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  • Launcher Certificate Error ... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Just had this problem as well, but the loglite.exe appears to have fixed it.

  • Dev blog: Citadels, sieges and you in EVE Information Center

    It appears that you're using the term "vulnerability window" for two separate concepts:

    1) a period in time that occurs according to an owner-set schedule during which the structure can be attacked
    Ex: "The duration of a vulnerable 1 window is a mandatory timer expressed on a weekly basis, whose length varies depending on the structure size, location and role."

    2) the stages by which a structure is reduced by an attacker's actions
    Ex: "All Citadels, no matter their size, will have 3 vulnerability windows."

    This will be confusing. Vulnerability window is a term you're already using for the scheduled time at which something can be attacked, so I suggest you change the other term to:

    * Reduction Stage
    * Attack Stage
    * Destruction Stage

    or the like.


  • Dev blog: Hashtag Swag - The Fanfest 2015 Store in EVE Information Center

    I don't generally do "Me Too" posts but

    CCPlease let these be available to those of us who can't make it to Fanfest.


  • Dev blog: Corp Little Things & Friendly Fire Control in EVE Information Center

    I notice that in some screenshots the values for Friendly Fire was "Legal / Illegal" and in some it was "Enable/Disable"

    Recommend using one value pair for consistency.

  • [Proteus - January] Recon ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Tangent so main body posted to another thread, but since relevant:

    TL;DR: Have a scan strength and a stealth rating, and allow them to interact to tell you what you can d-scan, from how far away, and with what level of information returned. Thus allows both the Force Recon Proteus change and for players to develop tactics and counters.

  • D-scan - towards a unified scanning and probing system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Not really a full and polished proposal, but a starting point...

    TL;DR: Have a scan strength and a stealth rating, and allow them to interact to tell you what you can d-scan, from how far away, and with what level of information returned. Thus allows both the Force Recon Proteus change and for players to develop tactics and counters.

    From Blog - Towards a Unified Scanning and Probing System

    Current D-Scan
    Let's recap briefly before we launch off to the proposal. D-scan currently reaches out to 14.3 AU or 2,147,483,647 km (which probably not coincidentally is the maximum value of a signed 32-bit integer). You can change the angle of your D-scan from 5 degrees to 360 degrees. Recently the user interface changed to make both of these values (range and angle) more easily manipulated with sliders.

    If a non-cloaked vessel is within the range and angle of your D-scan then you see exactly what the ship is but not how far away it is, unless it is already on grid. You do not see pilot information nor indeed if there even is a pilot in the ship, leading to what many people call "POS trash" - ships that are unpiloted but inside of the force field of a POS.

    So we've identified a couple things here to play with. Let's consider if we changed the level of precision that we see with two of them: ship information and distance.

    Directional Scan Strength
    Consider if the baseline for all ships was 1 D-scan strength. This allows scanning to 14.3 AU - we'll call that 1 "bracket". What if some ships such as Force Recon, Interceptors, and Interdictors had a D-scan strength of 2, allowing them to scan 28.6 AU (2 brackets)? These ships would then be a valuable asset to fleets, allowing them to more rapidly scan down distant gates and plexes. What if a module such as a "Directional Scan Booster" allowed you to add additional D-scan strength to your ship, adding an additional D-scan bracket?

    (Credit where it's due: the original idea here came from Kyle Yanowski both on the forum and in our corp chat)

    Stealth Rating
    Consider if the baseline for all ships was a 0 stealth rating. This would mean that they had no ability to avoid being d-scanned. But then perhaps Force Recons had a stealth rating of 1. When the D-scan algorithm hits a possible target ship, it compares its strength to the stealth rating and the distance bracket. So at less than 14.3 AU, a baseline ship will see another baseline ship, but would not see a Force Recon (+1 Scan, -1 Stealth = 0). A Force Recon (+2 Scan) would see a baseline ship at 28 AU (2 brackets) but not another Force Recon, but would regain the ability to see that target Force Recon at 14 AU (1 bracket).

    What if there was a "Stealth Booster" module that allowed a ship to increase its stealth rating?

