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  • CCP GZ for your last FAIL. in EVE Communication Center

    Do not worry OP, your Omega skills are still there.

    Here is a list of Alpha skills

    When you sub/use a PLEX, everything gets unlocked again. So your 30~90M SP is still there. If a skill in the above link is listed, then you can train them while in Alpha mode.

  • This Week in EVE #142 - Week 6/2017 in EVE Information Center

    *ignores the troll*
    Thanks for the updates!

  • Back after a decade-plus absence! in EVE Communication Center

    They gave the alpha accounts some 'expensive' skillbooks right off the bat (remember, these are dirt poor chars we are talking about). So I would recommend you keep that old char for date-of-birth arguments heh and a new char so you can experience the new tutorial, and enjoy the perks of a new Alpha account.

    Ditto on Brave Newbies, Karmafleet and Pandemic Horde (also, Mercenary Academy).

  • Zkill guide to Running for CSM 12 by rhiload in Council of Stellar Management

    rhiload, can you tell us what is happening in your side of lowsec/nullsec (maybe even hisec)? any glaring stuff that needs attention? can you site a common grievance of lowsec/nullsec residents that you wanna tackle?

    whats your stand/ideas on npsi fleets?

    @hyde CSM attendance
    I've read a post down at r/eve claiming that he still goes to school and the meeting times just doesn't agree with RL. Again, that's the claim... which doesn't negate the fact of his attendance.

  • Low Sec Mining Venture in EVE Communication Center

    Here I was thinking I've misclicked and this was the New Players Q&A. Lo and behold, its GD!

    Everyone, have likes :D

    Try to talk to the locals/neighbors, let them know you're REALLY just there for mining some ores and not a bait from their enemies. Maybe even befriend them to get opportunities like having blue standings with them, or even an invite to their groups. This will only work if you're a regular in a few systems though. And yeah, talk to them even if they blew up your ship..

  • Does anyone have a good link to a step by step of the skill injector in EVE Communication Center

    The support pages is a great resource to start with:

    I recently got 4M points from the SiSi Mass Tests, and I was surprised at the new mechanics in the Allocation phase.
    I used to rightclick skill > Allocate points to fill out skill levels, now it can go thru all the listed skills in your skillqueue in
    two steps. Kinda.. nice, but the ease of all of it... its was easy to make poor skill decisions in my case.

  • Just logged in after a year long break. in EVE Communication Center

    Welcome back! :D

    All accounts that haven't been subbed/PLEXed are termed Alphas, and will have limited skills and thus limited ship hulls that can be used.

    After you sub/PLEX, you're elevated to the old model basically: all ships/skills available to you. And yeah, you don't lose your SP or anything when your gametime lapses and you return to being an Alpha.

    Read more on this devblog

  • My account is incorrectly locked in alpha clone in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Pasheer Herrick wrote:
    ISD Max Trix wrote:
    Singularity is a testing server. It operates based on the needs of the developer. Its not a test server for players. It IS a test server for CCP to try out different features and patches. Players are invited to Singularity to add real world conditions to the testing grounds. Mirrors of TQ are done based on the needs of CCP and will fluctuate as the Devs need it. Access to the Test Server is offered "AS IS"

    Please review this Help Center Article

    I can't very well take part in tests on SISI if my accounts are locked in Alpha stage can I?

    This past Jan 31 Mass Test, the /omega command was available for the testers. I didn't check if it was also available on the Feb. 2 Mass Test on Duality cause I already had my 4 Alpha accounts turned into Omegas.

    It was offered, and I didn't expect it nor demanded it.

  • Ship purchasing using real $$ (more content packs) in EVE Communication Center

    Buy PLEX from here

    It will land in your alt+Y Redeeming Window, and also at the Character Selection Screen at the bottom which you can drag and drop to your character(s).

    Since you want it converted to ISK ingame, make sure to redeem it at the station you want to sell it. I'd suggest redeeming it at either stations

    a. Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
    b. Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

    Both stations get a fair amount of trade, so put up a Sell Order this weekend (more players, more trade, better chances for you) for about 1.075~1.060Billion ISK. Use this website to gauge the range of PLEX prices. Note the difference between directly selling the PLEX and placing up a Sell Order. (as of this writing 1.068B Sell, 1.030B Buy; that ~38M could have bought you a couple more ships!)

    I too am trying to collect all the ships (just the practical ones, not the very limited/expensive ones), but I do the toil and grind which makes each purchase a bit more satisfying. If you need more help, drop me a mail sometime.

  • From A P2P To F2P in EVE Communication Center

    @window settings
    Pin (or unpin) them windows, the button on the left of the minimize button (a circle with a dot inside).

    @sp loss & clones
    O wow, this sure brings back some memories of the clone names and prices.. I think I remember the posts going like "now people will undock their 200M SP chars".

    @different stuff
    They changed the location of the undock button, from lower right to upper right!
    They changed the target locks from square to circles!
    There's an anomaly/signal circle thingie in the main HP/Cap UI, that accidentally pops up whenever im mousing over my cap!
    They changed the overview icons! They changed the neocom icons as well, the lack of color is missed by some..

    etc etc...
    Ah! Nobody linked this yet!

  • From A P2P To F2P in EVE Communication Center

    Alpha skills list

    Esc window > General Settings tab > Window appearance > transparency slider to the leftmost and tick off Enable Window Blur

    Highest hull you can train is a Racial Cruiser, so Navy Issue racial cruiser is available to you. Gnosis being almost a skill-less prereq. ship is the only battlecruiser hull you can use.

    All entry level skills are available, but not the problematic(abusable) ones like cyno, cloak, PI, etc..

