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  • How should we improve the inventory UI? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Can we make the first load of corp hangers any faster?

    Can the corp asset search be made like the personal asset search (including making it actually work - recently I searched for items by name using the corp search and didn't find them, but they were there).

  • New to Mining in EVE Gameplay Center

    "Isk per hour" is a good tool that will tell you the roids that give best profit for mining. You can try out basic mining setups and it will take into account your skills. - Take the time to set it up with the ship and the fit you are using.

    Decide how you are going to mine. If it's AFK or if it's monitored.

    I monitor my mining, I know how much I will pull in on a single cycle. if the roid will run out before the cycle ends I try to stop the cycle as the roid pops rather than wait the full 3 minutes. And yes I use a rock scanning doo-hickey to monitor the amount in each roid.

    This gets me to a full hold in in a Retriever about 25 minutes. I run this back to the station each time.

    Also I scout belts with something fast and set bookmarks around the belt so I can cover the whole belt (usually about 3 bookmarks). This means I can land on the belt and start mining, no need to slow boat to the roids. I keep the overview on with the roids i'm hunting. So I find if I land on a belt and notice some yummy +10% rocks out of range of my current spot but in range of another book mark, I'll make that my next landing spot.

    Get standings and refining skills up too. Try to get to perfect refines.

  • EVE Online: Retribution 1.0 Issues in EVE Information Center

    Previously I've said that the corp hanger loading was still long but acceptable.

    Now I'm finding it is taking too long. Now I don't know if the load time is longer or if now that I've forgotten how long it used to take I have lost the comparison. - In any case I'm frustrated getting into corp hangers and no knowing if it's loading or just looking at me.

    For industrialists this is pretty annoying because... guess what we are doing ALL THE TIME! Sure enough it's on the first load and after that I can work with it but please take another look at it. At the very least give me a spinning icon to tell me it's working until you can make a load time under 3 seconds.

    Can you please look at improving the load times for corp hangers. It's in the order of 10 seconds.

    In the olden days before the unified inventory it was not very long at all - what on earth broke it so badly?

  • Evelopedia | My Preferences | page won't load. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Another shameless bump to get this one fixed.

    I mean seriously, this is stopping us adding content to the Evopedia. Open for months and other posts and petitions. I think you can do better.

  • PI : Recovering inputs when changing schematics in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ok, no recovery.

    The only option is to use it or it's gone.

    I need to be more careful with my calculations if I have a fixed run to do.

  • PI : Recovering inputs when changing schematics in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hi there,

    Been PI'ing for a while now and one thing I'm curious about is when I have a industrial facility with inputs only partially filled it just sits there.

    So when I want to change the schematic on an industrial facility I've just not bothered checking what happens to the inputs which are partially loaded in the facility.

    Recently I checked and found that I didn't see them appear in the storage facility after the schematic changed.

    So my question is:
    Can I get those inputs back somehow?

  • Evelopedia | My Preferences | page won't load. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Bumping, same issue here.

    Tried chrome and firefox and fricked with cookie settings which didn't help.

    When I used the in game browser got to login but mismached alt name and portrait.

    Also, why do I have to have a seperate login event between the eve community sites and the eveopedia? It makes no sense to me.

  • Dev Blog: Pre-Retribution Trading (Price Indices – November 2012) in EVE Information Center

    Chribba wrote:
    Graphs! And economy! And stuff.

    Ahhh hang on - another dev blog on Market stuff? What's going on? ... I'm not used to this love.

    The last one was only a month ago wasn't it? You're in danger of getting my hopes up.

  • Dev blog: Stay on Target! in EVE Information Center

    They look really nice.

    One thing though, you said things like Targeting and Agressing icons will be "subtle". I think this is a mistake. Quickly identifying this difference is key to PVP and PVE for that matter and remember there are older players that find subtle = annoyingly difficult to see.

    Remember the old icon iteration, the more subtle icons where not popular. One reason was difficulty in making out the subtle differences in the icons.

  • Video Dev Blog: Introducing EVE Online: Retribution in EVE Information Center

    Can i feedback on the inventory system here? - Seeing the devblog said inventory was being iterated again.

