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  • Noobman for CSM XI. W-space Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    corbexx wrote:
    Jim Womack wrote:
    promise not to run off and join goons if you get elected?


    ooh the burn ...would it help if i said i'd rather have noobman than someone from your corp?

    Sorry cant hear you with all that null between us P

    also would it help if i agreed with you?

  • Noobman for CSM XI. W-space Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    promise not to run off and join goons if you get elected?


  • Gf guys... right? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Over the past two years that I have been in this corp I think we for the most part have spent a consider amount of effort to engage in most pvp fights with a fair fleet comp trying to keep the "good" fights wspace is known for. Hell we have often lost fights in our own system by trying to not capital blob our opponents.

    Have we blobed people before? For sure what large wspace corp/alliance hasn't? I'm sure we will continue to on occasion have a blob fleet however we tend to try and limit our fleet sizes and comp to fit the situation.

    Our multiboxers ask the fc how many toons they are allowed to bring and go with it, some times it's 1 ... others it's 5... once in a blue moon it's screw it bring all the things.

    But considering the image we have built for ourselves over the past years as a trustworthy and fair corp I find some of the opinions in this thread are probably a bit hastily made.

  • Gf guys... right? in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Gf guys... right? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Winthorp wrote:
    Jim Womack wrote:
    Serendipity Lost wrote:
    I've caught wind that there is already internal grumbling about this guy. I would wager his ssc time is coming to a close.

    Please PM me your wager

    I'm raising money to be cool and hop on the Phoenix bandwagon and could really use your isk.

    Stop loosing bling Marauders bro. <3

    the sad part was if I had boosts and refit cap regen I'm convinced I could have tanked that fleet =P

  • Gf guys... right? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Serendipity Lost wrote:
    I've caught wind that there is already internal grumbling about this guy. I would wager his ssc time is coming to a close.

    Please PM me your wager

    I'm raising money to be cool and hop on the Phoenix bandwagon and could really use your isk.

  • KILL & FCFTW in EVE Gameplay Center

    TCU coming soon to your home!

  • WTS Wormhole: NOVA - J105934 in EVE Marketplace

    but for a more so serious post

    10 pocos = 1 bil plus a little for the convenience factor of not having to kill them on your own.... not that its an overly difficult talks in a c5/c6
    1 TCU = 65 mil

    selling the system connection I guess I could see a few hundered mil...

    so 2 - 2.5 bil I could actually see within the real of reasonable... 210 plex .... aka over 3 grand US... is... laughably psychotic.

    Its not like finding a particular C6 is all that difficult of a task.. That fact is pretty much what makes this whole thing silly. Were it a "special" system and actually hard to find sure there would be some value in that... but its not... you are just offering a bit of convince... and not really even that much of one either tbh...

  • WTS Wormhole: NOVA - J105934 in EVE Marketplace

    Special Snowflake syndrome activated!

  • WTS Wormhole: NOVA - J105934 in EVE Marketplace

    ..................... Roll

    Gl with the sale but lol at that price

  • Sovereignty in Wormholes in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Enmesharra wrote:
    Dockable PoS though sweet mother of god yes.

    I have very mixed feelings over having a POS be dockable... Mostly negative feelings .

    also I can see no need for having sovereignty in W-space

  • Dev blog: Hacking in Odyssey in EVE Information Center

    my worry is while this will be "fun" at first ... mainly fun because its at first different and more involved than just watching a module cycle until you see a message saying HEY IT WORKED OPEN THE CONTAINER AND GET YOUR STUFF!!!!

    but I do worry that in the end it will just become more of a ughhh here we go again making eve a more time demanding game than it already is. I had a corp mate describe it fairly well tbh in the fact that the lock picking at first in the elder scrolls was fun and exciting to figure out how to do it correctly but then after an extent all you would do is spam auto try or load a mod to get rid of the mini game...

    perhaps a compromise would be ideal ... ppl that put time into the mini game get some type of additional reward for completing the mini game and an option to just sit and wait for your skill level dictate how successful hacking you are at an automated attempt. The reward should be enough to consider doing it but not so much that you're forced to do it or get basically nothing.

    But again I do worry about so many mini games being brought into eve... there needs to be passive game play to an extent as I don't want to see a mini game for everything that is already passive... PI, Industry, Mining, ect.... Its just to much time to put into an already time demanding game.

  • [Odyssey Feedback Request] Team Super Friends - Probe Scanning and You in EVE Technology and Research Center

    *stuff I'm Sure that has already been said"

    Would be nice if probes deployed around my ship and not default to the sun. I realize the probes still physically drop around my ship however the first scan pattern defaults at the star

    I'm unsure why there is a reconnect to lost probes button still when they auto pull on docking jumping ect... maybe its for a client disconnect but I haven't experienced that on the test server.

    The ability to copy and paste sig id's is a huge thing for my and many other w-space corps and the new awesome ability to drop all probes at once is kinda negated by the fact we can no longer group paste all the sig id's in a system for scanning. So we basically gained something pretty awesome and at the same time lost another. ... sadness

    The new scan feature is visually pleasing but it would be nice if I had a option to turn the auto repeat feature off so that I can still see the pretty new anoms/sigs in space but don't have to have a seizure every 5 seconds as the system scan effect is pretty in your face loud compared to the rest of the game.

    would be nice if the system scanner window on the probes Range would update as I drag the bubble size out or down as its easy to forget what au I'm scanning at now

    while scanning some sigs that I had scanned to 100% would drop off the scan results at random and would have to be re-scanned down.

    there is no probe timer anywhere so we have no clue when the probes expire.

    I'm sure there are more thing but this is just my first impression..

  • Bane Nucleus for CSM8!!!!! in EVE Gameplay Center

    WTB WH system map ... that way I can just see what my chain is for the day and decided if I should scan it down or not....

    also give me a warp in point for wrecks on my overview .... I suck with Dscan and feel I am letting my corp miss ganks.

  • Wormhole Primaries in EVE Gameplay Center

    The Masterbaiter wrote:
    Cipreh, he is a honest man, and I will trust him in CSM.

    Mr Kidd wrote:
    Nathan Jameson has my votes. So everyone, lets rally behind him.


    content added to this thread ... 0

    Chitsa Jason wrote:
    As far as I know CCP might be changing the way voting system works so there will be no need for primary election.

    If that will not be the case I am all for primaries.

    I could be wayyyyy wrong as I haven't spent tooooooo much time reading about the purposed changes and what the election could be like... but based off what I did read I don't see why even if they do change the system up some we as the w-space community shouldn't still come to some type of joint decision on whom we as a group feel will represent w-space the best... then if you personally feel another candidate could fill that roll equally as well or even better than use your other vote(s) on them. I feel doing this would still insure we at least have a voice on the CSM.

  • [CSM 8] James Arget - Wormholes and the Future in EVE Gameplay Center

    Winthorp wrote:
    You have my blasters.

    And my Void

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    I haven't taken the time yet to read through all of the post yet and am sure anything that I could suggest has already been..

    I just want to quickly add my name to the list that something should be done to address the current pos system.

  • Statics CAN spawn in the same system twice in a row in EVE Gameplay Center

    wishes to hear more about this super long hole...




  • Solo WH Living, your experiences? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I did it for about a mo in the first wh corp I joined... there were about 6 of us in total and everyone but me got caught up IRL..

    Its doable but by no means optimal, your basically running anoms in-between being ganked. I had two accts and I was always afraid of being podded on both acts and having to rely on backup scanners in system to not loose my home..

    the to do list
    scanning - you
    Hauling fuel - you
    PI - you
    Site running - you
    Loot hauling - you
    Loot selling - you