reduction in drone ice harvesting cycle time
    Role bonus:
    100% bonus to drone mining yield
    -25% reduction in drone ice harvesting cycle time
    100% bonus to drone damage
    400% bonus to Remote Shield Booster optimal range
    90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue
    Can fit three Command Burst modules
    50% bonus to Command Burst Area of Effect Range
    250% bonus to Tractor Beam range
    100% bonus to Tractor Beam velocity
    500% bonus to Survey Scanner range

    Slot layout: 6H (+3), 5M (+1), 2L
    Fittings: 1200 PWG (+240), 550 CPU (+120)
    Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 30,000 (+19,250) / 7000 (+100) / 45,000 (-1000)
    Base shield resistances (EM/Therm/Kin/Exp): 0 / 20 / 40 / 50
    Base armor resistances (EM/Therm/Kin/Exp): 50 / 35 / 35 / 10
    Capacitor (amount / recharge / cap per second) : 8000 (+3800) / 1200s (+400) / 6.67 (+1.42)
    Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 60 / 0.26 (+0.1) / 150,000,000 (-100,000,000) / 54.07s (-1.38)
    Warp Speed: 2 au/s
    Drones (bandwidth / bay): 50 / 200 (+125)
    Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 70km (+10) / 75 / 7 (+5)
    Sensor strength: 30 Magnetometric (+15)
    Signature radius: 1000
    Cargo Hold: 30,000m3
    Ore Hold: 150,000m3 (+100,000)
    Fleet Hangar: 40,000m3
    Ship Maintenance Bay: 400,000m3

    Cost: ~700m isk
    Max Yield: ~1400m3 per minute + drone travel time
    Max DPS: ~800 dps

    that's 187500m³ at Industrial Command Ships V, + the 40000m³ fleet hangar and 37500m³ cargo hold, for a grand total of 265000m³ before modules or rigs (and given the increase in shield hp and the shield command burst bonus, a shield tank looks feasible, obviating the need for a cargohold-reducing hull tank)

  • [September] Mining Barge and Exhumer tweaks in EVE Technology and Research Center

    sorry for singling you out, but...

    Stralisemiai wrote:
    Exciting changes - thank you for the information.
    There is no way I could come up with a mechanical implementation of having 2 stripminers on every barge or exhumer that could be *less* exciting than this. For a few days, something vaguely interesting was visible on Singularity: a 25% role bonus to yield for the Retriever and the Mackinaw. Now, those vessels have NO role bonus. None. Feel free to read that as "this ship has no role".

    Stralisemiai wrote:
    Can we have a different skins too.. Quafe ones would be nice. Lol
    • Morphite Shine (red and bluish brown)
    • Digmaster Blazon (yelloworange and bluegreen brown)
    • Paydirt Prospector (blue and brassy brown)
    • ORE Developer (already exists now, but redone as white and black)

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    ORE Strip Miner: +30% volume mined per cycle, -10 CPU
    The ORE Ice Harvester has a cycle time identical to the T2 Ice Harvester; A T2 Strip Miner with T2 crystals has a yield of 16.667% that of a T1 Stripminer. This new Ore Strip Miner, at 4% better than a T1 Strip Miner, will be going as unused as the old one. Not that any semi-intelligent human being would ever fit any on the death traps that is any non-Skiff/Procurer miner, of course, nor would they turn the latter two into gank magnets by fitting them on those...

    The artwork is pretty decent, but these changes... thouroughly disappointing. Go read the ideas of Baltec1 in this thread. I don't agree with all of them, but at least there was the possibility of some excitement.

  • So, Barge Info? in EVE Communication Center

    Wayne Donne wrote:
    Retrieve/Mack: Medium Yield | Medium Tank | Unique : Capacity

    Proc/Skiff : Worst Yield | Best Tank | Unique : DPS
    Sadly, it looks like the Retriever and Mackinaw have lost their role bonusses in the current build on Singularity (well, as far as I can tell, they never actually had the +25% yield role bonus listed in their Traits, but now it isn't even listed in there anymore).

    So now it'll continue the current "Worst yield" for Procurer, Retriever, Skiff and Mackinaw alike. Looks like CCP is struggling to find a valid role for them...

  • What do you think CCP is planning for the barge rework? in EVE Gameplay Center

    And now my math is all wrong again, because the role bonus of the Retriever and the Mackinaw has vanished from the vessels' Traits lists on Singularity. I suppose they're still sorting out final stats, but this is not encouraging for dissuading people from mining in Skiffs...

    It's like CCP is slowly realising that in the current barge/exhumer fitting, usage, and predation paradigm, the Retriever and Mackinaw have no role. By the Force, I think I'm starting to agree with Baltec1 in the So, Barge Info? thread...

  • What do you think CCP is planning for the barge rework? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Gulmuk wrote:
    Oh and I like how your Link is to a Star Wars anime video on YOUTUBE ... LOLS
    Ugh, that's what I get for doing two things at once that involve copy-pasting links... Corrected.

    You should've seen it already anyway, it's post 79 of this very thread.
    Gulmuk wrote:
    I have done the math and with a HULK tanked for 0.0, a skiff can mine 36K/m3 ore in an hour. The hulk does marginally better at 50K per hour.
    Calling your Hulk mining 38.9% more than your Skiff "marginally" better is rather disingenuous.

