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  • Does the Tempest have a use yet? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Valleria Darkmoon wrote:
    I suspect there is a reason that for the upcoming AT the Dominix and Ishtar are both singled out to cost more points than any of the other ships from their respective classes.

    They probably realized that an artificial arena scenario makes that whole "suck my damage projection" style of the Ishtar/Dominix even better than usual.

  • who wants to see higher drone bandwidth on marauders? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Just increasing the bandwidth to sentry-levels on the existing marauders is obviously a dumb idea.

    That being said...

    I would have liked to see the Kronos as a focused drone marauder.

  • Hybrid use for L4s in EVE Gameplay Center

    IIshira wrote:
    I don't think a hybrid ship will keep up with a missile ship for level 4 missions.

    In my (admittedly slightly outdated) experience, they can hold their own. The raw DPS numbers more or less match up. The application issues are similarly detrimental.

    The best thing the missile ships have going for them IMO is accessibility (there are viable missile ships that don't cost 1B before modules) and plain ease of use.

  • Hybrid use for L4s in EVE Gameplay Center

    Xoceac wrote:
    Vindicator, made for blasters, not enough CPU for any tank. (minus the shield booster)

    Armor tank it, you're not in Incursions. Get around the CPU issue with faction hardeners. Works just fine for L4s.

  • 0.0 ratting ship vs drones? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Out of the options you're listing I'd go with a Dominix.

    Most drones are rather easy to rangetank, IIRC. Warp at 100, deploy Curators. Blap blap.

    EDIT: If your drone skills suck, I guess it's AC Mael?

  • DX11 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Katrina Bekers wrote:
    They officially supported Linux, too, for two years (starting with Trinity in 2007 and ending with Dominion release in 2008). And they dropped it once it was clear the effort wasn't worth it. But they dropped it nonetheless.

    Yeah, but bitter as it is to say, the desktop mac population is quite a bit bigger than the desktop Linux population. And more vocal.

    Enforcing DX11 would mean we're talking about effectively killing off Wine support. Surely, the fact that Wine worked and was used in practice was a factor in the decision to drop the "native" client. It was a letdown, but they knew we could work it out. Were they to enforce DX11, they'd do so knowing we can't work it out.

    I'm worried too, but I doubt mandatory DX11 is going to happen in the most immediate future, at least...

  • The Armageddon in EVE Gameplay Center

    RavenPaine wrote:
    I hope they leave the Navy Geddon alone. I liked the old Geddon a lot.

    Pretty sure they kept it that way precisely so you could continue to have your old ship.

    See also: Fleet Hurricane, Navy Dominix.

  • [Kronos] Medium Micro Jump Drives in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hmm, and here I thought MJDs were designed as a BS niche, as a fix for their, uh, rather horrible mobility.

    Fozzie, does this mean you think BCs are in a similar situation as battleships were when the LMJD was introduced, or did you think they could just use another tool in the box? Smile

  • the megathron in EVE Gameplay Center

    You are aware of the Navy Megathron, right? Not quite the same style, but it does have the advantage of being available for money.

  • Amarr T1 and Navy BS fits for PvE - L4 missioning, plexes and anoms in EVE Gameplay Center

    You don't have the specialization skills for large pulses or beams, surgical strike 5, or rapid firing 5. The missing percentages add up quickly!

    Anyway, people post all kinds of stuff on forums, and get all kinds of "final" DPS numbers. To guess where numbers from 800 to 1100 come from...

    An Abaddon with a rack of T2 Mega Pulse, three T2 Heat Sinks and Multifreq is close to 800 DPS.
    Upgrade to Imperial Navy Multifreq, and you're around 900 DPS.
    Upgrade the T2 HS to navy, and you're more than halfway to 1000 DPS.
    Then switch from Multifreq to Conflag, and you're creeping up on 1100 DPS.
    Add a Large T2 Burst Aerator rig, and you're close to 1200 DPS.

    Then, some count drones. This might be around 150 DPS from Hammerheads, or around 100 from Hobgoblins.

  • Raven Nullsec Angel Fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    FYI, you wouldn't necessarily be making life easier on yourself by sticking to the lower end anoms in a Raven. The Raven is comparatively strong against battleship rats, lower end anoms will have more frigates.

    As for your fit, looks like you're blinging in the wrong places. Start with faction damage mods, add the rest if you start swimming in money.

  • DX11 in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ehh, I'd be surprised if they left the Mac population out in the cold by enforcing DX11.

  • Fitting Warp Disruptor and Warp Scrambler? in EVE Gameplay Center

    It can make sense if you're the designated tackler in a gang, and need to be able to tackle whatever the hell you encounter.

    I can't see it being a great help for "range domination".

  • EVE crashes after loading captain quarters (not solved, but workable) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I don't think I've heard of a single report of CQ actually working on Linux.

    FYI, the next time you run into problems, start by updating your Wine. The one in the Ubuntu repositories is rather far out of date.

  • Passive-Active in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Cyclone is it good at anything cept looking sexy in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's good at fitting an ASB, HAMs and praying for another solo target to blunder into range.

  • LF ways for DPS increase in EVE Gameplay Center

    1. A Mega will never be the best mission runner. Better learn to live with that if you want to keep using it.
    2. Get Gallente BS to 5. Looking at the DPS figure, you seem to be missing it.
    3. Use faction damage mods. It's the #1 upgrade for anyone running missions.
    4. Use Javelin against targets that get in close. If they aren't close, get close. If you're using that MJD to snipe, know that snipers will never be very fast.
    5. Rip out those CCCs (or sell your NMega through contracts and buy an unrigged one), get a T2 Burst Aerator instead. Probably supplemented with resistance rigs or something. Instead of relying on recharge, use a heavy cap booster.
    6. Wardens deal very little damage for sentries. Switch to Gardes!

  • Thinking to train for the Phoenix in EVE Gameplay Center

    Train what you want, it's your character.

    Just don't whine if your future alliance mates would rather have you fly tackle! Big smile

  • L4 Vindicator Fit in EVE Gameplay Center

    FFS, a rail Vindi isn't some kind of concordable crime. It's not the ship's primary niche thanks to fittings and lock range, but it's still a better rail boat than most rail boats.

    Anyways, OP, looks like low skills are your problem. Get those gunnery support skills up, and Advanced Weapon Upgrades to 4 (and then 5 - it's a bit very important). What?

  • Amarr, what ship for level 2 Missions in EVE Gameplay Center

    Level 2, Amarr?

    Try a Coercer. Ungroup guns, fit a prop mod.