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  • Improving 0.0 combat in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Caps and supercaps cyno in. Subcaps Titan jump bridge into system. Structures are shot, there is no resistance. Caps cyno out. Subcaps take a Titan JB out (Titan at POS). Titan jumps out. No PvP was had.

    How to prevent this.

    1. Remove Titan jump bridges. This allows a defender a chance to engage hostile subcaps incoming, instead of having everything dropped on them all at once.

    2. Defenders need a hardpoint. Back in the days of POS bashing, the fight took place around a defensive structure. It could shoot back and allowed defenders to duck into the FF (actually I think the last might have hurt the defenders more than it helped). Structure bashes take place on the naked field. This can be alleviated a bit by putting the TCU at a POS. What we really need is the ability to install batteries in Stations/TCUs, have these batteries controllable by a player in a sheltered position (say docked at the structures) and have the batteries untargetable (the equivalent of when POS guns where in the FF). Guns outside the FF are just too vulnerable to be effective.

    3. Warp Disrupt and Warp Scram batteries need to be able to tackle supercaps. Right now a coallition can place supercaps on the field. Defending would require deployment of the defenders supercaps. These ships are move valuable than the space. As a result a system gets evacced instead of fought over. If a structure could hold down a supercap, placing it in jeopardy, there would be greater impetus for a fight to take place.

    4. The range of Pulse Lasers needs a nerf. My alliance uses Apoc builds that shoot out to 70km. A "short" range, high damage, weapon that gets that kind of range outshines just about everything else.

  • Drone Issues: A Summary of the Problem in EVE Communication Center

    With the new AI drones are getting popped easily. There are several interrelated problems.

    Missions are not W-Space.

    Sleeper AI works OK in W-Space. Missions are not W-Space. Instead of a few sleeper missions can throw 30 or more low HP NPCs at the player. If missions were revamped to be a couple high HP NPCs, like sleepers, this would be less of a problem.

    New AI is Alphaing drones.

    Drones are getting instapopped soon after deployment. This includes sentry drones. Under the new AI everything from BC on down will go after sentries.

    Missions are balanced for weak NPC EWAR and drones.

    This is actually a number of interrelated problems. NPCs were originally designed to drop EWAR against the player. As a result they still use the old, un-nerfed, EWAR stats from several years ago. This is a particular problem with Damps and Tracking Disruptors. These are non-change based and can render a ship unable to fight. Further, the new AI has caused NPCs to orbit outside of weapons/lock range after EWARing. The normal counter to this, dropping drones, is now unavailable. The presence of a far greater number of EWAR capable ships in missions then in the equivalent W-Space encounters further exacerbates the problem.

    Battleships can’t hit frigs.

    Yeah most battleship fits can’t hit frigs when they get up close (or ever for missile setups). With the EWAR changes this makes the most useful setup for missioning a Tengu with the option to use FoF HMs. This change is directly affecting many newer PvPers who are training either Amarr or Minmater. These changes mean having to place additional SP into skills simply to carebear for isk to PvP with. Yeah, yeah, people should have good missile skills anyway. Not always the case, especially for people who are PvPing somewhere other than PC controlled 0.0.

    Gallente Ships already had problems.

    The Dominix was one the last few useful Gallente ships. Other Gallente ships also relied on drones for part of their PvE strategy. Now that drones have been nerfed for PvE Gallente have major problems on both the PvP and PvE front.

  • Dev blog: The Retribution of Team Super Friends in EVE Information Center

    Will it be possible to place a bounty on an NPC noob corporation?

  • Virtual Psychopathy in New Eden in EVE Communication Center

    I'm not so sure that we can say virtual behavior is without real world effects. If I were on the committee charged with determining if Remedial (former goon executor) could sit for the bar, the fact that he absconded with a large amount of his alliance ISK would way heavily on my mind.

    On the other hand, all this really says is that those in finance related professions might not want to engage in large scale corp theft, simply because the regulatory bodies of those professions are hyper vigilant about handling client funds. (Before anybody wastes their time though, the Mittani is retired from practicing law).

  • Freighter cargo in EVE Communication Center

    Mark Androcius wrote:
    So.... you guys are effectively telling me, that 12 guys ( or 1 guy with 12 accounts, or 2 guys with..........) would be so lifeless, that they would sit around a high-sec stargate in a t3 BC, hoping for a freighter to pass through?

    Seriously though, i have never ever ever ever ever witnessed anything like that.

    Yes. It happens all the time, though generally at choke points or on the approach to Jita.