    Partial Information in D-scan
    When you use Combat Probes, you get progressively more information about a ship. I've often wished we saw that kind of progressive disclosure in D-scan. Consider if we saw this:
    1 bracket to 0.75 bracket = Ship Hull Size (ex: Cruiser, Frigate)
    0.75 bracket to 0.50 bracket = Ship Hull Type (ex: Vexor hull, Punisher hull)
    0.50 bracket to 0.25 bracket = Full Ship Information (ex: Ishtar, Retribution)
    0.25 bracket to 0.00 = Full Ship Information, Pilot Name, actual distance at time of scan

    Note that your bracket is independent of the scan range you've selected on your D-scan interface, so if you're tuned down to 1 AU then the first time you see a ship you'll have full information on it. Again, ships with higher D-scan strength rating become valuable to be able to more accurately scout out opponents.

    Interaction with Combat Probing
    The Proteus-proposed changes already have introduced an new dynamic here. In order to see if there is a Force Recon somewhere, you will have to combat probe where you think they may be (ex: in a FW plex). There is also an interaction already that I personally find disconnected - that the sensor strength of a ship (otherwise only used against ECM) provides protection against being probed (see also Slippery Pete doctrine). What if instead we keep the sensor strength to its combat role against ECM, and use Stealth Rating? Given "Stealth Booster" modules, we still allow the possibilities of Slippery Petes, so we haven't taken away that niche.

    Interaction with Cloaking
    What if we consider cloaking part of this unified proposal of scanning and stealth? Perhaps a cloak provides additional Stealth ratings, but it could be overcome by a sufficiently prepared counter? For instance, let's consider that a T2 CovOps Cloak provided a +5 Stealth, and perhaps other Meta Cloaks provided a lesser (or greater) benefit? As before, modules could increase the stealth rating of the defender and the scan strength of the scout.

    Another possibility would be that being under a cloak decreases your scan strength - so a CovOps scout tracking an enemy fleet might need to do so uncloaked in order to get the best possible information, making them vulnerable to being scanned and dropped on.

    If we really want to keep going, we could then complete the unification of the system by saying that being on grid with a target gives you an additional level of scan strength. This is how we suddenly see the actual distance on our D-scan when on grid, and how we will see the Force Recons on d-scan (as mentioned in CCP Rise's follow-up comments on the thread-naught).

  • EVE Boston! The Official Unofficial Get Together! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jan 24th looks open on the calendar. Sounds like a plan!

  • Polarized weaponry (affectionately known as glass cannons) in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Let's give some positive ideas rather than hating on everything.

    I think the earlier suggestion of "overclocked" was good, though there were specific mechanics recommended there that I rather liked as well.

    Or make us some lore like:

    Crystalizing. The innovation of these weapon systems came from using the hull of the ship as an over-sized crystalline resonator. The downside of which was that the defenses of the hull become very fragile in the face of any applied energy.

  • pyfa 1.15.0 (Vanguard) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sable Blitzmann, since you asked me to follow up on this thread, here's the problem I had before.
    There was one other guy who replied to this original post (page 10) saying he saw the same problem on a Mac machine. I'm running Windows 7. I've updated PFYA a couple times since then and it seems to keep being a problem.

    Jakob Anedalle wrote:
    Anyone else having trouble where pyfa stops allowing selection of UI elements?
    It isn't entirely unresponsive and will close down without errors, but without being able to select modules and such it has to be restarted. Things I've been doing before it happens:
    * turning on and off overhead
    * selecting a module over and over (like weapons in high slots)
    * removing a series of modules quickly
    * adding more drones

    all of them seem to involve me sending a lot of events to the system rapidly, but I'm not sure if that's really the cause. I've tried being more deliberate and slow but am still seeing some of these limited hang events. Given the variety of cases I'm not sure if providing a video will really help.

    Windows, 64-bit platform


    Just reproduced again with 1.4.0 Stable.
    To expand a bit - once this happens I can select items, but cannot get a right click menu. Hitting delete will not remove the selected module. I can close the tab of the fit, and open up a blank fitting tab, but not open up a new fit. If I go back to the "Ships" menu I'll get the cylon-esque waiting bar.

