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  • Turret Tracking issues in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yeah they usualy do that was just odd last night they coudlnt hit any of frigate at all.

    both were at right range to hit at least some and my one friend usualy just swats them out of space quick.
    maybe was just a quirk.

    Def should get better for my friend in Blaster boat hopefully after expansion comes out

  • Turret Tracking issues in EVE Gameplay Center

    Fleet-mates tonight had a harder than normal time hitting frigates in a mission we done several times before.
    No changes to how they fly there current ships

    Was wondering if anyone else had/been having tracking issues today/tonight....

    They could hardly hit any frigates with there HAC's and Medium Blaster/AC's

  • AI changes in missions? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I did this one last night with my 2 friends. Done it a few times lately not noticed any odd changes.
    Were they attacking you friends drones by chance some of ships? I seen that if a ship kills a drone it can target the next closet ship
    had my one friend get attacked that way more than once.

  • Hurricane vs Drake (PvE) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hunter Ace wrote:
    Siegereaver wrote:
    I guess i was flying the cane like my drake, i am too new to know the difference on flying styles.

    The big difference between missile ships and turret ships is that missiles pretty much never miss. It doesn't matter what you're doing or where you're going in your Drake, if you launch a missile and your target is in range, it will hit it's target every time. The same is not true for turrets. This youtube video is very helpful in describing this difference:

    Interesting video thanks :)

  • EACS - Jump Clones; Corp Update; Alliance Creation!!! in EVE Marketplace

    Joined Corp last week took 12 hours to join and was able to get all clones need at moment in about 20 minutes work.
    Thank you for great service.

    Told all my friends about it.

  • Faction Standings in EVE Gameplay Center

    MadraRuaa wrote:
    Thanks for the reply's guys and for the guide Centis, that's given me some idea of how to raise my standings fast along with training the social skills *sigh*

    The guide works great what i used to get my standing up when found it.

  • Faction Standings in EVE Gameplay Center

    MadraRuaa wrote:
    Having never done any missions bar the Sisters Epic Arc storyline a long time ago, I'm struggling to raise my standings and would appreciate any input from dedicated/experienced mission runners.

    Is there a particular type of agent mission that gives more standings than others? I need to get my standings up to run lvl 4s yet the security missions I have been doing don't seem to be giving me much of an increase. I understand the need to train the social skills but with so many other skills to train I would rather just grind out the better yielding standings missions.

    It takes a day tops to get social skills to 4 each and the pay off is well worth it were standings are concerned.
    Alot faster increases in all faction standings compared to trying to "grind" out missions only.