  • Oh yes I did! in EVE Communication Center

    Van Doe wrote:
    DeMichael Crimson wrote:
    Hello Meow Kitty wrote:
    I created a robotic arm that automatically hits my Dscan for me every three seconds! Pretty neat setup and it wasnt cheap. What do other players utilize? Programs that do it for you or are you a clever inventor like myself for the dscan button?


    Sooo, what's that old Eve Meme ?

    Oh yeah. Screenshot or it never happened.



    Explain to me sir how could someone screenshot his keyboard?

    You hold your webcam with your left hand, point it at your keyboard and press Print Screen of course!
    You know, how we do it in camfrog, but on your keyboard!

  • Going Alpha in 3 days what's next... in EVE Communication Center

    Another low maintenance activity is Trading, which if you couple it with overnight Manufacturing jobs can add a bit more money into your wallet. And the premise is easy: buy low, sell high!

    When I did mining back then, i was supplementing it with PI, Trading and a bit of missioning for the salvage and loots. The other activities were there because just mining will burn me out of the game.

    Having difficulty with PI? Try the eve uni pages for it:

    There is... the lower tier production, perhaps 100~200M possible income per month here in hisec. You basically extract the lowest tier planetary materials, make em go inside factories to convert it to the next tier and either collect that and sell into the market, or convert it to the next tier again. Extracting has a limited timer, converting has a timer, and you have to interact with the Player Owned Customs Office (POCO) to get the items off the planet (subject to taxes).

    Then there's these 'factory planet' configuration, where you only have factories to convert lower tier stuff into the highest stuffs. You basically buy the lower tier stuff from markets, insert the stuff thru the POCO, and convert them into the highest tier stuff.

    You can even make these factory planets near the market hubs (but beware the taxes) to ease the resupplying of the mats. I made my PI planets between my trade hub and mining area. That way on my way to sell my ores, I can pick up my finished PI materials, and on my way back to my mining area, I resupply my PI factory planets with raw mats. And it takes just a few minutes to set these things up..

    So I really hope you revisit doing PI cause its a low maintenance isk printing activity.

  • Oh yes I did! in EVE Communication Center

    wwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • What can I make with these minerals? in EVE Gameplay Center


    You just gave me an idea! Haha! Now I have to drop my current project and code this thing. And yeah, a quick check on some tools out there asks for only _one_ material input. I've tried multiple item searches (like what you wanted) and it brings back nothing. Either I missed a separator needed, or it really doesn't accept multiple item searches.

    This should be easy to do TS, and I get where you're coming from.

    Now.. I need a.. materials list..
    (digs thru old db realeases)

  • Perfect drone skills? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I respec'ed to Mem/Per for this, ugh, was totally not worth it. Should've stayed with a balanced Per/Int because I needed to train some support skills after getting my drone skills done.

  • Cannot complete mining mission in EVE Communication Center

    Whats the name of the mission? Might be you should deliver to another station? Loot a certain item? Kill a certain mission rat? Etc. Provide more info and perhaps there will be clues.

    Otherwise, you can petition for it to be reset.. sometimes.

  • Need salvaging help / tip in EVE Gameplay Center

    One salvager module will cycle and roll the dice: salvage? -yes -no
    Adding another salvager cycles for the same duration, but you're like cutting the cycle times between questions: salvage? -yes -no salvage? -yes -no (it really doesn't cut the cycle times tho.)

    Go to this eve-uni site, search the page for "Salvaging science" which covers Base access chance, skills, rigs and implants.

    I found it better to just use one salvager per wreck, cause it was faster for me (because I collect them in a pile) so I usually do 1x Salvager against 2x tractor beams.

    One trick(perhaps as an omega, haven't checked) ive found is to use Salvage drones, which works kinda like salvage modules along with a Mobile tractor unit, which pulls in wrecks and helps the salvage drones so they don't have to fly from wreck to wreck which is usually kilometers apart.

  • Over crowded in EVE Communication Center

    You know what, I've been trying to get my old college dorm mates, guild mates from other mmos, various forum buds, etc etc. to get into EvE.

    Not one has clicked on my buddy link/mass invitation link from my recent 'EvE F2P!' mail to them. Goddarned waste of time collecting all those emails...

    Even my gaming cousin was like, "..ehh, I just like to read stories about eve". Fugging bastard, if he does play someday i'm gonna awox him.

  • Facebook is using my in game information. in EVE Communication Center

    I did a 'social suicide' back in Jan. 2009 I think.. things that tipped me off:
    -login to YYYY by using your google/facebook account --- WTH is my account from another site, being connected to my YYYY account?
    -help us help you recover your account by adding your phone number..
    -browser geolocating features

    T'was hard explaining it in job interviews though, I got thru by telling some bullshit like "I didn't need to use it 'cause the people important to me, I speak to them face to face whenever possible."

    I didn't search for her on FB - 2 days after she starts showing in my people you might know list.

    You were probably seen in a picture together and/or was 'tagged' and/or was mentioned you were in the said occasion. Have you seen those kiddy facial makeup/mask apps on phones nowadays? Their ability to track facial features is.. disturbing.

    *adjusts tinfoil hat*

    Facebook is using the EVE social network to grow its own social network, by plundering the information in your computer.

    You know that Like button? People have been farming them, and will be doing so for years to come.

    *adjusts Hir Miriel's tinfoil hat*

    Delete Facebook.... problem solved!

    Your data is still on the servers. And they are using it as well, without you knowing. Ignorance is Bliss, I guess.

    Oh I remember an early article about one guy requesting all the data about his account in the FB servers to be sent to him, after he deleted his account. He received it in cdroms or dvdroms, via mail.

    It's all 'public data' for these people. I've even seen nullsec players here in eve do these 'public data analysis' to smoke out spais in their midst.

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