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  • Being "Relevant" in W-Space in EVE Gameplay Center

    tl;dr - What makes a Corporation or Alliance "relevant" in a wormhole community?

    Please explain the “relevancy” of wormhole organizations. There seems to be a large number of individuals who make note of the “irrelevancy” of particular groups within Anoikis, however it seems to be an odd notion. What dictates relevancy in a community of individuals?

    In a wormhole, “comfortable” alliance/corporate size is determined by your individual infrastructure and limited by roles, number of moons, and stuff. Technically, those limits only apply to groups that forego caution and are fine with spies, thieves, and internal strife. Also, economic restrictions inhibit the infinite expansion of an organization without occupying multiple wormholes, or dedicating alternate corporations, or wormholes for expos. That said, your relevancy in the wormhole is limited to your corporation or alliance, or in some odd cases, the various residents in the same wormholes.

    That can change ofcourse. Alliances split, evictions occur, coups are staged, and drama inevitably happens. Now, your relevancy is extended to the shards that break apart, only if anyone in the shards is interested in your progression. Sometimes that interest is not friendly in nature and that could lead to conflict, which would mean relevance to those who monitor the wars within Anoikis. Then your relevancy can be dictated by the number of people interested in your stories as you progress in your community.

    That aside, we aren’t null sovereignty. We don’t, for the most part, have coalitions. We have friends in some cases, and definitely have many enemies, if you are doing it right. What makes some of the groups in Anoikis feel that they are more “relevant” than other organizations? Is this about being “liked” or “popular”? Is this related to some draw to feel exclusive, cool, or edgy?

    Other than the drama/meta aspect leading to some notoriety, it would seem most “relevancy” between members in this community should extend about the lifespan of a wormhole.

  • [CSM8] Chitsa Jason. Vote for wspace! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Chitsa Jason - Throwing cookies in the air and kissing babies at the same time!

    Ingame Channel - Chitsa4CSM

    Please stop by and hangout!!!

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    On behalf of Obstergo,

    We feel that the POS mechanic, as is, should be improved. +97