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  • [December] Module Tiericide - Warp Disruption Field Generators in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Beidorion eldwardan wrote:
    i love the scram part.

    please let us keep the range as well

    For the purpose of feedback to CCP, I to would like to state that I like the long range scram script concept being purposed. So tally my opinion as pro long range scram.

  • [December] Missile Disruptors and Tweaks to Missile Guidance Mods in EVE Technology and Research Center

    A nice addition to the game and a nice tweak to the existing guidance mods as well.

  • 900k Skill Point Master Race in EVE Communication Center

    VaL Iscariot wrote:
    Krell Kroenen wrote:
    I think you forgot the counter balance to that 900k... can you say learning skills? *Shrugs*

    i think you forgot about the month worth of time it took to train them and then at new players now get accelerated skill training.
    -Master Race

    No I didn't forget but I may have misunderstood the real intent of your original post. I thought you implying how the 900k starting characters had more of an advantage than current starting characters and that it was unfair.

  • do you remember when? in EVE Communication Center

    I remember the time before UO added Trammel...

  • 900k Skill Point Master Race in EVE Communication Center

    I think you forgot the counter balance to that 900k... can you say learning skills? *Shrugs*

  • [Vanguard] Combat and Navy BC Rebalance in EVE Technology and Research Center

    It's not often that I get to say this but I am optimistic about these changes. Though I do find it amusing that the metrics presented were only comparisons between ships of the same class when the changes are suppose to make them more appealing to use vs other classes. ie make Eve less cruiser and T3 online.

    I think these changes will help with that but I can't phantom by how much but it would be nice to see some before and after numbers. Any how if the Battleship changes look this good I may just have to become more active again..

  • survey: the 3 worst updates things in EVE Communication Center

    Vol Arm'OOO wrote:
    1) Icons
    2) elimination of can flipping/crimewatch
    3) tiercide and the imposition of roles on ships

    I would put fozziesov up there but I dont sov.

    edit - shizzel - I forget the exploration **** up and the mini-game. Can I haz 5 things ccp broke?

    Not a bad start to a good size list. but these 3 have impacted the game the most for me over time.

  • Bitter Vet Retention in EVE Communication Center

    DaReaper wrote:
    P3ps1 Max wrote:
    One less veteran is would be amazing. Please don't let the door hit them on the way out.

    WE should give new players 10 million SP to apply

    Battleships and below are obtainable within the first 2 months of playing.

    Welcome to the New EVE.

    you can get a bs in the first 2 months of playing now. you just won;t have the support skills or know how to fly it very well. But you can pretty easily hit BS 1, and large weapons 1 in 2 months.

    Why the focus on Battleships? Outside of PVE their usefulness have been carved down to just a few niches and special case uses. This is the golden age of cruiser or smaller online.

    But as to the OP, how do you define what a Bitter Vet is?

  • Windows 10 in EVE Communication Center

    So far I am quite pleased with the experience I have had with my upgrades to Win10. Started with an older Win7 system as a guinea pig and worked my up to my other machines fully expecting something to go amiss as I went but so far it seems everything went smoothly. *knock on wood*

  • [Aegis] More balance! - Ishtars, DDAs and the Tempest in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Rise wrote:

    What will you do with a 950 turret dps Tempest? Let us know!

    I might spin it in station for old times sake more often . Cool It is nice to see a buff to the tempest. but this change is not enough to compel me to undock in one. To many drawbacks in the battleship class really to make it worth while more often than not. *shrugs*

  • Dev blog: The Dominix, Work In Progress And A New Art Director in EVE Information Center

    Just wanted to chime in about the Thrasher WIP, In a vacuum the concept art does not look bad, but they don't look very Minmatar either. And most assuredly they do not evoke a Thrasher feel.

    But odds are it will roll out as is... Ugh

  • New Trasher a joke? in EVE Communication Center

    I too don't care much for the new Thrasher, it seems too far removed from the original to share the same name. And out side of the solar panels it doesn't seem to fit the bill to be called Minmatar. In fact as some others have pointed out it seems more like an industrial ship than a combat ship.

