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  • Ratting in a Pirate BS only gives me 30m/hour? in EVE Communication Center

    At a guess his problem is technique/knowledge and any of :

    - there was a tick pending when he checked
    - he mentions an MTU; he may have spent ages farting around with these
    - he may have doubled-down on that and tried to salvage
    - he may have missed a lot of important drone skills when injecting; if his '1000dps' is mostly his fury ammo he's applying **** all
    - had his drones set to passive and wasn't pressing F

  • Investing in a Corporation for new players (WE HONOR OUR WORD) in EVE Communication Center

    You're trying to obfuscate a request for investment (i.e. with no audit or oversight) by couching it as a new-player corp with optional donations.
    The only thing you offer is "er, mining or something and friends in nullsec" -- if you can't name them at the outset they are either worthless, fictional or don't actually want to be associated with you in any formal way.

    Your thread stinks, sir.

  • Why i get Virus detection in EVE online files? CCP aware, lock thread! in EVE Communication Center

    All 3 are terrible AV products

  • I wear EVE Spectacles, AMA in EVE Communication Center

    Bumblefck wrote:
    That is true, but don't you know craft beers are too mainstream now? Fermented and carbonated yak's milk is the tipple de rigeur in the trendier parts of Genesis

    Is there some brand new start-up social media platform where I can subscribe to these updates?

  • I wear EVE Spectacles, AMA in EVE Communication Center

    There was no option to have a text bubble whining about the selection of craft beers in the station.

    Hipster patch ruined.

  • Why was citadel patch pushed live? in EVE Communication Center

    CCP wouldn't be CCP if they didn't release a patch with bugs.

    And CCP are largely allright in my book

  • So what happened to the current Sov war? in EVE Communication Center

    Aiwha wrote:
    Like I said, enjoy saranen.

    I don't find it much on this list

    Can you help?

  • So what happened to the current Sov war? in EVE Communication Center

    GSF is the most active alliance on zKillboard.
    MBC says we don't undock

    GSF has a long history of coming back from almost nothing and doing so stronger
    MBC says 'no no this time they are done'

    GSF supers are apparently 'hell camped forever'
    MBC largely ignores super fleets trapped in this way invariably break out

    If you wish really hard I guess maybe it'll come true. Or you can keep staring at the Saranen undock and imagine all the Imperium is in there, and gains in the north aren't happening at the same time.

  • Goons being Goons in EVE Communication Center

    Eli Apol wrote:
    I'm sure this was a thorough investigation and I'm sure all the guilty parties admitted their guilt in this court of law.

    Saw several questions related to it, which boiled down to:

    "Whats going on, is this us or everyone?"
    "Pretty much just everyone"
    "Well OK then"

  • Goons being Goons in EVE Communication Center

    Aiwha wrote:

    He wasn't banned for that ****, he was banned for being an MRA. Your CSM rep seemed to be enjoying the thread though.

    His 'being an MRA' was defending the actions of the people trolling kitty, so they're basically one and the same.

    That he was baited into regurgitating dumb talking points was irrelevant.
    Aiwha wrote:
    Its not the forums you wingnut. Its harassing other players getting ENDORSED by your CSM rep, and tolerated by your goddamn alliance exec. Although we all already knew The Mittani iwas a shitheel when it comes to harassing people.

    Aryth's defence [that I was witness to] largely consisted of asking around to see who was doing it. When the conclusion was that it was largely non-imperium people doing the trolling, he dropped it.

    He was 'defending' them by pointing out it wasn't them doing it.

    Sorry that your witchhunt it pretty thin on this occasion

  • What we grrrrgoons going to do? in EVE Communication Center

    Lukas Kell Diary

    Day 21:
    Posts #842
    Still one voice screaming it's not fair. They'll break soon

    Day 22:
    Posts #871
    Today I used a strawman argument I based from cherry-picked quotes. Jokes on them I accused them of doing that though

    Day 23:
    Posts #921
    today I screamed into the void that my unique personal opinion is somehow a fact

    Day 24:
    Posts #1057
    no one is liking my rambling posts must mean i have support on this subject and im not a crazy

    Guys I have a good source on these, more to come.

  • Goons being Goons in EVE Communication Center

    One guy was banned over this.

    Others were mercilessly downvoted, the biggest punishment of all.

    Additionally, the screenshot were of the general twitch stream, not messages they were specifically making appear themselves.

    But sure goons are the problem when you want to make moral hay

  • World War Bee in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    I didn't say they could, I simply said that the benefit given by running jabber pales in comparison to an applications acquiring trillions of isk. I really don't care if you want to pretend that's not the case, it's a simple fact

    So you are literally saying, with a straight face, that you think IWI is a 'bigger thing' than basically every organisation currently in the game.

    Like you completely accept that the game as we know it wouldn't even exist without third party tools, but that IWI is still a bigger factor.
    Have I got this right.
    ROFL because nobody was able to fit a ship prior to fitting tools

    Also this is another of your strawman arguments.
    it's a simple fact

    I think it is, you obviously don't. It's called a difference of opinion

    Dude. Come oooon. It's not 'trolling' to point out that you literally call the same thing both a fact, and an "opinion" all in the same post.
    You do it constantly, swinging between one and the other when it suits the reply to the cherry-picked quote you have chosen to reply to.

    Do you even know you're doing it?
    Do you even read your posts through?

  • World War Bee in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    I think the advantages gained by IWI are significantly larger than the advantages given by jabber

    Yeah, this is stupid.

