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  • Procurers too OP in EVE Gameplay Center

    If he was suspect and you fired on him then it is also your fault for doing this in an Orca.

  • Procurers too OP in EVE Gameplay Center

    You had to have suspect yourself, or he did a in corp AWOX, or a corp war as there is no mathmatical way this was done as a criminal gank.

    If you suspect yourself then it is your fault as even a frigate could beat an orca if flown right.

    If it was in corp AWOX then it is your CEO fault for not checking his killboards.

    If it was war then it is your own fault for flying an orca in space during a war.

    All ways point to not OP procurer but user fault.

    The real issue is he probably tricked you and you want to blame the ship and not the fact you got tricked.

  • The 'one-line bad idea' thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Corraidhin Farsaidh wrote:
    DetKhord Saisio wrote:
    NPC Bounty payment upon destruction of NPC Capsule, not the ship. So you have to lock down/point/kill each npc pod to receive isk, or the npc pods warp away and you get no bounty payment.

    My understanding was that NPC's aren't in pod's hence the capsuleers massive advantage over them...

    Ok then the bad idea would be: "Give NPCs pods"

  • First Solo Kill! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Congratulations, solo kills are my favorite as well. Keep at it.

  • High-sec ganking in EVE Gameplay Center

    Matogg wrote:
    They use cheap little throw-away catalysts for the most part but even the new T3 battlecruisers are no big loss compared to the riches that can be carried by some poor unsuspecting frieghter pilot in high-sec carrying the sum total of perhaps 3-4 years accumulation and work in a ship that moves like a snail and can't even fit so much as a defense mod . What i'm saying is if you're ganked in anything other than high-sec you were often just plain unlucky and taking your chances . Not going about your business like in high-sec where you only had a slow reacting CONCORD to depend on to almost save your ship .

    Red Frog says it all. Pay them to haul it and charge collateral. If someone ganks them you are not out any money.

  • US TZ Corp Looking for PvE, Mining, Industrial, Manufacturing, PvPers in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    In game email sent. Awaiting response.

  • The "GF" comment after fights in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ria Nieyli wrote:
    Gizznitt Malikite wrote:

    If you feel the fight was in good sportsmanship (win or lose), saying GF is appropriate.

    OK, let's say we have a 1v1 frig fight and you blow me up. I say nothing. Why is that inappropriate? Honest question.

    Inappropriate no, un-sportsman more likely.

    Why do we say please and thank you..... social convention.

  • Regular display driver crashes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I set my ingame graphics settings to predefined performance. It looks bad, but stops the crashing.

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.1 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    Bohneik Itohn wrote:
    So I'm home with nothing to do today because apparently a chilly breeze out of the north is enough to cripple the mighty United States of America. I try to get some eve time in after yesterday's fiasco with Directx 11 not working for a wide variety of AMD card users.

    (Read: Constant Display Driver Crashes only in EVE Online. )

    Lo, there is a patch, maybe some fix, some happy in my otherwise droll day? Lol

    Nope. Now both DX9 and DX11 are having the same problems. This is 4 generations of AMD card users that can't access the game now.

    Kind of important. Needs to be fixed.

    Set your graphics settings to performance for the time being. May look like crap, but it allows you to play.

  • EVE Online: Rubicon 1.1 Issues Thread in EVE Information Center

    Crashes 2 times in 15 minutes. Freezes up a few times. Not a good setting during a war. Seems to happen alot when warping to games.

    Confirmed happened 3 times in a row when going to a gate. Warp ends somewhere between 50 to 300km from gate and I need to slow crawl it to gate if less than 150km.

    Graphics were at quality setting. Seems to work much better if I change it to performance.

  • The 'one-line bad idea' thread in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Allow members of the same NPC corp to shoot each other with no penalty, they are in the same corp after all.

  • ***R-v-B -- The MOST active PVP community in EVE in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    I have 2 questions which I could not find any specific answer on forums:

    1. How does one tell which side needs recruits? I do not see this on corp information or forums.

    2. No ECM refers just to ECD modules but not Tracking Disr or Sensor Damp?

  • Brand new corp (Order of Lorelei) looking for a few members in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Sam Scifo,

    In all honesty very few outside personal friends will join a corp with a CEO as young as you. You are probably better off searching the recruitment center to join another corp rather than try to get people to join yours at this time. Once you have more experience then you may consider forming your own corp, but for now I would suggest seeking to join a corp run by someone experienced.

  • Bounty System? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Because the person who put if on you did not do so just so you could pay it off. But you can pay me 100mil not to put a 10 mil bounty on you.

  • Couple questions about Wars in EVE Gameplay Center

    Elizabeth Aideron wrote:
    To clarify, if we have 3 people, A B and C, with A and B shooting at each other, and C repping B, A's flags do not matter. C inherits B's flags as long as the repping continues. So if I rep someone who's shooting (and thus has a weapons timer) I gain the weapons timer as well and can't use gates or dock. If they deaggress, both of our weapons timers will tick down even if I continue repping and we will be able to dock and use gates at the same time.

    Here's CCP's giant chart

    That is what I was trying to say but obviously did not do nearly as good of a job at is as Elizabeth did.

  • Couple questions about Wars in EVE Gameplay Center

    Xarxii wrote:
    Elizabeth Aideron wrote:
    the war dec drops off of you as soon as you leave the corp

    remote repping someone with a limited engagement timer (i.e. shooting a wartarget) gets you a suspect timer. remote repping someone always gives you their timers (except LE) so if they had a weapons timer you get it as well

    So remote repping someone prevents you from docking if they can't dock?

    No, remote repping prevents them from docking with a timer. If you deagress for the full minute you may dock while they may not since they are still "agressing" by remote repping.

    When they mean gives you their timers they mean. The remote repper gets the timers of the person they are repping, not the person being attacked.

    EDIT: Note: we might both be saying the same thing from different perspectives.

  • Guys, I'm getting married! in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Collective front launched against the New Order, James315 and miner bumping. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Erotica 1 wrote:

    You don't have to be good at pvp, just better than a miner and his hobgoblins.

    This is my only real issue with New Order. If only they had a service to teach miners pvp then perhaps the active miners would leave high sec for other places and only the afk/bots would be left.

    Botters: Kill them all no mercy
    AFK: Bump them
    Active: Teach them how to overcome their fear of low/null sec.

  • The First of Many in EVE Gameplay Center

    Intar Medris wrote:
    Given he packed all that **** in a T2 Industrial he deserved it. Bet it only took 2 shot from the Nado before he popped.

    He used arty and in a 0.7 system that would be 1 shot before concord gets you. There is no way he cycled to get a second shot off.

    The prowler fit is fail, haul 18bil in items and has no rigs, mids, and puts agil mods rather than damage control. You don't need agil mods on that ship.

  • Future advice for Bounties ! in EVE Gameplay Center

    How do you know a bounty is without reason?

    If I set a bounty on a person for 100,000 I can see if they PVP or not by how fast they remove it. If it takes forever to remove it I know this person is not a PVP player and a much easier target. This falls under item 2 below.

    Here are 2 views to a bounty. I am sure there are more.
    1 Criminal bounty placed by law abiding citizens who want someone to pay for their crime.
    2 Hit bounty placed by a criminal to have a hit contract placed on someone for not paying their due or whatever the criminal feels they are owed by this person.

    Bounty does not give kill rights or engagement rights. Kill right system is more in line with what you are asking and you can set a "bounty" on that.

    EDIT: Also in regards to not seeing who gave it to you. I don't seem to recall any wanted posters in the old wild west which listed who would pay the bounty, probably because said person did not want the criminal going after them for posting the bounty. Same idea applies here.

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