    If you're moving between two systems in the back end of Khanid, you probably aren't going to get suicide ganked. If you are moving goods to market though you risk a gank.

    Inability to move bulk goods securely is a problem in this game, though not one that many people are willing to admit to.

  • Can somebody make sense of this? in EVE Gameplay Center

    A mobile assembly facility where advanced subsystems and hulls of strategic cruisers can be manufactured

    3 manufacturing slots:
    Base time multiplier: 1.0
    Base material multiplier: 1.0

    (Note: Tech III hulls cannot be assembled at starbase structures. The hulls and subsystems can only be assembled whilst docked in a station.)

    So what can you build at a subsystem assembly array? Can either subsystems or hulls be assembled at a station outside of 0.0?

    Also do I need to link the output to ship maintenance bay?

  • New Dev Blog: Ewareness for DeBuff-alo Soldiers in EVE Information Center

    Great, now how about letting me broadcast the people I have jammed to the other guys in fleet so that we don't all Jam the same person?

  • Question about Tier 3 battlecruiser populatity regarding sales. in EVE Gameplay Center

    I believe the issue here is a miner with excess industrial capacity such that he will suffer no opportunity costs by placing any single print into production. Since production will not be constant, nor will the volume be such as to generate a production bottleneck, the question becomes what BPO can be used to transform the minerals (the thing time and effort is being put into and the main generator of profit) such as to yield the highest percentage value added.

    The answer is, well whatever it is it probably isn't ships.

  • Idiots or Bots in EVE Gameplay Center

    churrros wrote:
    Let's say I produced something that costs 5 mil(including pos fuel, minerals + etc) for example and I set my target sell price for 7 mil to have a decent isk/hr per slot.

    However, the market spikes and the sell orders for this particular item is currently at 10 mil.

    If I decide I would rather dump my stuff at 9 mil so I can buy materials again to produce more stuff to sell, whats wrong with that?

    If you see someone driving market prices down, just buy them out and sell them at a higher price.

    Also, you can trick bots this way as well. If you think there is a bot driving down prices, you can make another order for 1 item and keep chasing the bot-sell-order down, and buy him out when the bot renews his sell order almost near the buy order price.

    Well if its a person, not a bot, dropping price only works if it will increase sales volume of an item. For many goods sold in a major hub most price declines or spikes do not effect volume. On the other hand if you deeply undercut, at least in Jita, somebody else is likely to undercut you by 0.01 isk, ratifying the new price and causing a market move downwards. (This means you sell no more items than you would if you undercut the top guy by 0.01 isk).

  • Idiots or Bots in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm seeing multiple instances of sell orders with a huge number of items coming into a spiked market and moving the price rapidly downward. There actually seems to be two or three people pursuing this strategy in one of the items I'm trying to sell.

    Is this just people being aggressive or is there some new bot out there that is causing this.

  • EVE IPH Industry Calculator Version 3.3 - Now with Live Market data! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Zifrian wrote:
    J'J'J'Jita wrote:
    I cannot fly a Hulk. But on the mining tab, I want to calculate isk per hour with a Hulk for mining things. Even when I override my skills to be all-level-5 (via the checkbox, which seems to uncheck itself next time I go back to character skills menu) I cannot select Hulk as a mining ship option. I set mining / astrogeo as L5 on mining tab already.

    How do I select Hulk?

    Yeah, it's acting screwy. I need to fix it. Try changing the exhumer level and make sure all necessary skills are there. You might just need to change the combo values to get it to show.

    If you do not update all prereqs the program is defaulting back to the API skills. (Tried setting invention skills that my alt has that my main doesn't and it reverted back on me).

  • The Inflation Death of the Universe in EVE Gameplay Center

    Time to market and gank risk of the hauler are also inflationary pressures. If it takes an hour to haul to market prices will rise to reflect this. If gank risk caps the maximum amount that can be hauled at less than the capacity of the hauler, prices will also rise to reflect this. Sure you might be able to mine in Khanid, but can you efficiently get the minerals to market?

  • The Inflation Death of the Universe in EVE Gameplay Center

    Talisa Latarien wrote:
    Not willing to depose the "We're all going to die" approach to the problem, but I think it's quite natural that there's a connection between profitability and security of mining. The higher the mineral cost (especially, Trit), the more it costs to build a T1 gank ship and modules for it. Now, some equipment comes from ratting, missioning, etc, but ships do have to be built. And, as mentioned earlier, Concordokken=no insurance. On the other hand, mineral prices going up means more profitability for miners.