  • EFT v2.35 - Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yeah, the drone info and tracking info is one place where Pyfa is out ahead of EFT. The lack of stability of Pyfa on my machine keeps me using EFT. It's not just a matter of looking at "Show Info" on Drones too, since that will show you the base stats and not what you get from your skills / modules / hull-bonus etc.

    I was wondering about treating Drones as a set of "slots" listed below the rigs on the UI to give you all those columns in the interface.

  • Is anyone bowing out of Industry with these new changes? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Steijn wrote:

    no, it boils down to me not feeling the end result is worth sticking 30bn worth of BPOs in a POS in order to carry on doing what i was.

    And I'm sure there is no solution or alternative method to that

    what so ever


    So yeah, in that case sell your BPOs on the market and use the funds from that to fire up an blingy incursion runner, or fund your next market trading empire, or even just buy enough plex that you can futz around the game for three fricken years to find something else you like.

  • Is anyone bowing out of Industry with these new changes? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Obligatory: Can I have your stuff?
    Just drop those "useless" blueprints in a item contract and I'll give them a good home.

    Seriously? Basically this all boils down to "I don't wanna change", right?
    We can rebalance every ship under a thousand suns, but if CCP dares to change the industry clickfest...

  • Npc not giving cap when activating NOSes on them? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    And draining a rat to zero does not affect their capabilties, IIRC, right?

  • Feedback request on Contract system in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Simple one that may be back there in the previous 13 pages I'm sure.
    Since I hear CCP uses Agile techniques:

    As a alt character I wish to ship goods via a third-party courier to a remote destination to be delivered to a main character, so that the high-sec dwelling alt can deliver ships/fittings/etc to the combat oriented pirate (yar!). Preferably without the third-party being able to identify the recipient character to preserve privacy.

    As far as I know this is not possible in the current system.

  • Ship Skins the new Monocle? in EVE Communication Center

    DeadDuck wrote:
    This ship skin thing has all the potential to be a "lag bomb"... are you people imagining undcoking in Jita or warping to a grid where a big battle is taking place and your client downloading all the paint schemes on field ? I hope CCP makes them an option... Ugh

    If this was true it would be a disappointing statement on the implementation of the code. Most games use multiple levels of detail (LOD) for rendering objects. That ships with different skins are on field should make no difference unless you can view them all simultaneously. Even then it should be entirely client-side.

  • pyfa 1.15.0 (Vanguard) in EVE Gameplay Center

    CW Itovuo wrote:
    I'm sure it's been mentioned, but it'd be nice if the ship description under right-click "show basic stats" would reiterate the hull bonuses. This used to happen, but I'm not seeing it anymore.

    Is there a way to see this when you're actually looking at the fit? EFT does this with the little ? icon by the fit name for instance. I only see this in pyfa when I'm at the point of selecting what ship I might want to start fitting up.

  • Featured Fansite: EVE University Wiki in EVE Information Center

    Agreed. I've been using the Eve University wiki since it's more up to date than the official Evelopedia even on official things like ship stats post rebalancing.

  • Pod and Pilot Fiction Contest is back! in EVE Communication Center

    Wow, I'm thrilled. The prize for Taking His Medicine will be converted to ISK and shortly thereafter converted to wrecks of ships. Given my killboard, mostly my own.

    Thank you, Pod and Planet sponsors!

  • SOMER Blink - Microlotteries that Finish in Minutes! 1 QUADRILLION ISK Won! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Xanture Edion wrote:
    Yeah, i've been to every page several times and even checked each individual item you can blink and still can't find the 3rd present. I found the one where you change the password and the one in the center of "Numbers Blinked" Can anyone help me out where you might find the last?

    One of mine was on the "you've won a Blink" page (where you select delivery or ISK options), so you might actually have to play to win. :)

  • Stars have changed... or at least pathing has in EVE Communication Center

    Anyone else notice that the shortest-path choice between two stars has changed recently?
    One common trip I do has two possible three-gate paths - the Set Destination path used to go one way and now it goes the other way.

    Maybe CCP rotated the planets a bit?

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