    Just my two cents.

  • Dev Blog: Textures, Shaders, and Dirt, Oh My! in EVE Information Center

    Louanne Barros wrote:
    Rain6637 wrote:

    So the medium setting without dirt will be cleaner than the current look which has dirt? That is worth being thankful for.

    Medium looks 10x better than High currently, at least in my opinion.

    Comparison shot of the Leopard, "Medium" on the left, "High" on the right.
    Proof, at least to me, that the rust/dirt layer is not welcome or helpful:

    I have to agree, I will have to change my settings when I get home and try it myself. If I can be buggered to login that is.Blink

  • What do you think CCP needs to focus on? in EVE Communication Center

    Brant Tivianne wrote:
    Delt0r Garsk wrote:
    Brant Tivianne wrote:

    When we are in a station in the ship view, can we get tiny little maintenance craft and crews to come out and pretend-work on our ships? Something, anything to give us a better sense of scale? The ships in EVE just don't seem BIG like they should. We need more visual cues to show it.

    When you fly a cruiser around a dread, and your the same size as the turret, you get a pretty good sense of scale.

    Exactly! Flying a small ship by a much larger ship definately helps give you an idea of how large the ships actually are and it's those types of visual cues we need more of.

    It might be a fine example of scale but it isn't very awe inspiring when you know that the dreadnought can't do much of anything to the cruiser.


  • [Carnyx] The Jackdaw in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Hey everyone. Thanks to those of you who have provided feedback so far.
    We're going to try another all-new bonus to replace the tank bonus on the CTD skill: a 15% reduction in missile launcher reload time per level.

    The flexibility that this bonus provides for in-combat ammo switching should be pretty interesting, without causing an oppressive increase in the best-case power level of the ship. At level 5, missile launchers would reload in 2.5 seconds.

    This bonus won't be working correctly in the next SISI build tomorrow, but it will be in an upcoming build for you guys to try out.

    A much better looking bonus, and interesting one at that. thank you

  • [Carnyx] The Jackdaw in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    Yeah the 50 per level bonus is intentionally one of the weaker ship bonuses, to keep the rest of the package balanced. I am open to considering other bonuses like the ECCM one, and I'm interested in other ideas you folks have for bonuses that don't have a huge impact on the ship power level while remaining flavourful for Caldari.

    I do hope that another bonus is found, 250 shield points is so anemic it leaves a bad taste in my mouth just by reading it. If it has to be pointless at least make it fun. Like maybe free ammo for festive launchers..

    Because lets face it you can just put the 250 in to the base shield points of the hull and omit the bonus slot and get the same desired effect with out the insult of calling 50pts per level a bonus.

  • [June] [Updated] Module Tiericide - Afterburners & Microwarpdrives in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Off the cuff, I like the bringing back of some of the old flavor names and the 5/50/500 for MWD's makes sense as well. And while I haven't dug in to the figures as of yet, the concept of different speeds sounds promising and might add some desired variety.

  • New Caracal and Chimera models in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Caracal does look very nice, as for the converted water freighter turned carrier it does look improved but still doesn't hold a candle to the lovely Nid. Cool

  • This thing called "anti-ganking" in EVE Communication Center

    Paranoid Loyd wrote:

    This changed recently, they now show all kills even if there is not a player on them.

    Well that reveals that I haven't bothered to log in and do any real playing in some time. But that does not reduce my theory that the OP is upset about a player being on that KM. If he was professionally just ganking for profit then he wouldn't care.

  • This thing called "anti-ganking" in EVE Communication Center

    Scipio Artelius wrote:
    Krell Kroenen wrote:
    ... why does it bother you that your death is now generating a Kill Mail?

    Killmails are generated whether or not a player is on them.

    I should have worded my statement differently, but a KM with just Concord is normally never seen by the public and doesn't bruise the ego as much as if a player is on it... Thus why the OP has started this topic most likely.