    So, at some point in time the price of expendable alpha ships will be comparable to the price of expected loot from an average mining setup. And loot is pretty random (unless someone is crazy enough to mine T2-fitted and alone at the same time) - salvaged stuff worth 2 mil from several abandoned BC wrecks at a gate the other day, while getting 50 mil worth salvage from one hisec belt rat frig.

    So the only question is, how high will the mineral prices go now that minerals from drones are out of this game, and refining mission loot is now marginal at best. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Considering that a mining barge can be ganked by a destroyer, this seems more likely to result in an inflationary spiral than eventual stability.

  • PLEX SKYROCKETING! Up 50 million in the past 24 hours! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Just saw this juxtaposition:
    Plex Prices About to Plummet?
    Plex Skyrocketing! Up 50 million in 24 hours.

    I think we can safely say that we don't know what Plex prices are going to do.

  • so the hulk WTF CCP?!!?!? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lanasak wrote:
    Jas Dor wrote:
    Lanasak wrote:
    I don't mine, and if I did, I wouldn't mine in highsec like pond scum

    Many players feel the same way you do. This is why low end mineral prices are increasing.

    no, minerals are going up across the board because of traders speculating on the imminent rogue drone nerf

    Um no. Yeah on Zydrine or Nocx they are. On any given day Jita runs through between 20 and 40 BILLION units of trit. There are some bit wallets out there but trit is almost the definition of a spammed commodity. There is just to much of it being traded for traders to make a dent in the market.

    Sorry to say it, but that mineral is going up because of a legitimate shortage, not speculation.

  • so the hulk WTF CCP?!!?!? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lanasak wrote:
    Jas Dor wrote:
    Lanasak wrote:
    wow look at this, a 42k ehp hulk

    Hum fully bonused Orca and fully bonused Tengu to pull that off. Once CCP gets rid of off grid boosting that will probably protect the Hulk, most gankers are much more likely to go for the Tengu first for the tears and SP loss.

    nobody suicide ganks a Tengu unless it has worthwhile fittings fyi

    and if that becomes an issue they'd just boost on grid with brick-tanked Vultures

    So to get all this to work you need at least three accounts to run one hulk? Somehow I do not think the bulk of the 20-40 billion units of trit that are sold in Jita every day is going to come from such a process.

  • so the hulk WTF CCP?!!?!? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lanasak wrote:
    I don't mine, and if I did, I wouldn't mine in highsec like pond scum

    Many players feel the same way you do. This is why low end mineral prices are increasing.

  • so the hulk WTF CCP?!!?!? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lanasak wrote:
    wow look at this, a 42k ehp hulk

    Hum fully bonused Orca and fully bonused Tengu to pull that off. Once CCP gets rid of off grid boosting that will probably protect the Hulk, most gankers are much more likely to go for the Tengu first for the tears and SP loss.

  • The Inflation Death of the Universe in EVE Gameplay Center

    Daniel Plain wrote:
    the reason you are wrong OP is that you assume that everyone cares as much about losing ships as you do. i myself regularly scan down low class WHs and clean them out in a cheap BC. if i get ganked, i eject and warp to the exit hole without losing a second thought. and i can also confirm that i am not the only one doing this, i even met a guy who was solo MINING in a C2 once.

    TL;DR: people don't care about losing ships, therefore you're wrong.

    What makes you think that I am arguing from personal feeling and not a string of observations about player behavior. You yourself are helping to prove my thesis. You indicate that you do not mind dying, in a relatively low probability event (killed in a WH), without social stigmatization (**** happens in a WH), while doing something relatively interesting. Yeah, I don't mind the occasional ship loss from living outside of empire either.

    There is a big difference from doing something relatively secure and signing up to do a stupid. Becoming gank bait in a barge is signing up to do something stupid. So is carrying 1B in a T1 hauler. Both are things people either don't do or only do once. Right now we are seeing a bunch of people going "tried it, got ganked, got the message about mining in high sec." Unfortunately unless a significant number of lemmings volunteer to be gank bait in high sec, low end prices will continue to rise.

    As indeed they have.

  • The Inflation Death of the Universe in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hum. I find it surprising how many people here are rejecting the simple concept that eve is a game and people playing a game will not adopt the role of victim. Sure folks will lose ships PvPing. Getting into a ship who's role is to be an easy kill for somebody else, not so much.

    Trit averaged 5.89 yesterday. It's averaging 6.19 as we speak (nope make that 6.20 on sell orders). That's a tad over 17.8m/hour from mining and rising. I hate to point this out but it doesn't look like players are much interested in getting ganked in mining barges for the what the market is currently willing to pay them.