  • What do you think CCP is planning for the barge rework? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Gulmuk wrote:
    I have come to the conclusion that after this "UPDATE" I will be come one of the Skiff / Mack exclusive miners. I will sell my Hulk prior to the update because there will be no use for it any further... Thank you CCP for screwing over the miners. I am exclusively a 0.0 miner and spent the last 4 hours on SISI looking at the changes to the Exhumers, and I can say you are going to kill the HULK. There will be no more need for it. 2 strip miners on all the hulls? WTF??? You have effectively eliminated the Hulk from the game.

    The last update to Exhumers you said you wanted the hulk to be a mining fleet ship. But with fleet boosters in a rorqual, I can easily run a 0.0 mining op in ships that TANK, Deal DPS, and MINE almost as much as a HULK. The SKIFF has effectively been made the best all around mining exhumer in EVE. And they are cheaper and easier to build than a HULK.
    As I demonstrated here, there's nothing that's changing about the Skiff's yield, whereas a max-yield-fitted Hulk is actually gaining another 7.65% over its current yield, improving it from 31.2% better than a max-yield-fitted Skiff to 41.2% better. How has that "effectively eliminated the Hulk from the game"?

  • Hulk: getting wrong/extra bonus in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Note that the stripminers themselves have received a 25% yield boost.

    As far as I can tell, the Mackinaw's 25% yield role bonus isn't working currently.

  • So, Barge Info? in EVE Communication Center

    Batlec1, one issue I've not seen you address in your proposal is the problem that, if you give Barges and Exhumers more fitting options in return for lowered base stats, and *if* you allow (and I'm not sure you would) them to reach the same levels of tankiness the Procurer and Skiff do now through modules, these modules now become lootable. That would add to the profitability of suicide ganks and giving gankers even more incentive to go after vessels that through the very nature of their usage (having to sit still for hours on end) can never hope to enter fair combat against similarly-valued opponents.

    Unless, of course, that is your hidden agenda: get the primary gank-proof barge and exhumer nerfed, and increase ganker payouts...

    It's the same problem with faction mining modules: even if I were willing to risk several hundred million isk worth of modules to my exhumer, I would only be providing the next ganker a rich buffet in my wreck, attracting them like bears to honey. And thus those modules go entirely unused.

    While I'm out and about faction mining modules: why are ORE Ice Harvesters longer-ranged versions of T2 Ice Harvesters, but ORE Stripminers only longer-ranged versions of T1 Stripminers?

  • So, Barge Info? in EVE Communication Center

    Wanda Fayne wrote:
    Please tell me that at least one of these ships got a utility highslot?
    Since none of them can mount any turrets or launchers, I'm pleased to report that all of them have no less than two utility high slots!

    Of course, being mining vessels, one would usually put a pair of strip miners or ice harvesters in them...

  • What do you think CCP is planning for the barge rework? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kalido Raddi wrote:
    @Kueyen: I can't get ontonSisi at the moment. Have the Grid & CPU requirements of the Strip Miners & Ice Harvesters changed with the changes to other stats?
    No changes detected. Fun fact: Sisi just went down for maintance... perhaps more changes might become apparent...

    edit: as far as I can see, only new Barge/Exhumer/Orca/Rorqual SKINs "Morphite Shite" (red-black). I already noticed the redone "ORE Development" SKINs for Exhumers/Orca/Rorqual yesterday which are an awesome white-black as opposed to the current white-yellow. Police Exhumer ;-) (well, ok, still some yellow trimming here and there)

  • What do you think CCP is planning for the barge rework? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vincent Athena wrote:
    In figuring yield, there is one real world consideration.
    Most miners do not scan the roid and try and time their strip cycle to avoid wasting time on a depleted roid. Thus, on average, the last cycle will have wasted time, on average half a cycle.
    In high sec, right now, the average roid lasts 6 cycles of a Hulk, 4 cycles for a Mack, and 2 cycles for a Skiff. This is all due to the bonuses and the differing number of strips. As a result, the Hulk loses 8% yield due to wasted time, 12% for the Mack, and 25% for the Skiff.
    All theses values will change to 16% for all exhumers due to all having 2 strips. Thus, with this real world consideration, Skiffs get a 13% buff and Hulks get a 4% nerf.

    Stay in your Skiffs, folks.
    Not entirely correct.

    I refer you back to my earlier post that shows that Mackinaw and Skiff cycles will be 41% longer than Hulk cycles, and Mack cycles will be 25% more voluminous than Hulk or Skiff cycles. Regardless of how many cycles whatever asteroid would take you to mine in a Hulk, the Skiff will take exactly as many cycles to do so (the Hulk will just do it 41% faster); the Mackinaw will however take 20% fewer cycles, and thus lose a few more percents when not properly managed.

    So, not all identical as you asserted. But Skiffs did get buffed in this regard, and Hulks (and Mackinaws) nerfed. but in other regards (total yield per time), Mackinaws got significant buffs. So, if you're on your own, and pay even moderate attention, Mackinaws are decent mining vessels. If you don't pay attention at all... stay in the Skiff, I suppose.

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