    I still have a good 10 to 20 seconds to wait before corp hangers load. - Frustrating to sit there click the arrow have it "rotate" and do nothing. I know the corp hangers have loaded when it rotates back. First, they should load almost instantly, second you should know they have loaded when they appear not when the arrow rotates back to his home position.

  • Dev blog: Brains! NOM NOM! in EVE Information Center

    I've taken new players into level 3 and 4 missions to show them what mission running can be like. The only way I'd feel right about taking them there is because I could take agro and let them pop frigates.

    Same thing was done to me when I first started too and got me some good iskies and showed me what I was aiming for.

    Will such a thing be possible with the new AI?

    I fear the'd last 10 seconds when the frigs target them instead of me.

  • Eve Music Revolution in EVE Communication Center

    Ok, right off the bat, I have NOOOOO talent with music. - I wish I could do this but can't.

    Is anyone working on a "Gangnam Style" parody for Eve? - That would rock!

    Link for those yet to discover: Gangnam Style Original (Youtube)

    By the way my favorites are
    "I'm on a Rokh"
    "How to stay aligned"
    "Eve, Oh Eve"
    "Fight us Maybe"
    "Docking Games"

  • Spreadsheet help in EVE Gameplay Center

    I use Open Office calc to pull Jita PI data from Eve Central.

    You just need an xml import filter and it will open it directly.

    This is another option for you. Open office development is stalled at the moment so you may not want to get into it now.

  • Useful trading tools? in EVE Gameplay Center

    leth ghost wrote:
    mentat is helpfull

    Yep, I use it too. Great for station trading. Makes the really really mundane stuff easy.

  • Cerlestes' Ore Table: Up-to-date Mineral Prices, Refining Values, and more! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yeah this is pretty good. The layout is nice. Bookmarked and it my replace the out of date one I use today!

    Thanks for keeping the profiles password free! My head will explode if I need to remember one more password at least 8 characters long with a mix of alphabets and numbers and special characters with no recurring characters blah blah blah.

  • Less Tears | Save Jita: Take Hisec Back!! in EVE Gameplay Center

    I don't really care for Jita so much but a really good hi-sec fight, I'm up for that! (Perhaps I should've done the agony classes after all X)

  • Wishlist for Trading Expansion - now with more acronyms! in EVE Gameplay Center

    How about adjustable Y-axis for market history?

  • Experiment #01: RL finance analysis applied to EvE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vaerah Vahrokha wrote:

    - Use of a fully featured, free platform. I tried several but in the end I picked Multicharts Discretionary Trader. It has all the needed features but no cost, no streaming fee nothing. Plus it may easily import CSV files

    VV I love your work, this is no criticism, are you sure this multicharts still has a free version? - I followed the link and it redirects to the company main page. Not so easily discouraged, I looked around the web site but I couldn't find a free version referenced anywhere (not even in the product comparisons).

    I have found an alternate which works for me (and) I ended up loading up with RL market data as well Big smile

    I just thought it was worth mentioning in case I'm missing something or it has changed

    Edit, fixed tags

  • Nocxium Short Investment Opportunity in EVE Gameplay Center

    God, I hope Nocxium spikes in the patch. I've bought into that market and it's now kicking my ass!

  • Experiment #01: RL finance analysis applied to EvE in EVE Gameplay Center

    I've seen this thread bump a couple of times and then saw the walls of text and figured I didn't have time to look at it.

    Finally got too curious to resist and found 'candles'. MY GOD! I've 'played' with candles when plex prices were spiking. What I got was an interesting weekly candle chart, but I don't have the ability or knowledge right now to analyse them.

    Now I become aware of this thread and start reading. This is pretty thick with data and it's going to take me a couple of days churn through it. Thanks for spending the time.

    Now here is my questions:

    When I played with weekly candles, the charts changed depending on when the week started. In RL usually there is a weekend break but in Eve, the only break is down time.
    If I chose day 1 as Monday or Sunday or whatever there was a clear change. I then thought that perhaps the start of the week should be Wednesday because it is a lull in the week.

    Q1. In your opinion does it matter which day of the week the weekly charts start on? - if yes, what day do you choose and why?

    Q2. For the daily charts, how exactly do you determine 'open and close' price. As far as I can tell, scraping market history won't give it to you and the alternative of logging on at the close and open of every eve day sounds too hard.