    If you genuinely believe any large groups in this game could even exist without external organisation I have no idea what to tell you. No one is staying logged in 23 hours a day to try to work out when and where they are needed. Without that, a group using external means would steamroll them by being able to bring to bear forces that utterly overwhelm the "currently logged on" crew from the other side.
    It's such a non-starter it's asinine to even think it. But then this is your posting so.

    The only reason you're able to say things like this and not realise they're utterly absurd is because you're mad about IWI and this is fair comment in your mind.

    However this thread should have highlighted by now this thought is limited almost exclusively to your head.

    By the way I can't reply for the next 813hours, as I am going to go fly around and manage POSes in-game using only ingame means. Then I will manually fly to every region and compare local prices.

    Hopefully I will get there, I can't work out if my ship will align fast enough to be uncatchable as I just threw random parts onto a random hull and didn't use a fitting tool.
    Lucas Kell wrote:
    IWI could literally pick any group and there not a damn thing anyone could do to stop them.

    By the way this is a really, really silly notion.
    Lucas Kell wrote:
    Lol, except of course that we know he is in fact cheating. It's not a theory

    Citation needed. Your personal interpretation of the EULA is not law. Also, no one agrees with you. Even people being targeted right now by IWI.

    Your interpretation is completely wrong, and would require the term "by any means".
    All IWI's money comes from people giving ISK to him in game.

    I am at a loss as to how you can't understand the wording of the EULA. I'm also at a loss as to why you don't understand that CCP have ruled sites interacting with Eve in this way as OK.

    "There’s a rich history of programs that reward players for their participation in games of chance and skill, and as long as they are above board we’re good with them." -- CCP Falcon

    If your argument is one of scale, Somer made as much as IWI does on an on-going basis. So it's still a non-argument.

  • World War Bee in EVE Communication Center

    To be honest Lukas I'm giving you **** because your posting reminds me of some embarrassing posts I made when I was about 12 and used to have no idea when I had lost an argument. Like remember when you see pictures you took in 1998 and think "arggghhh **** cringe"? Yeah that's these posts.
    I would just stick with it in the hopes people would give up and I could somehow not have lost the argument if I could find some semantic hook to lean on. I got better~~

    Problem here, is you're too willing to make conflicting statements in the same literal post so it's a genuine mystery to me whether you don't literally see your own hypocrisy or you think your posting is good enough to hide it (it isn't).

    I'll think about it later and let you know what I think would be the better outcome.

  • World War Bee in EVE Communication Center

    Also your post was another strawman


  • World War Bee in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    Khanh'rhh wrote:
    For comparisons sake, something like jabber is functionally essential for a coalition to exist in the game in a meaningful way at all. So yes it is a silly comparison, one you are only wildly angry about because you're on the wrong end of it.
    Then feel free to push for jabber to be banned if you really think it gives as unfair an advantage.

    I think jabber is fine because anyone can use it if they think it is something that helps them, or make their own similar tool.
    I think IWI is fine because anyone can use it if they think it is something that helps them, or make their own similar tool.

    This is what a post without hypocrisy looks like.

    Do you want to try to make one?

  • World War Bee in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    like comparing a website that acquires trillions of isk with third party voice comms freely available to all, let me know.

    All the website does is point the results of a game of chance to a particular character.

    For comparisons sake, something like jabber is functionally essential for a coalition to exist in the game in a meaningful way at all. So yes it is a silly comparison, one you are only wildly angry about because you're on the wrong end of it.

  • World War Bee in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    sero Hita wrote:
    That is his thing. He even got the "decline turning into RAPID" locked twice by derailing, leading to other people flaming him. many pages were purged from that threat. You have to acknowledge, that he is good at what he does.
    Other people being incapable of having a simple discussion without attacking other posters or losing their temper has nowt to do with me.

    On the last 3 pages, I count ~20 personal insults handed out by you, whilst whining about people insulting you.
    On the last 3 pages, I count multiple tools able to give an ingame advantage that you use cited as 'OK', whilst whining about one you don't have.

    So hey I guess at least you're consistently hypocritical.

    By the way, since you're misusing the term constantly, this is what a strawman argument looks like:
    Lucas Kell wrote:
    You're the one pretending I'm saying that they offer no benefit, because you're trying to suggest that if I don't want TS3 removed then I'm a hypocrite for wanting anything removed, even though there's a clear difference between the players able to take advantage of the different applications and clear difference in the level of benefit provided by them. That's the equivalent of saying that if I support the death penalty for mass murderers but don't for people who swear in public then I'm a hypocrite because I have sworn in public before

  • World War Bee in EVE Communication Center

    Lucas Kell wrote:
    No, I'm arguing that if they are to exist they should only exist in game and not through third party applications which by your own admission make them faster at acquiring ISK. Honestly I'd be much happier if everything was in game so the playing field was the same across the board, but I can see why that would be an unrealistic prospect, so I'll settle for getting rid of the worst offending applications. IWI is one, EVE-O preview is another.

    Ed: Dude, you are going ham on that strawman.

    It's not a strawman, because it's not a false ******* argument. Other 3rd party tools that offer much larger advantages than what IWI have built exist. Have existed for years. Have been ruled OK. IWI [gambling sites in general] has been ruled OK.

    Why then do you go on these silly little rants about "cheating" and how it can't be countered. The exact same situation applies in all other 3rd party tools. An alliance that tried to organise without a single out-of-game communications platform would have absolutely no chance against one that did.

    IWI's ISK has not been a massive factor in this war. A good push to make it happen, perhaps, but it was largely inevitable and the results would have been the same.

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